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Author Topic: Hannibal's Wordsmithing--join me in a work of art! (M looking for Any)  (Read 5732 times)

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Show me the man you honor, and I will know what kind of man you are.
--Thomas Carlyle

Welcome, one and all, to my collected information on who I am, what I like and don't like, what to expect of me and what I expect of you, and some of the stories I'd love to write with you.

First, about me:

Let me just say that if you can get through everything I have written here, you're likely my kind of writer.  I'm a 48 year old man who has written for 39 years.  I have published some short stories in some very small press magazines, for little or no money, but have no other publishing credits other than some articles on some RPG sites several years ago.  I've written on E for over four years, and I have the desire to continue to write in-depth, complex characters and plots.  I have played tabletop RPGs, primarily AD&D, Gamma World or Star Frontiers, since I was ten.  I've also played MMORPGs (World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, D&D Online, Lord of the Rings Online), though I devote much more time to writing than playing games.  They are a useful pastime, and the total immersion is relaxing for me on occasion.  Much more enjoyable, however, is to immerse myself in a story with a like-minded person!

Like my namesake, I like the idea of the hopeless cause, and for the historic Hannibal Barca, his was such if ever there was one.  For those who don't know that there was a Hannibal before the Cannibal one (or the A-Team one), Hannibal was that Hannibal that crossed the Alps into Roman territory to attack them and get them to back off of his city-state, Carthage.  He ultimately failed, but is still one of the greatest, if not the greatest general of any age.  I won't go into detail, but if you've ever heard someone mention the 'Pincers Tactic' in a battle (or Double Envelopment for the technically minded), that was originally him.  Honor (a virtue combining respect and responsibility--of doing what is necessary and out of a sense of duty to others) is a big thing with me and with most of my characters, and Hannibal lived his life honorably, which is the biggest reason I honor him by using his name as my moniker.

If you got through that, you probably realize I am an historian, from ancient times to WWII.  Traumatic and tempestuous times bring out the best and worst of humanity, and so do similar plots for the characters who reside within them.  I don't expect those I write with to be masters of history, but I do get ideas myself from historical events on occasion, so if something seems familiar, it very well might be.

BTW:  I've been asked, "Why black cats?  Aren't cats primarily thought of as feminine?"  My artistic sense, combined with a pet cat named Baby, found the variety of expression shown in the black cat pictures irresistible, not to mention the love of my former pet in general.  I've had more dogs as pets than cats, but Baby was just...awesome; more like a dog in behavior than a cat, but still with that streak of irrepressible individuality dogs tend not to have.

Second, my rules:

I will write with anyone regardless of sex or gender.  If you can write well, I'm satisfied.  I do expect a level of grammar, syntax, and spelling that marks you as competent with the English language.  I love writing with writers from nations and languages other than mine (USA/English), but of course, the communication must be clear for the experience to be to my (and our) satisfaction.  I will only write in the third person, past tense, unless there is a very good reason to do otherwise.

I prefer writing through PMs or forums.  I try to save our writing to collate it into a collected whole, and to make that simpler, I don't use IMs like Microsoft or Yahoo Messenger, or other chat-type services.  When I write, I tend to produce 3-4 paragraphs or more, sometimes the equivalent of 2 pages or more...I once started a story with a six-page entrance post.  When writing with me, expect sentence length variety, but lots of long sentences filled with detail and action.  I love the written word, so if you're into less dense writing, I'm likely not your cup of tea.  I almost never write one paragraph or less...unless the situation calls for it.  If you are in the middle of a soliloquy or a major piece of exposition, I'll reply with what is necessary and not cramp your style.  I ask only for the same.  I'm not as bothered by short responses, but only when necessary or required.  Continued one sentence responses send me the message that you're not interested in writing anymore.  It is much better to contact me OOC and discuss any problems you have.  I'll be honest and up-front with you; please do the same for me.

As for my response time...that depends on RL, which, as I'm sure you know, is not under our control for the most part.  As my work has become more demanding, I'll be posting less than I have in the past.  I can respond multiple times a day very rarely, and don't count on it for any extended length of time.  Otherwise, I can usually respond within three days, up to ten days at most.  As my number of stories has increased and I'm unwilling to end any of them prematurely, my response time has gone up as well.  I will let you know if I am going to be unavailable through email or PMs...but there are always times when something comes up where I won't be able to respond for several days.  If this happens, please be patient; I'll respond to you.

Third, my primary interests:

Low Fantasy|Game of Thrones
High Fantasy|The Lord of the Rings, The Wheel of Time
Sword & Sorcery|Conan novels, Lankhmar stories
Science Fantasy|Star Wars
Soft Science Fiction|The Foundation Trilogy, BattleStar Galactica
Dystopian Worlds|The Matrix, Blade Runner
Apocalyptic Earth|Mad Max, Shadowrun, ummm...remember Thundarr the Barbarian? but adult...
Modern World|Romance, Conflict, Struggles of life—but on the Earth of today
Time/Planar Travel|The Chronicles of Amber, Elric/Corum, Time Bandits
Historical Fiction|Fictional characters in historical settings
Alternate History|AKA counterfactual history, the classic What If... plots

Note:  These are not necessarily stories, films, or games I have read/seen/played, but simple examples of the kinds of genres I enjoy to write.  I have changed my former restriction on playing in previously created worlds because, to be honest, using someone's already-built world is a time saver.  I do have some of my own original worlds I like to play in, but I'm fine with running a RP in the Star Wars universe, or something like the Marvel Universe for original characters.  I don't play canon characters.  I enjoy my own creations, thank you very much.

Regardless of genre, I like complex and sprawling worlds and plots, and growing in detail and skill as we write together.  I like ruins of the ancients, lost technology just rediscovered, heroes who fail but succeed in failure, villains you feel pity for or can't help but love, clever teachers and mentors who offer guidance on life and live it themselves--or battle to do so consistently, feral villains and heroes, nice-guy heroes and villains, conflicted characters battling their own inner demons(and outer demons too), demon characters battling their own inner conflicts (and outer conflicts too), strong male and female characters—strong in willpower and attitude, over-the top but well-choreographed battle scenes, and incredible, world-shaking sex when it is appropriate to the plot (romantic, vanilla or smutty).
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Offline HannibalBarcaTopic starter

  • Defiant General of Hopeless Causes * Henry Rollins for President campaigner * Mako-phile * Uncle Iroh in shades * Disciple of Dr. Cornel West * Roy Batty lives! *
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Fourth, my characters:

I predominantly write dominant or at least switch males, and any kind of female.  As I'm a guy, and I tend to relate to characters more like me, I write characters like me more often than not.  This isn't to say I won't write a submissive male occasionally--see my cravings for one particular submissive male I'd love to write as a change of pace.  I like to challenge myself like any good writer, but as I'm not writing here to please a publishing company or an audience larger than you, me, or a group, I'll stick to what we both agree on enjoying.

I have a few recurring characters in my writing, and most of them are of the time/planar traveling sort, thus explaining finding the same character in various genres, as I love the idea of time-traveling, multiverse-hopping adventurers.  I know from reading other writer's O&Os that some of you dislike your partner reusing a character.  I don't consider it reusing--I consider it continuing a personality I have grown and established, and seek further depth and detail of their personality.  Often they are the most fascinating characters to write opposite of, if they are written well.  I may wish to use one of these characters in our story, per your agreement, but it doesn't necessarily need to be a time/planar travel story, just a particular genre the character happens to show up in.  This gives me the chance to grow the character, in experience, wisdom, and age, and see their personality change.  Further below, if you hang on that long, you'll be able to check out some of these recurring characters, particularly Cammi, the love of my heart, and a woman of many, many faces...okay, one pretty face, but a lot of roles, genres, and settings.
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Offline HannibalBarcaTopic starter

  • Defiant General of Hopeless Causes * Henry Rollins for President campaigner * Mako-phile * Uncle Iroh in shades * Disciple of Dr. Cornel West * Roy Batty lives! *
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  • Join Date: Feb 2013
  • Location: At large, am tall. “For a ghost you bleed just fine.”
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Recurring Characters
« Reply #2 on: March 28, 2013, 12:43:52 PM »
Fifth, the sex:

Yes, this is an adult site, I am an adult, and I've had real sex.  We deal in fantasies, we put fetishes in our stories, and our characters can and do engage in carnal delights of whatever variety we agree on.  Check my ons and offs below to be sure.  I don't do gore, vore, snuff, scat or watersports.  Other than that, I may write it with you if it tickles my fancy.  I will, depending on my mood, wish to use M/s, D/s, a Dom or sub or switch character, BDSM, or none at all.  A lot of it depends on what you like as well. 

I've written a few homosexual primary characters, male and female, but rarely do so; more than likely if one of my characters is boinking someone of the same gender, she's a she and bisexual.  I otherwise try to include non-cisgender supporting characters in my stories when possible, as this is simply more realistic.

And now, forward to my Ons and Offs...


Sizeplay:  I greatly enjoy is my number one turn-on.  I almost exclusively write petite female characters when I play a female, and prefer playing opposite of one if you're willing; likewise I enjoy writing as tall male characters, or playing opposite them as well.  Often we go with what we know or are--I'm 6'5" in RL, and the women I've been predominantly attracted to have always been petite.  I've mellowed on this with age, and no longer focus just on petite women, but still prefer it in RP.  It takes all kinds, but these are RP and fiction stories, and I am here to enjoy them, as you are.  I can play characters of heights other than my preferred, but there should be a good reason for it.  Most of the ons of female writers here at E that I've perused seem to enjoy tall male characters give me a woman resembling Emilia Clarke, Emily Browning, Ellen Page, AnaSophia Robb, or going back a bit further, Carrie Fisher, Judy Garland, or even Clara Bow--and I'm in heaven.

M/s and D/s:  I don't always crave this, but when I do, I really want it.  I spent a significant portion of my teen years reading John Norman's Gor series, and if you know what that is, then you can probably understand how that writing could have a formative influence on my sexual interests.  To clarify, however--I mean M/s and D/s where the Master or Dominant has the best interests of his/her slave or submissive at heart.  I'm not so into sadistic characters.  I'm sure most people on Elliquiy have heard it before, but it bears repeating: most sexual fiction revolving around M/s and D/s is based on a willing submissive or slave.  There might be a nonconsensual beginning to the relationship, but it doesn't stay that way.  Often the journey for the two weaves through the slave/submissive's gradual understanding and acceptance of their nature...other times the submissive is eager and willing to take their place at the feet of their Master/Dominant.  Note: Christian Grey was a horrible Dominant.  No safe words, no fucking way.

Submissive Lovers:  Ah, yes...there's nothing like a woman who stands up to all kinds of shit and stress during the day, with nary a batted eyelash, but when she gets home and her man takes her into his arms, she just melts into him.  Submissive in a sexual context is what this means, so it generally describes the woman's behavior in the bedroom, or wherever sexual behavior takes place.  She can be outgoing, aggressive, feisty, headstrong, a queen who commands dragons and a hundred-thousand man army who all fall at her feet and worship her--but when it's time to be intimate, she wants a strong man who can direct things and make her feel, even if only when they are in bed, that she can let go and let someone else be the leader.  Note that this doesn't mean catatonic, people--she doesn't just lie there while he rides a sex doll with a heartbeat--it means she lets the man lead the action, and lets is an important word here.  A sex scene with a strong man and a submissive woman isn't non-con...she gives up her power willingly, in exchange for, among many other things, the feelings of comfort, security, and desirability.  On the other hand, we may have...

Strong, Resistant Lovers:  Maybe she didn't want to be married off to this hunky, though arrogant and crude, foreign lord.  Maybe he already has a love of his heart, but mom and dad say he's got to marry this girl for the good of both of their families.  Maybe she's been lustfully attracted to this bad-boy type for a while, but doesn't want to give in to 'his kind'.  Maybe he just loves to be contrary and headstrong.  Maybe she's a feisty, teasing, self-confident little minx who expects him to work for it and prove himself.  Either way, it leads to a lot of physical play in the bedroom or wherever they are when the fireworks start.  Hot, wild sex ensues, along with all of the reckless, lust-driven, can't-get-enough-of-you behaviors it entails.  By the end, they may have engaged in wild stuff that results in: both having bruises in lots of places from their complete abandon, probably knots on the back of their heads when they took turns shoving the other against a wall and ravishing them, chafed and red skin around their wrists or even necks, long or short scratches on backs, arms, legs, and sometimes faces, bite marks from either uncontrolled lust or maybe the need to mark the other as 'theirs', and a lot of articles of ripped, ruined clothing on the floor.  Just how intense or extreme depends on what we agree upon.  We can bring out the animal in both of our characters to great effect.  Or...

Romantic, Vanilla Sex:  In some stories, it's the only kind that fits, and sometimes it's what I'm in the mood for.  I know most people relate vanilla with blandness or lack of flavor, but those people have never tasted a real vanilla bean.  No, vanilla sex can be incredibly, emotionally intense, because there aren't any kinks or fetishes to fill up the paragraphs with, and usually, the characters are much more emotionally invested in one another.  Lots of close, intimate physical and eye contact, gentle caresses, tender, loving words, exploration of each others' bodies; the sex can be slow and purposely drawn out, or fast and noisy with lots of exclamations of affection or begging for another release...oh god, please it to me again.  Vanilla doesn't equal silent, either.  Which leads to...

Noisy Lovers:  God, I love a woman who expresses herself during sex with her words, or with just her own primal cries and moans.  Dirty words can be used or not, depending on your preference; I don't mind either way, so let's be sure you're satisfied with that choice, but whatever your character is thinking needs to be coming out of her mouth as squeals of delight, helpless and uninhibited whimpers, or a long, gasping string of oh gods and fuck mes.

Rough Sex:  Like vanilla sex, sometimes a story (and a partner) demands it.  This also crosses over with Resistant Lovers earlier in my ons.  There are lots of reason why rough sex can happen in a plot:  Lovers who've been denied even the simplest touch for months because of circumstances...two strangers thrust together by a common enemy and constant danger, the close contact of each other's bodies slowly building up their sexual frustration, until the first calm moment they have, it bursts out and they're on each other, kissing and grinding away, before their brains are even aware of's that kind of story, he's her Master, she's his slave or pet or some other appropriate name, and she both wants and needs that sensation of being controlled and helpless, forcefully taken by a man who leaves her breathless, eager, and trembling with both fear and desire.

Build-Ups:  Another thing most of us here at E seem to agree on.  Sex from the get-go isn't much more than a porn flick in words, and we all know what the internet is for...  The longer the passion is restrained, the greater the frustration, the more they try to fight or hide or deny their attraction, the more powerful the catharsis is when they do finally release their own self restraint.  Oh, and the sex scenes just sizzle because of it.

Oral, Giving or Receiving:  Just...yesHell yes.  Man or woman, it's usually a tremendous, erotic thrill to see your lover on his or her knees or lying between your legs, focusing completely on your pleasure alone.  It's an act of giving, unselfish and expressive, and yet, it also leaves the receiver in a vulnerable state, so it also includes themes of trust and devotion, if you take the writing that far.  And there is a reason why eye contact during it drives most of us wild--that intimate connection through our vision speaks a thousand words, most of them boiling down to 'I love to do this to you, I need to do this to you, and I want to see you squirm and groan and run your fingers through my hair, and generally lose your mind from the pleasure'.  Plus, it fits any spectrum of intimacy, from the most basic to the most out-of-this-world between two fetish fanatics.

