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Author Topic: A Prince's Companions (interest check/world building/female characters needed)  (Read 1817 times)

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Offline IrishWolfTopic starter

Still openings Ladondra, we'd love to have you

Offline IrishWolfTopic starter

Okay, done a little updating to the setting, thoughts?

The Kingdom of Ahremberg

A nation roughly the size of modern France but with a more German feel to it. Subdivided into often feuding or positioning baronies, counties, principalities, duchies and grand duchies. Intermarried family squabble about who owns what lands, based on who they are related to and how far back their line has laid claimed to a forest, valley, farmstead or township. Small wars break out now and then, as one lord attempts to forcibly make his claim to another's lands. At times, such petty conflicts grow so large, that the King's army is made to intervene, least the conflict boil over into a civil war, as other great men pick sides, either in support or to simply settle old grudges.

The histories tell us, that the beginning of this grand kingdom, there was a tribe called the Remi and they were ruled by a king called Adalgis. They were threatened by an alliance of two tribes to the north, the Berglandlings and the Ahdenii. Now Adalgis was a weak man, in both body and spirit. He feared the death of his tribe and was prepared to submit to them but his younger brother, Gerold, a large and bold man, was not. On the eve before the King and his chieftains were suppose to go before their enemies and grovel, Gerold slipped into his brother's tent and murdered him, cutting of his head and sticking it upon a spear before the chieftains. As these greater men look on in horror, Gerold declared himself the new King, crying out that only the strong deserved to rule and snatched the crown from the head of his dead brother.

Drawing sword, Gerold lead the chieftains and their retainers on a night march, catching the camp of the allied kings by surprise. A short but bloody battle ensued, where Gerold slew both the King of Bergland and mortally wounded the King of the Ahdenii. Most of the lesser lords of the Ahdenii perished and their King begged for his people, even as he died, offering his daughter for Gerold's bride. Gerold accepted the King's offer, before the remaining Ahdenii nobles and then turned upon the Bergland troops still upon the field. They held their ground and many of their nobles yet lived but they were surrounded by the Remi warriors and worse yet, the surviving Ahdenii joined the ranks of the victorious Remi. Outnumbered and without their armor, the Berglandlings surrendered, pledging themselves to King Gerold.

After the great victory, peace did not come to the Remi people. Although their king offered his daughter to Gerold before most of the remaining Ahdenii nobles and they fought against the Berglandlings, the Ahdenii rejected Gerold as their king. Pretenders to the Ahdenii crown seemed to spring from the very ground, forcing the Remi to campaign against them for many years, until the last and greatest of their strongholds fell before the ever victorious Gerold. However, this only welted his battle lust and for many years afterwards, the combined Kingdom of Ahdenii-Remi-Bergland conquered other small nations around them.

Upon his deathbed, Gerold looked around at his many sons (for his loins were strong) and declared he would not split his kingdom among them but would hand over his bloody crown to his one surviving heir. His sons looked upon their father and each other in confusion, until one of the younger, standing in the back realized this was his one and only chance to be king and drew a seax from his belt, then stabbed one of his brothers, setting off a brawl around a dying old man. At the end of the day, only one son remained standing and took the crown from his father's cold hands.

So was set forth how kingship of Ahremberg was to be taken. It was not to be the oldest or a declared heir to the thrown but by the strongest of sons. The other noble families, as they intermarried with the royal line, began to follow suit, hoping to groom their own sons to seize the crown. Over time, the Consul of Temples, set forth rules to this game, after one brutal bastard call King Grimbert Babeslayer, removed all of his brothers, while they were still in the cradle, including killing one as he nursed from their mother's breast. From then on, all princlings, of any noble house were safe, until they reach manhood at sixteen.

Father's also tried to protect their sons with bodyguards but men were found unsuited to the task, as they either paved the way for their brothers to seize the throne or were found to still owe loyalty to their old lords in battle. Such men were still found to betray their change, even after laws were placed, in which a betrayer's family would be slain. A guard was needed that was more likely want to protect their families and so the kings turned to the daughters of the nobility, founding the Prince's Companions, from those who could never inherit titles and were therefore immune to the corruption of power struggles.

