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Thank you, all who are willing to venture into my little den of sexiness XD

*cricket chirp* *cricket chirp*

Okay, well, anywho...let's get to it, shall we?

First off:
X = Taken
*** = Craving

At  the moment, I'm mostly craving a lot of fandom games if anyone is interested. I'm also hoping for cross-over RPG. I have an idea for a backstory on how to make it work, as well. It takes place during the Warriors Orochi games. You don't have to know about the story if you plan to play someone outside of the Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, and Warriors Orochi series. I am more than willing to fill you in on anything you need to know beyond what is listed below:


For three years, the Serpent King, Orochi, has held the most powerful warriors from Ancient China and Feudal Japan within his twisted dimension, dragging in and warping the very battlefields that littered their worlds. Each time the demon has arisen, the warriors have banded together and beaten him. However, each time he has risen, he has become stronger and stronger, and now he has become so powerful, he has branched out with his dimension-shattering powers. He has tracked down various warriors in other realms and longs to battle them. As a result, he has broken down their worlds' barriers and dragged them into his own, twisting the worlds they knew to fit his design and dominating their most sworn enemies to suit his purposes.

Below is a list of characters from other fandoms that I would love to have used in RPs. You don't have to play the characters canon to their personalities, but for some of them, you earn big points with me for doing so. Be warned: some images are NSFW.

God of War:

Dynasty Warriors:
Sun Ce*** | Gan Ning*** | Sima Zhao | Xu Huang | Wei Yan | Wei Yan Alternate

Samurai Warriors:
Keiji Maeda | Musashi Miyamoto | Toshiie Maeda

Warriors Orochi:
Sun Wukong*** | Susano'o

Soul Calibur:
Algol *** | Xiba - He must be at least 18~ *** | Yun-Seong | Rock

Mortal Kombat:
Kintaro | Kano | Shao Kahn | Jax | Cyrax (Human)

Legend of Zelda:
Ganondorf | Moblin | Lizalfos

Scorpion King:

Lord of the Rings:
Lurtz*** (Mostly for the look. An entirely different personality/history can be used. Although...please...let his teeth be white and not rotten XD) | Armored Lurtz

Akuji Yamamoto

Words Worth:
StallionX | Astral*** or With Beard*** | Wortoshika***

Kuroinu Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru:

Nightmare Campus:

Batman - Arkham Series:
Nightwing | Killer Croc | Bane


Samurai Warriors:
Nouhime *** | Nouhime, Battle-Ready | Nouhime Alternate Outfit

Sengoku no Arashii:

Dynasty Warriors:
Diaochan *** | Caiwenji | Zhenji *** | Zhurong | Yueying | Wang Yi | Wang Yuanji

Soul Calibur:
Setsuka ***

Batman - Arkham Series:
Vicki Vale | Catwoman | Poison Ivy

I'm not going to lie. I'd prefer to play a female character in this scenario. If you're interested, please shoot me a PM! I will gladly work with you for a plot that works for you.

I'm also interested in a variety of other pairings that are not fan-based, for those interested.

Minotaur Male/Human Woman [Possibly 1M/2F]
Satyr Male/Human Woman [Possibly 1M/2F]
Orc Male/Human Woman [Possibly 1M/2F]
Wolf Demon Male/Human Woman [Possibly 2M/1F] X
Tribal Warrior Male/Elegant Woman

Werewolf Male/Human Woman
Monster/Human Woman
Demon/Human Woman
Sasquatch/Human Woman******
Evil Snowman/Human Woman***
Asylum Patient/Nurse***

Monstrous Alien Male/Human Woman
Insectoid Alien Male/Human Woman
Cyborg Male/Human Woman
Slime/Human Woman


Pussy Harvest - X
This idea is based off the old Nintendo 64 video game ‘Body Harvest’. In the game, all you see are men (aside from the main character’s partner). This got me thinking “Where are all the ladies?” Eventually, my imagination ran away with me. I decided that while the bug aliens were devouring men, they were abducting women to breed with and use the combination of genes to create strong offspring. The bugs kill and eat men and, through some imaginary science, use the DNA they ‘harvest’ to make their seed compatible with human women.

This particular plot doesn’t have to be too violent. I would like to RP out the invasion somewhat, with the bugs coming down and wreaking havoc on some city. Once again, men are eaten, women are captured. I am willing to play multiple women in this scenario, if we get to enjoy this. One thing though: even though they do kidnap these ladies for breeding purposes, I have no desire to RP out the actual pregnancy or the birthing process. Just the sex~ If you’re interested, send me a PM and I shall provide you with a list of kinks I’d love to see in this. We can also work something else out if you had other ideas. Oh, and for those interested, these links show what the bug aliens look like.


One last thing, just to be sure anyone who reads this knows: I want to play the human women and want YOU to play the horny aliens. Thank you ^_^

Stallion's Adventure - X
This plot involves you, perspective RP partner, playing the infamous Stallion. Instead of him being part of the Tribe of Shadow, like in the hentai, he is a warlord in his own right with an army bent on sweeping through the land and conquering the rival kingdoms. For this plot, I would be willing to play different women, all of which will be caught and conquered by Stallion's mighty rod and become part of his harem. I'd prefer not to play two women at the same time, but I can be persuaded. I REALLY want to do this one, so please, let me know if you're interested.


I hope I'm not breaking the rules here, but I've updated my list of characters that I'd like to play with and play as. I've also posted a plot that I would like to try out, if anyone is interested.


Narrowed down a lot of my requested characters.


Added a craving for some Bigfoot on human woman action~

Anyone wanna play Sasquatch?


Added a few more roles that are more likely to have some NC content~


Removed the Inuyasha section. A lot of broken links, plus I'm just not feeling up to playing opposite any of those guys. Also, added a new image to the 'Nouhime' section. It is "Battle Ready". Also, fixed the broken link to Zhenji's image.


Updated with some Batman characters. Really craving a Vicki Vale x Killer Croc encounter. Perhaps the nosy reporter ventures too deep to get the story of a lifetime.


Still REALLY craving an encounter with Killer Croc~

Anyone interested?