Started by BentNotBroken, June 10, 2008, 10:04:16 PM

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Hi! :)  I was doing a roleplay with someone about a Mobster and a naive innocent girl who moves to the big city. He meets her and decides b/c she is so different from all the other girls who just want his power and money, he decides he wants to make her his and will enjoy corrupting her and bringing her into his world.

Unfortunately, my partner couldn't continue the roleplay.  :(  :'(  I was really enjoying it, so I was wondering if there were any men on the forum who would like to play the role of the Mobster. He said if I found someone else he'd be more than happy to fill the new guy in on the character traits and background and all that. :)

So anyway, Men, Below is a link to the story thread. Read it and if you're interested PM me, or post in here, or whatever. Just get at me! :) Thanks!