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Author Topic: Jet's Brainstorm (M for F/M)  (Read 981 times)

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Jet's Brainstorm (M for F/M)
« on: March 04, 2013, 10:44:22 pm »
I've been struggling with the idea of doing a request thread as the effort required seemed like a daunting one. However, it seems like the time has come for me to at least advertise some rudimentary ideas for roleplays that I want to do. First, I suppose a quick introduction would be in order. I am Jet, named after one of my oldest and most frequently used characters. I am male, and I do prefer to play male characters, although I can play female characters upon request. I do place a lot of emphasis on spelling and grammar, but I understand everyone makes mistakes (myself included) and I'm generally very forgiving. Generally, if you play with me, you can expect two to three replies a week, often more but sometimes less (life happens). I don't have high expectations in regards to reply frequency, but generally if you make me wait a while, you can expect to wait a while for me to reread the thread and get my interest up again. Nothing personal, but I try to create unique mindsets for each of my characters, and it takes a bit of effort to switch into that mindset so that I can write like that character in a convincing manner.

As to what I like, I am straight. That being said, I will do F/F or M/M if the story is compelling. I'm definitely story driven, and I will take a convincing plot over a strictly heterosexual scene if it is something I want to do.

Fantasy Setting

Quest for the Pureflame:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Somewhere there is a flame that burns upon a stone pedestal without any need of a fuel source. It glows a fierce golden and heals all wounds that a person puts into the flames. A temple has risen around it with a group of individuals who tend after it night and day, allowing pilgrims to look and marvel and heal their pains, for a price. Those who are healed come back with the flame's mark upon them, a faint shimmering upon the skin where it touched. A group of pilgrims make their way across the world in order to see this miracle but among them is a man with different goals. Instead of receiving healing, he intends to steal the fire. Nothing really seems amiss about him, and yet there is one person in the group who thinks there is something off about the story he gave about himself. In an effort to learn what he is planning, she decides to get close to him, to try to avoid the feeling of imminent disaster before its too late. He's very attractive, though and is intent upon distracting her from his purpose. A lot can happen before they reach the flames, and a lot could happen once they do.

Desert Queen:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A group of desert nomads live inside a cave complex in the mountains, largely beyond notice of the denizens of the nearby seaside cities. Nobody knows the desert like they do, and they trade with passing merchants even as they guide them safely through that treacherous land. They are a hard people, skilled in battle and boasting strong, independent warriors of both genders. Fifty-six years ago, the soldiers of the recent city poured out the gates in steel armor upon great warhorses, and they laid waste to the desert nomads, cursing them for bandits and low scum. From now on, they would pay taxes to the city and grant them yearly hostages to assure their obedience. The nomads are ruled by a queen who they call "Razia" under the old title, and now their Razia is calling for blood. An out-lander has come among them as an emissary of a clan skilled in secret blade magics. The one they sent is young but talented, counting thirty years in his lifetime. He of a race that claims to be descendant of the old furies, creatures of the forces of nature, and notoriously skilled in battle.

The Razia sees his coming as a sign of victory and begins to confide in this out-lander. It isn't long before they both are smitten with each other, but the rules of her people demand that the Razia's marriage must be to the strongest among the tribes. This out lander does not count unless he can somehow prove himself to be worthy to join the desert people, and even then he must kill his way to the top. Only the Razia can help him achieve this, though. She must bend the rules to keep him in the contest and ward away potential suitors to give the out lander enough time to put himself among the group that will kill for her love.

She needs him to save her people, and he needs her for different reasons. Will they be together?

Modern/Realistic Setting

2nd Place:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
He wasn't her first choice. It's unclear how many boys she would have to choose before it came down to him, but she's always been first in his book. It's too bad she never knew, or never bothered to give him the chance. Now she has her eyes set on another guy, but this time he doesn't seem to feel the way about her. This is driving her up the wall as she struggles to get this man's attention. She confides to her friend that she doesn't know what to do, but he seems to have the answer. Fake a relationship to make the other man jealous. Specifically, fake it with him. Nothing can go wrong.

