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Author Topic: Ultimate Teen Titans (Interest Check for Freeform RP)  (Read 6259 times)

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Re: Ultimate Teen Titans (Interest Check for Freeform/M&M RP)
« Reply #75 on: March 20, 2013, 11:30:10 AM »
Good News Everyone! We'll be moving into the more formal application and character submission process and I would encourage everyone who has posted so far to apply, as well as anyone else who might be lurking around out there, waiting to see how this all developes.

Please see the second post in the forum for the profile I would like everyone to use then either post it here (spoilered) or send me a private message or both. I will provide input and feedback to help everyone put their best foot forward and would encourage others here on the thread to do the same, as I will be accepting only the profiles which display the most creativity and exhibit the best writing ability, so be sure to put your skills on display.

Don't be discouraged or disheartened though if you feel you might not be up to snuff, everyone will be duly considered and you are welcome to submit multiple profiles (if you can find the time XD) even if they overlap with other submissions for canon characters.

I will be posting my own profile for Jason Todd later today as an example, but please feel free to post your own if you can get it done ahead of me and please remember to
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Best of Luck!

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Re: Ultimate Teen Titans (Interest Check for Freeform/M&M RP)
« Reply #76 on: March 22, 2013, 01:36:13 AM »
Majestrate, alias Kid Majestic
Real Name, Alias: Majestrate, alias Kid Majestic
Age: Chronologically 127 Earth years, comparable to a human of 18, particularly one from an area where that age bestows franchise, ability to consume regulated substance such as tobacco and alcohol, and participate in regulated activities such as gambling and operating a motor vehicle.
Gender: Male
Height & Weight: Majestrate stands 6'10" and weighs 336 lbs.

Majestrate is emotionally restrained. He frequently appears to be aloof and withdrawn from the world around him, regarding everything with what often appears to be mild distaste or disdain. His composure and emotional control is exceptional, and there is very little that can overwhelm his Kheran self-control. Retaining composure is immensely important to him; losing composure would be a greater loss of face than any reason he might have over losing that composure. Majestrate feels entitled to a high position and its attendant benefits; he sees wealth and power as his birthright. Accordingly, because he was born to power, he feels responsibility to those beneath him, raised also to hold to a sense of noblesse oblige. It falls to him to aid the people of Earth because he has the power, and thus the responsibility to do so. And while Majestrate might be arrogant and haughty - while believing himself tolerant of Earth and humanity's many faults - he recognizes that he is better able to discharge his responsibility to the lessers by working with those amongst humanity who have risen above the common rabble: exceptional individuals such as the incomparable Lex Luthor.

Raised to hold a blade, Majestrate is no stranger to combat, and while he feels fear he is master of it. There is no foe whom he would refuse to face in combat, though he is not so brash that he would not withdraw from the fight were it the more prudent and tactical response. Were it called for, Majestrate would sell his life at the dearest cost to protect those beneath him, were he to deem it the best possible option. Being raised and groomed to eventually hold the position of warlord may, however, have biased Majestrate towards solutions to problems that involve unnecessary violence; he may try to enact violent solution to a problem that might have been resolved diplomatically. In fact, Majestrate enjoys the purity of combat; he is not a political animal and is most himself when he is engaged in combat with an enemy that may provide him some challenge.

Empathy for those beneath him is not something Majestrate experiences nor would he deign to experience; his concern is that the masses are safe, doing their jobs, and in their place. The society of the Kherans is caste-based, and Majestrate feels a faint pity towards humanity's - to him - haphazard social structure. That humans die of hunger and disease shocks him. That those in power permit it to happen offends him.

While the name Majestros means nothing to humanity, it is the name of one of the most puissant, celebrated, and accomplished of the Kherubim High Lords, and it is the name of Majestrate's father. Every action Majestrate takes is filtered through the lens of what he believes his father would do, and every ability he has is held against the metric of his father's capabilities. The young Kherubim might well fare better attempting to escape a black hole than try to escape from under the shadow of his father.

