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May 25, 2018, 04:20:54 AM

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Author Topic: Am I the one you've been searching for? M lookin for F  (Read 266 times)

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Am I the one you've been searching for? M lookin for F
« on: March 23, 2013, 08:46:58 AM »
Obsessed with a sense of adventurousness and good details, I can be a good deal of fun. While I am relatively new to the specifics of this type of RPing, I've many years of experience as a writer and at table-top games. At this time, I am interesting in exploring my masculine side and look forward to companionship along the way. If the situation calls for it, I would also be comfortable with a more 'dykey' gay woman.

I would like to play anything from an 'average joe' personality that can grow into being more all of the way to a classic brooding alpha male. The later in particular for a more-than-human character.

As a side note, I am a very accomplished writer with a massive log of projects (under a different pseudonym) and can cover a variety of settings. As a writer, I do need a bit of wiggle room in a plot to put my stamp on it, so I haven't been attracted to an overly detailed existing plot yet.

As I have had multiple potential partners leave me hanging, I am looking for partners that communicate regularly. At least once a week please, so that I can keep track of where my stories are.

M/F, possibly F/F
Will do MFF or MMF. (The later as long as the F is the focus. A little experimenting with the fellas would be fine, but not a personal turn on.)
I would enjoy romance with build up, just as I would have to do in real life. Everything from vanilla to basic S&M would be a turn on, as well as some good, clean fun and humor. I will remain Toppy, if for no other reason than I would not do the bottom's role justice and do not want to be disrespectful. Try me on, I'm adaptable.
Friendship between characters.
Bantering plot about is a good turn on, as is world-building. I collaborate frequently and I'm very accomplished at it.

Once Upon a Time (the ABC show) Big, BIG Regina fan.

Shadowrun (oh, please YES!), including more ordinary people getting into extraordinary circumstances.

Earthdawn. An old love and one of the best RP worlds ever created.

World of Darkness, though I will not play a vampire. I am a Garou through and through.

Will dabble into police procedurals and possibly military themes if you don't require nitty-gritty details. I am neither, but I have a hell of an imagination.

Would do a superhero theme if I can start out a 'regular guy' who comes into power. Anyone want a trainee?

I love the more serious anthromorphs, well thought out and interesting. The more light-hearted Furries aren't really my thing, but a good concept could convince me. How persuasive are you?

Seattle is a university town and a pretty liberal one at that. The Allium has been around for decades, long before the Emerald City was well-known and remains an institution through the years. A discrete one that covers not just the need to dance in a noisy, crowded, boozy atmosphere, but darker and darker needs that happen just out of sight. This is a place for fantasies of all shapes and sizes, bringing in players from all over the world. The old guard is getting on now and are ready to start putting the future in place. They will need proteges and projects to keep The Allium strong. Which will you be?

He was a simple fella, small town and southern, completely out of his depth in this new town, so far to the north. It was just him and his sister now, and the trauma only they knew. Then he met her, classy and cosmopolitan and totally out of his league. But neither can keep their eyes to themselves...

He's happily married, but his new wife's pregnancy is playing hell with both of their hormones. At the local bar one night, they bump into a member of the community they both know in passing, and the normally uptight and prim woman has clearly had a bit too much to drink. The wife is teasing him to go be friendly, and the three end up at home where the wife can be the bossy director of her very own porn shoot.

A world not ours with limited resources with a rigid caste system where your rank is shown by how much clothing you wear. Could be a lost human colony and perhaps the universe at large has found them again with a small exploration team. How would the newcomers react to such a stratified society?

Please PM if any of this whets your appetite!