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Author Topic: The Chronicles of the Cyrus Dynasty: The Return of the Lady Sovereign(F x F)  (Read 569 times)

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Offline AndromedaDevonshireTopic starter

The Chronicles of the Cyrus Dynasty:  Return of the Lady Sovereign is the first part of a six part series that tells the story of a young woman Valeri G. Cyrus.

The story begins in August 2012 in San Diego CA.  At this time Valeri is 28 years old, born around May 1st of 1984 though found abandoned at Children's Hospital in uptown Hillcrest.  She was found wrapped in a comfortable blanket with two things.  First she was found wearing a gold medallion which was attached to a leather string, which was tied gently around her neck.  The inscription could not be deciphered, though the symbols looked close to runic.  Second, wrapped inside the blanket was a note, giving the baby girl's name, Valeri Glowflail Cyrus.  Yet to the doctors, she was born with a few unique features.  First her ears looked as though they belonged on an elf, this rare deformity as they considered it, was none threatening, and the second feature, was dark purple blotches of skin along her back.  Most figured this to be a pigment disorder, possible blood disorder itself, or something completely new they had never seen.  Even with the battery of test, the baby girl was placed for adoption, and taken in by a loving older couple.  Valeri grew up in Fallbrook, a middle class suburb in North San Diego.  She graduated with decent grades, though was not top of her class.  She went to UCSD where she got a Bachelor of Science Degree in Photography.  Valeri owns her own photo studio, Crystal Photography in La Jolla CA.  Yet how she got here and why requires a bit of history. 

June 25th 2045

      Scientist make the discovery of a lifetime at the Particle Accelerator Laboratory in Copenhagen Denmark.  During experiments, the theorized God Particle is actually seen on high speed imaging within the atom smasher.  This single discovery begins the clock counting down to Earth's total transformation. 

March 12th 2046

  During some experiments with the God Particle, a mysterious explosion happens at PAL Denmark.  This catastrophic accident, leaves in place where the PAL facility once stood, now a strange purplish black swirling hole.  Scientist and military all around the world descend upon the site, and begin documenting and begin preparing for test of this strange phenomenon.

March 29th 2046
The Dragon Invasion / War Begins 

  Within a few weeks, other dimensional portals would begin to appear all across the skies of Earth, and from them would emerge the deadly Chaos Dragons from Setzu, led by Daimone.  Thousands emerge and quickly begin the offensive against the unsuspecting people of Earth. 

March 30th - November 21st 2046
The Fall of Earth

  During this brief period of time, many hundreds of millions would die at the onslaught of the chaos dragons.  Resistance was put up, though it did not last long and on November 21st of 2046, the last nation China fell to the dragon hordes. 

November 22nd 2046 - July 17th 2310
The Dark Times   

  The darkest hours of humanity are recorded here.  Famine, disease and other natural disasters were contributing to the continuous death and starvation of the world.  The temporal distortions all over Earth were causing massive climate shifts, deserts started to transform into heavy wooded forest, fertile plains were converted to deserts.  Earthquakes rocked the planet as though crying out in protest.  Yet also during these dark ages, humanity was discovering slowly the existence of magic.  The temporal distortions was causing magic to be released from within the Earth itself, though this would never be linked at all.  Magic would be considered at this time, human gifts. 

July 17th 2310 - April 2887   
The Chromatic Counter Offensive

  Makis, the Ancient Gold Dragon came bursting through the temporal gates with his legion, as he had freed Setzu of the Chaos dragon strong hold, and now had his legion come to Earth, to begin liberation of Earth.  This five century war though just added to more death among the humans, and yet the Chromatic Legion had inspired hope, humans would also begin to uprise all over the planet, as they started to mobilize, though unorganized yet... mobilize to begin retaking their home.  In April 2887, Makis and Daimone battled it out over the skies of the ruined city of Seattle, the fight lasted hours, neither seeming to gain the advantage, though during the battle Daimone just vanished in thin air.  No one knew what happened to him as the Chromatic Dragons watched from the ground, in amazement.  A world wide search for Daimone was ordered though no sign of the Chaos Dragon was ever found.  With the last of the Chaos Dragons chased out, Earth had been liberated.