This can take place in many different scenarios, whether with college students, coworkers, or a group of friends and acquaintances. Eventually, in their faked relationship, the two will have to keep going to further and further lengths to keep up their lie. My character doesn't mind, because this was the plan all along: make her give him a chance whether she knows it or not. What happens later is anybody's guess. Will she end up falling for her friend? Or will he get a little out of place with his shows of affection? And what happens if his plan works? Will he lose the girl?

Away From Keyboard:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
He's spent his life studying. He went to college and made great grades; not all A's, but close enough. He never failed a class, and was the almost-perfect student. He kept up a job at the same time, too, and that served to put some money in his pocket, but the entire time something felt missing. He had a great relationship, six years running, and was planning a marriage. He was happy, but not content. Some thought nagged at the back of his mind like something was just not there when it should be. Then one day, it all fell apart. Suddenly, his fiance broke up with him. She had been dating a co-worker, and had wanted somebody else. He fell into depression, and his life became a long stream of work, play online games with friends, sleep, work, play online games with friends, sleep, work....

Then one day came and he couldn't stand it anymore. He didn't go to work that day, and he didn't start his video games. He went online just long enough to post this message on Facebook: "AFK". He withdrew a bunch of cash and stuffed it in his boots for safe keeping, put some clothes in a bag along with a poncho to keep the rain off him if he had to sleep outdoors, and drove his car a hundred miles away from his house before parking it in a crowded parking lot along with his cell phone. Then he started walking away from home.

He knew they would be looking for him, but as long as he got far enough away, it wouldn't matter. If somebody recognized him, he would keep moving, and he wouldn't come back until he found whatever it was that was missing.

At this point, your character could be somebody who picks him up on the side of the road when he's hitchhiking, somebody that he meets when he stumbles into a bar/store/gas station, etc. What will happen when they meet? Will he even be recognized as the missing person on the news? If so, will your character try to convince him to go back or will she want to try to talk to him and get to know what's troubling him? Maybe she will leave her own life and join him on the road.

Currently takenGood Guy Went Bad:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
They have known each other since they were kids and have been best friends as far back as they can remember. Their families knew each other, and the two shared everything together. Well, not everything. As he watched her grow up into a beautiful woman, he began to have feelings for her, slowly at first but gaining strength. There were times when he thought about confessing his feelings, but it never seemed like a good time. She had a thing for bad boys, men who would really take advantage of her in ways that made him angry to think about. Inevitably, the relationship would turn sour and she would come to cry into his shoulder and sometimes even sleep with him in his bed. He took great pains to keep his attraction from her notice, sure that it would bother her and end their relationship. While he remained silent, she went through bad relationship after bad relationship, each one making him more and more upset. "How could she take such abuse," he would think, "when I am right here willing to love and take care of her?"

Then it occurred to him: she had friend-zoned him long ago. She only liked bad boys who could excite her, talk dirty to her, and pleasure her in ways that she didn't think him capable of. He was no stranger to relationships, but most of his went fairly well. He would be with a girl for a while, they would have fun, but they would both go on their separate ways after a time. He learned something from each of them, but it was his friend that he wanted. She would never look at him that way, though, because she had long ago labeled him a good guy and couldn't think of him in a sexual manner. She would go to him to cry about her failed relationships, but she would never give him the satisfaction of truly helping her. Inside him, the anger and frustration grew until it became unbearable.

One day, after his friend had gone through a particularly bad relationship, he decided enough was enough. Without warning, he showed up at her house late at night to get her. Dressed in faded jeans, boots, and a t-shirt showing off long hours of working out, he told her to get in his car, not really making it a question.

Would she decide to get in the car with him? How would this new dominant behavior make her feel? Would it have the desired effect or would it turn her away as he feared all along? And where was he planning on taking her anyway?
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Re: Jet's Brainstorm (M for F mostly)
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It's been two years since I left, but now I'm back. Probably time for a bump.

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Re: Jet's Brainstorm (M for F/M)
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Bump. I'm back.