Although likely to at first be disinterested with Earth culture, the demands of being part of Luthor's teen team will soon enough expose Majestrate to a lot of things he might in retrospect prefer not to have had contact with, but also things he might come to enjoy. It is also likely to be of great interest to Majestrate how many extraterrestrials call Earth home.


As a Kherubim Lord, Majestrate enjoys heights of power unknown by lesser members of his species and various Kherubim subspecies. His lifespan is nigh immeasurable, and his natural life is ineffably long - Kheran Lords invariably die in battle or undertake a ritual ascension to a higher plane before dying of natural causes. As a result of this long lifespan, Kheran fertility is low as a safeguard against population explosion - Kheran pairings produce pregnancies and live offspring with incredible infrequency. Matings of Kherubim with other species suffer no such obstacles and are generally viable, with Kheran genes tending to dominate. His physiology endows Majestrate with several powers:

  • Superhuman Strength: Majestrate possesses incredible physical might. He may lift 200,000 metric tons with ease. This strength will increase as Majestros ages.
  • Invulnerability: Majestrate's capacity to resist physical harm is truly astounding. He may resist bullets, lasers, bombs, and even survive in the vacuum of space without injury.
  • Superhuman Stamina: It is nigh impossible to fatigue Majestrate; he may operate at his peak without food or rest while exerting himself for great lengths of time.
  • Superhuman Speed: Majestrate is able to react and move at speeds well beyond human norms; it is trivial for him to dodge a bullet.
  • Super-Breath: Majestrate is able, thanks to his great strength, to expel air at great speeds. He is able to 'cool' this breath, as well, to freeze objects solid. Likewise, he is able to achieve sufficient volume with vocalizations to cause harm to others.
  • Flight: Majestrate is able to fly under his own power, able to achieve speeds several times that of sound, and is even capable of speed sufficient to escape Earth's gravity.
  • Energy Projection: Majestrate is capable of projecting energy from his eyes and hands in varying modes. He may project light, heat, and force either distinctly, or blended together. While Majestrate lacks that skill to employ this power in the more nuanced and esoteric methods of older Lord, it remains a potent means of offense in his arsenal.
  • Superhuman Senses: Majestrate possesses senses that are more accurate, broad, and potent than those of humans. He is able to perceive outside normal human visual ranges and hear outside normal human audio frequencies. Those attempting to annoy him with dog whistles will receive a single warning.

Majestrate is also a very experienced combatant. He is proficient in unarmed combat and the use of bladed weaponry, though swords represent his greatest area of expertise. His skills are the result of practice, study, and experience, and if he were depowered he would still be capable of fighting and defending himself. Majestrate is an adept gymnast, possessing agility and dexterity as honed as his combat abilities.

Character Background:

Majestrate is the son of High Lord Majestros of the Kherubim Pantheon, and Priestess Zehranna. As Kherubim tradition dictates, his mother became a priestess after giving birth to him, and Majestrate was raised exclusively by his father and members of his house. Majestros was an attentive father, by Kherubim standards, and taught his son many important lessons when duties to the Pantheon, house, and Daemonite War permitted. There were many tutors that instructed Majestrate in science, politics, literature, and the ways of the warrior. An apt pupil, Majestrate performed well but never received a word or sign of praise from his father, and the young boy's disappointment was hidden beneath a mask of adamantine Kheran aloofness. There was no kindness, and no comfort from the many servants who had a hand in raising Majestrate, and by design. All Lord children were raised so. He endured without complaint. No less was expected of him.

When Majestrate was thirty Earth standard years, he was placed in command of a small contingent of Kherubim soldiers and sent to fight in the Kherubim's ancient war against its hated foes, the Daemonites. Majestrate proved himself an adept warrior, but his accomplishments were rendered trivial by comparison to his father, and on occasion even dismissed as political fabrications. It was immaterial to Majestrate. He learned of the weaknesses of the Shapers and Titanthropes and other Kheran subspecies who lacked Majestrate's power, this knowledge formed the basis of strong bonds to soldiers. And soon, his loyalty was first to those under his command, and on a hundred different worlds Majestrate fought not for Khera, not for glory, and not even for victory: he fought to bring the soldiers he commanded home.  Most often Majestrate was victorious, and when it was time, he spent lives at the dearest cost and only out of absolute need. The decision to do so was never easy, and never taken lightly.

