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May 26, 2018, 08:49:22 PM

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Author Topic: Come with me... and you'll be... in a world of pure imagination (M for F)  (Read 278 times)

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Offline DreamlandDenizenTopic starter

Hi. So I've been away from RPing for a while now. Every now and then I get the urge to start back, and this time I'm acting on it! As far as my Ons and Offs, I'm still trying to figure those out. I'm pretty much down for anything for now.

So lets get to my ideas (PM me if you're interested):
* = I really want to do this one.... like right now... seriously.

Deep Space *
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In the late 2200s Earth's ever growing population, and lack of resources, started to become a serious problem. Scientists searched the cosmos for a new home for humans that would last us for the foreseeable future. The new solar system they finally found and chose, consisted of five stars, a dozen habitable planets, and a dozen more that would be perfectly habitable after a little terraforming. They figured that would be more than enough land and resources to hold mankind over until his eventual extinction. They were wrong.

Primary Planets
The primary planets are much like earth. They have trees, breathable air, water, and wild life. The rulers of many of these planets control their populations carefully to prevent history from repeating itself. Immigration is controlled strictly, deportation is common, and some planets even enforce a limit on reproduction among their citizens.

The moons orbit both primary and uninhabitable planets. They're mostly used to harvest and process resources and are home to many huge factories, mines, and manual labor camps. Most moons have been terraformed some, but a good deal still have toxic air and require breathing masks for anyone not inside a closed complex.

Space Stations
As nuclear fuel reserves started to run low space stations were built as middle grounds to ease the burden of transport between planets and moons. Now, however, the stations also serve as home to a large portion of the human population. Most stations have luxurious high class districts and over crowded low class districts.

Getting from one place to another isn't easy. Public transportation consists of a few gigantic cruise ships that take predefined, round-about routes, slingshotting through the gravity fields of stars and planets. This process is incredibly fuel efficient but it could take months to get from point A to point B. Private transportation corporations offer faster, direct trips but charge a fortune. Then there's independent transporters: small crews that operate small ships, to move people and goods to where they need to go. Their prices are fair and if you're headed where they're headed it's usually a quick trip (a couple weeks, tops). Independent transport isn't a crime itself, but very few of the people who make their living doing it manage to stay on the right side of the law for long.

The RP
This is slightly Firefly inspired. I want us both to play multiple characters. We'll be playing a group aboard one of these independent transport ships (crew members and passengers). I'll mostly be Ms and you'll mostly be Fs although there can be some cross over.  I'm thinking maybe some non-con between some characters (you're in space and no one can hear you scream >:) ) and some romance between others. Some jealousy, maybe a love triangle, and whatever else you're into. We can discuss through pms. It's going to be long trip, we'll see where it leads us.

General interests / cravings
  • Multiple characters
  • Firefly Fandom
  • Marvel comics Fandom

More ideas to come!
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