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Author Topic: Cafe Ondalia  (Read 581 times)

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Offline guardtherealmTopic starter

Cafe Ondalia
« on: March 15, 2013, 08:44:36 PM »
"Good evening and welcome to Cafe Ondalia, do you have a reservation?"

 "Jones party of two, thanks".  Charlotte said uninterested.

"Here you are, someone will be right with you."  The young girl turned and left through heavy curtains leading into the main restaraunt.

Jonas poked his head through the curtain and was confused by what he saw.  The restaraunt was full, but no one was eating or drinking anything, all the tables were perfectly made, and stranger everyone was silent and not moving an inch.  "What the hell is this place" Jonas asked Charlotte, who was busy adjusting her bra in a large mirror shaped like a horse, or something resembling a horse.  "I told you it was a surprise. Now quit peaking into the other room and wait a second. 

Irritated Jonas looked at himself in the horse mirror and straightened his collar.  Just then a tall man, with an eastern European accent stepped through the curtains magnificently.

"Jones, Party of 2, Your table is ready."  He bowed slightly and waved a confused Jonas and a still preoccupied Charlotte through. 

On the other side, things were still strange as ever.  No waitresses bustled about, no one looked up to see who had just arrived.  They all looked blank, almost fake.  Then one of the patrons flickered a bit, and came back to life.  Stunned, Jonas turned and looked at Charlotte, who had witnessed the event, but was not taken back by it.  She just lifted an arm and pushed Jonas forward to their booth in a back corner. 

"You two have a wonderful evening" the strange gentleman said, and quickly left there table, and rushed through a back door.  Jonas was about to take his seat when Charlotte grabbed his arm. 

"Jonas, you probably haven't heard of this place before, because if you had I would have never gotten you here.  You have to know someone to get in, and I spent a pretty penny to get us this table. Just relax and take a seat.  I promise you will have fun."

"Fun, yeah this place is just a ball of fun.  Look at everyone."  Jonas scanned the room one more time.  The man who he had seen come back to his senses was helping his date up from the table.  Both of them were grinning from ear to ear, and left happily.  What the hell Jonas thought, I'm here just go with it.

He slid into the booths extremely cushy seat, and once he positioned himself into a comfortable position, he felt two small pricks in either of his back thighs.   He tried to move to see what had poked him and he was frozen.  Then quickly the room went dark and he felt as if he were floating.  Electricity moved through him and his whole body tingled.  Then a light started to grow and everything around him came into view.  Jonas was seated across from Charlotte who was now wearing a loose flowing white dress, and when he looked down he was in something almost the same as Charlotte.  He looked back up, and she was laughing hysterically. 

"Oh I wish you could see your face right now.  Well look around.  Get up and walk if you like." Charlotte motioned for him to take his eyes off of her loose fitting dress and take in his surroundings.  They were sitting at a table, surrounded by palm trees, and a rolling ocean lay only a 20 yards away.  Other couples walked up and down the beach.  Some swam in the water.  Others walked off into the surrounding jungle looking at each other with desire in their eyes.  Jonas was completely dumbfounded.  Only an hour before he was fighting traffic, and cursing living in a toxic, industrial city. Now he was in a paradise like nothing he had ever seen.  The sky above them had the largest and brightest star imaginable.  Yet he could see like it was day.  There were three moons in the sky, and colors danced a across them.  He looked back at Charlotte, who was also taking the display in.

"What is this place?" He asked looking back at the three moons. 

"Did you feel the pricks in your leg and the electricity when you sat down?"  She said


"Well the pricks were a highly potent hallucinogen mixed with nano particles, that when mixed with electricity, bring you here.  Or lots of other places.  It's a brand new technology, and my company helped finance this place.  It's not technically legal, but not really illegal either.  So for now, they are taking it slow and testing it out on friends and family."  Charlotte chuckled and stood up.  Her curvy figure accentuated by the flowing dress. 

"So you just drugged me, and none of this is real?" Jonas said concerned, he had never taken any drugs, and didn't even like how one drink made him feel.

"Well the chair drugged you, I just brought you two together.  Now get up, lets go for a walk."  She took him by his shaking hand and led him down to the beach.  As they stepped onto the sand, it was warm and squeezed up beneath their feet.  Jonas sighed with pleasure.  Then when he looked up from his toes a couple rode by on giant horse like creatures, very similar to the mirror shaped one.

"They have a few strange creatures programmed into this thing I hear.  You can make love to some of them if you want."  She winked at him, then took off towards the water.  Just before she dove in, her long dress fell to the ground and before Jonas could catch a glimpse she disappeared under the water.  He cautiously walked towards it, waiting for Charlotte to surface.  She did not, and he started to worry.  The water rolled onto shore and touched his feet.  It felt real.  He looked around, made sure no one was watching, and dropped his robe and jumped in.  Once under the water, he noticed lights further ahead and he started to swim towards them effortlessly.  Not only was it simple to move through this water, he didn't have to take breaths.

Then something grabbed his leg, and started pulling him down towards the lights.  He fought against it, until he looked down and saw Charlotte smiling with bubbles coming from her mouth.  She motioned him down, and deeper and deeper they swam until they came upon a giant glowing coral reef.  Fish of every kind imaginable, and many more unimaginable ones swam and darted all over.   Other people were swimming around, going into small caves, and just enjoying the reef as if they belonged there.   Then Jonas noticed Charlotte and her lack of clothing.  She looked down at herself, smiled, and swam off towards a passageway through the reef.  Jonas had no choice but to follow....... (That's a good stopping point for now, thanks if you read this far.)