Over the years, a guild rose from this system. Referred to as The Sisterhood, they trained young ladies in the arts, from those expected for their gender, as well as statecraft and the martial skills they would need to serve a young lord (be he of royal blood or of powerful noble family), along with some talents, which are less then mentionable in polite conversation. While the lords of the land are not forced by law, to give their younger daughters to the Sisterhood, it is expected that they will. Either that or donate large sums to the guild. In addition to the young ladies of Ahremberg but a number of foreigners are within their ranks. As part of peace agreements with other nations, the warlords of Ahremberg make their foes surrender a tribute of young ladies to protect the sons of their conquerors.

Such a tribute serves a duel purpose, it keeps the lords of defeated lands form launching new assaults upon Ahremberg and provide dedicated guards for young prices and lords. In addition to the normal rules of the Sisterhood, where if a Prince's Companion allows her charge to die, the guild (with the Temple's support) descends upon their family with fire and sword, those coming from defeated lands, will also carry the burden of getting one in ten of their people killed as well. Of course, if her charge becomes King, she can attempt to use her influence over him to improve the lot of her people. 

Because of the large numbers of tributes and the large family's of the nobility, the Sisterhood's ranks are swelled to the point where there are more ladies then can serve as Companions. While it has always been tradition that once a sister reach the age of twenty, that she was too old to join a Prince coming into his majority  but within recent generations, it has become a rule. This as left the guild with a surplus of combat train women on their hands. Some of theses ladies become teachers for the new sisters or other such staff in the guild buildings. Other form a small standing army, used to punish those who break guild law.
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Online Odanrav

I'm digging it personally Irish. I think most, if not all of the bases have been covered. I don't have much to add, except something that slightly expands on the opening scene you set up earlier. I was thinking it would be a neat custom if all of the girls pledging their loyalty to Randolf would do it via a symbol of some kind. Maybe as he is standing in the water, each of them swears the oath and cuts their hand, letting the blood drip in the pool. The double meaning would be the binding of the women to him by blood, and after having his youth and innocence washed away he is now bathing (litterally) in blood. Something he will doing much more of as he tries to earn his place.

Edit: Sorry, only now finished reading Randolf's CS in full. It's good all around, I do feel like I have to mention that the sound of smallpox scars is really quite disgusting... those can tend to be pretty gruesome (not trying to sound shallow... but yeah lol), especially from the medieval age with rudimentary medical practices (if this version of it is close to real life history in that manner). That's probably what you were going for though, I just hope you know there will likely be little to no mutual attraction between my own character and Randolf (not that she'll have a choice in the matter, just thought I should say it) though I can't really speak for others. But you also may have meant for them to be very light scars and maybe he didn't have a serious case. It doesn't have any bearing on my involvement in the group, just thought I'd voice my opinion.
« Last Edit: March 29, 2013, 10:15:29 PM by Odanrav »

Offline IrishWolfTopic starter

I like that idea, with the blood. Now if only we could get a few more characters sheets....

As for the scars, I know it sounds bad, wanted it too. Made the character feel more organic and I mentally pictured his scars to be something close to those of Joseph Stalin's.

Online Odanrav

Ah ok, that's seems fine. Was just a little worried you meant like full on, face covering scars. I see now you didn't say that, I just read smallpox scars and didn't read closely enough, sorry. And I agree, we need a few more lovely and badass ladies to join in on our merry band =P.

Offline IrishWolfTopic starter

No no, just under his eyes mostly. You know, it was really hard to find reference pics of someone with smallpox scars. Plenty of disturbing images f people with smallpox but very few of the scars it leaves behind.

Well Aribeth has pledged a character, I was talking to her earlier and she said around monday. Hopefully we'll also get one from Siereis and Ladondra

Offline Siereis

So I've been thinking about it recently and actually do not think I have the time to take up another I am going to call myself out.  However, I do think this is a rather great idea and would definitely recommend it to other players looking to join.  Between IrishWolf, Odanrav, and Aribeth I think this will have a lot of push behind it.

Best of luck in this RP though I doubt you'll need it.

Offline IrishWolfTopic starter

Thanks for the update Siereis.

SO will we have an avid reader in this coming tale from you?

