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Author Topic: Vampires Mate Forever [m seeking f]  (Read 467 times)

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Vampires Mate Forever [m seeking f]
« on: March 06, 2013, 10:16:28 pm »
Seeking a female writing partner.  I like detailed and descriptive posts so please be comfortable with reading and writing at least a few paragraphs for each post.  I also ask that you be literate but of course I do not expect you to be perfect since I myself tend to make small grammar or spelling errors on occasion.  I'm also a very open and adventurous writer so feel free to approach me with any ideas or questions.  I also tend to enjoy partners whom like to explore sexually beyond the normal, it is fantasy after all, however I assure you that I will always respect your offs...I just like a little variety to the sexual elements, kinks and fetishes so the role play can stay interesting.  If you are interested then please send me a PM and we can discuss ideas and details.

As you probably could tell from the title of this thread I am looking for a role play based off the concept that Vampires do indeed mate for in forever since they are typically immortal unless killed.  What causes them to mate for life?  I imagine that unlike humans they share a supernatural connection and bond on a whole different level.  Love between two vampires starts when a spark of attraction and chemistry flickers between them, it ignites a flame of passion within them that takes them to a euphoric level during love making as they experience nothing but pure bliss and heavenly orgasms.  Once they find such a mate of the opposite sex their won't be another out there whom could possibly satisfy them to such an extent.

Now first I would like to address what a Vampire is to me as the lore is all over the place.  Since one of the most well known lore today is that of Twilight I will be comparing my own Vampire preferences to the Vampires of Twilight...and yes I know that a lot of people have mixed feelings about Twilight but bare with me and read the next sentence:

Vampires do not sparkle in the sunlight.  They do not burst into flames in the sunlight either, in fact all that happens is that if they stay in the sun for too long then they tend to get burned much like that of a human at the beach on a very hot summer day with an unforgiving clear sky that allows the intense rays of the hot sun to bake them.  So a Vampire's skin is vulnerable to the sunlight like a human if not slightly more so.

Vampires never have to sleep for they never get tired.  They never have to really recharge or regain their energy unless they have been fighting or using their powers.  Yes, I like the idea of Vampire's having special and unique abilities.  They can regain their energy/strength by of course drinking blood.  They can survive on animal blood if they so desire though human blood is far more desirable.  Blood can also typically act as an aphrodisiac as it warms and excites their body, arousing their senses.

Along with having a supernatural power of their own every vampire is also gifted with inhuman strength and speed.  Their bodies can also regenerate and recover from practically any wound and they are impervious to all sickness and disease.  They are unaffected by the silly lore that holy water and crosses can harm them.  The only way to actually kill a Vampire is to remove their head from their body and then set them on fire.

So that is the general lore that I will be working with, of course if you have any questions about it then please feel free to ask.  I'm looking for a romantic role play between two Vampires that become mates and fall madly in love.  I'm looking for a lot of raw passion and lust, a lot of rough sex too because well...they are vampires after all so when I saw rough I mean rough so keep any valuables out of the area as they thrash around the room in the heat of a moment.  Now the setting and how we start this role play off all depends on your preferences.  One of our characters could in fact start off human and we could go through the process of them getting changed and then having the other character help them through the troubled times of getting both their blood lust and sexual lust under control while also trying to learn how to control their speed, strength and special power/ability.  They could also be two Vampires meeting for the first time and their is an instant spark. 

It's really up for discussion since there are a lot of possibilities, I'm just trying to find a writing partner who is interested in such a pairing and would like to have some fun dealing with their supernatural love making.  So if you are interested then please by all means send me a PM and feel free to tell me any ideas that you may have or ask any questions.  Also feel free to tell me what you may be craving or looking for.  We can also discuss the setting, character preferences and sexual elements.

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