Romance in General:  I love Love.  Call me what you will...I don't have any problem with men being romantic as well as women.  I love women of all kinds, even if I have favorites, and I believe, regardless of one's sexual orientation, that we all can, and should, love one another, especially that special someone (or someones, if it is that kind of story).  I'm a sucker for the 'love denied' plots, the 'no idea they love one another' couples, the 'best friends...until that one night...' stories.  I enjoy 'love at first sight' beginnings, 'love-hate' relationships that eventually fall, hard, onto the side of love, and 'forbidden love' because of social status, orientation, religion, or any other factor that tries--and fails--to keep our characters apart.  Do I love a happy ending?  Hell yes!  With romantic and sexual plots, what point is there to a Romeo and Juliet plot, unless it's your thing to enjoy suffering as well?  If that's the case, we can do that, too...but only every so often.  Really, happiness is my thing, and there isn't much happier than a happy romantic ending.


Gore, Vore, or Excessive Blood:  In the context of the plot or a particular scene, I have no problem with the horrors of war, cannibalism, or an elf-lord bleeding out helplessly as he dies, alone, the last of his kind.  These have to be integral to the plot, not gratuitous.  But in intimacy, these are straight Nos for me.  A little blood from scratches or prior injuries during sex is no big deal, though.

  Not my thing, 'nuff said.

Certain words:  Odd that a guy like me who grew up in a military family, with an Air Force father, two Army uncles, and grandfathers who served in the Navy and Marines, should have an aversion to some foul language, considering how much of it I heard!  I hold no one else accountable for their own language, as I believe in freedom of speech...but I myself avoid certain words because of my own feelings about them.  For example, bitch.  I've never called a woman (or man for that matter) a bitch in RL just because of the connotations it carries of inferiority and valuelessness.  If someone wants to see me go from zero to enraged in two seconds flat, all they have to do is use the word in regards to a female in my family.  In a story, much the same, unless my character is talking to a puppygirl or something, and she is a literal bitch.  Likewise, I won't use nigger or fag for the same reasons.  I was exposed to some caustic, denigrating terminology by one grandfather who was an avowed racist and homophobe, and the fact that my grandmother was his exact opposite speaks a lot to the kind of respectful man my father grew up to be.  I've dedicated myself to being the same accepting kind of person...and while I might create some truly awful antagonists, even they won't resort to things that will make my skin crawl if I write them.

Snuff, Asphyxiation, and Endless Torture/Pain:  All four of these fit under the same category for me.  I mean, I can understand angry sex, but sex while trying to kill your partner?  Okay, if it's a scene with an undercover agent and they've gained the trust of their lover, who they then kill, I get it...but not with one or both of them enjoying the murder as part of the sex.  And as for torture, and extreme pain, much the same--I'm not into Sadism or Masochism, although I don't abhor them, either...I've mellowed somewhat since I joined E, which I see happens to many of us here.  For my characters, I don't enjoy the thought of a side of intense suffering with their serving of intimacy.  Dishing it out is different, however--if it's your thing to see your characters hurt, more power to you, and I can do that; I like to be sure my writing partner is happy, even if that means their character isn't!  If the plot requires me to play a cruel Master/Mistress or Dom(me), that's simple enough, and inflicting some pain is to be expected--some.  Breath control till unconsciousness, or asphyxiation is out, too, for the same reason.  My villains might be awful, and my protagonists flawed left and right, but I can't get into a character who wishes to inflict heavy, continuous doses of purposeful pain and suffering on someone they supposedly love or desire, post after post.

  Do I even have to explain this?  I'm a father and uncle, and just the thought of it makes my vision go red.

Rape:  Non-consenting yes; rape no.  There is a difference between them in fiction writing, and if you don't know how to tell, it will help you a lot here at E if you learn to understand that difference.
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  • Defiant General of Hopeless Causes * Henry Rollins for President campaigner * Mako-phile * Uncle Iroh in shades * Disciple of Dr. Cornel West * Roy Batty lives! *
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Sixth, my cravings:

Over the years, I found I usually had very few stories I absolutely needed to write.  Then, as I got into one-on-one and group writing online, I found my cravings growing as I discovered more and more incredibly interesting plot ideas and settings.  Some of these I've played before, and some of them I've heard of and become voraciously hungry for.  So, without further ado, my wants and needs, rated from 1 (interested want) to 5 (insatiably obsessed need) asterisks, with boldface my character...if there is no boldface, then I'll play either:

 m mage x f mage – high fantasy, modern fantasy  ***
  f furry x m human – any fantasy, science fiction, dystopian worlds, apocalyptic future  ****
  f furry x m furry (different species) – same as above  ****
  m human x f succubus – high fantasy  **
 m assassin x f princess – any fantasy **
 m assassin x f mage – high fantasy  ****
  f demon x m human warrior – high fantasy  ****
  f demon x m elf/elf crossbreed – high fantasy  ****
  m demon x f mage – high fantasy  ****
  m demon x f elf/elf crossbreed – high fantasy  ****
  m demon x f warrior – high fantasy  ****
  m human x f human – science fiction, dystopian worlds, apocalyptic future, modern world  **
 m human x f near-human (anthro alien) – science fiction, dystopian worlds, apocalyptic future  **
 m minotaur x f furry – high fantasy, science fiction  ****
 m minotaur x f demon - high fantasy, science fiction  ****
 m minotaur x f human - high fantasy, science fiction ****

Petite female leads (  ***** ):  As a visual representation of the type of females I either love to play, or play opposite of, think of these ideal (at least to me) women in the images collected below.  Along with the given physical characteristic of petite size/indefinably beautiful face and the prevalent dark hair, I usually play them as very strong-willed, independent, and competent in their respective career/talent/skills.  For me, there is something incredibly attractive in a woman who is petite and yet doesn't take shit from anyone...perhaps some overcompensation is going on with them, and they go above and beyond to let everyone know they won't ever be ignored or walked on. (Click on the spoiler for images)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Natalie Portman

Alyssa Milano

Ellen Page

Jessica Parker Kennedy

Kerli Koiv

Emily Browning

Emilia Clarke

AnaSophia Robb

Drew Barrymore

Dove Cameron

As well, here are some other women who are not necessarily short and/or petite, but still beautiful and intriguing:

Kaya Scodelario

Winona Ryder

Zooey Deschanel

Ruby Rose

Willa Holland

Nadia Esra

Emily Rudd

Specific Plot Cravings (All  ****** on a scale of 5)
If you are interested in playing the female lead, I will absolutely want to write these with you, if they are currently open.

I've Waited So Long
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Genre: Modern, Hard Rock/Metal Band 
Primaries: M human/F human, equals or dom/sub, consensual 
Extras: Sizeplay (Short/petite dark-haired female, tall male), romance, vanilla or light bondage

Plot:  MC is the leader of a successful band, married to YC older sister for 3-8 years.  When MC first met YC through friends, she was only 15 and MC was 25, but there was an instant spark, and a permanent bond.  But MC wasn't going to mess with an underage girl, regardless of his heart, and instead, he found the next best thing, YC older sister, who was very similar looking, but with none of YC drive, heart...or loyalty.  After this, your character took it hard, and pined for MC for years, still developing, on the surface, a deep bond of friendship that just underneath revealed a tortured heart aching for the hopeless dream of being MC's one true love. 

About five years ago YC, against the wishes of your hanger-on, disloyal, gold-digging older sister, tried out and joined the band (your choice of instrument).  The result was platinum success beyond everyone's dreams and long tours for album after album, the result of the chemistry between YC and MC co-songwriting and incredible playing talent.  Now, after five years, YC and MC are almost inseparable on the road, but MC still treats YC like a little sister, which has been okay for YC...until now.  She's reached the point where she can no longer stand her sister's cheating ways (unknown to MC, who apparently simply refuses to even notice the signs), or the sudden realization by MC that YC is no longer a teen girl, but an incredibly beautiful grown woman (who's also dresses plainly for a rock star, until she tries to dress sexy once, just to see how MC reacts), which reawakens all of the desires for her he'd had long ago...which he fights, because he is loyal to his (piece of shit) wife...and there is no way in his mind that YC is interested in him more than a best friend...though he finds himself dreaming of much more. 

How long before our two characters come to a head with their feelings for each other?  Does it tear the band apart?  Does the wife/sister make life hell for YC/MC/the band when she pops in on the road during tours?  Do the well-known roadies who tour with the band counsel YC on how to get MC to come around, dump his cheating wife, and go for the woman he's truly loved the whole time?  I really want these two characters to be absolutely, totally in love, star-crossed and meant for each other, but both are such decent people that they won't even work to get rid of MC wife/YC sister...until she begins to try to destroy YC by rubbing it in her little sister's face in every hateful way possible that she possesses the man that she knows little sister adores with all her heart.  The sister/wife should also be played by you, and written as a really nasty, heartless, two-faced monster who acts sweet and interested in MC when she wants something, blowing him off most of the rest of the time (which he blames himself for), and really having it out for YC, because she knows (and has known the whole time) that MC really loves YC...but it doesn't truly bother her, because she's on the gravy train, and gets all kinds of famous guys behind the scenes.

She Really Brings It Out Of Me
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Genre: High Fantasy, with possible lighthearted/comedic 
Primaries: M human/F succubus, various (equals, D/s either way, or other), consensual 
Extras: Sizeplay (Short/petite dark-haired female, tall male), possible bondage and/or light/playful domination, possible romance, possible humor

Plot:  MC is a struggling university student in a smaller more intimate arcane university, or a larger one in a big, dirty medieval-type fantasy city.  He is an unfortunate--perhaps apprenticed to a crappy master, passed back off to his parents, who are poor, but his tuition is paid for by a relative (odd uncle or such) that is also a mage.  This uncle dies, and leaving him a fair amount of arcane paraphernalia (what isn't claimed by his local mage's guild, but MC can go back later in a later plot and get back things that the guild took illegally, with the help of YC).

Some of the arcane material, MC finds, is succubus-summoning material.  In this fantasy world, succubi can be good or evil or anything in-between, though all tend to be either capricious, tricky, sarcastic, or wily's in their nature.  This gives you a lot of leeway to play YC.  MC is from a particular culture/society/family that believes summoning succubi is immoral or some such thing.  MC will be amazed and shocked that his uncle actually performed such summonings.  After reading about it, he will be incredibly intrigued, and seeing how his life is currently in the shitter, can't imagine how things could get worse.  Of course, they can ALWAYS get worse, and since he's young he has no idea how much worse.  I want him to be a good character, but like all characters, he has flaws and weaknesses, which he sometimes gives in to, but eventually rises above in the end.  He happens to fall short of his goals and expectations quite a bit...perhaps an underachiever, but he is malleable still, and has a lot of potential.  When he summons YC and sees she is exactly the kind of woman he dreams of, he can't believe his good luck.  He very quickly becomes enamored of her, blowing off any warnings his family taught him about such beings.  And, as succubi are bound to the mortal that summons them, she cannot do anything but what promotes his overall well-being (but not short-term, so if BDSM is something we want to use, it is perfectly allowed).   

However, the succubus has an opinion as well, and she is initially repulsed by him--at first.  She soon discovers the incredible the potential in him, understands that he's never had anyone to point out or even notice his latent powers, and decides that, as long as she is bound to him, she might as well make the best of it, and help him become someone who she can be proud to be bound to.  I think it even better if she realizes that the reason he cannot use his latent powers is because he's attuned to a different style of magic, and the ones he has been taught are all wrong for him...his true path is the same arcane style succubi use in their realm.  So she'll have to see that it may really be fate that has brought them together.  Besides, if he's slovenly or messy, it might hide the fact that he is really attractive under that unkempt beard and straggly hair, unwashed clothes and crumpled hat.  I believe that she'd fit the plot best if, regardless of her moral bent (good, evil or otherwise), she sees potential in him, for whatever reason fits her personality--he is the one with the serious flaws, and the failings, hence his miserable life (he probably still needs to accept that his life is shitty because of his choices, and not others... perhaps YC will be the one to point it out to him). 

The conflict can be between the two of them, as she tries to teach him herself, to forge this raw piece of iron into a tempered blade, and his own conflict between finding her decidedly beautiful, overtly sexual and seductive (sex works as an incentive!), and having major issues with learning her way of magic, which is the only arcane style that will allow him to unlock his great latent powers.  Perhaps he has been taught that her style of magic, or succubi in general, are evil, forbidden, and/or taboo, and he must come to grips with the fact that, why would he have these amazing powers that can only be used with succubi magic, unless he was meant to use them?

Of course, they will have adventures together, slowly grow closer as they spend time together, have fights, solve each others' problems, grow as individuals, learn to respect each other--eventually fall for each other in whatever fashion fits their personalities--defeat local and wider schemes and other people, including enemies with their own succubi, and forge a destiny together.  I see this running long-term, with a lot of potential for character growth.

My Goddess; My Assassin
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Genre: Very Dark Fantasy, low or high 
Primaries: M human assassin/F rich human, D/s 
Extras: Sizeplay (Short/petite dark-haired female, tall male), BDSM, sex apparel, consensual 

Plot:  Our characters knew each other as children, YC as a noble's/wealthy merchant's daughter, or princess, MC as one of your servants.  MC grows up with YC and they develop an intensely strong bond, especially because MC represents a kind of freedom YC is not allowed to indulge in, as she is kept inside the palace/compound/castle—except when MC sneaks her out into the city and/or nearby countryside to play and explore in.  YC's father has also raised her to know something other than courtly female behavior--whether swordplay, magecraft, or political manipulating and scheming, is up to you. 

This somewhat idyllic, happy life continued for them until our characters were entering adolescence...and thoroughly falling in love.  That was when YC's father/mother/whoever noticed YC's behavior towards MC and decided to put YC into the expected tasks of a woman in wealthy/noble/royal society—court etiquette, directing servants efficiently, tapestry-making, etc.  YC thoroughly despised this, trying to secretly practice her original, beloved studies.  They also hire a new steward with a son of MC's age...and that new steward saw that he needed to invent a lie to separate our characters and insert his son as YC's new best friend.  MC ends up framed, beaten savagely by the steward's son, and left for dead in an alley gutter, where he is found by a relatively new assassin, who brings MC into the guild as a young man with just what the guild wants—a young man with no security and no options, with a reason to hate, and a reason to kill.  YC never finds out what happened to MC, and while she misses him terribly, as the years go by, MC becomes an obsessive, cherished memory, and a recurrent fantasy of what might have been, often a wild, erotic fantasy for YC.  The steward's son, meanwhile, far from becoming a friend, becomes the focus of YC anger and blame for the disappearance of MC, not knowing just how correct she is.  YC develops a special taste for domination, becoming an intriguing mix of sweetly innocent and harshly deviant...depending on who she is around and how she feels.  For the steward's son, YC became his nightmare, unable to leave as a servant, and unable to escape the nightmare of abuse and suffering until the time when YC decides he must die, and dominates him so fully, he kills himself at her word.

Eventually, at age 20, YC is betrothed to a neighboring king/warlord/uber-rich merchant/etc., and is married off, quickly settling in to her new role, and bringing her dual behavior to her new home as well.  YC does not love her new husband, but is not able to dominate him, as he is too dominant himself/violent/old for her to be able to, but she seethes with the need to dominate someone, and does so to everyone beneath her, which is everyone, except her husband.  While she gives her body to him as she must in their society, she is cold and closed to him, as she fantasizes of her lost love, and takes out her displeasure with her husband and her necessity to obey him by toying with servants mentally, emotionally, and physically too, when the need arises.  She is feared by all, but with her exotically and scandalously erotic wardrobe hand-made for the greatest effect on the viewer, also desired by most, even with her diminutive size (or more likely because of it, as she plays completely to her strengths with the body she has).

