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Author Topic: Historical/Modern Romance Storylines  (Read 2217 times)

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Historical/Modern Romance Storylines
« on: March 08, 2013, 04:04:10 pm »
I would kindly request that no one reply to this thread.  But by all means, please feel free to send me as many PMs as you would like!


Hello there, fellow writers.  Welcome to my interests thread!  I will admit without shame that I have been procrastinating on writing this.  This is still a work in progress, but I wanted to put together a general outline of where my interests lie.  I am hoping that this thread will serve as a means for conveying my writing preferences to both prospective roleplay partners, as well as individuals that I am already in the process of writing stories with.  As a relatively new member of Elliquiy, it is truly a pleasure to have the chance to meet and communicate with so many wonderful people.  In addition, I am hoping that this thread will also give you the chance to learn more about myself as a person.

I have divided this thread into several sections, for you to peruse at your convenience.  If you have any questions, or would simply like to discuss any of these themes, please feel free to send me a PM at any time whatsoever.

I know the appearance of the thread is rather “bare-bones” at present, but as I continue editing it, I’ll be sure to spruce it up.  I have been roleplaying for almost seven years, and have written independently as a writer for a few more.  As far as my background in roleplaying, I have been an active participant on other roleplaying forums and websites.  I started out roleplaying on the AIM and Yahoo chat rooms – but once their glory days had ended, I switched over to becoming more involved with play-by-post roleplaying.  I am always looking to chat with new people – whether or not it leads into a roleplay.  I love discussing interesting topics, or simply shooting the breeze, so if anything at all interests in you this thread, please don’t hesitate to send a message.


I know many writers seem to place an emphasis on describing their plots in these request and interests threads.  While that is certainly one perspective on writing, I tend to feel that strong character descriptions are much more important as far as writing long-term stories.  One of my favorite aspects of writing is analyzing the emotions of my character – and seeing how their perspectives are changing as a result of the circumstances in the story.  Since I will always be playing the male protagonist in the stories, I usually take the time to describe their specific emotional and psychological state of mind.  Given the plot line, these attributes may vary marginally.  The majority of my characters are dominant, athletic males who have an initial disregard for emotional attraction – with romance coming as the result of plot changes.

General Broad-Based Themes of Interest

This is by no means a conclusive list of my interests, but I have tried to put together a relatively comprehensive summary of broad themes which I have an interest in exploring.  [Still a work in progress].  I am a bit unique in that I do not enjoy posting a series of pre-defined storylines/plots, and asking a prospective partner to choose one.  I feel that roleplaying should be a mutually engaging process, and that broad themes should drive the creation of a unique storyline that is appealing to both partners.

1940 – 1960s Era Traditional Settings

I am very interested in exploring potential storylines taking place in this time period.  This era was a time when the family unit was emphasized as being one of the most important aspects in a person’s life.  In other words, one’s material possessions or ambitions always came second to the stability of the family unit.  In the context of this time period, I am interested in exploring the merger between dominant male behavior, and the idea of the traditional gentleman.  A “good man” during this time period was someone who was a natural leader for his family, someone who went the extra mile at work to make ends meet, and who always put the happiness of his wife and children before his own.  I find this to be interesting, especially considering that today’s contemporary definition of a “gentleman” is unfortunately that of someone who is easily pushed around, or for the lack of a better term, “emasculated.”  Contrary to modern notions, a woman during this time period often enjoyed and embraced this natural dominant leadership of man – allowing her to devote her energies to the time-honored and societally-respected tasks of raising well-behaved children, and fostering emotional well-being for the family unit.

I realize that most women reading this thread may view this traditional theme as being inherently sexist – which is very unfortunate.  It is truly amazing that a period of only 50 years has created such a dichotomy of thought.  If you are at all interested in this theme, I would only ask that you try to put yourself in the mindset of an individual during that time period – and truly try to embrace the values and outlook of a woman during that era.  Individual contentment was always second-standard to the success of the family unit, as a single entity.

Potential storylines in this category could either involve characters participating in a plot directly relating to this theme, or in contrast, characters whose personalities in some way violate the more traditional roles of the time period for men and women. 