The Daemonite War stretched across many stars, and one of them includes Sol. Majestrate undertook a mission to attack a Daemonite facility on Titan, and he destroyed it utterly, killing all Daemonites within. He had embarked into his ship with the intention of returning to report his success to the nearest Kheran outpost, but Earthbound Daemonites had detected his ship and launched a punitive attack for his disruption of their interests in space. His ship was crippled, and the attack left Majestrate comatose. A LexCorp observation satellite detected Majestrate's crippled ship, floating aimlessly, and a manned expedition was launched by LexCorp's space arm to recover the vessel. The initial goal was the craft itself, and the alien technologies that could be harvested from it. Finding Majestrate proved to be something of a boon. The Kherubim's natural recuperative powers eventually healed his injuries, and he awoke in a LexCorp facility in Star City.

The awakening of the Kherubim after a three month coma was not pleasant. The damages reached into the millions. Attempts to restrain Majestros with Kryptonite-based countermeasures proved . . . lacking. However, Lex Luthor managed, through an appeal to Majestrate's rational side, to stand down. The two men had a civil discussion, and after Majestrate ascertained to his satisfaction that Luthor was not a Daemonite lackey, agreed to cease hostilities. After fitting Majestrate with suitable Earth clothing, the two men retired to Luthor's office, in which Luthor settled the matter of compensation for damages by gaining Majestrate's consent for complete access to his craft and permission to reverse engineer Kheran technologies for profit. Luthor managed to surprise the young Kheran by making a second offer: to join a team of superbeings that Luthor was establishing, laying out palatable goals. Majestrate could sense that there was some degree of omission, but he failed to ascertain the true depths of them and attributed them to Luthor fearing renewed violence. Majestrate was initially inclined to refuse, until Luthor expressed surprise that Majestrate was resistant to the various Kryptonite-based weapons. He went on to describe Superman and the Justice League to Majestrate, and after Majestrate expressed interest in further information on the Man of Steel, Luthor gladly obliged. As Majestrate reviewed news footage of the Last Son of Krypton in action, one did not need to be Lex Luthor to see that Majestrate wished to test himself against Superman - though the Martian Manhunter also piqued the Kheran's interest. Majestrate accepted the offer, despite the indignities he would endure as a spokesperson and corporate mascot.


Majestrate has little to distinguish him outwardly from a human being. Internally, there is more biological distinctiveness, and when one goes much further, beyond what is revealed to the naked eye, it becomes obvious that there is nothing human about Majestrate at all. Tall and powerfully built, Majestrate has the appearance of an unskilled, brutish powerhouse. It is not an entirely undue assumption, but despite the strength of Majestrate's body and the size of his muscles, he is able to move with a grace and speed impossible were he a mere human being.

Majestrate has black hair that has some modest wave and curl to it. His hair a deep luster to it, a healthy glossy glow that reflects the light of a room just so. His eyes are a pale blue, though his restraint and emotional distance robs them of any true beauty; on a more expressive and warm-hearted man, Majestrate's immaculate eyes could be a rather charming feature. He has high, wide cheek bones, paired with a strong chin and lantern jawline. His skin is fair and without scar or blemish to mar its surface, and he exhibits no hair save for that on his head. Majestrate is free from minor asymmetries in his features, which is a feature some find off-putting, while others are simply unable to place why they think that Majestrate subtly does not quite look right.

Suits are the most common attire for Majestrate when he is about in a civilian capacity. He favours and enjoys the versatility of the black suit, paired with a black tie and white dress shirt. White gold cufflinks and tie pin are a common accessory, and Majestrate frequently employs a fresh, live buttonhole to add some colour to his outfit. The Kherubim is also known to wear solid white (replacing the white gold accessories with ones made of black gold), and navy blue with assorted pinstripes. Casual clothing tends towards business casual, but very infrequently Majestrate will simply don jeans, a silk shirt, and sandals.