MC, meanwhile, has risen in the ranks as a lethal assassin, and is expected to become one of the outer circle soon (then inner circle, grandmasters, and perhaps someday guildmaster, he hopes).  He disassociates himself from those he kills by rationalizing in some way that they are just like the steward's son who ruined his first life, and took him from his sweet lady/princess.  She has become an idolized dream in his mind, almost a patron saint, or a goddess to him.  On his most recent mission, to a far-off kingdom, he is to slay a queen/noble lady/merchant's wife, who turns out to be YC...and when he recognizes her, abandons all thought of killing her and pledges undying love to her as her humble servant and guardian.  YC, meanwhile, is overjoyed beyond belief at the sudden appearance of MC—after she finally believes he isn't going to kill her.  As she hears of his tale, she cleverly sees the perfect, beautiful possibilities of them together.  In his uniquely-twisted mind, she is the immaculately perfect virgin girl, now an immaculately perfect virgin woman, as beautiful and pure as a goddess, which is how he treats her—as a woman to be worshiped and obeyed as the ideal perfection.  In her uniquely-twisted mind, he is her dream love—but one she sees both wants and loves to be dominated, which is perfect for her, as he is the only man who deserves to be treated with both love and control at the same time...she is the only woman to him, and he is the only man for her, in their perfectly functioning dysfunctional relationship (well, dysfunctional in a bad way for others, but not for each other).

Together, they do away with her unwanted husband, many of his underlings that have foolishly stood against her machinations, and then do one or more of several things:  make off with much wealth and seek adventure, set up in her new home with her as the iron-fisted ruler and him as her deadly, devoted consort, or some version of that coupling.  She can be a sorceress, a deadly warrior in her own right, or a master manipulator in court politics and world events.  He can, with her help, take over their city's assassin's guild, drive out the thieves' guild, and infiltrate the city with his disguised killers, spreading fear and paranoia among the populace.  They may rise to a world power, or dominate not only their world, but other worlds through magic as she gains more and more power and darkness.  MC, meanwhile, follows her every command, growing in power himself, and spreading the rumor of his terror and unstoppable deadliness, keeping all in fear of his near-invisible, inevitable strike.

I envision this story as a long-term, continuing tale of the couple's rise in power.  It is meant to be a dark, sinister tale—except for their total and undying love for each other, in their own twisted ways.  It should have at least light bondage, as that would fit both of the character's personalities.  I'm not a normal player of submissive males, but being interested in it, and finding rare opportunities to play submissives, this would be a treat.

Hannibal Barca
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Genre: Historical Fiction 
Primaries: M human/F human, various possible fetishes, consensual 
Extras: Sizeplay (Short/petite female, tall male), romance

My good friend Whimsical actually came up with this idea, and I was amazed that I hadn't thought of it until then:  I'd like to play Hannibal the General himself, opposite a female character--like a Gaelic healer, a Spanish Princess, a Carthaginian merchant, a Nubian warrior, or a Roman expatriate...or come up with one on your own.  It is necessary that you know a certain amount of history about Hannibal, or the wars he and his father fought in against the Romans--the Punic Wars.  Hannibal was directly involved in the Second, his father in the first.  All three were won by the Romans, primarily on account of the fact that they outnumbered Carthage in population and resources by about twenty to one.  In fact, if you look at Japan and the United States in World War Two, there is a pretty good  across the board comparison between Japan/Carthage, and the USA/Rome.  In the Second Punic War, Carthage (as Hannibal) struck first, like Japan.  Like Japan, Hannibal expected Rome to capitulate fairly quickly after they lost a battle or two.  Like Japan, Carthage was much smaller than Rome, with less population, natural resources, and military, though they had a superior navy, and better generals to begin with.  Japan and Carthage both had initial victories.  Like Rome, the United States prepared for a long war, and because of its arger population base and materials, outlasted their enemies and wore them down regardless of their initial superiority.

Anyway, I would want our two characters to meet in the Carthaginian army's camp, and come to know one another, and eventually fall in love.  Of course, following the actual history would result in a tragedy, so if we wanted to avoid that we'd have to depart from actual history and do some counterfactual history--maybe we could write a RP about Hannibal and Carthage winning the Second Punic War.  Also, in actual history, Hannibal was married to a Spanish Princess, so unless we changed that, he would be unfaithful to his wife--or you could play his wife...either writing letters to each other, or have her come along on the campaign.

Either way, the relationship itself is wide open, other than the fact that I'd want it to be a romance.  There is no way Hannibal would have been anything other than a loyal, dedicated lover to his woman, based on everything written about him.  Remember, there are no original documents or materials about Hannibal left except those written about him by his enemies, the Romans themselves.  The Romans had nothing but praise for Hannibal as a military genius, calling him the greatest threat to the existence of Rome in their entire history--and this claim is made by Livy, the most famous historian Rome ever had.  He was claimed to be honorable, fair, courageous, and spared those who surrendered.  He was not only said to be, but proved through his army's multi-ethnic makeup, as a very democratic leader as far as treatment of his people.  He was scientifically-minded.  He slept with his own troops in a common soldier's tent, not a general's tent.  He fought side-by side with his men in the front lines, and didn't hang in the back.  He led by example.  He must have been a hell of a warrior to survive so many battles.

Your character, other than if she was a Spanish Princess, is completely fictional.  There even isn't much information about his real wife, other than her nationality and title, so you really have a wide-open template for her...other than, of course, her being a petite beauty ;)

Hannibal Barca, General of Carthage and the greatest enemy Rome ever faced

Imilce, Hannibal's historical wife, a Spanish princess

Hasdrubal, Carthaginian general and Hannibal's younger brother

Mago, Carthaginian general and Hannibal's youngest brother

Maharbal, Carthaginian general and Hannibal's cavalry commander

Gisko, African general and leader of Hannibal's Iberian troops

Vandicar, Celtic general and leader of Hannibal's Celtic troops

...As Night And Day
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This plot idea is one I created with Yggdrasil, a friend and longtime E member.  It is a high fantasy concept, with a dark elf and a human princess who are about as different a pair as can be—at first appearances.  Tying them together is a sense of alienation with their own kind.  My character, the dark elf, has some surface elf blood in his veins, and unlike most of his kind, actually possesses empathy, which has been a hindrance for him in his culture.  Her problem is also genes and environment—born with hair and eyes different from her family's...and also born with latent magic powers that are forced to be kept dormant by a ring she must wear at all times.  These differences inherently make her the problem child of the family through no choice of her own, and no amount of proper behavior can redeem her in their eyes.

Oh, and he's been sent to assassinate her.  Yeah.  Her royal family and kingdom are bitter enemies of his, and as one of the most skilled members of the guild, my character has been sent forth—although as a male, he's considered a somewhat expendable piece by the matriarchal society of the dark elves.  Add to this that he carries the title of unbeaten duelist within his city, and several of his guild cohorts would like to own that title without facing him personally...

The character dynamic is that of experience vs innocence, although who is experienced and who is innocent depends on the facet of their respective personalities being dealt with.  Of course, he doesn't kill her, but ends up kidnapping her, as something he notices at the sight of her stays his hand—the aura of unknown magic, the curious ring on her finger, or something else.

This initial change of heart sets in motion their eventual relationship, two individuals both very different and very alike, set together by more than the hand of fate—by the hand of a goddess intent on seeing them as the progenitors of a better understanding between their two peoples.

Aside from the basic plot concepts, virtually everything is open to discussion.  It's meant to be a long-term rp, and I very much hope it becomes such.

As a note:  Any similarities to Drizzt are purely coincidental, as I've never read any novels of the character.  I find his name coming up often in discussions with other writers who use dark elves, and I hardly want to imitate such a well-known character.

To Follow The Shadow
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This idea is based in Star Wars: Old Republic timeline.  MC is a grey Jedi in his 30s or 40s who has served the Order and the Republic faithfully, but his ideas are quite outside the acceptable by the Council.  He's done what he can over the years, but the longer he has lived, the more he has seen that the Order is denying the very thing that most people fight and live for: love and attachment. 

Much of his disillusionment comes from a former love he had.  She could have been a Jedi herself, or any number of other professions, but she ended up dying at some point.  His training helped him over the grief, but the experience helped form his beliefs into a completely new system, one at odds with the disconnect Jedi are taught to have.  He eventually comes at odds with the rest of the Council, and while he has tried to change the system from within, he is eventually seen as too disruptive, and a threat to the stability of the Order itself.  He's too radical to be allowed to teach his beliefs.  He's already been prevented from taking a new padawan for some years, and while out of respect for his prowess and heroics he was allowed to stay on the Council, he finally pushes them too far and he is removed from the Council.  He is not an evil person, but like Qui-Gon Jinn much later, his beliefs are simply too extreme for the Council.  He decides to leave the Order then, and continue to fight for the Republic in his own way.

YC is a feisty padawan, close to taking her trials, who has recently lost her own master.  She has her own ideals as well, but doesn't have the gravitas to do anything about it.  Perhaps she has some skeletons in her own closet, or her own lost love in the past.  At some time in the recent past, she came across or studied in some capacity under MC, and it was a revelation to her. To know that someone was of a like mind, and a Master Jedi on the Council at that.  She's a bit of a loner due to her beliefs, and when MC leaves the Order, she makes a momentous decision and quits as well, hoping that MC will take her on as a padawan...and perhaps, something more.

It's up in the air whether YC is already smitten by mine or vice versa, but it can also start out with them platonic, their common interests as grey Jedi having them joining forces.  The plot lends itself to more D/s plots, but that angle isn't necessary.  An event or two where their lives are on the line will cement more than just their trust in one another, however.  With both of them believing positive attachment is a good thing, it won't be long before they are more than just master and student...
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Seventh, my games:

I've been here on E since February 2013.  Below are games I am playing, through Elliquiy or elsewhere.

Current Games on Elliquiy

Blending In -- modern sci-fi one-on-one with blue bunny sparkle  Characters played: Darian Kostanagos, computer specialist  blue bunny sparkle's Character: Odette, runaway catgirl

Army of Two -- sci-fi one-on-one with Yggdrasil  Characters played: Jason Maddox, dark-humored mercenary  Yggdrasil's Character:  Jackson, mysterious mercenary

Salem: Splinter of Magic -- Potterverse group RP  Characters played: Quincy Martel, wizard journalist

Garage Band Blues -- modern rock band group RP  Characters played: Quincy Martel, rhythm guitarist

Trade Goods -- Apocalyptic Future one-on-one with CopperLily.  Character Played:  Branid, mechanically-inclined Warlord of Losthope  Copperlily's Character:  Claire, devoted slave-girl

Starfall -- Science Fiction one-on-one with CopperLily.  Character Played:  Geran, obsessed merchant pilot and jack-of-all-trades  CopperLily's Character:  Tanya, pilot and now slave of Geran

Know Thyself -- Sci-fi one-on-one with Lovely Item.  Character played:  Restik Claves, ex-military businessman/empath  Lovely Item's Character:  Ami, aoinini pleasure slave/adventurer-in-training, Restik's bodyguard/lover

When Worlds Collide, and Collegiate Cupid Takes Control -- Modern one-on-one with Vampire Valkyrie.  Character played: Kelen Garber, college tutor and geek.  Vampire Valkyrie's character: Juliet van der Bilt, wealthy college student

Inactive/On Hiatus Games on Elliquiy

Vampires and Blood Dolls -- vampire/shifter/supernatural group RP  Characters played: Prisca D'Antomedes, ancient vampire and woman of 1,000 personalities--Brice Alonois, werebear and devotee of Gaia--Garret Gomes, werejaguar and Fire Marshall/chopper pilot of Nuiqsut--Brian Holt, werebear and heavy equipment operator--Chelone Imila Quenta, unseelie nymph and newly-minted superstar actress

The Dark That Will Not Be Denied -- Dark Fantasy one-on-one with Ashleebabe.  Character played: Kieran, vampire heir.  Ashleebabe's character: Charlotte, eager-to-explore princess

Succubi and Puppygirls Don't Mix? -- High Fantasy one-on-one with CopperLily.  Character Played:  Kaid Fellhaven, third-year apprentice mage  Copperlily's Character:  Zerah, greater succubus turned puppygirl

Isle of the Damned -- Pirate/Fantasy group RP  Characters Played:  Garyk Isfahan, vile assassin and worshiper of Death--Taliara Nethelektos, handmaiden to Queen Ela Tragark

My Goddess; My Assassin -- low fantasy one-on-one with GnothiSeuton  Character played:  Beyar, devoted assassin  GnothiSeuton's character:  Amara, Queen of Bartos

Survival Instincts -- Post-apocalyptic group RP  Characters played: Drayton 'Dray' Caravella, bassist and self-educated intellectual--Camelia 'Cammi' Moran, self-appointed zen warrior and child-abuse survivor

Hogwarts, A Future -- Harry Potter group RP  Characters played: Aelfric 'Ric' Stonebridge, family-cursed conscientious student--Aethelu 'Thella' Stonebridge-Gumery, death-haunted sarcastic tease--Ailith 'Lithie' Stonebridge-Gumery, pure-hearted, humble seeker of truth--Brynjar Addington, lackadaisical Gryffindor Keeper--Toma Toa 'To-To' Manu, brilliant DJ and Ravenclaw Beater--Dhirendra Jhaveri, intellectual and social Slytherin

Into The Fray Again -- Teen Wolf/supernatural group RP  Characters played: Alex Duhane, historically-inclined teen 'familiar' bonded with his eternally-beloved witch girlfriend--Tyler Duhane, happy-go-lucky BMoC and welder/drummer

Better The Second Time? -- Modern Day one-on-one with Absinthe Tori.  Character played:  Tyler Southwick, former artsy loner/present multimillionaire lonelyheart  Absinthe Tori's Character:  Ariella Rickard, former brainy cheerleader/present chronically fatigued stripper

I've Waited So Long -- Modern Day Rock Band one-on-one with MsGavane.  Character played:  Derek Vincent, lead singer/guitarist, Pandora's Shame  MsGavane's Character:  Susan Vincent, violinist and vocalist, Pandora's Shame, Derek's sister and bandmate

I've Waited So Long -- Modern Day Rock Band one-on-one with Mistress Evelyn.  Character played:  Derek Vincent, lead singer/guitarist, Pandora's Shame  Misstress Evelyn's Character:  Nora, guitarist and vocalist, Pandora's Shame, Derek's sister-in-law and bandmate

I've Waited So Long -- Modern Day Rock Band one-on-one with Bekah Boo.  Character played:  Derek Vincent, lead singer/guitarist, Pandora's Shame  Beckah Boo's Character:  Emily Vincent, bassistand vocalist, Pandora's Shame, Derek's sister and bandmate

Lord of Carthage, Lady of Spain -- Historical Classical Age one-on-one with Melusine.  Character Played:  Hannibal Barca, Carthaginian general  Melusine's Character:  Princess Imilce, daughter of the Lord of Castulo

St. Catharine's School for S.L.U.Ts -- Modern large group.  Character played:  Camelia Moran, extrovert student/singer--Marcus Thaves, Professor of Science and outspoken Dominant

She Really Brings It Out Of Me -- Fantasy one-on-one with Whimsical.  Character played: Kaid Fellhaven, third-year apprentice mage  Whimsical's Character:  Meridiana, greater succubus

