Within the Crosshairs. Sniper character based Roleplay.

Started by Formless, March 19, 2013, 02:23:34 PM

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This is an Idea that I'd like to try. I don't have the full plot formed. So I appreciate any ideas or comments. This isn't written in stone. I'd like to see this roleplay through with a female partner.

The plot centers around a high-stakes Hitman named ( Tanner Heyes ). He specializes in sniping. He's 27 yearsold , Ruthless with a few words. I can get More into the character's background but first I want to solidify the plot.

When Tanner agree to take down a mark. He's surprised to find himself being targeted by an unknown sniper. A third party perhaps? So the scenario would go along the events that occurs once Tanner misses his mark and try to find his predator.

The female can be either the unknown sniper. Or an agent who hunts down Tanner after being exposed.

As you see I am still forming the idea.

So if anyone interested, please offer some feed back either here or via PM. and if you're greatly interested we can do this roleplay together.