Offline Siereis

Actually very much so...still keeping this page on my 'favorites' list.  Actually if this gets off the ground and going at full steam..maybe in the near future I might express interest joining as a new character..perhaps just to add more plot after you all have been going for a while.  Regardless hope yall get this up and going.

Offline Ladondra

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Name:  Ladondra Povey, daughter to Grand Duke Nathaniel, 2nd/3rd cousin to Prince Randolf, and Grand Duchess of Beaumont

Age:  19

Rank:  Grand Duchess

Personality:  She takes all her work; no matter how big or how little, very seriously.  Perhaps too seriously sometimes.  Running a household since she was 12 had become second nature to her.  Because of her set-in-stone up bringing, she has become somewhat of a perfectionist; making sure everyone and everything is in place and has no chance of errors or mistakes.  From morning Mass to discussions on tournaments, betrothals, marriages, poetry and courtly love, to overseeing the education of the upper class girls who had been sent to her household, to housewifely duties including the supervision of meals and ensuring stores were sufficient, to leisure time spent on embroidering and dance practice, to after dinner entertainment, and then prayers before turning in for the night.  The life of a noble lady was not easy, but she enjoys challenges.  Aside from 'living by the book', she can be kind and compassionate.  This makes her appear to be weak and submissive to such emotions, but unlike her strict relatives, she refuses to rule over others without giving them some sort of comfort knowing that she, in fact, did care about their well-being.

Backstory:  Her family resides from the upper north of the kingdom of Ahremberg.  She is the first and only daughter, but second child among her three siblings; older brother, Jaqc, by five years and younger twin brother, Willis, by a few minutes.  Since her birth; and possibly even before, her fate had already been decided for her without her knowing and not being able to fight it once she was old enough to understand.  Finding a suitable husband for her to marry once she was old enough to perform her 'womanly duties' seemed far more harder than imagined.  A big part of it had to do with her own father himself.

The Grand Duke of Beaumont, had become rather ill and showed no real signs of recovering, but his cold heart and stubbornness from countless battles, wars, and travels is what keeps him alive and still breathing.  He reminds Ladondra quite often that he refuses to let himself die before she is married and one of his sons has overthrown the other to take his title as heir of the family.  At this rate, her father would be reduced to skin and bones by the time she did find a husband; if she ever did.

Since he was mainly bedridden and rarely ventured out, her older brother, Jaqc, was busy raising two sons and a third on the way, leaving only her younger brother, Willis, and herself without spouses nor children.  Her youngest sibling was currently being trained to become a knight and while he was quite skilled for his age, he still needed more work.  Ladondra often watched his spar matches against many a knight and even secretly watched him train on his own; causing her to build a craving for fighting.  Their close bond between siblings made Jaqc jealous and bitter; knowing that he wouldn't be able to gain supporters if she decided to turn on whoever he chose against him.  He also wasn't about to give Willis the satisfaction of letting Ladondra allow him to marry her off either.  So instead, he thought of another idea in mind.

Being related to the current ruling house of Ahremberg promised to be quite useful in his favor.  He winds up giving her to the Sisterhood at 15; later in life than she should have been, but better to have been placed in it now than not at all.  Before she had been traded off, she was able to learn a few fighting skills from her twin brother, who she frequently would train with during his page and squire training.  Because of this, she is able to wield both a sword and bow if needed; making her suitable for both close and long-range battles.

Arts Studied:  Womanly duties(as a future lover, mother, and a wife.  This includes on how to please men, though she has yet to really be with one and is still a virgin; at least physically, caring for and raising children, and being a compatible spouse to support and honor her husband), running a household(being a noblewoman and all), sword dueling, and archery

Best Skills:  Long range(with bows) is her strongest skill and close range(with swords and daggers) is her second strongest in combat.   Her best skills for non-combat come from teaching other girls how to cook, sew, and dance.

Weapon(s):  Broadsword(can use others, but is her best choice), Longbow(can use others, but is her best choice), dagger

Ladondra's Appearances
-Her battle attire.  In case anyone's wondering why she's wearing little to no armor, it's because she moves about quite a bit and is quite flexible and armor can't bend around too much.

-Fix up her panties and top and wear the shawl about her shoulders like a cape(it's not see through though) with long leggings ending in white flat slip-on shoes and you have her 'normal' attire.

