A couple of RP ideas Soul Eater/ Custom story [F seeking M]

Started by untilidreamofyou, March 06, 2013, 11:31:50 AM

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I'm sure you know how spoilers work. Click on the bold font to expand. If you see one you like, PM me and we'll work something out.

Soul Eater: A lost chapter (For males who like to play as a weapon)

I have a massive craving for a Soul Eater roleplay, as terrible and sad as it is. It's so bad I find myself googling through the night to find this. I've tried to create whole RP for this, but there's not enough interest out there. I actually even have a story idea behind this, and in this one case I am not open to change on the story ( I know, I suck) but it's been a story I've wanted for a few years and having waited that long I hope someone, somewhere might take an interest.


China Mark was not the best Miester. She wasn't even a decent one. Her parents had been good, mother even making it to the status of DeathScyth. A weapon for Death himself. Her father had dropped out shortly after his partnership with her mother had ended, though there were rumors that he'd been able to synch with any weapon. Even the most difficult souls to handle were done in easily by his charm. Which did nothing to explain why China herself had so many issues.

China was repeating her last year at the academy. For the third time. It had reached the point that if she didn't past this time, she would be expelled. It was no credit to her plight that she was rumored to b toe a 'princess' and difficult handle even at the best of times. She couldn't manage to synch with a single weapon, using most of them causing her massive headaches or even wounds.
But Death had a final plan and a need for the Miester's possible skill if the right weapon were involved, and he called China and one other student to his office. Two people he thought might be able to handle each other. The princess and the rouge who was not going to be impressed. Maybe together they would be able to head off the new trouble brewing on the horizon. Or, they might both fail horribly only with this school.. real failure means death.
Story break down:

Yes, the male who plays with me is going to play the weapon. I don't care what type of weapon you play, that's all up to you. You can pick you appearance and everything else. The end goal to this story is going to be that China eventually learns to use your character as a weapon on a plot that I will reveal through the play of the story as I NPC Death and the bad guys we will be up against, though I welcome and want you to toss in plot arcs of your own to compliment things.

I'm hoping for this to have some real get up and go behind it, so yes, smut will make it's appearance. Just don't expect the pair to start doing it right at the gate. I like a little romance, a little tension, some teasing, and a little of that build up that has me screaming "JUST KISS AND GET IT OVER WITH ALREADY!".

This is also something I'd like to play on a chatzy, which saves old posts a lot like a thread and can even be pasted out in public so others can watch. Main reason for this is I can log on to forums at home, but not on my phone. With chatzy, however, I can post to from anywhere and provide you with /much/ faster responses. If you'd like to play send me a PM. And please, be up to date with the Soul Eater terms and have watched a few episodes of the show for feel. If not, this will get very confusing despite the fact it's a rather canned plot.

About posting:

I tend to post uh, well. A paragraph, I'm betting. What I'll do here is a demo post for you all so you can get a taste of my flavor of writing. I'd hate for us to clash violently and try and strangle each other. The genius of this is, I'll make it the opening post for this RP too. Two birds, one stone, ah-ha!

China wasn't a huge fan of getting notes that she needed to come to the main office. As a matter of a fact, she dreaded them. This was the third time this month, and just another drop in a bucket of several visits before that. She'd stare at the door for a long moment, hazel eyes filled with dread. It was going to be another lecture over how she should aim to work better with people who agreed to try and partner with her. Another hour spent listening to why her inability to handle a weapon was rooted in herself and how she should focus just a touch harder and try and be more open. Maybe she should just quit while she was ahead and follow her father's footsteps. Groaning, she'd tuck a strand of the long, almost impossibly red hair behind her ear and shove the door open, dragging her feet as she wandered under the wood archways toward what she figured would be her doom. The sneakers on her feet made gravely noises with each step, long tunic whispering as her arms swayed in a defeated manner at her sides as she tried to pretend she was anywhere but here.

"Hello, hello!" Called the wince inducing comical voice of Death from the main room where he hovered, a ghost like apparition with a friendly skull mask, atop his stage. "I was wondering how long you'd take to get here."

"Hello." China tried to smile, but the expression was more a nervous flash of teeth. She felt like someone waiting to be shot. "I'm here. You wanted to see me?" Again.

"I did!" Chirped Death, ever cheerful. "I happen to have someone you'll want to meet. As you'll be working with them from this point forward."

China's heart sank. Oh, no.

