Forty Days for Salvation (Looking for F)

Started by Skekfaer, March 06, 2013, 02:12:38 PM

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Six people are settled in a small confinement for forty days. Each day they get one serving of food, one bottle of water and one bucket of water to go by. The only appliances within the room are a bed, a toilet and a slight dip in the corner of the room with a drain in it.
However the other side of the room has a wall with built-in monitors. Five of them neatly placed with the upper row the middle one a mirror. Behind it is a camera that is filming them. The mirror is made of reinforced glass, no amount of strength can break it.

Each monitor displays one person, themselves counting there are six of them. They couldn't hear the others, only see them and interact that way, other than that they only knew each other by colorcode. From left to right they were labelled blue, grey, purple, green, red. They saw everything of each other, crying, laughing, eating, sleeping and even showering.

After forty days they were released, the doors finally opened and they found themselves within a large normal house, only there weren't any windows or doors aside from the ones connecting the rooms.
There were also no outside forms of entertainment or communication, there was no television, computer or telephone. There was only one large black screen in one of the rooms displaying in a white bit-like font 'Welcome home.' No goals, no mentioning of escape, nothing.
Their freezer and fridge were stocked to the brim with food and once every week a new batch of food would simply appear within one of the rooms.

Even if nothing was happening, nothing was commanding they still had the feeling that they were simply waiting for something to happen.

How does this story work?

In this story I will likely be playing all characters aside from your own character. It's your choice to see what the ratio of the genders will be. Will your character be female amongst all males or will there be equal amounts of both or perhaps she's only got one other female friend. The choice is up to you.

The five characters I will create will differ in their personalities and interests and such. If you wish for a specific trait for a character (personality, age, haircolor etc) do ask.
Depending on who your character wishes to interact with will be the 'maincharacter' then. I'll likely have one to continue the story without repeating the same situation with five different guys but other than that it's up to you.
Other than that the story will play out as the entertainment of a twisted person, the one behind the console in one of the rooms. Think of it like Big Brother in system but a bit more sadistic/cruel and perhaps even a bit of dark humour.

If you have ideas or alterations for this plot feel free to suggest them.


    You can request certain characters but please keep this in mind:
    • Do not suggest complete characters of yourself or from fandoms or such. The idea of this plot is not to have an immediate love interest but rather a pick from a lot.
    • Sex can naturally become a part of this roleplay but keep the taboo-stuff out of it like bathroom play, paedophilia, bestiality, mutilations and other such things.
    • The pairings don't matter much for me be it F/F or F/M but I like to keep away from M/M
    • If the roleplay become boring to you feel free to suggest things to make it more entertaining for you. We can always work something out.
    • To contact me either post below or put up a PM. Our method of doing this will likely be by Thread or PM.