Apr 2887 - December 31st, 2887
The Calming   

  During this brief period, referred to as the calming, was a huge breath the world took.  Yet on December 30th 2887, the humans from the Mississippi River eastward, had formed the first organized nation, The Federated States of America.  Yet this new America was built for one reason, to build up a massive force and begin expelling the dragons from Earth. 

Jan. 1st 0001 - December 31st 775<1st Age>
Historians Call this period the 1st Age

  This period gave rise to mass migration to Earth.  Many beings came from the many portals all over Earth, ranging from Gargoyles, Vampires, Dwarfs, Elves, Naga, Pixies, Fae..... numerous beings migrated to Earth and formed thier own nations all over the world.  The following Kingdoms would form from the Rocky Mountains westward. 

Invis - Shadow Elves

Arguile - Humans

Unified Mountain Empire - Dwarfs

Essancee - Woodland elves

Lun - Fae

Catalina Island - Dragon

Glenview - Vampire

Kasuto - Naga Realm

Jan 1st, 0001 - December 31st, 999<2nd Age>
This is considered the Age of Magic

 New Seattle at this time had been rebuilt by not only the dragons, though the dwarfs and elves helped rebuild the Human city, transforming into a mecca of knowledge and lore.  Makis, Emperor of New Seattle, encouraged integration of all peaceful peoples into New Seattle.  New Seattle would become a very powerful city/state in it's own right.  Yet also during the first age, Makis was able to hold several summits, and over time unified the eight western kingdoms, forming the Essex Empire.  Yet each Kingdom maintained it's monarchy that it had, yet Essex was considered an Alliance more then a nation, yet that formality wouldn't emerge until the Civil War.  The Shadow Elves of Invis wanted no more part of Essex, and in July 2nd of 680, launched a direct attack against Essancee, the norther forest kingdom of the woodland elves.  This direct assault brought to bear the mighty power Makis held himself, and on January 4th, 681, Invis surrendered. 

January 1st 0001 - December 31st 999 <3rd Age>
This is marked as the 3rd Age, or the Integration Age of Magic and Technology

  This is by far the most important time for Earth.  Not only was magic becoming wide spread, though technology was making a tremendous rebound as well.  Soon magic and technology would begin merging.  Techno mages were created from this.  Cell phones, computers, many of things before the ever changing accident at PAL Demark one thousand plus years ago, were making a strong come back.  Essex was becoming modern, and leading the way.  Yet the Federated States of America had a twenty year advantage.  The Federated States of America though still quiet and seemingly keeping to themselves were silently drafting up plans to retake the entire American Continent, yet would they ever act on this premise? 

January 1st 0000 - April 800 <4th Age>
The Diamond Age

  Makis was beginning to feel the eternal slumber creep up onto him, and in January of 550 he named a successor to take his place.  His name was Calderon Cyrus.  Calderon was at the time 110 years of age, and had just recently married Glowflail Mandermore Cyrus, of Invis.  The human nobles of Arguile protested at Makis's appointment of successor.  Yet Makis made clear that over the years he'd known Calderon, he was the perfect human to assume the role of Emperor.  Humble, wise, and intelligent.  The approval came with some hesitation though from the Eight Sovereigns whose loyalty was needed and approval granted should Makis wish to see his old human friend succeed him on the throne.  Without warning Makis was gone on July of 551, with a note of his last wishes.  Stating that Calderon Cyrus was to be crowned Emperor of Essex.  Thus beginning the first non dragon Dynasty of Cyrus.  In August of 551 Calderon and his wife Glowflail were crowned Emperor and Empress of Essex by the ancient force dragon Nafnir.  The crowns of all eight kingdoms that made up Essex submitted to the authority of the new Emperor and Empress. 