Ladondra stands at 5'8; weighing 145 Lbs. with just enough `talent` up front making up for anything lacking (if any at all) from behind. Her natural hair color is black, but can be seen as though staring at a raven's feathers when in the sunlight.  Behind those ebony locks, between the bridge of her ski slope nose and surrounded by large thick lashes, are emerald-colored green eyes that not only show compassion but determination as well.  A pair of kissable, plump lips finishes off her oval-shaped face with a smooth white complexion only made possible through luck-fated intermarriage.
Next comes the body: The one thing she both loves...and loathes. Past her long neck and square shoulders is her robust breasts; both her strength and weakness depending on the task at hand. Moving down is her small but almost unnoticeable waist, due to her wide birth-bearing hips and buttocks being the next part of her body that`s viewed with both envy and disgust.
They`re then followed by a pair of long, slender, shapely legs; the toenails groomed like those of her fingernails. Whether a goddess or a monstrosity of nature, is up to the viewer.

Offline Erich Norden

Hey there IrishWolf, this seems to be a very promising story.  I'll submit a character if you're still interested:

Name: Beatrix von Winterfeldt

Age: 18

Rank: Daughter of Count Markward von Winterfeldt

Personality: Beatrix tends to be a serious and quiet young woman, and wise for her age.  She is gentle and good-natured, but has become quite aware of how harsh the world can be.  In this light, she does what she can to make the lives of those around her better, believing that one should lead by example and that even the small things count for something.  She is somewhat introverted, and slow to trust, but is fiercely loyal to those whom she calls friend.

Backstory: Beatrix is the fourth of five children among her family, a small but wealthy house in the north-western highlands.  Even in her early years she was an avid student of history and legend, and was fascinated by tales of knights and kings.  Although she was obedient and diligent as a child, she always held to a dream of being a renowned knight and performing acts of valour like those in the stories, a dream she never quite outgrew.  Beatrix sometimes pestered her older brother, Bronn, to teach her how to fight, and their mock duels with wooden swords ended in a victory for her as often as not, much to his bemusement.

Beatrix's father and mother came to acknowledge that she was different from most high-born young ladies, and decided that although she would make a good wife, their daughter's abilities and inclinations would make her even better suited as a Companion.  Reasoning that such a move would potentially gain the Winterfeldt family favour with one of the princes, they turned her over to the Sisterhood at thirteen.  Beatrix was happy at the chance this offered to pursue her dreams, and there she proved her dedication and diligence, as well as skill at writing, dance, and swordplay.

When told she was chosen to go to prince Randolf Kaysser upon his sixteenth birthday, she was elated; her dream of serving at a noble lord's -- a prince's -- side had become reality.  She of course knew of the gravity and danger of it all, the legacy of strife surrounding the ruling house, but she had prepared for years, and now gained a renewed determination to serve and protect her new lord faithfully.

Arts Studied: Calligraphy, performance dancing, the flute, history, swordsmanship, archery

Best Skills: Beatrix, like all high-born girls and Companions in particular, is trained in a variety of skills, but the most notable is her ability with the longsword.  Although she is not as physically strong as most male fighters, her reflexes and dexterity -- traits which make her a capable dancer as well -- make up for it.  Her sparring partners know her to be very hard to hit.  Outside of combat, she is noted for a talent with the flute, and has even composed a few original songs for it.

Weapon(s): Longsword, longbow, quarterstaff.  In combat, Beatrix tends to use quick, precise movements to avoid and disorient her opponents and throw them off balance.

Appearance: Beatrix is five and a half feet tall and 122 pounds, with a figure that is at once slim and feminine but also toned by years of physical training while in the Sisterhood.  Her relatively small frame, along with her reserved demeanour, tends to lead others to underestimate her.  Her dark blonde hair nearly reaches the bottom of her shoulder blades, and she often keeps it in a braid, as much for reasons of fashion as to keep it out of her face.  Olive-green eyes and delicate features distinguish her as being a true and well-bred native of Ahremberg.

