Blind Captive- F for M

Started by LittleKitten, March 14, 2013, 01:02:06 PM

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Jane was recently in a car accident, coming home from her 18th birthday party her car was struck by a drunk driver. Jane,believing herself to be invincible, was not wearing a seat belt. She was thrown forward and her head struck the steering wheel. She walked away from the crash with only blurred vision, thinking it was only an affect of the hard hit and would fade. She rushed to the other car, pulling the driver out before it burst into flames. Jane refused to recieve medial attention at the hospital, instead she sat in the waiting room, waiting for news of her father, the other driver.

Her father survived with no long term affects but when Jane woke the next morning she was blind. Her retina's had been damaged in the blow and had she received medical care it could have possible been fixed. Instead she refused treatment to wait for news on her father.

Her father has been unable to deal with his own guilt, every time he sees Jane, he sees his failure as a parent. He blames himself for causing the accident and for Jane's refusal to receive care and leave him alone.

Jane begged and pleaded but her father sent her away. He sent her to live with his mother in rural Virginia. Olivia, Jane's grandmother, owns  200 acres of forested land. Its isolated without even a working phone. Jane is sent there to recover with the aid of Olivia's nurse and to make peace with her grandmother before the old woman dies.

One night, long after the residents of the old manor house have gone to sleep, a prison bus crashes. There's only one survivor, a young prisoner. They can see the lights from the barn still on in the distance and makes their way there. Only the nurse is awake and its easy to dispatch her, leaving only a blind girl and an elderly lady near to death.

I'm looking for someone to play the escaped prisoner. I want someone willing to blackmail and force. I want an element of horror to this plot, the fear of Jane and her helplessness. She's dependent on the
prisoner and she knows it. How far can she be pushed? How much can she take before she fights back?
Is she tricked? Is she convinced their only a new nurse or are they brutally honest, telling her they've murdered the nurse and she now belongs to them?