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August 11, 2022, 10:22:13 am

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Author Topic: Sindra's Brainstorms! (Seeking RP Partners)  (Read 750 times)

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Sindra's Brainstorms! (Seeking RP Partners)
« on: March 24, 2013, 01:45:01 am »
Hello!  Welcome to my one-on-one request thread!  I have a lot of ideas for various games and pairings but will try to keep the thread organized and easy to read :).  Please take a moment to look through my ons and offs or preferences if you see something below you like.

Please send me a PM if you find anything you'd like to try out with me or have some ideas of your own.  Please don't post in this thread as I probably won't see it quickly and would like to keep this thread clean.  I will update the thread regularly to add more or take things down.

I – My roleplaying preferences
II – Systems and Pairings
III – Current Cravings

I – My Roleplaying Preferences
Most of my characters are female but I am not opposed to trying a male character.  I would only ask for patience as I am not overly experienced with that.  I would also like to note that I am happy to roleplay with anyone.  Most of my pairings are open to men, women or people who may not identify with a gender role.   

I appreciate open communication with my writing partners.  Honesty is very important to me.

I prefer to have the games located in a thread though I would be willing to play through PM.  I am not looking to play over IM nor email.

While I tend to post at least once a day, I do not expect partners to do the same.  I would like partners that can post a couple times a week as it keeps the game going.  Absences happen though and RL must always come first.  If I am gonna be gone awhile – I will notify my partners and ask for the same.  If, for some reason, a thread is untouched for a month, I will consider it closed.

I'm not overly picky about post length as long as it's not one line responses.  I will always try hard to have every one of my posts have a good deal of substance for my partners to play on.  And, if there is ever any concerns about a post, I am willing to edit as needed.  I also have a preference for writing in third person and past tense.  I am negotiable on that for certain types of games.

II – Systems and Pairings
I like many systems and am open to a lot when it comes to gaming.  Below is just a list of some of my favorites.  I would also be open to playing in a specific game world and not using the mechanics.

Systems/Game Worlds
Legend of the Five Rings
7th Sea
+many more!

Some pairings that I enjoy in almost any setting.  The details for world (existing or created) can be worked out!  These pairings include both sexual and non sexual pairings.  This list is not anywhere near complete as to things I like playing but, rather, thoughts that have been bouncing around my head.  Feel free to contact me about other random pairings!

Dominant/submissive – I am currently more in the mood for the submissive side of things.
Master/slave – Tends to be a little more extreme than just D/s. 
Lovers – A relationship between characters is always appealing.
Friends – A game where the characters are just friends is appealing.
Coworkers – Two characters working together at a job/project/mission/etc.
Demon/human - A demon and human pairing
Demon/Angel - A demon and angel together for various reasons.
Superhero/Villain - A superhero and villain either forced to work together or one in the power of the other is fun!

I love many genres and am always happy to try more!  Below is a list of a few favorites.
Fantasy (high or low)
Modern Fantasy
Science Fiction
Alternate History
Multi-genre worlds (Some games have portals or some other way to travel between worlds and genres).

III – Current Cravings
My current cravings are just the most basic ideas floating through my head.  The character concepts and the setting are things I like to work out with my partner.  Also, twists on any of the basic ideas are not only welcomed but actively encouraged :). 

Also, I may have a similar idea going on with more than one player at a time.  If this is something that bothers you, please let me know up front and I will make sure to remove the idea from my thread while we are playing together.

Potential Settings: Any
Potential Categories: Non Con – Extreme
Partner Role: Kidnapper or Purchaser.  (Male or Female)
My Character: Kidnapped or Slave (Female)

While this is a common idea, I would like to give it a try.  Basically, I am looking to play a role in which my character (MC) is kidnapped and held captive by your character (YC) or MC is bought in a slave auction by YC.  The setting as well as the details can be worked out with a partner as there's so many options!

*An example of a twist:  The kidnapper (YC) is actually a demon.  MCs parents had sold her to a demon when she turned (18? 21?) but the deal required that the parents not tell her in advanced.

Submissive Training
Potential Settings: Any
Potential Categories: Bondage – Extreme
Partner Role: Dominant Trainer (Male or Female)
My Character: Submissive (Female)

Another common idea, this would be a pairing in which YC would be working to train MC to be his/her submissive.  For this game, MC would be a willing participant and trying to learn to please YC.  While there may be a lot of sexual roleplay in this game, I am also interested MC in exploring the mental and emotional aspects of submitting. 

Twisted Fairy Tales
Potential Settings: Fantasy, Modern Fantasy
Potential Categories: Any

I love the idea of taking fairy tales and twisting their background or their future.  This is an idea that has so many various outcomes that I just want to leave it open for discussion. 
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