The Chains that Bind Us (For males who like to play demons)

This story is back from the dead. This is something I wrote up some time ago, and since it has become one of my favorite stories to roleplay out. I've had this story go down without a hitch more than once, but it take a certain type of male to be able to drag it out to the end. You know, the kind that stays around. Sadly, all the types that seemed hilariously talented at this story line vanished halfway through so I've never (in ten years! TEN YEARS!) been able to complete this romance. Sigh. Anyway, on tot he the details.

The story thus far:

My name is Echolyn, though most just call me “Lyn” for short. I never much believed in the idea of spells or magic. Boy, did life teach me a thing or two. The spell I got was meant as a joke from a friend.

“Look, Lyn!” She giggled as she waved the paper in front of me during lunch one weekend. “I got you this for your Birthday!”

“What is it?” I asked. The paper had looked old, and it was covered in, well. Gibberish.

“It's a spell, silly! It's meant to summon a demon or something. Either way--” She thumped the paper down on the table between us and slid it closer. “You have to promise me you'll try it. Maybe it can work in replacement for that ex-boyfriend of yours.”

“Christie...” I groaned, rubbing my forehead. “Magic doesn't exist.”

“You don't know that. Promise me! As a matter of a fact, record it and send me a youtube link or I won't believe you.”

She had crossed her arms and put on that stubborn face then. The one I knew I wouldn't be able to defeat. So, I had relented. After all, I was twenty seven and single now. William had left me, being the playboy DJ he was, to chase after someone younger and cooler. Probably someone who would go outside and do more than spend most of their time in front of a computer screen making endless 3D models. Maybe I needed a little magic in my life. I just never expected it to exist.

Now, thanks to the fact I kept one hell of an ill advised promise I have a demon living in my apartment. To make matters worse, it seems he was an unbound demon so I'm now one of the seven (uh, make that eight) princes of hell and he seems to be my only source of protection. He's arrogant, pushy, smartass, and.. unmistakably hot as hell. I'm just ignoring that last part (not that I'd ever admit it to him) because I'm going to find a way to get rid of the chains that bind us together and put this guy back into the weird void he came from. He will rue the day he crossed Echolyn!

Story Breakdown:

So, if it's not obvious I am looking someone to play the demon here. I have most of the plot devices lined up. The goal here is going to be working a slow burning romance between the two characters. Echolyn will advance away from helpless female as the story goes on to become more of a partner in crime, though you will be learning the details of the magical world I've created along with her as she will fulfill the protagonist angle. The demon has a few rules that will need be followed to keep this story from breaking at the start as they are thus.

1) A demon is forever linked it it's master. If the master dies, the demon is banished to limbo. As long as the master is alive the demon can be reborn after 'death' in any form he wishes.

2) The Demon you play was banished from service by another prince of hell for [pick a reason]. No one should have been able to call him from banishment. Yet here he is.

3) No demon can deny a direct command from it's master. That doesn't mean you can't... take advantage of wording.

4) Please do not be an all powerful character. Yes, you can change shapes, yes, you can have magical powers. Try and give some weakness, however. You blow through all the bad guys, this will be boring.

5) Mind the description of the personality in the little story snippet. You're gonna need the 'tude, dude.

After that, the story will open from the summoning.

Demo/Opening post:

This will be the scene setting post for this and give you a taste of my style. If you like it, send me a PM and we'll Rp over a chatzy. They're free.

Echolyn sat in the middle of a circle of candles as she stared at the old piece of paper in her hand with a glare that could only be called deep concentration. Her brown was furrowed, green-gold eyes narrowed, coral lips thinned, and jaw set at a most stubborn angle.

“This.” She'd say to her empty living-room, and perhaps to the small webcam that was recording the process. “Has to be the stupidest thing I have ever done.”

Still, crossed legged there on the floor, she'd begin to read off the paper. The words were slow, but sounded oddly arcane once she got the hang of it. Her voice filled the empty area, bored but dedicated. At the end of it, as the paper instructed, she sprinkled a mix of coal and spices about the white candles that glowed and started at the ring for a few moments. As she had expected, nothing seemed to be happening.

“See?” She'd ask, head lifting to the camera. “I told you, magic doesn't exist.”

Then she'd stand, jeans swishing as she crossed the room to turn off the device and get ready to send the file to her friend. Which might be why she missed the sudden breeze in the room, or the way the spill of mixed powder began to swirl about the circle of candles as if they had become smoke. Leave it to Echolyn to be completely distracted the moment her life changed.