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Author Topic: Thorn: An Escape Tale (OOC Open)  (Read 359 times)

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Thorn: An Escape Tale (OOC Open)
« on: March 09, 2013, 12:38:57 AM »
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   “My name is Felix Thompson, wow I feel ridiculous talking into a tape recorder. Are you sure it must be done this way?” The young man, undoubtedly of Asian descent, Japanese to be exact, waited a moment. “Silence, I suppose that is an adequate answer. I’m here today, to tell a story, and now I feel very cliché. This story isn’t just about a girl, or a man but a quest, in order to gain something all people long for, Freedom. Dahlia spent her life in Thorn, like so many others did before her, still do today. What she did though,” Felix shook his head a grin cracking, a handsome, yet lined face. “She stopped accepting the bullshit fed on a spoon.
   Born in Thorn you know nothing of the outside world, I guess to a point at least. Knowing nothing about the outside, how they function, that arranged marriages, tracking devices, and that modifications aren’t normal, makes nothing about the institution seem strange. You accept that, that’s the way things are. Being secluded doesn’t get to you, if you are born into Thorn, and those who join later, the rare few, don’t mind the seclusion. Shunned by society, no where to go, following a madman seems the better choice.
   In Thorn, you take a variety of tests are you grow up. At 18 you begin taking a new set of tests, tests that determine your skills, what you’re good at physically as well and intellectually. I see the look on your face.” Felix in fact could not see a face. “Emotionally as well. Score high enough in 7/10 categories and you have the choice to become either a Tracker or a Napper.” Felix stopped the recorder, looking up a the man sitting across from him.
   “Are you sure you wish to continue? These have painful memories, to write them down in a book, most people will think it a work of fiction.” The reminder was one of caution, though a part of Felix just wanted to hear the man speak. Blue smoke poured out of the dark corner.
   ‘ “Yes.” ’
   “Trackers, they are.” Felix grasped at straws for a moment, attempting to place the correct word, the tip of his tongue flirting with his lip, eyes rolling towards the ceiling, as if getting closer to his own knowledge. “The police of Thorn, taking care of everything from petty theft to murder, not that there is much crime in Thorn. Trackers keep tabs on everyone in Thorn, at all times. In a way they are like old biddies, some form of gossip, information, leaving whispers in the wind. At any sign of betrayal, giving away Tracker secrets, aging, misconstrued thoughts, Trackers are terminated.
   Nappers, they are a whole new ballpark, though the same scores are required, better ones majority of the time. Nappers, oh in a nutshell, are dark, sadistic, secretive people who are the only ones to leave Thorn, once a year, every year. They come back with infants from orphanages, hospitals, crack whores, you name it. Infants to be given to chosen couples as children,” A sadistic smile filtered across his face, a new form of hatred filling his eyes, making the black pools, shiny, liquid like. “, That way inbreeding never takes place. Of course no one knows this, unless they are Nappers, or very clever.” The way Felix’s voice fluctuated it seemed clear, he had just been very clever.
   Atlas, now that is a man worthy of despise, hatred, vindication, decapitation, not to mention a quick lobotomy. He is the mastermind of Thorn, created it all, made the building plans, security systems, school curriculum, the serums, you name it Atlas made plans for it, even couples. His idea of a Utopian society including planning, the only thing he could not map out were test scores. A Big Brother hiding out in the Forest of Appalachian, just outside the Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania bordering on New York and New Jersey.” Felix’s stoic voice took on a perky note.
   “Children of Thorn go to school six days a week, learn about mathematics, literature, geography, science, and technology. They learn little of religion and what is learned of history has been twisted to suit the wants of Atlas. Thorn is a bit like an Amish community, operated by a crazy billionaire who no one actually sees anymore, all of his commands are done through a computer, all of his commands are followed as there is no part of Thorn Atlas can’t see, or at least, that’s what they thought.”

Felix, at the age of 12, became the first person to ever escape from Thorn.

His escape caused a widespread panic among the Trackers and Nappers of Thorn, officially claimed dead, people were ordered not to speak of the boy. Felix though, had made a friend. Dahlia, Dahlia didn’t escape until her nineteenth birthday, the day before she was secluded to take the final tests. A special task force had been assembled though, seven years prior, after the escape of Felix. The Guards, the best of the best, were sent to track her down and bring her back. They did so with ease,  as each child of Thorn, is implanted with two tracking devices, one which used globally, gives the general area of the person within a few hundred miles. The second, a small tracking device works within those few hundred miles, this one isn’t implanted though, instead an anklet sewn on to the skin.
   Determined not to take her final tests, Dahlia escaped again, leaving the bounds of the city twice more before Atlas himself spoke to her, through his computer. She confounded him, it had long since became obvious. Dahlia did not want to take the tests, why?  The last were of probable psychic ability, no one had ever passed them.
   With her last escape attempted Dahlia stole two serums from Atlas. One, a reflexatory serum, meant to boost everything from her reflexes, to speed and agility. The other, a vicious, inky black. Unknown to Dahlia it was an experimental serum. Not even his scientists knew it’s capabilities, not having been tested Atlas assumed Dahlia would die. Though not before the Guards caught her and brought her back to Thorn. . .

So! That's my plot. Questions? I'm sure there are. I'll gladly answer them.
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