Mismatches Between Traditionally Feminine and Masculine Behaviors

This theme is somewhat related to the previous theme, in the sense that it uses the basic understandings of traditional male and female behavior.  More specifically, these types of storylines could include situations where some sort of conflict arises as a result of one character failing to perform his/her natural roles – which at least on a subconscious level, may present itself as a flaw to the opposing character.  A simple example could include an interaction between a more traditional character, with a more progressive one – and various misunderstandings and miscommunications that result from fundamental value differences.  These types of storylines could take place in either a historical, or a modern context.

The interactions between a man with a more traditional personality (as described in the first theme – with regard to traditional gender roles) with a woman who is in direct opposition to traditional roles would be interesting to analyze.  I have written a few roles with this premise, and there are a myriad of ways this theme can be approached.  If you have any unique approaches to this theme, I would love to hear any and all ideas – and it would be my pleasure to discuss them with you.

Other Settings

1)  Immigrants who find themselves in a blossoming romance upon arriving to a new country.
2)  Medieval-themed romance story
3)  Post-apocalyptic romance story [This would be a realistic portrayal of the post-apocalyptic world, as opposed to fantasy]
4)  Civil War-themed romance story
5)  Modern romance story
6)  American Western themed romance story
7)  World War II, or Mid-20th century-themed romance story
8)  Pre-Historic / Barbarian-themed romance story [This would need to be discussed for your individual preferences]
9)  Custom-designed romance plot [I try to be very flexible as far as discussing personalized storylines with a writing partner]
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Offline ValthazarTopic starter

A Gentleman's Interests - Seeking Advanced Writers
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2013, 10:04:26 pm »
Games In Progress
Story Titles are Clickable

Whispers In The Dark with Remy
Bondage: Human Solos – Started March 11, 2013

This is a story involving a womanizing, attractive American special agent investigating a money laundering case involving a well-to-do family in New York.  When he attends a social function, he comes across a woman that he anticipates will be a quick one-night-stand – similar to his usual sexual escapades.  The story involves a series of momentary encounters between this agent and the woman – becoming more complicated when the woman begins to date another man.  The plot centers on the emotional conflict the man faces as he weighs his professional career, his desire for physical pleasure, along with his emotional pull for this woman.

Repressed Desires with Lexandria
Bondage: Human Solos – Started April 1, 2013

This is a story involving a young man from England who is pressured by his family to “find himself” at an American University as a result of a series of misbehaviors.  His family is very rigid in tradition, and his entire life has been lived in an attempt to break away from such control and develop a sense of independence in his own right.  While attending the university, he comes across a young woman from a small American town.  Despite her markedly different façade, she turns out to be similar to him in many ways.  The plot centers on their interactions, and how his subdued dominant demeanor manifests itself in the context of an equally independent woman.

Games On Hold
Story Titles are Clickable

Finding Solid Ground with Sorrows Solace
Light: Human Solos – Started June 04, 2013

This is an example of one of the stories where I enjoy really analyzing character development, and letting character interactions lead the plot.  The female character in this story is a woman who led a prominent military career, but who suffered from severe PTSD as a result of her experiences.  The male character in this story is a sincere, genuine man who doesn't display traditional prototypical "masculine" traits.  Without giving away too much, the story essentially entails how gender roles have adjusted to the myriad of personality types - and examines if specific 'roles' are truly necessary when building an emotional bond between a male and female.

A Fresh Start with Whimsical
Light: Human Solos – Started May 02, 2013

This is a historically based story in the American West.  The male character is originally from the East – a man who had spent years struggling with alcoholism and family problems.  In an effort to reinvent himself, he headed to the American Frontier, and was able to successfully re-invent himself with the help of a generous man he met at a bar.  Upon his death, this generous man decides to take over his ranch for a peaceful retirement, along with his adult son.  Things are complicated when the deceased man’s niece – an independent woman from the East – decides to come to the ranch and make a new life for herself.

Games Ended
Story Titles are Clickable

Fallout: Sci-Vegas with Blythe
Bondage: Human Solos – Started March 02, 2013

This was an experiment with Fantasy/Science Fiction writing involving the Fallout: New Vegas setting.  I had originally started this during my approval process to kill time, and my partner and I decided to mutually end this a few days after our approval.