Blind Eyes, Blind Soul -- low fantasy one-on-one with xSnorkleRainbow  Character played:  Bren Kerragan, Third Marshall and Knight Protector of the Princess  xSnorkleRainbow's character:  Amara Marina Varwynn, Princess of the Parillian Kingdom

From Inner Darkness to the Stars of Night -- Gothic vampire one-on-one with DrusillaJenson  Character played:  Corvas, ancient vampire  DrusillaJenson character:  Katerina Petrova, abused wife

Army of Two -- Science Fiction Action/Adventure with Neysha.  Character played:  Braddock, mercenary ass-kicker  Neysha's character: Aurora, mercenary ass-kicker

Hex -- Modern Fantasy one-on-one with Yggdrasil.  Character played:  Corvas Tycene, ancient vampire  Yggdrasil's character:  Io Frasier, conscientious witch

Blurred and Grey -- High Fantasy one-on-one with Yggdrasil.  Character Played:  Denlil Morroq Aehr'vidai'lu, outspoken drow assassin  Yggdrasil's Character:  Princess Joslyn Whitestone, yearning suppressed magic-wielder

I've Waited So Long -- Modern Day Rock Band one-on-one with Absinthe Tori.  Character played:  Derek 'Drek' Vincent, lead singer/guitarist, Pandora's Shame  Absinthe Tori's Character:  Candace 'Candy' Friel, keyboardist, Pandora's Shame, Derek's sister-in-law

A Charmed Life Gone Wrong -- Fantasy one-on-one with LamentingQuill.  Character played:  Prince Kieran D'Antomedes, Heir of the thone of Kestia  LamentingQuill's character:  Princess Aaria of Lorenia

The Midnight Rider -- Western one-on-one with Whimsical.  Character played:  Eli Horne, mystery man/desperado  Whimsical's character: Glynis Monroe, proprietor of Monroe's Hostelry, Mariposa, California, 1850

Guardian of the Jade Planet -- Sci-fi one-on-one with Snowleopard.  Character played:  Lord Kieran D'Antomedes, bard  SnowLeopard's Character:  The Guardian, world-creator

I've Waited So Long -- Modern Day Rock Band one-on-one with Katiana.  Character played:  Derek 'Drek' Vincent, lead singer/guitarist, Pandora's Fate  Katiana's Character:  Jazmine 'Jazz' Deaver, keyboardist, Pandora's Fate, Derek's sister-in-law

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Eighth, My Recurring (read: beloved) Characters


Modern Earth Incarnation, Walden Bay, Oregon/Aurora Lake, Texas
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Basic Information

Name: Camelia Dierdre Moran

Nickname: Cammi

Age: 24

Birthday: October 18, 1987

Place of Birth: Christchurch, New Zealand

Been in Aurora Lake since: April 16, 2011

Status: Dating Jacob Mitchell

Sexual Orientation:  Bisexual


Eyes: Brown, liquid and often unnervingly steady

Hair: Plain brown, or, as she describes it, “old penny copper”

Height: 5 foot, barely, though she insists on an extra ½ inch when someone she has just met calls her ‘petite’ for the 17,832 time

Weight:  98 pounds, not the weakling type though

Build: The aforementioned and stereotypical ‘petite’, although she has a natural athletic tone to her body that chocolate and fine baked goods can’t seem to soften…this leads to another of her pet peeves—people who ask her if she is/was “a gymnast”… well, yes, actually, for much of her childhood, but you see, it took time away from her studies, and particularly reading, so she gave it up at 15, just when she was coming into her prime... okay, she was mediocre, and the outfits were too tight, and the hours incredibly demanding, and the whole thing was impressively boring, but it did teach her she could focus intently on something for a long time that was basically useless except for the best 10 or so in the world who actually won a medal in the Olympics...was she rambling again?

Complexion:  The kind of soft milky white an ancestry of Polish and Irish would create, but with the lightest dusting of slight little freckles across the bridge of her nose and cheeks

Other: Cammi has a birthmark on her right triceps the shape of a long arrowhead, and a small scar on the front of her lower left leg, the result of hot oil splashing on it when a lawnmower she was using on her mother’s yard “…blew up.  How was I to know it had to be serviced every once in a few years?”


Librarian's assistant at the Aurora Lake County Library.


Cammi can most accurately be described as a nerd, although one without the severe social awkwardness, poor choice in clothes, and lack of personal hygiene.  She spent copious amounts of time with her face hidden behind books during her school years, but still managed to get enough socialization to earn her a handful of close friends in those years.  She is gregarious and friendly—within limits.  What is always readily apparent as well is her powerful, even forceful personality.  As a result of being the youngest grandchild in a family with nine aunts and uncles and numerous cousins, and a policy of ‘children are seen and not heard’, Cammi was never babied and always had to push her way into her older relatives’ conversations and attentions.  This left her, by the age of seven, as a full-blown extrovert.  At the same time, she found a love of books and learning, which made for a strange and often quirky combination of reflective and wordy, sharp wit and sharper tongue.  Cammi doesn’t back down often, and even when she is wrong it is hard to pry an apology from her lips.  That isn’t to say she doesn’t know she’s wrong, she just chooses who to share that rare bit of information with.

Cammi has an amazing aptitude for memorizing details about history and, to a lesser extent, science (which she calls her guilty pleasure, as she hasn’t the mathematical know-how to master the really deep stuff she loves the most, like quantum physics…see?  Nerd.)  She tends to put everything in her life into historical perspective, often forcing things along the way to fit (“There!  Just like King Alfred when he was hiding out from the Vikings?  Don’t you get it?  I burned the pancakes, just like he burned the goodwife’s cakes!”)  On these occasions she reveals a much softer side of her personality, one that rarely appeared during her difficult childhood, a softer side that was only allowed to grow during college.  At most times she can seem a hard egg to crack, and means to be so, keeping up the smooth, wisecracking, uberintelligent exterior that hides a softer, cuddly interior she rarely shows to anyone, and, to her, for good reason.






Keli, mother, 44 (estranged)

Samuel, father, 53 (estranged)

Kari, sister, 27

Debi, aunt, 49

Jerry, uncle, 50

Teri, aunt, 51

Gary, uncle, 52

Benny, uncle, 54

Andi, aunt, 56

Sofi, aunt, 57

Danny, uncle, 58

Kenny, uncle, 60

Benjamin, grandfather, 80

Shannon, grandmother (deceased)

Grant, grandfather (deceased)

Louisa, grandmother (deceased)

Vera, great-grandmother (deceased)

A bewildering array of cousins, all older than her




Background History

Keli Petersen had been the youngest of a family of ten siblings.  She was the only biological child of her father Benjamin, who had married Shannon Avernus after her husband had left her with nine children, and settled in Florence, Oregon.  They were a close couple, although they only had Keli together.  Shannon contracted lung cancer and died when Keli was five years old.  Benjamin doted on all of his children, but his stepchildren never seemed to take to him well, all leaving the home immediately upon reaching the age of eighteen.  While such treatment stung Benjamin, he heaped attention on Keli and treated her much like he had when she was a young girl—unfortunate, since she was in her teens and beginning to feel smothered at home.


When Keli reached 18 she, too, moved out, finding work where she could, hoping to attend junior college and--some day--work in the legal field.  She moved to San Francisco and eventually met Sam Moran there, who worked as a lawyer for a corporation out of New Zealand.  Months later they married, though it was a quick romance and Keli had not truly done her homework.  Kari was born a year later, and a year after that Sam was transferred to corporate headquarters in Christchurch, New Zealand, so the whole family picked up and moved.  Camelia was born four years later, but by then Keli had realized she had jumped into marriage too soon.  Sam was not the man she had believed him, and eventually understood that she had deluded herself in an attempt to find someone who was simply not her father.  The marriage ended amicably enough, but Keli moved back to the U.S. to take up her life there where she had left off.


She ended up moving in with her father back in Florence, whose health was poor by now.  Cammi, who was then six, immediately fell in love with her grandfather, who doted on her like he had with Keli, but being six, Cammi adored the attention.  This began her relationship with Benjamin, who would play a huge role in her upbringing.


Along with her other grandfather, Grant, whom she spent summers with at his home in San Francisco, Cammi learned her love of history and rational thought from Benjamin. Both of them were veterans and experts on World War 2.  Both also had extensive libraries at their homes where Cammi spent many contented days poring through her beloved grandfathers’ books.


This contrasted sharply with her relationship with both her mother and father.  Samuel rarely contacted Cammi or Kari anymore, and Keli was so busy working and supporting her small family she had little time to spend with her daughters.  Being the forward child she was, Cammi let her mother know quite often that this wasn't to her liking.  Keli in turn felt that Cammi was ungrateful and considered her the more difficult of her two daughters.  All Cammi wanted was some more snuggle time with her momma, but instead she got retaliatory sarcasm, name-calling, and frequent slaps, often on her young face.  It was a difficult time for all three Morans in relation to each other.  Kari was always first in everything, and seemed to get the lion’s share of Keli’s attention, but it did little to improve her attitude; by junior high Kari was involved in drugs and regularly skipped school.  She moved out by the time she was 16, and went through a string of addicted boyfriends/pimps and their apartments before bottoming out at 19.  Cammi, meanwhile, took on the mantle of the only child remaining who could supply Keli with a target to vent her anger on, and while Keli spent most of her time trying to rescue her eldest daughter from her mistakes, Benjamin and Grant spent most of their widower’s days raising Cammi as a scholar, clueless of the abuse--because Cammi would not betray her mother, even after everything she had been through.  She had a terrifying fear of being abandoned, and yet...her own hope for a change in her mother to a loving, nurturing parent remained.  With her older sister’s example of a failed life fresh in her mind, Cammi set herself to work intensely, and ended up graduating a full year and a half early.


By this time Kari was cleaned up and finally had her life on track, but on a path totally different from Cammi.  While Cammi had accepted the rational humanist upbringing by her grandfathers and become an atheist, Kari had found Jesus and was a Born-again Christian.  Cammi had a hard time taking her sister seriously, having seen her swing so precipitously from one extreme in her life to another, but she realized that her sister’s new life was at the least safer than her old, and while Kari tried early on to convert Cammi, she’s since given up and they have an easy truce on their personal beliefs.


During high school Cammi spent so much time in her studies she rarely had time for dating or boys.  She recognized that some of them were attracted to her—and she to some of them—but she spent little time dating, and had no serious relationships during this time.  She did feel she wanted a relationship, and actually yearned for one, but she had found few boys intellectually her equal.  Romance was frustrating for her like nothing else in her life, except her relationship with her mother.  Keli had been ratcheting up the physical and particularly the emotional abuse of Cammi, year after year, ever since she was a young child, when her stress level passed a certain point. She always regretted it afterward, attempting to make amends with excuses and material gifts, but she never changed her behavior; after a time, this horrific pattern became ingrained in her to the point where she rationalized it, coming to the conclusion that Cammi deserved it at some level.  Cammi, of course, resented and despised the abuse bitterly and often vocally, which only led to more abuse.  Cammi would often leave the house and stay with her sister, even during Kari's drug-using and prostitution years.  The things she saw and heard when she stayed with Kari only intensified her desire to succeed where both her mother and sister had failed, but it also brought about another complication--her aversion to sex, particularly sex with males.

She kept her head above water through these awful times only through her unflagging desire to succeed and her intensely independent personality, which only clashed more with Keli's manipulative and abusive personality.  This culminated in a screaming match the night before Cammi was to go off on a full scholarship to the University of Oregon in Eugene.  Cammi ended up with a badly blackened eye, and Keli with a swollen and split lip.  Keli was supposed to drive Cammi to the campus, along with her belongings, but Cammi was through with her mother.  They did not see each other the next day, nor would they for the next four years.  Cammi kept in contact only with her grandfathers, and Kari.


It was while in college that Cammi was able to fully reveal her personality for the first time in her life.  She was master of her fate, and took to it wholeheartedly.  She took up public speaking after a speech class, joined a writer’s group, and finally found people who were her intellectual equal—or greater.  One of these was a fellow student named Annette Kingsley—two years older, tall, blonde, buxom, and brilliant.  They began a friendship that lasted for a tumultuous year.  It was a heady time for Cammi, who was truly a novice in the hands of a master.  Annette was bisexual and their friendship turned into the beginning of a romantic relationship one night when they were studying for mid-terms.  Her difficulty with the opposite sex--both romantically and sexually--had left Cammi questioning her own sexuality more than once as a teen, and the advances of the powerful, equally-dominant, and more-experienced Annette were irresistible to Cammi at this point in her life.  For the first time, she found herself head-over-heels in love, and soon the two were inseparable on campus and off.


But something did not sit quite right deep within Cammi’s psyche.  She followed Annette around like a puppy, and when she became aware of her behavior, she was struck by how unlike herself it was.  She had never been so submissive to anyone in her life, and while it was comfortable and easy to do it, she felt it wasn’t right—it wasn’t her.  After one passionate night, Cammi explained how she felt to Annette, who, while hurt, did not blame Cammi in the least.  They finished out the year as good friends, though Annette did occasionally attempt to rekindle the relationship.


After Annette graduated, Cammi moved into the position, in her eyes, of truly independent.  She sped through her studies, finally graduating with a Master’s Degree in History.  She had met and dated a few male students and one female student, but her first powerful romance with Annette had left her confused.  She wasn’t the type to consider herself a bisexual—she still felt like she needed to decide on one sex or the other to feel attracted to.


While in her last year at U of O, Cammi befriended a female student whose parents lived in Walden Bay.  They ended up discussing the history of the Oregon coast, which Cammi had been immersed in since she was a small child, and her friend was very impressed with her knowledge.  She suggested Cammi get in contact with her parents, who knew Walden Bay was in need of a town historian and curator at the small local museum.  Cammi was skeptical that the town would hire someone as young as her for such an important position, but secretly her heart leapt at the thought of such a career.  She had vacationed twice in Walden Bay and was fairly familiar with the town as a visitor.


It was, then, with great surprise and excitement that she received an envelope with the letterhead of Walden Bay City Hall, inviting her to a job interview.  She interviewed a week after graduation, and was hired a week after that.  Upon arriving in Walden Bay, she found a motel to live in and immediately threw herself into her work, even taking it upon herself to question locals at Killarney's about the town's recent history.  The first person she talked to happened to be Jareth Rafferty, the pub's owner.  Eventually, after showing up at the pub every day after work for a week, she asked Jareth if he'd like a partner in his occasional musical gigs there, and he agreed.  Her first night singing was a great success--she discovered just how much of a gift her talent was.  At the same time, she also realized how tied into her emotions her singing was as well.  The intensity of her singing matched her emotional level, and she ended the night a shambles.  Jareth was there to help her through it, however, and the night ended up cementing their friendship.

Not too many weeks later, Cammi met and befriended Autumn Stamos, a local police officer, and on the same night both she and Autumn fell for the same man--Asher Black, owner of the main street music shop.  Autumn, though, came out ahead in winning Asher's heart.  Asher had to turn down Cammi's offer of a date later, and she took it hard, but just when she was at her nadir, sitting on the beach alone with her thoughts later that day, she happened to read a book of poetry she had brought along, written by none other than Jareth.  She was deeply moved by his work, and told him so the next day, and in return he gave her all of his poetry books and the photo book he'd also made during his European trip.

