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April 18, 2021, 01:18:22 pm

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Author Topic: "Sleeping Danger" || F for M || Modern/Present || DESCRIPTIVE player wanted  (Read 526 times)

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Offline Alive Until DeadTopic starter

→→→ Please read over all the information before deciding to message me. A descriptive player is desired. You can chest my recent posts to get an idea of how I write, though this is obviously a very different character. Thanks! ←←←

THE SET UP →It's in a secluded location off a river not far off from a mountain range. There are both the elaborately rich and the simpleton multi-generation land owners along the river. It's the kind of place that tends to have individual security (people protect their own) with a nearby Sheriff's department for backup if needed. On this night, it's been quiet, in fact it's been quiet for months. Not much to talk about other than rising water levels with the on again off again rain as of late. Rain which went on for most of the day and has only just stopped. In a canoe floating adrift down river there's a woman in an expensive looking but torn, bloodied and soaked evening gown (color open to discussion). She's a little bruised, clearly been in a fight though she doesn't look too bad off at first. Busted brow, lightly bruised once red painted lips. There is blood pooled in the bottom of the canoe but it's hard to tell if it's hers at first or not. Only when an effort to move her unconscious body is made, that the torn gown splits across her thigh to show the slash across it's front; a cause at least for some of the blood.

It's also then that the belted sheathes, absent of knives could be seen around each thigh. Her dress covers most of her though the plunging neckline threatens to slide too far to one side and let free the curve of breast. While she's laying on her back when found any ruffling of the partly torn shoulder straps could easily offer a peak of the old bullet scar on her left shoulder; it's exit scar too, right beside the vibrant and firey THREE of SWORDS tarot card tattoo. The two mark combo that every half decent Assassin, Hunter and Contractor knew belonged to the argueably best close-quarter killer on the market.  A search of her will show several holsters for weaponry but no weaponry currently present other than her attire. The knife sheathes on her thighs, another belt low on her waist just under the V of the neckline, also home to knives. On her uninjured thigh was an added holster that was belted on the outside of her waist and over the sewn split to her other thigh, a large caliber gun by the shape of it but there was nothing in it. Her knuckles appear a bit bruised and a little scraped supporting the notion of bare-knuckle fight. She's a little pale and soaked to the bone suggesting she'd been in the canoe for at least a little while during the rain.

THE INTENT/PLOT → A man (your character, we'll call him Joe for now) is the one who finds her in the canoe. It could be either off a dock where it bumped against and settled, or against the bank between two properties (we can discuss this) etc. He's never actually seen her before, not a photo, not a sketch so until he see's the tattoo and scar he won't know who he has. I leave it to you, or us in discussion, of whether or not he knows before or after he brings her into shelter. She's unconscious to start, so this gives Joe the opportunity to tie her up once he realizes or risk his health and hope she doesn't try to kill first and ask questions later. The intent is that before she wakes up, he knows who she is. We can discuss whether or not he's decided to help her, or simply take her in to interrogate her and find out why she was out there.

I would prefer she not know your character but if you'd like her to be familiar with rumors or some such, we can do that! This scenario should be filled with both danger and intimate tension. You, playing the male char, will lead in the first scene painting the picture of where it is, and how it is she wakes up. IE, is she tied up or not? Did he bandage her wounds? Is she stripped naked? He dress her in other clothes? What does the place smell like? Is he in the room when she opens her eyes? What time of day is it, or can she even tell? etc. We can discuss anything needed for the opening post.

THE MALE LEAD → Largely up to you from how he looks to how good he is at his job. He should, however, be in the "for hire" business. Assassin, Hunter, Contractor, Merc etc, etc. I would prefer he be 5'10'' or taller and at least 35 years old. As mentioned, he's never seen Stack before, but he's familiar with the ID marks that come with a number of stories (see below). You can decide why he's off the river, maybe he lives there, is visiting, just did business in one of the places, has a hut/safe house between properties and so on. Based on the information below you can decide what he knows of her exactly and how he would handle if he came across her randomly like so. I also am open to the notion that he's the one who put the bullet through her shoulder years back, we can talk about what happened. 

THE RUMORS → There are a lot of rumors surrounding the reason for the tattoo which depicts a heart stabbed by three swords. A marker of heartbreak, loneliness and betrayal most commonly. Some circles will say she's a heart-breaker which is why she's lonely and everyone knows betrayal is the one way to ensure she'll hunt you down. Other circles, usually those of the darker, less trust worthy groups hold fast to the notion she's the betrayer, destined to be heartbroken because it's so cold it cracks, leaving her alone in her blanket of death. Most everyone can agree her handle, Stack, comes from the stack of bodies she can leave in an enclosed space and of course the structure of her toned, svelte yet supple figure.   

THE REPUTATION → For those with the connections to know who's who of the black market, Stack is debatable the best close-quarter killer on the market. She has a clean reputation for being dynamically prodigal in small spaces even against multiple opponents. It's also known she goes through a Mediator for all of her contracts and can only be hired through word of mouth. Few know what she looks like other than those she's killed and those who don't know who she is when they meet her, or even know of her. It's also known that Stack is exceptionally skilled with both guns and knives though as that tattoo might suggest, she is often a woman of blades. It's also common knowledge that lying to her about a job or trying to stiff her are sure ways to die. 

THE JOBS SHE TAKES →The sorts of jobs she's most known for taking sometimes involved item extraction from highly physically guarded areas. Of course in employing her, they're knowingly accepting casualties because she'll kill everyone in her path. Drop off points are used in these cases, for information and Proxy's are used for exchanges. Jobs that require a woman's finesse but the lethal capability of a man. She rarely takes a job in the same city, depending on the circumstance of each job. She's also been hired as a "Kill-lead", a term rumored to have been made for her. In this role she's hired to advance a secondary person or team, killing whoever is in their way. An example of such a job is in a complex heist on a well guarded train, in this she's not there to do any stealing, her sole person is to be dropped into one of the train cars and execute everyone on board.

Name: Evonka LaVarjek
Handle: Stack
Age:    32
Method of Contact:    Word of Mouth
Specialty:    Close-Quarter Killing
Reputation:    Radiates power like a torn electrical cord. Has a deceptively sweet smile that'll cut your head off like a razor if you get too close. One of the best Close-Quarter Killers on the market. Clean, reliable, and swift. Double crossers don't make it home.
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 7''
Weight:    148 lbs
Hair:    Brown
Eye Color:    Dark Brown
Complexion:    Lightly Tanned
Identifying Marks:    Gunshot left shoulder through-n-through; C-section scar, lower abdomen; vertical scar nape of the neck, 3 inches; crescent shaped scar index knuckle right hand; THREE of SWORDS tattoo left shoulder blade;

Personality: Cocky, arrogant, narcissistic, witty, sarcastic, manipulative, cold blooded, calculating, opportunistic, vengeful, passionate, stubborn, assertive, nonchalant and largely unimpressed
Weapon of Choice: Knives or Whatever is available
Method of Choice:    Up close and personal
Confirmed Kill Count:    383
Suspected Haunts:    Dark bars, alley ways, abandon warehouses and office spaces. Upscale hotels and VIP clubs.