Game On with Fenrir
Light: Human Solos – Started May 05, 2013

This story involves a man working as a public relations executive and sales manager for a prominent video game company in California.  In an effort to boost sales following an abysmal sales quarter, he decides to hold an inter-department group meeting in an effort to improve company morale, and enhance group camaraderie.  While this story has yet to flourish, it will ultimately involve a blossoming romance between two very unlikely personalities.
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Re: A Gentleman's Interests - Seeking Advanced Writers
« Reply #2 on: May 28, 2013, 11:11:21 pm »
Testimonials on Elliquiy
Usernames are Clickable

I realize that as a relatively new member, many people might be a bit hesitant to attempt a roleplay, or to discuss specific themes.  One of the true pleasures of roleplaying is in being able to form strong friendships, and in having the opportunity to get to know one’s roleplay partner through the process of writing.  Hopefully the testimonials below can give you a glimpse into how I conduct myself in the process of planning a roleplay, as well as writing the story.

When Valthazar approached me and expressed a desire to start a roleplay with me I was flattered after taking the time to look through his threads and past posts. He is a wonderful man to roleplay with, his characters and actions believable and a joy to write with. Through my own interaction with him both in our rp and through outside chats I have found him to be a wonderful person to chat with and get to know. He is a true gentleman much like many of the ones he plays and is always there with a kind word or ready to listen if you need someone safe to just vent to. Even if you just strike up a chat with Valthazar you won't be disappointed.


Valthazar is a real stand-up guy. And I know that might sound a bit cliche. But he is. He's really easy to talk to, willing to negotiate, and pretty damn awesome to rp with. His posts are detailed and precise without being easy to 'skim' over and full of fluff. While he and I have not gotten far in our game thus far (because we started it such a short time ago) I feel confident in endorsing him and being a reliable reference for him. He is caring and quite detail oriented, cares about realism (and, I don't know about you, but that matters to me in a game. Rather it be emotional, physical, or somewhere in-between), and is a wonderful writer. I dare you to pass up the opportunity to write with him.

Valthazar brings a lot to the RPing table, being particularly great about discussing plot via PM and making sure things are going a way you're comfortable with. He's new, but willing to try new things and really get himself out there. He's a great writer--in our RP he averages about five paragraphs per post while still allowing great flex room for my character to interpret and interact with his posts. He's open and friendly, and he can go from intellectually spiritual with a character to downright aggressive and brutal.

As a long standing roleplayer who has been fortunate enough to write with some wonderful roleplay partners, I was delighted when ValthazarElite and I began to weave a little story of our own and found myself with another prolific and generous roleplayer to write with.  I find him a considerate friendly partner and open to discussion and who has consistently been very respectful and often very funny to interact with.  He is also more than able to give his character a very strong presence in play, which serves only to add to the back story.

Never wanting to pass up a great opportunity to write with such a great minded person like Valthazar, I was happy to hear what he had to offer in terms of a role-play. As I am always open for learning and trying new scenarios, I was pleasantly happy to hear of his ideas.  I am currently in such a fantastic role-play with him, I would happily suggest him to any of you to try writing with. Not only does he contribute a lot to his side of the story, he helps to bring out a lot of inspiration and imagination from me. I would never pass up an opportunity to join a role-play with him.

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Re: Historical/Modern Romance Storylines - Seeking Writers
« Reply #3 on: May 14, 2014, 05:14:23 pm »
Qualities I am Looking For in a Writing Partner

Literate and Detailed

I would prefer to write with an advanced writing partner, so being able to properly construct sentences and effectively describe plots is something that I value.  With that being said, I am extremely easy-going, and there is absolutely no reason for anyone that I write with to ever worry about how their post may be perceived.  If anything at all concerns you during the writing process, I strongly encourage you to let me know, and we can discuss a solution.

Open to Regular Communication

I do realize that everyone has busy schedules, with school and work commitments – however, maintaining regular communication is extremely important to me when it comes to planning and maintaining a well-written roleplay.  To me, roleplaying is more than one person simply posting a reply after their partner – it is about exploring different personalities and themes, and analyzing how characters respond in different situations.  I would strongly prefer that my partners feel the same way about this as well.

Friendly and Polite

This one should be obvious, but I think it is probably worth mentioning. I treat all writers with respect, and I think that it goes without saying that writing with someone who has manners enhances the story experience dramatically.  I strongly prefer to maintain regular communication through IM – or at the very least, through PM.  You would be quite amazed how much better the roleplay experience can be when you truly gain a solid understanding of what your partner enjoys, and being able to regularly discuss the character implications of various plot twists and turns.
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