Cammi's relationship with Jareth took another hard turn later in the month, when, during another music night at Killarney's, they flirted back and forth during several songs, until Jareth wrapped up the night by singing an 80s hit that, unknown to him, was an emotionally-tied favorite of Cammi's.  She mistakenly believed he was singing it to her, instead of singing it about his then-current girlfriend, with whom he was about to break up with after an extremely rocky period in their relationship.  During the song she came to realize that she had been denying an attraction to him since the first time they had met, and even further, realized she was quite in love with him.  She still believed that he was attached to Kenna and couldn't dream of trying to break up their relationship, but she loved him nonetheless from afar, and tried to be the best friend she could be for him.

Her relationship with Jareth changed again a couple of weeks after her realization she was in love with him.  During a visit to Jareth's Gram, Cammi was befriended by the elderly lady, and both took an immediate liking to one another.  Gram saw through Cammi's behavior and advised the younger woman on how to win Jareth's heart.  Not too long after, while alone with Jareth in the living room, the two had an emotional heart-to-heart which ended in them becoming closer than ever.  Unbeknownst to Cammi, Jareth had all but decided to pursue her, but was hesitant due to just breaking up with Kenna, and didn't want Cammi to become a rebound--he respected his closest friend and singing partner too much.  Later that night, at home, they inadvertently bumped into each other in the hallway, both partially clothed, and Cammi discovered both how attracted Jareth was to her and how much she meant to him, but was ultimately frustrated by the lack of action on both her and Jareth's part.

A week later, Cammi could no longer play the charade, and went for all or nothing.  She prepared a fancy dinner for Jareth and professed her love for him.  While he told her he wasn't yet ready to claim romantic love for her, he both told and showed his devotion and desire for her, though their expectation of (Cammi's first) lovemaking ended in a physically and emotionally exhausted Cammi falling asleep.

Jareth left for two weeks, but it was under uncertain pretenses, and Cammi was wracked with self-doubt and anger, though she remained loyal to and believed in Jareth's return.  It wasn't too long after that Jareth did return and they had just the kind of relationship she'd dreamed of for years.

It lasted for all of three months.

Jareth eventually skipped town and ran, as he had often done before, and with all of the friends he'd had in Walden Bay, Cammi found herself blamed for the popular local's disappearance.  Deemed a 'bad influence' on him by many in the town (though she had her backers), she decided, after agonizing nights alone and hurt, to move on.

For once in her life, she didn't research where she was going.  Her emotions were in a shambles, and she went where her car took her.

All the way to Aurora Lake.

Without a job, she made contact with Gemma Morrison at the local library, hoping for a historian's job.  She was told she might be able to be hired as a librarian's assistant, and not for the present, but in a few months.  She was finally hired as an assistant, and has taken to the job as best she can.

Not too much later, while working out at the gym, Cammi met and befriended Jacob Mitchell, with whom she felt an immediate connection on a deeply personal level.  Having some emotional items in common, she went ahead and was bluntly open about her past, and found he was okay with it, as well as open about his own.  They have already been through some trying times--a near-fatal explosion for Jacob, Cammi revealing the anxieties she had about her continuing virginity--and seeing as how Jacob is still hanging around, Cammi is just beginning to wrap her head around the idea that maybe...just maybe...this is a man who will be there for her for the long haul.

Most recently, Cammi met Thomas White, owner of the upscale hotel in Aurora Lake, who offered to speak on her behalf to the owner of Killarney's, the Irish restaurant in the hotel, as to her singing there regularly.  While the name may be coincidental, the memories it stirs of her time at the Killarney's in Walden Bay are strong, and she has yet to actually perform there.


Living Situation


Living with Jacob in his apartment (theirs, hee hee!)





2011 Honda Civic Hybrid (A graduation gift from her grandfather Benjamin)






Likes: Long discussions about human civilization, little black dresses and leather jackets, chocolate (the darker the better), smiling men, smirking women, sweats and oversize t-shirts as sleepwear, pro and college football (from her grandfathers), having a cute butt, absentmindedly singing songs while she does other activities, the occasional gardening, really greasy food


Dislikes: People who focus on her size, anti-intellectuals, people who are pushy with their religion, music, food, or anything else she can think of, sports that don't have anything to do with wishbones, shotguns or pro-sets, having small breasts, watching things she plants die, really greasy food


Favorite Song: Almost anything from the 80s by hair metal bands (“I just love those tall skinny guys with big hair!  They’re like…male Barbie dolls or something…”)  Examples:  “Round and Round” by Ratt, “Jump” by Van Halen, “Foolin'” by Def Leppard.  She doesn't just focus on the 80s, either...she takes pride in keeping up on rock music, so she always has something new to sing, like Foo Fighters' "Rope" or Halestorm's "Love Bites".


Favorite Quote: “If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it.” – Margaret Fuller


Favorite Food: Italian, with a focus on pasta dishes like chicken fettuccini alfredo and good old spaghetti with meat sauce.  But don't forget chocolate...the food of the gods...


Favorite Drink: Root beer, particularly Henry Weinhard’s


Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Doesn’t drink…which is both amazing (3 of 4 grandparents were alcoholics) and not (3 of 4 grandparents were alcoholics).


Favorite Color: Green


Favorite Book: The Guns of August (“World War One, Paris in Summer, and written by a woman! A woman!  I’ll be there someday…”)


Favorite Film: A tie between Lawrence of Arabia, Gandhi, Contact, and Schindler’s List


Favorite Actor/Actress: Edward James Olmos (“If I could be a man…he always looks so serious…”) and Sarah Silverman (“My alter ego, if I could have one…”)

Time Travel/Dystopian Future Incarnation
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Time Travel/Dystopian Future (Apocalyptic Earth) Incarnation:

Character Name: Camelia (Cammi to herself and friends)
Other Names:  Last names used so far are Moran and D'antomedes
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Race: Caucasian or something approximating it
Age: 26; appears 18 or so.  Depending on the story, she can be older or younger
Height: 5'
Weight: 98 lbs
Eye color: Brown or brown/green
Hair stats: Dark brown, past shoulders, worn loose or drawn in a high ponytail
Sexuality: Predominantly heterosexual, has had a few affairs with women
Relatives: Father, older brother and sister
Occupation:  A multiverse traveler like Corum or Elric by Michael Moorcock


Petite to the point of looking much younger than her actual age.  Slim, athletic, tough—used to living on the edge and not complaining, so her body tends to show this.  Small breasts, flat stomach, but defined muscles—think gymnast or dancer, not model.  Long dark brown hair and vivacious brown eyes—there is much life in her eyes, and it is apparent in her walk, voice, and mannerisms as well—she seems to do everything with an exuberant energy.  Her face (when uncovered) is elfin and lovely, with defined cheekbones, full lips, and very fair skin with some freckling across her upper cheeks and the bridge of her nose.  Several scars on her body show she's seen more than her fair share of combat, and the variety of the scars show she's fought against a variety of weaponry.  Normally travels (in this world) in encasing cloaks, hiding any skin, for weeks or months at a time, so her body odor may be one of the first things those new to her notice (if they aren't used to such living themselves already).  She was not raised to live this way, however, finding it a necessity in a world where beautiful women are quickly taken like so much chattel. 

At present, armed with one Beretta 9mm semiautomatic pistol (fully loaded, only 2 extra clips), a katana, and her special, silvery gaeorn—a mysterious weapon approximating a sai, but with a chiseled, razor-sharp point, predominantly meant for blocking, disarming, and thrusting attacks.  Carries little else but some food and water and a few small, light valuables like gems for bartering in a small haversack; she travels light, ready for action.  Hidden on her person are a handful of mysterious items collected from different worlds—whether objects of power, talismans, or merely personal trinkets, no one but her knows.


She is a watcher, then a doer.  Uses her intellect to asses a situation, then acts on it.  Very careful, but decisive when she needs to be.  Outspoken, critical, acerbic, sarcastic—when she is in that mode of her personality.  Can also be happy, friendly, and openly helpful—when she is in that mode...both depending on her emotional state at the time.  Not quite bipolar or schizophrenic, but approaching them—she's very startling to those who have not seen her different sides.  Will absolutely speak her mind, and backs down from nothing, especially if her temper is roused—which is powerful and very withering.  Very much a loner, though she longs for companionship and friends.  When she does have friends, they tend to either eventually be driven away by her personality quirks, or (a minority) become lifelong friends.  Intensely loyal to those she trusts.  People she associates with know her as a talker, once she is in the company of companions.  She has a great knowledge of a great many things—especially things other people know nothing about, and many weird and strange tales to tell those she gifts with the information, as she considers it.  Often aloof and distant; she seems to carry a great sadness within her, if you know her long enough.


Cammi does not come from the United States, or Earth, though she seems to fit in well enough.  Her father Tetrarch D'Antomedes, a mysterious man even among his three known children, raised her alone as a scholar and a traveler.  Their home is in a city, a hub and confluence of planes, peopled by diverse and fascinating citizens of various races and backgrounds from across the realities of the multiverse.  Camelia was able to put this cosmopolitan background to good use, learning to empathize with a wide range of human and non-human individuals over time.  Unfortunately, her father was inadequate as an emotional support and Cammi quite understandably developed a need for affection that was never met, and so carries several problematic personality traits because of that.  She never knew her mother, who was a traveler (like she has become) and not very maternal.

Being wealthy enough to provide the best for his children (at least materially), her father made certain to provide for whatever training his daughter needed that he himself could not provide.  Knowing she was never going to be the husky, powerful type, she opted for training in combat that emphasized motion and offense, with lightning attacks, and defense built around, basically, killing the other guy first so he couldn't hurt you.  More importantly, she was taught how to reason and deal with others so fighting wouldn't take place to begin with.

Eventually, her father revealed he was an explorer of worlds, and gifted his mature children with the ability to travel occasionally between realities.  Having been schooled in various worlds, eras, and their concordant technologies and/or modes of power manipulation (magic, etc.), she left home at 21 to explore those worlds that had piqued her curiosity during her studies.  She always seemed to pick worlds that were in turmoil or strife, searching for solutions to her own inner turmoil through their study.  It is a testament to her agility of mind and body that she has survived to explore seven different worlds so far, though in some instances her mind has had to save her from what her mouth began.


She is strong for her size but only from exercise, not technological additions.  Incredibly quick on her feet and impulsive when it comes to combat situations, from years of conditioning in agile fighting techniques.  Other than her fear of insects, Cammi is rather resistant to fear, especially that of death—she has the samurai's Zen Buddhist approach to life, where what happens, happens, and worrying about anything, especially dying, is a waste of time.  She'll soldier on through fatigue, hunger, and injuries without complaint, passing what food and medical supplies there are to those who need them more than her (or who don't—she tends to put others ahead of herself in combat situations).  Skeptical and resistant to charismatic types, and trained in repelling mind-control skills.  Knows survival techniques very well, having lived hand-to-mouth on four very different worlds.

Understands the use of martial weapons quite well, but is really only highly skilled with light blades, martial arts-style weapons, and the like--rapiers, scimitars, sai, nunchaku, katanas, daggers—and to use these in both hands predominantly.  She has some excellent knowledge of hand-to-hand combat, but again, based on feints, agility, and leverage like judo or aikido, not straight-force arts like kung-fu.  Can use firearms, but not a crack shot—Cammi prefers automatics and big magazines, or energy weapons, so she can lay down a field of fire that keeps her enemies' heads down until she can get up close and personal.  Has a limited knowledge of magic from some worlds, but nothing more fantastic than spells to warm one in the night, or make a small light, or begin to heal a minor wound.  Her primary weapon is her mind, and the mouth it is controlled by, plus the understanding she has of many intelligent beings and how they function mentally and emotionally. (Note: I only use skills and abilities appropriate for the world she currently resides in—therefore, no magic use in Apocalypse, no guns in a fantasy realm, etc., unless a world specifically says it is multi-genre.)


She is comparatively tiny compared to the average human, and while strong for her size and tough, she's still only five foot, barely, and ninety-six pounds.  It doesn't take much damage to put her out of the action.  So she won't snap like a twig, but maybe like a stick, if caught in the hands of a big brawler, where her agility is useless.  She can fight those of roughly human size with great effect, but isn't equipped, physically, to fight large creatures—unless she has a rocket launcher or some brute-force weapon.  She has good stamina, but isn't tireless—another reason she carries light weapons and wears virtually no armor.  She avoids any kind of drug or chemical, like alcohol or stimulants, because they have a much greater effect on her small frame; if poisoned or drugged, she runs a much greater risk of permanent injury or death.  While small, she hates small or enclosed spaces; though she isn't claustrophobic, she will avoid putting herself in situations that require her to enter such places. 

Her tendency to flip from quiet to aggressive and back can be unnerving to those around her, and grating to those who spend more than a little time with her.  She tends to alienate those who would be her friend due to her habit of talking too much—which she almost always tends to do once she is comfortable enough to open up to someone; her need to connect with others is very great, so she usually overlooks others' needs because of this, once at that point in a relationship.

While her great knowledge is an asset, oftentimes Camelia's arrogance or impulsiveness will get the better of her understanding.  She has a great temper, and can lose control with ill effect to her and any whom she calls friend—particularly to those she loves.  She is almost always apologetic and often tearful afterwards.  It is a weakness she continues to work upon.  She has a great hatred of religion of all types, having seen the deleterious effects of it on different worlds (including the deaths of several of her few friends), and has a hard time dealing respectfully with anyone who has a strong faith in any religious belief.  Cammi also suffers from entomophobia, the fear of insects—she controls it by avoiding eye contact with insects, and by no means touching or even coming close to them, if possible.  She's had a few bad run-ins with insects over her travels, and has developed this phobia from an unfortunate incident on the first world she visited.  She can swim very well, but deep water scares the shit out of her, like anything deeper than she can see the bottom of—so this includes anything larger than a stream or pond; being at sea positively freaks her out, and she will spend any ocean time below decks, within whatever waterborne craft she is traveling on.  If she can't be below decks because there is no below decks, it had better be a life-or-death situation forcing her to board such a flimsy craft!

Restik Claves

Ex-Military Businessman/Empath/Hopeful World Colonizer
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Character Name:  Restik Claves

Species: Human with likely some DNA of other non-Earth intelligent species intermixed in past generations as 'genetic improvements', as was the choice of several of his ancestors many decades ago; none of it makes any meaningful physical or mental benefit or disability to him, though...but it does make him a bit more mysterious.
Gender:   Male
Race:  Mixed – Earth equivalent of Japanese-Irish-French-Ukrainian-Iroquois-Blackfoot-Greek-Arabic-Southern Indian-Egyptian, with a smattering of Moroccan, Etruscan Italian, Ethiopian, Dutch, and Javanese.  A true human mutt.
Age:    45
Height:  6' even
Weight:  185lbs
Eye color: lightest brown, almost amber
Hair stats:  dark brown, almost black, virtually straight, and typically cut short, though he is known to let it grow to neck-length and feathered back at the ends.
Sexuality:  Heterosexual
Relatives:  No known living relatives; he was an only child of only children, and his parents died in an accident when he was in the military


To make matters simple, I've assumed Restik has the physical appearance of Johnny Depp, who appears ethnically mixed enough to fit Restik's physical appearance.  Restik does not look like Captain Jack Sparrow, nor does he apply eyeshadow, wear headscarves, beads in his beard, or normally grow facial hair of any kind, unless he is skipping shaving for whatever reason.  If he does have facial hair, it tends to be goatees, not over his full face...he doesn't like the feel of a full beard; not since he spent some time on...well, that's a story in itself...

...oh.  And he hates pirates.  Read on to understand why.


