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February 22, 2019, 02:49:54 PM

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Author Topic: F seeking Any Kind of One Shot  (Read 379 times)

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Offline makiTopic starter

F seeking Any Kind of One Shot
« on: February 25, 2016, 10:39:39 AM »
So I've been really bored lately and am really wanting to rp. I've gotten desperate lately so I'm really open to anything. This can be a one-shot, just a quick, hot, scene. Or we can do something more long term. I'm really up for most anything.
I'd really like to play a badass female either getting put in her place, or dominating someone else.

One-shot Ideas:

1) The Queen of the Assassins is enjoying the riches of her recent conquest. Her men are happy with the huge amount of gold they've just gotten and are drunkenly celebrating. There was something that the Queen was looking towards breaking later and that was who/what they had capture during their killing spree.  You pick what was capture. A demon? A prince? I don't care what, but this will get hot and sticky.

2) You are a warlord who is now celebrating the victory of taking over a large city. Your men have brought you one of the more interesting prizes you've ever gotten. A warrior woman. She was skilled having killed 3 of your men, but she'd been overwhelmed and is now tied up and waiting to hear what you want to do to her.

Long term plots that could be one shots:

The Lady and The Warlord
Ever seen the movie Troy with Brad Pitt? Think something like that, but with a woman fighitng alongside Achilles(or your OC warlord). This can go many different ways: 1)Your warlord knows about the woman and helps her keep her gender hidden while they win battles. 2) The warlord has no idea she's a woman until she's either fataly injured or he walks in on her changing.
Another option is to have them each be champions fighting for the same king. They're both very skilled and many debate about who is the best. They have their loyal men who would follow them to the edge of the Earth. The lord finds out she's a woman, despite her good tactics at hiding it.
We could even have 2 women pretending to be men!
I'm really open to input on this.

The Witches
This isn't really a plot, but I have a set of twin witches that have developed through a Supernatural rp that I'd really like to us. I'd like it to be modern and kind of like Supernatural where they're hunting evil magical creatures.
In my other rp they're helping the Winchester in the war between Heaven and Hell and keeping Micheal and Lucifer from getting either of the brothers. We can do something like this, or something completely different.
OC's and canon characters are welcome! As is input on the plot!

Falling from Heaven to Hell
Fallen angels are more uncommon than angels on Earth. What's even more rare if for a fallen angel to partner with a demon on a quest for revenge against those who still have wings. The fallen angel joins the demon in it's tyrant across the country, destroying villages and claiming souls as they go. All the while, finding more ways to get back at those upstairs. Do they succeed in revenge? Get stopped by hunters? Or fall in love and do something really stupid?

Let me know if you're interested!