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Author Topic: Story driven games are so hot  (Read 597 times)

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Offline OwlTopic starter

Story driven games are so hot
« on: March 21, 2013, 11:16:01 PM »
Female Searching for freeform, long term, Multi-paragraph roleplaying Male partner. Most genres accepted. Story driven, but sexy time is DEFINITELY not out of the question so long as the characters get along. Will do all sorts of human, preternatural, super natural, etc characters, adore partners that will toss some twists and turns into the game.  Have  tons of characters up for grabs. ADORE demons/angels, androids, and monsters most especially, and big, strong male characters to play against. Love darker games of all kinds, dystopia, wastelands, etc! Prefer non-cannon settings unless I know the universe really well. Prefer Email/forum games for time constraints but at times not opposed to chat games. Please message for further information.

EDIT:  3-23-2013 new story idea
EDIT 3-24-2013 added new story idea
EDIT 5-16-2014 New story start, future-noir, repo! the genetic opera loosely inspired.
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Offline OwlTopic starter

Re: Story driven games are so hot
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2013, 07:47:51 PM »
Actual RP will be done in 3rd person, not first. this is just how it came to me while i was writing it

I woke, blackness staring back at me.

The first thing I noticed was pain, a dull throbbing thing in the center of my abdomen, an awareness that made itself known with a muted red glow behind my eyes that beat with the same rhythm as my heart. My hand raised, trembling, to press against it, to tiredly fight the pain down behind the pressure of my grip.

It was stayed, however, by a sudden grasp 'round my wrist. Panic. I tried to sit up, and another hand pressed lightly between my breasts, more than enough to hold me down, more than enough to stay my movements in my weakened state, but still very gentle, very careful.

The voice that came to my ears was smooth, buttery, with steel amidst it's warmth. The accent was Russian, harsh Russian, with no pretenses about it, and decidedly male. "Do not move. Your stitches could very well pop, and you'd not want to have to be sewed up again."

Had his hands not stilled me his words would have done the trick alone. Vague, but becoming sharper were the memories locked up in my weary mind. I'd been torn open, yes, I remembered that. Schrapnel. A bomb? I couldn't remember. But when I'd woken up I'd been alone save for him. he was the enemy, that much was certain by his USSR uniform, the red cross on his arm making him out to be a medic.

He'd told me not to move, and he'd set to work on me. He'd explained that he'd found me, alone, in our fox hole. Alone...he had ben alone too. Both sides had been...had....

gone again.

He'd taken me back to his tent. He wasn't sure how I was still alive. I'd begun to infect...he'd reopened me up, and bile and pus and black blood had poured out. I'd been awake. I'd screamed, wailing until I'd passed out.

Yes. Until now.

I opened my eyes. The light was dim, but still painful. My head hurt.

He came into view, hair short, but telltale blonde, near a pale face. A scar ran across his left eye, but had missed the pale blue orb inside. It, and its twin, were looking at me, sharp, birdlike. "Awake?" he asked as his large, lean frame moved toward me. I couldnt help but wonder how he'd managed to become a medic. Someone with his size and strength should've been out on the field. Fighting. "Good...We've not got many rations here, but I've some water for you. you've been out three days...if i move you slowly we can get you into a sitting position."

he moved as he spoke, and hands slid under my arms as he stood behind me. Gently, carefully, he began to slide me upward. Pain, god so much, how was I alive? Pillows propped behind me, at least four, then one under my head as he settled me against the wall and slid in front, hands on his thighs, crouched somewhat to study my face. "breathe. Deep. Not shallow like that. You'll pass back out."He was not unkind, but very succinct in how he spoke. He'd seen a lot of this one would think.

I tried to do as he instructed. Slowly the pain abated, and then I was breathing normally again, at least as normal as I could between clenched teeth and a throbbing headache under my brow. A small canteen was brought to me, and fingers touched my chin. "Come now. Drink."

I did, very slowly. As much as I wanted to gulp it down, as thirsty as I was, I didn't want to risk sicking it up, and popping a stitch. Still the water tasted so good that It took all my resolve to not suck every drop from it's metal confinement.

He moved away a moment later, seemingly pleased. I noted the stubble on his chin and the bags under his eyes. He was tired. Had he stayed up with me? Or had he taken guard post, protecting his tent against....

Against the....

Screaming pain in my head. A hand flew up to press to it, and immediately I wish I hadn't. Strangled sounds, throaty, desperate. They were mine, and the Russian was there to grab my arms and carefully force my hand back down. "NO sudden movements, American. Your stitches. I had to sew up your entire abdomen. You look like you've been autopsied. PLEASE be still."

Dimly I heard him, and I started to quiet, aware that tears were running down my eyes, half in pain and half in bewilderment. I spoke, and even to me my voice was misused and horrid. "What happened? Were is everyone? What -happened-?"

He slapped me.It wasn't hard, but it stung, and it quieted me down. I was angry for all of two seconds and then grateful, sure the high, bright look of hysteria had fled my eyes. His own stared, watching, calculating, and then carefully he let my hand go.It dropped slowly back to my lap.