October of 551, news was received that the Empress was with child.  The new heir to the throne grew in her belly while Calderon, did something no one expected.  Getting on the news station and broadcasting his speech for all of Essex to watch as he lay out his plans.  Taverns, homes, radios in the cars all were tuned in when everyone heard his declaration, of turning the Empire into a Federated Empire.  His proposals rocked the foundation of the noble class.  His declaration and idea reached across the airwaves as he lay out a three tier system of government.  One in which would combine two ancient nations that at one time dominated Earth, the United States, and Great Britain.  There would be the creation of four Houses.  the first house, would be the House of Commons, this would be the most powerful House.  The second House, was the House of the Senate, mirrored in such a way to the old Senate of the old United States, this third House, was the House of Nobles, and the fourth House, the House of Sovereigns.  Then to lead them would be a Prime Minister, elected by popular vote of the nations of Essex itself.  The Emperor wanted a national vote held on February 3rd of 552 to determine if the government face should change.  ON Feb. 3rd, the voting was held, and when the results came in, an overwhelming majority had approved. 

On March 1st 552, the new government was voted in.  Things seemed to be going well, the Emperor dropped his title as Emperor and changed it to Lord Sovereign.  Yet on July of 552, Calderon was assassinated, food poisoning was the cause of death, leaving the very pregnant Glowflail to go into seclusion.  Yet she could nothing in her state, except be vigilant.  The beginning of August was when Glowflail herself went into labor, yet she called upon the S-8, otherwise known as Sovereign 8, a secret organization created during Makis's reign a few hundred years ago.  Having her child in the privacy of her own home while a member of S-8 stood by and watched, though the exact moment Valeri was born, for reason's unknown the Lady Sovereign's life expired.  The sudden cause of death was never figured out, though upon secret orders by the Lady Sovereign, her child was taken to a secret chamber below the Crystal Tower and there, a doorway was opened, connecting to Earth of 1984, where her child would be hidden till the time was right for her to return.

<Those who are interested in this, please PM me.  :)  >             
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Offline AndromedaDevonshireTopic starter

Hello.  I was informed that I needed to add what specifics and such I'm looking for.  I have not done this before so I will do the best I can here in this area.

The Story:  The story story begins with Valeri Cyrus being found by your char.  How your char found Valeri I will leave up to you.  Perhaps they found her in the white pages, maybe an internet search.  Valeri Cyrus is the Heir to the Throne of Essex, and the person sent back in time to find her will be responsible for her safety, yet there are others also looking for her as well, and those individuals will be searching her out too.  Their motives are not pure in the least. 

1st.  Female and Female story to begin, as time goes on other major chars may enter into the story, though to start things off it will involve two people.

2nd.  The Genre is Sci/fi Fantasy, yet the setting is modern day today. 

3rd.  Consensual sex can happen, though in no way will there ever be rape or anything forced.  If you read my On and Off's, you'll understand why.  If your looking for a story for sex only, sorry though I don't do that.  If it happens, it has to be logical in flow and things had to have happened to make it believable. 

4th.  If you wish to create a character for this, understand that reading the background is a must.  I need players to know the background of why things ended up the way they did.  Next the char you create has to be female.  The race you can choose is open to Shadow / Night Elves, Naga, or human. 

  If you choose to play a shadow elf, she must be a trained assassin, and she is assigned to the S-8 Organization.  The S-8 is a secret organization that was created by then Dragon Emperor Makis to act as a shadowy shield, protecting the Emperor himself and future Emperors that were to succeed him.  Your shadow elf char will also wear a magical amulet, (you can choose what it is) that will conceal the dark purple skin, and elven ears, casting the illusion of being human, though one trait will remain, dark purple hair.   This can easily explained away for example, saying your char dyes their hair purple. 

  If you choose to play a Naga, your char will wear some type of magical amulet, (you can choose what it is) that will give this char legs and make them look human.  Only one trait will remain seen, their eyes are slitted like reptiles, though if one is creative, you can explain this away easily when you interact with others.  Again this Character will also belong to the S-8 Organization.

  Next you can play a human if you wish.  They again must belong to the S-8 Organization, and since the female is human, no need to wear any magical amulets to hide your true race.         

Offline AndromedaDevonshireTopic starter


Offline AndromedaDevonshireTopic starter

The First Series is closed off to further request for characters to participate at this time, though when Series 2 starts, more players can join.  :) 

Offline AndromedaDevonshireTopic starter