Restik likes to keep things simple with other people.  He gets to the point, makes his business dealings, and leaves others alone to work on their affairs, just how he likes do things himself.  He has an appearance of an extremely efficient person.  He doesn't waste time on niceties, gifts, or fawning with others, even those who are powerful or hold items or objects he'd like.  He does things his way, and so do those dealing with him, or he takes his business elsewhere.  There are enough worlds in the galaxy to find business partners to his satisfaction.  He never seems nervous, or afraid, or out of sorts—a very in-control, confident man.  He can, at times, come across as pushy, arrogant, domineering, or overbearing...and that's because he is when he needs to be.  He really doesn't seem to have any qualms with dealing with other beings, human or not, as ruthlessly as necessary in business—or in dangerous situations.  He's been through too much in his life to take things any other way.  In times of peace, he almost seems on edge, as if he is more comfortable with a higher level of stress. 

The rare friend, however, is privy to a very different personality—gregarious, friendly, affectionate, even emotional.  Restik is able to let down his guard and reveal his true personality with friends.  He enjoys helping those he cares about, especially educating those who, in his opinion, 'need some schooling'--he's very perceptive about people, if not openly empathetic, and he understands what makes people tick.  Most of this has to do with the special abilities he has, some with the experiences life has taught him.  For his own sanity, though, he can't afford to be open and accepting of most people.  Therefore, he has adopted his persona of brutal, machine-like efficiency to avoid coming into meaningful contact with other intelligent beings.


Restik has a colorful history.  Raised on the human core-world of Fesic, he enjoyed peace, comfort, and involved parents from birth, on a highly-developed planet.  Having been born with unusually powerful empath abilities, his family expected him to go into psych medicine or some other such field.  He, however, was enamored of the military life, the kind three of his grandparents had lived.  Considering his empath abilities, he chose pilot as his profession, so as to stay away from the face-to-face combat that would doubtless yield too many stray emotions to control and lead to an early death.  After several years of work in an anti-pirate squadron aboard a frigate in the Fesic Defense Forces, a life-changing encounter with a massive pirate battlecruiser resulted in only he and two other pilots surviving the battle.  The necessity of fighting hand-to-hand aboard the pirate vessel to not only defeat them, but survive, had resulted in the expected overwhelming negative emotions, emotions too powerful for his empath skills to block.  He was a changed man; not physically, but mentally and emotionally.  He and his two pilot friends chose to hide the remaining pirate ship and claim it was destroyed, leaving it on a nearby asteroid to be repaired by the remaining crew 'bots until they could return later.

Return he did, two years later, after he had resigned his commission in the Defense Forces.  At that point, he made a pact with his remaining pilot friend, Metan, and they decided to use the pirate vessel (now christened the Kelu-jia) for profit, in the pursuit of a lofty goal—the purchase of their own colony world, which they could finally retire to and lead a life of benevolent directorship of, with new, fresh, civic-minded and optimistic colonists, far from the older, and in his opinion, corrupted, core worlds. By using the huge amounts of pirate booty stored on the battlecruiser, Restik and his friend were able to establish a trading company, and expand their ability to make more money, for purchasing a colony world was one of the most expensive undertakings in the galaxy.

Now, after several years of running across the galaxy, finding and purchasing various items a colony world requires, using his military skills to 'obtain' other items not so easily bought, or too expensive, Restik has become much more jaded than he was.  He and Metan rarely see each other anymore, both equally dedicated to their mutual dream, and both gifted with separate skill-sets that see them working for long months on their overall plan.  He has other friends in various locations across the galaxy; some human, most not, that share his idea of colonizing a new world, and running it with a different social and cultural system than any at present.  What he has not told anyone is that, in his frequent jaunts of exploration in the Kelu-jia, he has already found a perfect world, already teeming with plant and primitive animal life, far from space lanes and pirate packs.

Unfortunately, what Restik has not discovered is how much he has changed from the young, idealistic fighter pilot he was fourteen years ago.  He has become closed, deceptive, and in many ways hardened and unfeeling, despite his empath abilities.  In many ways, he mirrors the corrupted individuals he works with to bring his dream to fruition.  His friend Metan has recognized the change in his best friend, but like many friends, he overlooks it, hoping for a return to his old personality when they finally begin to work on the colony world they still labor to create.


Restik is an empath, born with the ability to sense and read the raw emotions of others.  This skill is a life-changing one, because while the ability gives an individual the power to sense and feel others' emotions, it does not give the ability to weed them out or block them.  Obviously, he can use this knowledge of others' emotions to his great advantage.  It is difficult to lie to him, and impossible to hide any feelings, especially powerful ones.  He can manipulate others because of his grasp of their emotions, and because of this, any task involving interaction with others, like business, he insists on personal meetings, so he can use his abilities to his benefit.  Most importantly, Restik does not share the fact he is an empath with anyone who is not a close friend, so as to keep his advantages safe.

Restik is also an experienced businessman, and skilled in the art of the deal.  It is a rare business transaction where he does not come out ahead.  Because of his business deals, and the treasures stored in the Kelu-jia when he captured it, he is incredibly wealthy, though he does not normally take advantage of this wealth as many wealthy do.  Because of his empath abilities, he is aware of the stigma that wealth imposes on those who have it, when coming into contact with those who are jealous of him because of it, so he never telegraphs the fact of his vast fortune.

He is a former fighter pilot, and maintains his health, so he has excellent intelligence, agility, stamina, and strength.  He understands and uses to great effect many kinds of military weapons, having over the years used many of them in ways more typical of infantry, not a pilot.  To attack Restik is very foolhardy, because of his ability to read others' emotions and therefore anticipate his opponents' every move.

His immune system is bolstered by nanotechnology and other supplements to prevent almost any kind of disease, unless it is bio-engineered, like a militarized virus.

Restik has managed to make many, many contacts and friendships over his life.  He has earned the friendship and respect of many individuals and organizations, some of which would be considered extremely difficult or impossible to obtain for any normal human.  One of these is the Aoinin.


For an empath of Restik's power, life can be jarring and intense around other people, and especially in groups.  Raw, unadulterated emotions wash over him every second of the day when within range of other people.  Within his own family, or close friends, the emotions he senses are familiar, and even comforting, even if negative.  But in public, or worse yet, a crowd, the sensations can be overwhelming.  For severely emotional situations, like combat, especially with many other individuals around, or simply being in a large setting like a sporting event or parade, the emotions of individuals nearby connect with those normally out of range of his powers because of the shared experience.  Needless to say, he is phobic of large crowds and never attends large events out of fear for his sanity.  Watching events on vids is even unsettling for him, because of the feelings the noises of the crowds bring about in him.

Over the years, he has slowly lost his impulse not to use his empath abilities in unethical ways.  For him, first in his mind is the foundation of his new world, and if he has to step over and on, or use, other people, it is for the greater good of the galactic social order in the long run, because he and Metan are truly beginning a new and better system.

Restik can fight, and fight well, but he avoids combat unless it is one-on-one, because of the memory of the violent battle aboard the Kelu-jia when it was still a pirate vessel.  Only Metan knows this, however.  For the most part, Restik will send others to do jobs that require fighting, unless they are of such importance that the mission cannot fail.    He is not invulnerable in combat, and can just as easily be killed by a sniper as gutted by a blade wielded too quick for his empath skills to report to him.

Restik has an almost irrational hatred of pirates and anyone who resembles them in action and emotion, like thugs, gangsters, and many kinds of violent criminals.  After his life-changing, horrific experience fighting them on the Kelu-jia, it isn't hard to understand why he feels and thinks this way.  So when he both sees and emotionally senses self-absorbed, blindingly-greedy, lust-filled, conscience-lacking, violence-loving beings, he tends to immediately search for a way he can do them in...immediately.  Like, now.  Their very presence around him makes him feel as if he is being quickly immersed in a boiling potstew of evil.  This, therefore, is his reason for dealing with these types with mercenaries and others who can remove the offending scum, making his life that much easier, and, to his mind, easier for everyone else.  In a related fashion, he has little patience for the 'law' or 'justice', of the various worlds he visits in regards the criminal rights of such people—to him, with his empath abilities, he knows they are evil, therefore they are guilty, and deserve to be deleted from the population.

Restik is also a lonelyheart, and can easily fall for a pretty face or kind personality.  He attempts to maintain his outward persona of stoicism, however, being afraid of feeling authentic feelings of love from a of his first relationships when he was a teen resulted in his first love for a girl, and her equal feelings of first love, felt through his empath skills, created a very intoxicating, almost addictive reaction from him.  When it eventually fell apart, as most first loves do, the resultant feelings of rejection and pain—and the simple lack of the former intense feelings of love—was like the most painful withdrawal symptoms imaginable, much more intense than a normal broken human heart would feel.  In fact, any intense emotion Restik feels from someone he loves, like a family member, friend, or especially a lover, can be both wildly intoxicating, or incredibly destructive, to him.  He's since avoided relationships with women that could result in love, instead preferring a master-slave relationship that will preserve the status quo and prevent him from ever suffering like he did with his first love.  However, deep within his psyche, of course, he craves a loving relationship, one that he could always trust to stay that way.  That feeling of being loved, he once discovered, was the most intensely pleasurable emotion he'd ever experienced.  Unfortunately for Restik, for all of his empath skills, he has yet to realize that the way to guarantee that emotional experience is to give a similar kind of love to another, and maintain it.  He is more akin to a human teen in emotional development than the forty-five years he has been alive, simply because he won't allow himself to feel to that depth and experience the full extent of his own emotional response, let alone another's invading emotions of similar strength, because, simply, he may not survive a possible future break-up.


Restik has had treatments, almost all organic, to increase his health, strength, and lifespan, as many do who have the money and means to do so.  He is not a superman or even moderately stronger than any man his age who exercises—he merely uses these treatments to keep himself at the physical peak, more like a young twentysomething athelete, than a forty-five year-old who exercises enough to be in good shape.  He has no gray in his hair because of a family tendency to only gray in much later years.

Ninth, Some Inspirational Pictures for Plots or Characters

Some images I have found intriguing enough to think they could form the wisps that come together for a plot thread or character design:

Fantasy Character

This elven ranger and her devoted animal companion seem to make quite a pair.


I've never writen a steampunk story yet, but this pic just makes me smile.


I know most of us hate the sudden pulling of someone's fat out of the fire with no explainable reason, but this one looks like something set up for a very long time, and I love that long-simmering plot-thread that goes unnoticed or ignored until WHAM...oh my god, what a surprise.

Fantasy Character

Along with my love of petite women goes ass-kicking petite women.  She looks like she just kicked some, and is going in search of more ass-kickery.

Fantasy or some such

Poignant...what brought them to this point?  And the look on her face...relief, kindness, that finally expression?

Kieran D'Antomedes, Vampire Prince, Warrior--Fantasy

Kieran is one of my only vampire characters,  and, as appearances seem to dictate, one of the old-fashioned kind.  This looks like he's just finished some dirty work as his father's top field general, perhaps interrogating a prisoner, or perhaps just finished off an enemy in single combat.

Court intrigues are not so much open and conspicuous around Prince Kieran--it's do it his way, or else.  He brings a certain kind of inevitability to life in the capital, however, and I assume here that those nobles and other minor functionaries, or ambassadors (or whatever they are) always know what they are getting with him.

Kieran isn't at all above taking on important quests or missions on his own.  He has the tenacity of a deathless being, after all.

Modern or Science Fiction Character

This image is overflowing with intensity.  I just picture Domino saying to herself, "I can't take many more of these kinds of victories..."

Character concept

He looks like the mentor type of character, the archetype who shows the hero how to find in themselves what they need to succeed in life.

Plot thread/scene/characters

I just like the tension and dynamic between the two here, not to mention the size difference and juxtaposition of energy with size.  It is all coming from her (lover? friend? sister?) as she seems to be trying to make him come to grips with something or bring him out of a funk, because she simply won't give up on him, ever.


A rogue or swashbuckler, certainly.


If you find your name on this list, don't be surprised--you are a kick-ass writer in my opinion.  Feel free to contact me any time for a roleplay.

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Writing Samples

This is for those who are interested in my writing, just not reading an entire RP or post.

~ * * ~

And then there are those fortunate few men that come upon that rare, unique individual, that single woman, who is the essence, the definition, the embodiment of everything, everything, he could ever possibly pronounce as—beautiful.  It is a moment of utter epiphany...his lips forming the word in a whisper, as if she is but a fragile dream, easily dispelled...or allowed one exclamation of it in the unknown length of his life.  She has likely not noticed him yet, and she goes about in her natural state, observing that which is around her, or speaking and laughing with friends, and he sees that she is not an apparition, or dream, or vision sent by benevolent yet capricious deities.

~ * * ~

Prince Kieran rode beside his father, their royal guard of fifty chosen knights surrounding them, all in black armor with red enamelling, pennants and banners on high.  He held his head proudly, choosing to ignore the occasional insults and other choice words directed at them from individuals who had the protection of anonymity.  They rode through the main thoroughfare of King Alistair's capital, and would be soon at the castle of his rulership.  They could not arrive there soon enough.



"Curse you all to the outer darkness!"

"Vile beasts!"

"Our fair Princess will never wed you, monster!"

The female voice that cried the last insult was shaking with horror, its pitch high and emotion-laden.  Doubtless a young common-girl, one who filled her precious little spare time with dreams of living as a princess herself, and thus existing vicariously through her Princess Aaria.

His Princess Aaria.  His lip curled gradually, revealing one long, white canine.  He sought out and, amazingly, found the one who had shouted at him; standing atop a barrel, but barely a head above the crowd.  She was hardly a woman herself, more likely an older girl, and her hair was flying free in the light breeze, but her eyes were hard and her mouth was twisted with hatred.  Kieran kept his eye on her, staring mercilessly, and she quailed from his gaze within a second, shielding her mouth and eyes with her forearms, then burst into hard, wracking sobs.

He watched her for a few seconds more, but found no satisfaction from his behavior.  Something inside him had sought recourse, but found none in terrorizing the inconsequential.  Bringing fear to a worthy adversary--that was something special.  But at the moment, he actually felt unclean.  He knew many of his kind would not think twice at gutting or slaking their thirst with such a one, or perhaps other, more personal actions performed on her, but even one such as he, remorseless and conscienceless, felt no pride or power in destroying such weak and pitiable creatures.

~ * * ~

The strain and fear in her voice was expected, but not the source.  She cried out not for herself, not once, but for her friends.  "Please, Girl of Intrigue--lest you weary my ears with further pleading--your camp-mates are safe and untouched.  I am an assassin; a murderer, after all, and not a butcher.  I gain neither pleasure nor melancholy from killing my target, but find the slaughter of innocents distinctly distasteful."  Something about the way she put her friends ahead of her left a bitter taste in his mouth; he wondered what it would be like to know someone whom he respected so much as to place their life ahead of his own.  The distinct realization that no such person dwelt within the expanse of his sphere of influence left a peculiar hollow feeling in his gut, a feeling he'd never before experienced, and it set him off of his mood.

"So there.  Your toadies are safe, for what it is worth.  You, I couldn't say the same of.  It was by merest whimsy that I chose not to slay you in your sleep and bring you here, Girl of Intrigue.  For intriguing you are, to me.  I have a keen eye, keen as my blades, but my mind is twice as sharp and thrice as quick.  Let me come to the end of the thread, as we drow say, and tell you while you yet live.  You are an enigma to me; an enigma that refused to allow me to kill you immediately, and that is saying much of you; much indeed, to pique my considerably jaded curiosity.  You hide a secret, or secrets, I'll warrant, or I am no fair judge of character."  He eyed her as he spun a distinctly-shaped dagger in his left hand by the tip with a quite succint and appreciably deadly grace; he made it clear as to his agility and handling of weapons that there would be no escape from this place except through death.  Yet still, he found her voice and manner fair and pleasing, and that in itself was another mark in her favor, driving him further from his mission and towards the secrets she held.  But he knew his time with her must be shorter rather than longer, and knew he must go on.