His 'costume' is a full body suit that covers everything except his face. It includes a full length cape. Primarily white, it had navy accents and a 'V' on the front and back with the arms beginning at the shoulders, which met at waist level. In time it will likely be festooned with logos and emblems of LuthorCorp products and brands, but for the moment it remain undespoiled.

Offline LordMing

Re: Ultimate Teen Titans (Interest Check for Freeform RP)
« Reply #77 on: March 26, 2013, 12:16:10 AM »
How about this idea?  Is this acceptable?
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Real Name, Alias: Lori LeMarte, Joker
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Height & Weight: Pixieish
Personality: Lori is a friendly gal with a big heart and a bigger brain, she has a tendency to go full on nerd about subjects that interest her and she has some problems relating to kids her own age.  Joker is carefree and seldom serious, and when she is serious she is usually setting up a joke.  Joker either makes fast friends or fast enemies depending on the personality of the person she meets.
Hyper-Agility: Muscles and connective tissue are five times more efficient, allowing her a standing long jump of just over 21.6 feet and a standing high jump of 11.2 feet, she can run a mile in just over a minute, and can maintain her pace for twenty minutes without tiring.
Enhanced Strength: able to press 441 Lbs over her head and hold it there for five minutes.
Hyperkinesthesia: Allows her brain to process movement at a much faster rate than others.  This allows for amazing athletic feats of timing and superhuman reflexes, as well as perfect accuracy with any thrown or fired projectile.
Immunity: Her body filters toxins at roughly five times the efficiency of a normal human.
"Nuthin up my sleeve": By using prestidigitation, Joker is able to produce her gadgets seemingly from midair.
Gadgets: Taser joy buzzer, Leady Teddy (a teddy bear with lead shot loaded to enhance impact), Gum Drops (Red = ball bearings, Green = laughing gas, Yellow = pyrotechnic), Smiley Sam (smiley face button with camera, Mic and tracker), Wacko (a jester headed mace with a powerful spring to launch the laughing head at a target up to ten feet away), Nu-You (artificial skin used to disguise herself with a bit of advanced preperation)
Character Background:
Young Lori was abused as a child, treated like a piece of furniture when she wasnt being tossed about by her father.  This was a shame, because the precocious child was brilliant from an early age.  It was her brilliance and curiosity that earned her many bruises and beatings by her father after he found his tools, and even the television dismantled into a neat collection of pieces with his curly headed daughter poring over every piece to figure out what it did. 
Jason LeMarte traded his daughter to a methamphetamine chemist to pay off a debt, one less mouth to feed, and his stuff wouldnt get broken as much.  Lori was used as a gopher at first, running chemicals from place to place and getting materials.  But the one day that she was left on her own Lori got curious about all the gear in the lab, the resultant explosion burned Lori over 60% of her body and infused her with a potpourri of chemicals that were and were not being used to create drugs.  LuthorCorp representatives heard about the ten year old child found at the site of the explosion and took her in for rehabillitation.  It was during her rehab that her abilities became evident.  It took six years of skin grafts and cosmetic surgery to make her mostly human again, but her skin was never quite the same again. 
When the plan for the Teen Titans came about, it was decided to see if The Joker could make the grade, and hopefully re-socialize Lori.
Decription: A purple and black skinsuit of rip resistant material, chalk white skin, blood red lips, and black fields around her blank white eyes, her hair is green.  Lori has mousy brown hair and green eyes, she has freckles across her cheeks.  Lori normally wears a sewater and full length skirt and glasses.

Offline Jmorty33

Re: Ultimate Teen Titans (Interest Check for Freeform RP)
« Reply #78 on: March 29, 2013, 03:11:40 AM »
Hmmm an interesting thought, mind if I play as Kyle Rayner?