Wordless, he stood and moved to a small table, where he produced a couple asprin, and brought them to me.

I swallowed them, was given more water, and then he spoke.

"I don't know. I was here, working on some of my own wounded men. There was a light...and a smell of ozone and burning...things flew around...and then silence. No one was here. the ground outside is scorched...I thought at first it was a weapon of ours...something secret, but no one has come, not from my side, not from yours, not for at least a week. I found you outside three days ago alone. I thought you were dead....but you were the only body out there. So I checked and you were breathing. I brought you back here. I don't know how youre still alive but I did my best to keep you that way. So don't ruin my hard work."

"I'm your enemy you know."

"I know."

"And you Ruskies are evil."

"So are you Americans, I hear."

" one has come?"


"Well then...'s nice to meet you."

He grinned, just a little, and patted my arm. "I'm Pitor. It's nice to meet you as well...."

A space, intended for my name. I opened my mouth to give it. Shut it. Frowned. "I...don't remember."

"You've had head trauma.That's why the headache. It'll probably come back to you." he smiled again though there was bitterness to it. "And if you don't, you can always make a new one up...I dont think it really matters what we call ourselves anymore."

I frowned, brows knitted. He shook his head and stood, moving to the radio. Turning it on, he picked up the talkie and pressed the button. Something in russian was said by him twice. He waited. There was no response.

"None with your american radio either...I walked to your camp and tried it. No one is answering us. On -any- channel. There's no banter between other people either. The music stations are dead...everything is. either our towers are down everywhere...which could be...or there are no people there to man them."

Offline OwlTopic starter

Re: Story driven games are so hot
« Reply #2 on: March 24, 2013, 11:22:12 AM »
"God don't you get it? you doint' belong here!" The light of the club bounced off his raven hair, thickly lined eyes narrowed as he stood on the opposite side of her. The busted ipod lay in the street, screen cracked beyond repair.

"I'm sorry!  Look; I'll buy you a new one--the new version too okay? Just don't be mad."

"You're damn right you will. And you don't get it! God! Ever since you 'invited' yourself to hang out with us bad stuff has happened. It's like you live in your own goddamn rich bitch world. You just dont -get- anything!  So fucking stop following us around, redye your hair blonde, and take off that makeup. You don't do it right anyway. Go back to mercedes and whatever the fuck you used to do on the weekends." He turned, already feeling a little bit bad. He was pissed, sure, but her lavender eyes were starting to water, and he was already regretting yelling at her. She'd confessed to him that she didnt really have any friends, after all....

Offline ashesandcinder

Re: Story driven games are so hot
« Reply #3 on: March 26, 2013, 09:08:54 AM »
Hey, Owl :)

I'm new to E and kinda looking for a bit of RPing while I'm awaiting approval. I'm definitely hoping/ looking for something with the potential to evolve into a long-term kind of thing if we find that we are getting along and our characters don't hate each other ;)

Now, in regards to what you were seeking: Freeform -- check. Twists and turns -- double check. Demons/ angels -- check check. Dark games -- oh yes, check. Forum-based/ email games -- yup, check. Non-canon games -- I prefer canon, perhaps we might be able and work something out? But now, to the big stumbling block: Male partner -- well. Uhm. I'm female, but my characters usually are male. As far as canon-characters go (so you'll get an idea of my range), I've played/ written anyone from Sirius Black to Scott Summers/Cyclops to Simon Tam to Logan/Wolverine to Commissioner Gordon, and I've never had anyone complain.

So .. yeah .. that's what I have to offer. Interested? I do have written story-references to show my writing abilities, and wouldn't be averse to being 'auditioned' :) Let me know, 'k?


Offline OwlTopic starter

Re: Story driven games are so hot
« Reply #4 on: March 26, 2013, 11:06:18 AM »
Defo get to me when you're approved and we'll see if we mesh :D

Offline ashesandcinder

Re: Story driven games are so hot
« Reply #5 on: March 26, 2013, 11:43:16 AM »
Sure will do :) Thanks for considering me! Looking forward to getting more interaction going! And, like I said, feel free to audition me for the role you had in mind/ wanted to play off of, I'm pretty sure I have the one or the other character lying around that might fit whatever task/ prompt you come up with.

Offline ashesandcinder

Re: Story driven games are so hot
« Reply #6 on: March 29, 2013, 09:31:34 AM »
So .. I've been officially approved and welcomed to E :) Of course I'm about 12 hours from leaving for a sailing trip that will keep me occupied and away from my beloved computer for a week  -_- -- if you were still interested in giving me a shot, perhaps you could drop me a PM with specifications of what you were thinking of and what you wanted to see, and I could get back to you as soon as I am home next Sunday? If you've already found someone else and have changed your mind, no worries, just let me know, 'kay? :)


Offline OwlTopic starter

Re: Story driven games are so hot
« Reply #7 on: April 02, 2013, 11:38:01 AM »
The only 2 ideas i have going on in my head right now are in the thread :D  But have fun on your sailing trip and when you come back we 'll talk about a possible game. Wheee :D