"Now," he finally continued, his tone masking none of his haughtiness or self-evident self-confidence, "as you can both see and hear, it would appeal to me greatly if you told me two things--at the least."  Here he flipped the spider dagger around in a twinkling and pointed it directly at her heart, though balancing it in his fingers so it swayed slightly, up and down, like a pendulum, ticking away the seconds of her young life.

"One:  why do you wear such an ensorcelled ring and what does it hide?  While I have no idea what your true form is, I can hardly fault you for your most excellent choice of appearance."  He winked at her in a most un-assassin-like way, his face momentarily taking on a very boyish smile.

"Two:  what power do you possess?  Is it related to your true form?  Is it learned, like arcane magic, or is it integral to you, as a were-beast or doppelganger would be?"  He tilted his head forward ever so slightly, a move not intended and not noted by the deadly, dashing drow, though he was consciously attempting to keep his keen interest in her under wraps.

~ * * ~

Reaching one hand forth, he pressed two fingers softly under her chin; his thumb rested similarly against her jawline.  He could feel the trembling of her muscles in genuine fear, and in some odd way it both exhilarated and shamed him.  Then, gently but unmistakeably powerfully, he slowly raised her head until they were in eye contact again.  Now her scent was strong before him, but her face was a sweet, limpid subterranean pool--calm and inexplicably beautiful, but beneath the surface all sorts of rare things lurked; some dark, some light, and some natural and unknowing.  He leaned closer, riding the wave of sudden exhilaration, the sense of newness and discovery and bursting desire, all wound 'round with that steel-strong, filigree capture thread of arcane curiosity.  When he finally spoke, it was within a bare inch of her pristine, upturned face, and in a whisper strong and proud enough to puncture the most well-forged breastplate of the famed Darstone dwarf clan.

"I am Denlil Morroq, Son of House Aehr'vidai, Initiate of the Second Circle of the Assassin's Guild of Erelhei-Cinlu, the City of a Thousand Lusts; undefeated in two-hundred death-duels; carrier of the Forbidden Blades; the tentacle-slasher and fish-man smiter.  Never in a thousand years would you see the likes of me again, and never in a thousand more will there be one to dare aspire to my fame."

He gazed into her verdant eyes for several seconds more, finding himself nearly intoxicated with the presence of her, and fighting two conflicting needs--to kiss her full, delicate-looking lips with the force and desire of a man driven beyond any mere hunger for a woman; or to slip his dagger deep into her heart and be done with it, and never think of her again.

~ * * ~

Braddock raised his eyebrows as he looked around the room, sighing.  “Yeah, it was a cakewalk for the most part.  Our adversaries were outfitted for a party, not a border conflict.  Their gear was sixty years out of date.  What they lacked in equipment, they sure as shit didn't lack in courage, though.  Any usual conscript army would have been done in a couple of days.”

“Well, two weeks wasn't bad, and it didn't put a dent in the overall bottom line,” Siri replied, coming closer to the solidly-built man.  His hair was disheveled and shoulder-length; he had just enough natural curl to it to keep him from ever trying to manage it.  Siri ran her hands through it, luxuriating in its coarseness.

“ everything else can just transfer over from your PDS, and...” she slipped a hand slowly down his chest, to his belt.  “...I can take it from here.”

Braddock smirked; he'd have raised one eyebrow if his eyebrows could move separately.  “Is that a fact?  The only one taking anything will be me...”

With that he scooped Siri up while she gave a surprised but pleased yelp; his hands were already slipping up her thighs, pushing up her skirt to reveal her naked body underneath.  He pressed her against the nearest wall as she locked her ankles behind his back.  “You always go commando, babe?”

“Only when my favorite commando is in town,” she purred, squeezing his knotted shoulders and undulating her hips against him.

“I thought I was a mercenary,” he quipped, releasing his belt and letting his pants slide down his legs, his thick cock already prepped for action.

“You're whatever you want to be, Braddock,” Siri moaned as he entered her roughly, taking no time to set up a fast, pounding rhythm.

Siri's jobs are shit pay, he mused as her moans became squeals of delight, but the benefits ain't too bad...

~ * * ~

Colonel Rufus Xavier Dangermills IV, Ret., awoke at dawn--a military habit he refused to relinquish--performed his morning exercises, then sat at his design desk, enjoying a cup of his favorite darjeeling, when Matilda burst into the room.

"Master!  There's someone asleep in the stables!  Caranthus found her!  And I believe...she elf..." she finally breathed with more than a little touch of scandal.

"For pity's sake, did you bring her in?" Mahrets intoned, apparently in the dry-resigned-exasperation mode for the morning.  He was Colonel Dangermills' butler, and head of the household servants--and as a native Egyptian who'd attended finishing school in London, did his best to maintain his composure with the more dramatic of the other employees.

"I...he...Caranthus was unsure of whether was I..." Matilda spoke, eying the Master uncertainly.

Rufus, for his own part, stood rather more quickly than normal, eyebrow quirked at the mention of those most rare of individuals.  "Consider that, Matilda, next time one of the other servants finds you drunk off of Lefebre's egg nog and freezing to death in the spare hothouse."  He moved without delay out of the room, the other two following close behind.

"Can't you perform a simple humanitarian task, you silly twit?" Mahrets whispered, poking Matty in the shoulder, provoking a tiny squeak.

"I can't sure as much catch the...the affliction!" the woman moaned, amazed.

"Oh, for God's sakes..." Mahrets intoned, rolling his eyes.

"Your idea of elven 'affliction' has about as much veracity as your virginity," Master Rufus remarked dryly, opening a side door to the grounds, and pacing through the snow on his long-booted legs.  Reaching the stables, he found Caranthus, the groom, just finishing placing a second saddle blanket on top of a huddled figure.  The Master sighed.

"You, too, Caranthus?  At least the virtue of compassion is not entirely dead where you are concerned," he said, his voice filled with disappointment.

"I am sorry, mi'lord," the stocky American replied.  "Seeing as how Matilda seems more knowledgeable about the...beings..."

Rufus snorted.  "Just because you're the newest here doesn't make Matilda an expert on anything."  He knelt down, removing the blankets from the figures head, and then nearly started as if struck.

"See!  See!  The Master's been taken by the disease already!" Matilda wailed.

"Oh, do shut up," Mahrets droned, gritting his teeth.

Rufus, for his part, to be honest, was afflicted...but not in the way his servant was imagining.  The sight of the elf--barely a woman at that, from all appearances--was a shock, but not from was her comeliness.  From the brightness of her red hair to the curve of her cheeks to the fullness of her lips, the unconscious female was without a doubt the most provocatively divine beauty he'd ever laid eye on in his thirty-three years of world travel.  She was also the first elven female he'd ever seen, for all of his belief in the fair treatment of her species.

~ * * ~

At the very least, he despised the soft, preening mendicants who served at the court, filling the royal couple's ears with whatever they wished to hear.  It was one of the reasons why he expected the king had requested his presence at court--the king and queen had always valued him as a blunt, honest voice among whining, sickly-sweet sycophants.  Most of the military leadership tended to be so; Death had Her way of making you see reality with a much sharper focus, as those who lived in deception with themselves seldom lived long in warfare.

~ * * ~

Garret had to grin when she told him she was a mechanic--good.  God, how he hated it when jobs were divided by old-fashioned sexual politics.  He was old-fashioned about how his women dressed, not acted.  And seriously, were the 80s that old?  He was only 45, and for a shapeshifter that was practically just into your twenties.  Besides, if a woman wanted to dress in pinup style, as a flapper, a raver, or some medieval princess with pointy hat, he didn't give a shit as long as she rocked it her own way.  And this woman was a style all her own.  The braids, especially the beaded ones, just did her right.  For a moment he had an image of Captain Jack Sparrow, who was cool as movie pirates went--he personally preferred Barbossa--but the Bangles' missing member here was in a league all her own.  Mph, he couldn't get enough of that scent.

What kind of a were was she?  The way she moved was sinuous enough, but when she moved into his personal space like that, he eliminated whole families of animals--no were-bird would likely approach so closely; no were-lapine would want to.  And while the weasel-types could be family- and group-oriented, they didn't start out like that on first meeting you, usually.

And then his brain really registered her moving into his personal bubble.  It wasn't like someone her size was gonna rile him up and make him feel threatened.  Hah.  It wasn't like anyone shorter than him was gonna make him feel threatened--or taller, for that matter, as well, unless he scented threat on them.  And she wasn't giving off any kind of threatening scent or vibe...but what the hell was she thinking?  She had to know he was a shapeshifter by now, too...maybe she was a cat like him.  Were-cats were so much like regular cats--in other words, they did what the fuck they wanted and to hell with anyone's opinion.  If that was the case, the attraction he felt was explained that much easier.  But hell, what were the chances that a woman as full-on gorgeous as her was unhitched in a place like this, especially with other weres and vampies around?  Too many alpha-types among his crowd and the blood-suckers.  Not that he'd back down from them, wasn't his style to swipe a female from out of another guy's arms.  It never occurred to him that he might not be able to do it...just that she might not not be attracted to him regardless.  Alpha, yes...asshole, no.

His lips formed a little grin, and those dimples of his popped into view, even through the stubble.  It was an amused look, the kind a big cat-were like him made when he could have said Hey there...yeah, I noticed you crowding me.  Lucky for you I'm not the insecure was also mixed with What's a fine little thing like you doing in a place like this?, along with I'd love to see you use your tools on my equipment sometime...

~ * * ~

But everything changed when he lifted her bodily under her arms and pressed her towards his desk.  She felt her entire sculpted body tremble violently--because she knew what was now coming.  She didn't resist him--she didn't want to, no matter how terrified she was of what was coming, but she had to let him know.

"I'm a virgin, Mr. Mercer..." she managed to gasp out in a breathy, quavery voice devoid of her normal confidence, and filled with every possible aspect of a deeply frightened young woman who knew her time had come for that fantasy she'd had countless times, the one she'd played out with what seemed like every possible man she'd ever imagined or seen.

Her teacher was going to fuck her, bent over his desk, and she was helpless to do anything at all about it.  And in that helplessness, that abandon, that loss of control, she felt her need and her hunger for his impaling masculinity explode.

She felt him lifting her skirt, and she couldn't help but give him a low, hungry moan that was also laced with fear and apprehension.  How was he going to fit inside her? How would it feel when he...

And then he did; he slid that huge fucking thing between her slick, naked pussy lips and pressed it home, harder and harder, with no consideration whatsoever for her utter lack of experience and virginity.  She screamed as he tore through her hymen violently, the tears and sobbing coming immediately after.  And yet, at the same time she was reaching a new pinnacle of terror and agony, she knew somewhere in her lust-inebriated mind that he was being so rough because he was so turned on by her.  She'd never seen a man react with so much as a once-over her body, or an erotic a well-hung, magnificently-sexy man was beside himself with hunger for her.  The swirling combination of pain and pleasure was an entirely novel experience, searing itself into her mind and emotions for all time.

~ * * ~

He smoothed some of her straw-colored hair back behind an ear; caressed her forehead softly; his own eyes were rather open, but his own mind was meandering through those memories as if they'd happened only a moment ago--for him and his perfect memory, it was a moment ago for all intents and purposes.  "Caroline...what a fine, desirable woman you are...from beginning to end.  I'm reminded more and more just how good my judgement of persona is, every time I think back to our first meeting...and every time I look at you, I'm also reminded of how lucky I am that I found you first, before any other blood-thief."  He kissed her again, heatedly, then moved to her ear, nibbling it seductively.  "I've never wanted any other woman, Love," he whispered to her fiercely, "I've had no woman since you...haven't wanted one but you...hated myself for leaving you alone for so long...but I'll be damned if I ever let you go again."

~ * * ~

It was then that she recognized Sarah Crawford, the poor girl with the bad health condition.  Even with her normally snarky and arrogant personality, Thella still had a heart, and she felt sorry for the pretty girl, who must miss out on so much, especially with that overprotective mother of hers.  However, while she thought about Sarah, the girl herself came up to them and called Tychus' name--then when he turned around, she popped him in the side of the face.

Thella had never hit Tychus, no matter how angry she'd gotten--she'd mastered Tae Kwon Do under the tutelage of her Uncle Sutherland, and one of the things in the tradition and training was to never use your abilities in the wrong situation.  Thella was excessively petite, it was true, but a well-placed, well-executed, pinpoint strike with her fist could do some serious damage--and she didn't want to hurt Tychus, after all.  Much.  At least, not that way...

But now she wasn't sure just how to react.  Most of the time she would have laughed her ass off at Tychus' expense...but this time, considering their situation, she decided on a different course of action.

"Oh, really, Sarah, that was a well-placed blow--though if you were going for catharsis, I would have aimed for the eye socket--a black eye is much more satisfying to see than a bruised cheek or split lip."  She grinned sweetly at the other girl--she had nothing against her, felt much more than a little sorry for her, and getting to see a come-uppance to Tychus was worth experiencing.  But then she, turned Tychus towards her, and ran a slender finger around the now-swelling spot on his cheek.  "Oh, have a boo-boo...perhaps I'd best kiss it better?"  She arched a single eyebrow, giving her enigmatic smile, her own cheeks curving into pleasant little spheres; then she pursed her full lips and gently, softly placed them on the damage zone, ending with a purposely-audible little lip-smack.  "There, I hope that makes it all better," she replied, still grinning mischievously.  "If necessary, just ask and I'll add a few more if they help."

~ * * ~

Wave them, don't brandish them...brandishing connotes threat, which connotes emotion, which connotes weakness, thought the diminutive woman in the swirling ivory cloaks, a gleaming sai in her left hand, a bloody, curved, thin-bladed sword in the other.  The fact that she was blocked on three sides by brutish, lecherous, magenta-hued aveshakks, and on the fourth by the cliff wall she had been forced back into, didn't elicit the least bit of fear of death.  She knew death was an inevitability someday, and fearing when was a useless gesture if ever there was one.  Besides, there were worse things than death, as you had to be living to suffer them, and the aveshakks were certain to exact every last drop of suffering from her, if they managed to capture her.

Managed.  The absolute arrogance of the thought curled her upper lip, revealing one white canine.  She was young, she was beautiful, she was deadly, and she was alive.  To be sure she was droll as well, but the only one who could appreciate that at the moment was herself.

"Fine enough for me," she murmured, then launched herself across the sand of the beach and upon them, long, dark hair flying...and then her swords were singing.

~ * * ~

"Welcome...please, take a seat."  His icy-blue eyes matched the aura he exuded.  He hoped she could tell, just from the way he stepped forward, that he was enjoying towering over her diminutive body.  "Can I get you something to drink, Miss...?"

"Moran.  No, thank you."  Intense brown eyes the color of hot caramel never dropped away from his...and the rest of her youthful face was as impassive as stone.

A thick eyebrow slowly raised itself, somewhat wrinkling the high forehead.  Icy blues maintained their pressure.  She hadn't taken her seat yet.  He was tempted to break his gaze and look down at the chair, then back to her, and see if she would respond, but since she hadn't blinked, he didn't want to let up the pressure on her.  Still, he knew it was an inevitability that her feminacy would reveal itself soon enough, she would quail, and all would be well.