Being a practical woman, Beatrix tends to wear a modest but attractive dress of some kind when tending to day-to-day affairs, and dons little in the way of cosmetics unless the occasion calls for it.  She also keeps a few sets of leather armour, tailored and close-fit to allow for maximum mobility, along with trousers and riding boots, handy for times when she expects to be sparring or travelling.  She dislikes wearing plate or chain, as she finds it too bulky and encumbering to her method of fighting.

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Offline IrishWolfTopic starter

Looks very good you too, both Beatrix von Winterfeldt and Ladondra Povey are in.  At this point, I am working with The Golden Touch on a character and there is a reserved spot for Aribeth, so I'm going to put a hold on new characters for the moment and begin work on the opening post.

Oh Erich Norden, just a little pet peeve of mine, when you say longsword, do you mean a longsword (a two-handed weapon) or do you mean an arming sword (a one handed weapon)?

Offline Erich Norden

Looks very good you too, both Beatrix von Winterfeldt and Ladondra Povey are in.  At this point, I am working with The Golden Touch on a character and there is a reserved spot for Aribeth, so I'm going to put a hold on new characters for the moment and begin work on the opening post.

Oh Erich Norden, just a little pet peeve of mine, when you say longsword, do you mean a longsword (a two-handed weapon) or do you mean an arming sword (a one handed weapon)?

Thank you for accepting my character.  It's definitely a longsword she uses.

Offline IrishWolfTopic starter

Heeheehee, a little girl with a big sword huh? Nice

Offline Erich Norden

Hmm?  I mean a blade of about three and a half feet typically wielded with two hands, not a bastard sword. :)

Offline IrishWolfTopic starter

You are talking about a bastard sword my friend.  An arming (or knightly) sword is around two and half feet long and welded in one hand. A long sword is between four and five feet long and welded in two hands. A blade three and a half feet is in between the styles and is refereed to as bastard sword. 

Offline Erich Norden

Ah.  I'm not an expert -- I was under the impression that a bastard sword was the largest variety, like the type used from horseback.  Carry on!

Offline AribethAmkiir

Name: Aldis Fallenbrook wife of Asgrim daughter of Geitir

Age: 17

Rank: Slave/Shield Maiden

Personality: Aldis is a quiet and observant young woman who listens and watches before acting.  Her silence tempers her fierce personality and biting tongue that can get her into trouble.  Despite her frigid exterior she is loyal to her word, honest, and obedient.

Aldis was born on the isle of Aesir home of the Algere, a savage, seafaring, tribal people feared for their ferocious raids along the northern coasts of Ahremberg.  Being born of the Algere, Aldis was raised in the common way young girls were raised.  She was taught domestic duties, how to fish with spear, mend nets, make clothing, cook and clean; however, the Algere also teach their daughters how to wield blade, spear, knife, and axe and how to fight with their bare hands.  After all, when the men are raiding it fell to the women to defend their homes and lands.

At the age of eleven, Aldis had earned a reputation for being a strong a cunning woman and began receiving attention from the warriors of her tribe.  Geitir, Aldis’ father, began treating with the warriors who could offer him the most for his daughter and by the time Aldis became of age she had been promised to Asgrim, leader of the village’s raiders.  Their marriage was set to be held after the raiding season.

Aldis was wed to Asgrim after a prosperous season.  Their wedding was a time of joy and celebration within the village.  It was during the night, after the feasting and drinking that a war band from Ahremberg fell upon the village.  The villagers were slain in their sleep, the few warriors who reacted were overwhelmed.  Aldis was snatched from her wedding bed, her husband’s blood upon her, and placed with the other young women who were captured alive.

The women were brought back to Ahremberg where they were sold into slavery for the crimes of their village.  Many tried to break Adlis, and she killed several of them for their trouble, until she was finally given to The Sisterhood. 

Those within the fabled guild quickly recognized Aldis’ skill in combat and instead of treating her as property they gave her the respect she had earned as a Sister.  Over time she began to accept her new life.  She adopted the Sisterhood’s teachings and learned that her only chance to return home to Algere was to see one of the many princes made king. 

Arts Studied:  Aldis is a warrior born and has studied a number of different weapons, as well as, unarmed combat.  Upon entering The Sisterhood she was taught how to behave like a lady, how to seem demure and genteel, soft and frail in order to hide the threat she was.  While Aldis was taught these things, she still has difficulty acting like a soft, Ahremberg woman. 

