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Author Topic: Chronicle of the lesbian vampire (Old World of Darkness)  (Read 327 times)

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Offline SatanKlausTopic starter

Chronicle of the lesbian vampire (Old World of Darkness)
« on: March 18, 2013, 01:36:41 PM »
Yep, that got your attention!

I’m going to GM a chronicle for a female vampire character, starting with her becoming a vampire. This is pretty much a wide-open sandbox, and you can freely choose with which characters to interact and which path to take. 

-Be able to write decent posts in size and quality at least twice weekly when not on vacation.
-Be comfortable with ‘mainstream BDSM’ (including, but not limited to: whipping, tying, flogging, spanking, collars, leashes, restraints, gags, chastity belts, slutty clothing, sex toys, penetration of all holes, male/female and female/female sex, including nonconsensual scenes and, as this is a vampire game: biting and blood).
-Be familiar with the rules of any white wolf game, but ideally with Vampire: The Masquerade. A player of the ‘Vampire: Bloodlines’ PC game would also be welcome.

You will start out either as a human – who is about to get turned into a vampire - or if you want to get to the action sooner, a freshly made vampire, who is starting to distance herself from her sire to stake out on her own.

This is not going to be PG13.
Vampires are creatures of strong, almost uncontrollable desires and urges. Vampires are also creatures of dominance. If they are not absolutely certain that they are in control of someone, they feel threatened by him or her. Expect your elders to abuse you – and amuse themselves with you – just to show that they are still your ‘betters’. It's how vampires establish heir pecking order. And when you rise in the immortal society, maybe you, too, will follow the example set by your elders and lord it over those who are beneath you. Humans, of course, are fair game for any and all, unless they already belong to someone else.

We will also capture the intensely fetishistic nature of vampires as presented in contemporary pop-culture. Vampire life is nightlife, and their attire reflects that. Leather and lace, gothic dresses, latex, dog collars, fetishistic takes on classic uniforms (school, maid and otherwise) and downright slutty hooker outfits are all seen in the Elysium. Not to mention that young vampires (and human servants) are basically dressed at the whim of another.

Character and rules
If you are familiar with character creation, you can go ahead and make a standard character from any of the Camarilla clans according to the normal rules once I have decided I want to play with you. If you are not familiar, tell me what you want to do and I will help you along.

We will be using a few minor rule tweaks but most of them just affect single powers. I will let you know if they pertain to your character. The only major change I am making is to the blood bond rules. In short, blood bonds are less predictable, take longer (more drinks over more time) to form and elders drinking from youngsters resist more easily. Also, the lower levels of the bond decay over time unless they are reinforced. If you want to know the details, I can send you the ruleset.

Also, I will be using what ‘Urbanzorro’ called systemic freeform. The idea is that if you take an action which you think should be decided by the dice, you only write about the attempt, but not the results. (Describe aiming for a guy’s head, but not whether you hit or not.) I will then roll the dice and write about your level of success. On the whole, we won’t be using that many rolls, though.

Let me know if this game piqued your interest! I’m looking for writer compatibility, so this is not first come, first serve.

PS: Your character doesn’t actually have to be lesbian, though there will probably be a few F/f encounters regardless of her preferences. If the character hates or loves that is up to you, but you as a player will have to be okay with that.
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