"Do you have a first name?" he queried, voice still sickly sweet, as if he were addressing a schoolgirl who was crying and had lost her way around the grounds on the first day of Kindergarten.

"Yes."  Caramel.  Hot.  Unblinking.

He waited a few seconds.  He then realized he had not prepared any talk after this point, expecting her to break like all other women had always done. His mind was suddenly blank, and to compensate, he smiled, though this was not the smile of arrogance or debasement now, just pleasant and accommodating.

Not caramel now...dark, fired brick...furnace-like...unaccommodating

He actually began to feel quite warm.  He didn't notice the first drop of perspiration until it had slid down, out of his well-groomed, slicked-back coiffure, and tickled his temple, causing him to twitch and turn his head, hissing out an angry, choice word, and finally wiping the offending bead of sweat away with an impatient hand. 

He huffed off the sudden temper with an exhalation of air through his flared nostrils.  He'd broken their gaze.  He had.  Still, she was unlikely to even be on the same plane of thought as he...she was a woman, after all, and hardly had the capacity for logic like him...women were emotional creatures.  He raised his head again, the mask of control having returned, and he looked back into her face, the demeaning look having returned.

Those eyes...still caramel; no longer hot.  A smile--that only turned up the corners of her mouth--had appeared on her face since he had flinched, and held all the heat in the room, speaking volumes of feminine emotion, but only two words in his head would fit them.

You're fucked.

~ * * ~

"How dare you.  How dare you!  How dare you speak against the Bronze Throne thusly, vilifying all that our great empire and tradition has wrought upon this world?"  The vizier, ensconced in his orange and bright yellow robes, the staff of state held firmly and haughtily in his right hand, looked down just imperiously enough to satisfy the several court onlookers of his sincerity, particularly the Empress herself, seated upon said ancient Throne of Bronze.

The diminutive woman he looked down upon had the most incredible, interesting image of indeterminate indifference upon her youthful, wise features.  "I dare, and I'll continue to dare, as long as I live and breathe--and please don't start up with a self-righteous comment or attempted witty barb on how I won't live or breathe much longer...I've heard them before and, honestly, I just don't believe them anymore."

"Why do you speak thusly to our divine majesty?" The Empress spoke, breaking the current tension and replacing it with a broader, expansive calm, though if one was sufficiently skilled in the art of human body language and tone, they would pick up the even greater tension within the Empress herself...and, surprisingly enough, the white-robed young woman who dared to defy her.  "What has our eminent subliminity brought about to effect your state of grievance?"  The Empress had stood from her throne, her great height easily evident in the length of her shapely legs that appeared from between her slit skirts with every measured stride across the dais.

"God, I've heard some self-absorbed rulers in my time..." Cammi spat amusedly, shaking her head but never taking her eye off of the Empress, nor the two dozen or so royal guards at her end of the Hall.  "...but you, take the cake, the pan it was cooked in, and the whole god-damn bakery."

"Your mode of speech is unfamiliar to us," the Empress continued, eying her volatile, unwanted guest.  "Where in our wide world did you learn a language in this fashion?"

"'re starting to come around," Cammi purred in a silky, sarcastic drawl.  "I'm not from your world, Lil' Missy...that explain the reason why I'm the only one in here with a little backbone?"

"Backbone...that, at the least, we do understand.  But all of the courage in the world will not avail you against our power, if we cease being amused by your demented prattling," the tall woman replied through venomous, half-lidded green and violet eyes.

Cammi gazed back unflinchingly with her own blazing eyes of hazel.

"Again."  The Empress took a final step, and was but a scant foot from the first step of the dais.  "Why do you bear grievance against us?"

Finally, the expression on the young woman's lovely face slowly began to unravel, into the most startling mask of vicious, seething hatred.  Her free left hand worked, while the hand with the sword made tiny circling motions, over and over, which at first looked as if she was merely tremulous, but to a trained warrior, became immediately apparent as the motion one made to twist a weapon when in the guts of a despised foe.  Finally, words came through her curled lips and exposed teeth, each carrying the force of a stone block hurled from a parapet.

"You.  Killed.  My.  Friends."

~ * * ~
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More pictures and even music here for additional ideas!
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Favorite Characters

These characters are from group or 1-on-1 games, regardless of their continuance or not.  I've grown attached to them, enjoying the slow and thorough development of their personalities and backgrounds over time. They'd make a great character in any new games because of this.


Name: Aelfric Stonebridge
Nicknames: Ric
Birthplace: Stonebridge Castle, Herefordshire, England
Familiar: Rufus, a dwarf North American river otter
Likes: Butterbeer; making his Grandfather smile; girls, especially petite ones; dueling; getting put under pressure; history, the older the better; tales and stories, the more fantastic and gripping the better; letting his friends know he's there for them; extreme sports, extremely; flying around the British Isles with his uncles Fred and Suth; proving himself; his cousin/stepsister Lithie; very hot and spicy foods; being tall.
Dislikes: Arrogance; booze; running out of time; obsequiousness and brown-nosers; getting put under pressure; disappointing his Grandfather Aelred; failing; prejudice of any type; asian spices--too hot for even his tastes; guys who push themselves on girls; being tall.
Weight: 196lbs
Height: 6'5"
Appearance:  The bloke is tall, damned tall, and it's a mixed bag for him.  He tends to wear his hair as in the picture, and almost always sports a few days growth of beard by choice, not laziness.  He's rarely caught without some kind of band shirt under a leather or denim jacket, sweater, or overcoat, unless it's warm outside and he's skateboarding or some other activity that would make a big coat problematic.

Suicide isn't really on Aelfric(Ric)'s mind, but to some outside observers, he could be taken as that, when he slips a skateboard over the rail of a bridge 400 meters over a gorge and ollies off of it.  He is not quite an adrenaline junkie--he wants to test his courage constantly, and in the name of that pursuit has tried mountain climbing, skydiving, extreme broom riding, and just about every sport the x-games offer.  When he's around his friends he is much more personable than when he's alone.  Alone, he almost seems another person, and he really sort of is.  After losing everyone in your family in the span of ten minutes, you tend to get clingy to those you care about.  So while he is devil-may-care about his own safety, he's very protective of those he befriends and loves.  This loyalty will go above and beyond even the other person's friendship--just because someone else no longer cares about you doesn't mean you can stop caring about them.

Personally, Aelfric is usually quiet, but speaks well, as a family member of wealthy landed gentry.  He almost always has thoughts of how to be more brave, respectful, or kind to others, as these represent the three virtues of courage, honor, and humility that are necessary in the Scion of Aelfric.  This can give him a distant look, or make him appear inattentive, though he is quite the intense student.  He is respectful to all of his professors due their station, as well to his peers and even those thought to be beneath him, such as goblins and house elves.  His Aunt Aethelswith runs a charity in Herefordshire county, and gives aid to all who need it, muggle or wizard, thus carrying on the virtue of humility through service to others, and Ric helps when he has time.

Aelfric has the annoying habit of being at times decisive, and at others, seemingly frozen in doubt.  Always he seems to weigh his options through the lens of his grandfather's wishes.  When he finally realizes he needs to search for his virtues through his own personality and his own understandings of them as a man unto himself, he will finally come into his own and discover what he is really made of.

Aelfric Stonebridge is not quite an enigma, but approaches one.  He is often silent, but never sullen or moody...more introspective or thoughtful, perhaps on occasion even apparently daydreaming, but always seems occupied with his own thoughts at these times.  He has occasion to do so.  His family has been under a curse for centuries, cast by the famous witch Morgan LeFay upon the family's progenitor Sir Aelfric of the Fire, a loyal member of King Arthur's Round Table.  This curse causes the untimely deaths of family members, though never enough to blot out the family line, as Morgan wished the family to continue suffering for all time.  According to a witch who attempted to remove the curse some one hundred and fifty years later, only the Scion of Sir Aelfric will finally remove the curse...a descendant whose name begins with the letter A, and is a paragon of the virtues of honor, bravery, and humility.

This began the Stonebridge tradition of naming every new child with a name beginning with A.  Aelfric is the seventh descendant with the moniker of Sir Aelfric the wizard-knight.  However, due to his late seeress grandmother's prophecy on her deathbed, his grandfather Aelred believes Aelfric is finally the long-awaited Scion.  While an honorable and virtuous man who seeks to aid those who are less fortunate than he, Aelred, as the patriarch of the family, also wishes to end his family's long suffering.  He himself has seen the death of three of his own children, and his own beloved wife.  He has been Aelfric's father in deed if not word, though officially Aelfric is the adopted son of his Aunt Aethelswith(Thelsa) and husband D'Arielle(Darrell) Stonebridge-Gumery.  This is so because Aelfric's own immediate family were all killed during a dragon attack when he was only seven years old—his mother, father, and three older siblings.  Aethelswith and D'Arielle themselves have seen the deaths of two of their young children, and are very protective of the remaining two, Aethelu(Thella) and Ailith(Lithie), Aelfric's cousins/adoptive sisters.

Because of his grandfather's belief in him as the savior of the family's future generations of descendants cursed to die, he has loaded down Aelfric with training no normal boy would be expected to do.  The primary training has been the essence of dueling, though not the actual act of it.  This means that Aelred has taught Aelfric all of the necessary knowledge that does not require the use of magic...wand motions, intonations of words, tactics and conditioning to make the lightning-quick actions necessary to stay alive during mortal combat with wands.  Eventually, Aelred wants his grandson to take up legilimency and occlumency, two skills that pair quite well with dueling, as the wizard hero Severus Snape proved during his years of spying under the dark lord Voldemort's own nose.  It is his hope that Aelfric becomes an Auror like himself and his oldest son, Aelfric's Uncle Aelfraed.  Aelred has also had Aelfric study wizarding and Hogwarts history early on, though Aelfric has been a lover of history, particularly that of his own family, since he could first read.  The grandfather feels that to truly honor one's roots, you must know where you and others have come from.

In his young life, all Aelfric has wished for—he thinks—is to make his grandfather proud of him and carry the name of Stonebridge with honor.  However, deep within him is a yearning to belong to something greater than just his family tree, and Hogwarts seems just the thing.  He also craves friends outside his family, though he gets along well enough with Aethlu (though she secretly dislikes him), and is incredibly close with Ailith, who is one year younger than him, and who he treats as a baby sister, though she seems to enjoy this treatment.  And deepest of all, he seeks what he lost with his parents and siblings—a love to sustain him throughout his life.  While his extended family offers some of this, particularly Ailith, it is more of a romantic love he is seeking.  All of his harsh training (and he has scars to prove it—his grandfather was an Auror in the vein of Mad-Eye Moody) left him little or no time to seek relationships with girls his age, and now, after his training with his grandfather between sessions at JWA, he still has yet to have a girlfriend, a first kiss, or even a first date.  It is something he is very sensitive about, but yearning for all the same.  It will likely be a weak spot in the future for him, particularly if a female has an eye for him and presses her advantage.

Name: Aethelu Stonebridge-Gumery
Nicknames: Thella
Birthplace: Stonebridge Castle, Herefordshire, England
Familiar: Nyx, a black cat

Likes: mercilessly teasing boys; getting it over on other people; being deceitful; knowing things other people don't; being secure in her own superiority; her sister Lithie, amazingly; attention from her grandfather Aelred; her Uncle Sutherland--to a point; charms and transfigurations classes; being a know-it-all; having an incredible singing voice; showing off her voice; spicy food of all nationalities; people fawning over her; playing the helpless little petite girl who needs a big strong man to help her, then dropping the boom on the poor guy.
Dislikes: being close to people who could die--meaning everyone; opening up to others; her cousin Ric; thinking about her own death; bland food, i.e., food from England; her mother; people who fawn over her--the brown-nosers...; anyone who is smarter than her, which isn't many people...; any food with apples in it--curse those foul fruits!

Weight: 98lbs
Height: 5' even
Appearance: Thella's facial features are youthful and elfin, giving her an appearance of being younger than she is. She's also quick to castigate anyone foolish enough to make that fatal mistake. Her eyes are so dark and depthless that they can catch someone else's gaze and hold it effortlessly with their intensity--she's been told many times that her eyes are the best of her many fine features.  Even though she is convinced she is incredibly beautiful, she considers her sister much more attractive than herself, and usually avoids the arrogance trap by saying things like, "If you want to see truly gorgeous, look at Lithie over there."

She is very petite and very athletic. Because of this she maintains a healthy weight below 100 pounds. Despite her tiny frame, she is much tougher and stronger than she looks. She keeps in shape with Tae Kwan Do she's learned from her Uncle Sutherland. This means she can also usually kick the ass of any normal person she gets in a fight with--which isn't as seldom as one would think. The fact she kicked said ass doesn't usually get around, either, because it's usually a guy who gets his ass handed to him, and he'd rather not let anyone know that a 5', 98lb little girl mopped the floor with him.

Personality: Thella has all the personality anyone would hope for their daughter to have, but unfortunately, uses it all to the detriment of those around her. She chooses whom she acquaints herself with wisely, so as to gain maximum benefit from them. She disassociates herself from everyone in her family but her sister Lithie, who is her lone link to any kind of affection and warmth in her life. She is a skillful actress already, able to deceive and manipulate without the slightest bit of remorse. She uses what charms she was given at birth to place herself as far ahead of other people as possible.

Personally, Thella is outwardly pleasant, though she does have a deep streak of sarcasm in her that tends to come out when shes annoyed, angry, upset...well, pretty much whenever she isn't putting on a face to fool someone. She's been in the drama club since she could join it, and she has honed her acting skills primarily for using in real life, to fool those she intends to take advantage of.  Somewhere, deep down inside that soul of hers, is the original personality of the sweet, affectionate Thella, but it is securely under lock and key, protected by the newer, harder Aethelu. It is anyone's guess who or how it will be unlocked...if ever.

Thella was deeply disturbed by both the demise of Ric's entire family, and then the death of her two younger brothers, whom she was deeply attached to. After that event, she began to slowly distance herself from her family, insulating herself from further emotional pain. Unfortunately, this also brought about a sea change in her kind personality. While on the surface she remains moderately nice at home, deep inside she is a seething cauldron of conflicting emotions, fears, petty grievances, and selfishness. She has really not emotionally matured since her brothers' deaths, and it remains to be seen if she can somehow pull herself out of her emotional tailspin, or if there is anyone who can help her do so.

She guards her younger sister Lithie with a fierce, almost violent intensity. Lithie is the only connection she really maintains with her family as far as affection. In a way, she sees Lithie as her former self, and so by defending her, she is defending the only bridge back to her old self, and her family. If there is any other person in her family which she tolerates, it is her Uncle Suth. He's been known to give her opportunities to go places, or sit down and talk with her. She's closer to him than her own parents.

Thella is also a singer--no, to put that more correctly, Thella is gifted with an angelic voice of great range, and moreover is a soprano coloratura, the highest of all female voices. Her singing sounds effortless and rings so cleanly that it might at first appear that it is coming from a synth machine--until she does a three-octave run and leaves the listener agape in amazement.  Her voice range is over four and a half octaves. She enjoys all kinds of music, but her favorite three are opera, dubstep, and gothic metal. She plays piano, but primarily uses it for writing music--she's a singer through and through, and has no interest in being an instrumentalist. And while she is remarkably intelligent, particularly in transfiguration (she entertains dreams of being an animagus), her life's focus is truly on singing as a career...any and every kind of music she feels inclined to record.

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