Best Skills: Aldis is best with axe and shield, but is quite capable with sword and spear.

Weapon(s):  Two foot long “Viking” sword, a Dane’s axe, wooden round shield, dagger. 

Appearance: Aldis is tall at five feet and seven inches.  She has a muscular, feminine build that is very attractive to look upon.  Her wheat blonde hair falls to her waist and normally sports a pair of matching braids which frame her steely blue eyes within a heart-shaped face.  Her back is marred with scars from her time spent as a slave.

She wears whatever she is given, though blue tends to be her favored color.


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Offline The Golden Touch

As promised, darling...

Name: Diane Thorne, House of Garabreth

Age: 18

Rank: Countess

Personality: She is quiet, most times unseen by those that are not looking close enough. Her mother raised her to be anyone, capable and intelligent in conversation and quick with a touch of wit. Her passion and loyalty for those within her circle are unmatched, and she is, above all, a lady.

Back Story: Born to the House of Garabreth, the dark horses, has a long and bloody history. They are first found in the ranks of the Berglandlings, the mountain folk, as a minor family. After swearing allegiance to King Gerold, they faded into the background, remaining there for almost a century, before reappearing during the First Mountain Revolt, when a majority of the Bergland nobles attempted to throw off the yoke of Ahdenii-Remi rule. They number in the handful of loyal lords and the only ones who did not flee. They would fight a small war, tying down rebel troops and winning impossible and often one-sided victories, while the royal army marched in to restore the King's rule. Although showered in praise, raised in the peerage and given large tracts of land as a reward, the next generations seemed to fade to capitalize on their good fortune and faded away again, until the Second Mountain Revolt, where they entered in late and on the rebel side. Again, they won victories but the rest of the rebels faltered and they were forced to sue for peace, losing the title of Duke and a good deal of their lands. After the second revolt and for the past three hundred years, House Garabreth has turned in upon itself, as the branches of the once mighty tree blame one another for lose of prestige and which cousin was more deserving to take leadership of the house and the title of Count.

Diane's father was the original Count of Garabreth. Like all royal Houses, killing off the elder was the only way to gain any foothold and title. He was poisoned not long after Diane's tenth birthday, and her three older brothers all found their ends between then and her twelfth birthday. Her mother and she were the only remaining members of the house and were taken under the care of her father's youngest brother. Though her new Guardian was well within his rights to lay claim on the title, he continued to send out his feelers to keep it under his control. His daughters were used in arranged marriages to gain support for his claim, though he soon came under the eye of the Sisterhood for a girl. Diane being unattached and only his niece, she became the proverbial sacrifice.

Arts Studied: Healing arts (Charms, potions- mostly hearth craft)

Best Skills: Persuasion spells and assassination

Weapon(s): Daggers, Longbow

Appearance: As with most women of the House of Garabreth, Diane carries the house mark on her left arm- still unfinished as she has yet to complete her path to womanhood. As a female of the House, a red haze of coloring around her eyes marks her heritage and its bath of blood. Other marks of scars from falling from a horse, a window and other past childish actions litter her pale skin, as well as marks from knife and sword from fighting.

She is a tiny thing, with long legs and a generous curve of breast and backside. Everything about her is dark, like the House. The only light thing about her is the icy blue eyes that frost and thaw with her moods. She dresses more like a man than a woman when traveling, and as a high society lady when in events honoring her Lord.

Offline AribethAmkiir

Did we decide there was magic or spells when I wasn't looking?

Offline IrishWolfTopic starter

No not really and I'm running with the rule of "is it real?". Say, did you get well because of the "magic" potion or was it because there were healing herbs in it?

Offline The Golden Touch

Besides, I have no plans to kamehame a fireball.

Offline IrishWolfTopic starter


Alright folks, we have an OOC Page. So please direct planning, plotting and other just game related posts there!

I've got the plot, setting and characters all there and I'm working on the IC as we speak. I put the game in extreme small groups, mostly because there will be battles, murders and other such violence.

Offline Erich Norden

Looking forward to it!

Offline IrishWolfTopic starter

And IC is now open!