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Author Topic: An Anthro Cuckold Story. M/F & M/M  (Read 602 times)

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An Anthro Cuckold Story. M/F & M/M
« on: March 02, 2013, 11:30:16 PM »
Hello E!

While I'm used to running more plot intensive games, this ones more for a little piece of fun. This one could result in a few scenes, or if we enjoy it, a more in-depth story. The story is based around THIS IMAGE. (NSFW) Which, when I saw it, I knew I just had to make a game of. I'm currently looking for two players; one playing the male and one playing the female feline characters, myself playing the wolf. (The particulars of the species and their looks are up for change if you're a fan of something in particular, but the general themes of smaller frames, and feminine features is a must.)

So! What am I looking for from my players, and what themes am I looking to explore in game? From my players: I'm looking for fairly regular players, who can post at least every 2-3 days. I'd also like a reasonable post length of at least 3-4 paragraphs as a bare minimum, going up from there. The three main characters being M/M/F those playing the female character must of course be happy with M/F scenes, and the person playing the male character being happy with M/M scenes &/or M/F scenes, although the first being more important, the frequency being dependant on the type of character you wish to play.

So, onto the main plot! The story revolves around our feline couple in an anthro-world (an essentially human world and culture,inhabited by anthropomorphous animals), both are relatively young, perhaps even freshman college students who's high-school romance lead to them whisking each other away to the same university to be together. There is just one problem, she isn't excited by him. He's the sweet, quiet type. From rich parents, he provides her with everything she could possibly have wanted, and is always there for her. Still, she's tired of constantly having to take charge. When a young wolf she meets in the first week of her law class takes a liking to her, what begins as an affair between the two of them soon becomes far more complicated. For the person playing the female role, the affair could occur in one of two ways. Those wishing to play a more submissive character may have had their character seduced by the wolf. Or those wishing to play someone towards the switch or dominant end may have dragged him in to bed in a need to sate her lust for a man to dominate her that she doesn't receive from her submissive partner.

For the person playing the male role, It will require at least being open to M/M and your choice of M/M and/or M/F scenes. The character in general will be quite feminine in his features, a quiet, shy demeanour. Once your character learns of his partners infidelity, namely by catching them in the middle of the act. He's brought in with them. This could be either by acting as a cuckold for both partners, engaging in sex only with her new boyfriends permission, and also being dominated by him. In this scenario, the character would be a bisexual, possibly out with his partner, or keeping it a secret from her. It may take some convincing at first, or you may decide that you would like to have this be a dream of his, and fall right into his role (and to his knees ;) ). The second option would be that your character only engages in M/M with the new boyfriend, a closet homosexual man who reached out to his now partner for companionship and someone to understand him, as well as keep his parents happy. In this scenario, all three characters are able to fulfil their desires, and possible allows for a love triangle story.

I'm thinking of starting the story a couple of months into the affair, the night the boyfriend first finds them in bed together. This could be an accident, or if the player playing the female character wants to play a slightly more malicious character, maybe even planned. All have fun and interesting consequences for the story. From there we can take the story in a number of directions decided by the player.

So, just throwing this idea out there, I know there are a lot of niche kinks included, so lets see who bites! Anyone interested in playing post below. Tell me how often you can post, at what rate and then tell me a little about your character. In particular the questions posed in this opening, but give me some general background information as well. I have half a dozen pictures of both the male and female felines included in the picture linked above, so if you wish to play that then I can provide some character pictures, if not, feel free to link some character pictures here as well. If someone has taken the role you are interested in, feel free to post a character up too, I tend to take the best characters rather than first come first serve, but as I said previously, I suspect the nicheness of this game will keep the applicants list fairly short, maybe room for two games.
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Re: An Anthro Cuckold Story. (Looking for a switch F) M/F & M/M
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2013, 10:56:40 PM »
Hello! I'm looking to play the Boyfriend in the Boyfriend/Girlfriend combo here. While I'm happy to write with the IDEA of a bisexual man, I'm mostly interested in the M/M, or M/M/F interactions in the game. What is listed below is obviously malleable, and I hope to tie it in more with whomever plays the girlfriend of the pair.

NSFW Inspiration Image
Name: Carl Sullivan
Species: Spotted Dog
Age: 18

Physical Description:
Carl has always been a little short and slight. He was a nerd in high school, and put no effort into fixing that in high school or even in the beginning of college. His fur was a light brown all over, with darker spots starting at his shoulders and moving down his slender arms. More form on his hips and move down his legs. The hair atop his head is longer, normally carefully brushed off to the side to stay out of his face.

Carl doesn't see his own value. He's always been well off from his father's money, which he's uses to lavish every penny on his girlfriend. He's never really known how to interact with people, not really having many friends of his own. He only hangs out with his girlfriend's friends because they know he'll pay the tab. He's extremely shy, especially around other men, fearing they might recognise his attraction for them. He's a sweet boy who wouldn't hurt a fly, but that also leaves him open to be taken advantage off, should someone want to.

Carl's father is rich. Due to Carl actually being a hard worker and a smart boy, Carl's father has been pretty open about supporting Carl. Carl met his girlfriend in high school. It was originally just a ploy for Carl to help her study and do some of her papers/homework for her, but a certain level of mutual attraction grew for the two. Carl's girlfriend got Carl to go to the college she wanted to, so she could continue to get by on Carl's brains. Carl got the only girl he thought he'd ever get, and she got financial and educational support from Carl's family's money. She is the dominant one in the relationship and she knows it. What she says, goes. Carl still believes he has more to lose from breaking up with her than she does.

Offline helvorn

Re: An Anthro Cuckold Story. (Looking for a switch F) M/F & M/M
« Reply #2 on: March 07, 2013, 10:36:03 AM »
I'd like to throw in my two cents on this one.  I find the idea of a true three way to be quite exciting, especially where it's not the more typical M/F/F. 

I can post daily, sometimes more although I might occasionally get busy over the weekends with family duties and miss a Saturday posting.   I actually like the female feline picture in your ad.  The darker, rougher color attracts me more than the 'cute', more anime style cat girls.

This is written with Carl in mind but could be adjusted for any partners.

Name: Lisa Browning
Species: Felinoid
Age: 18

Physical Description:
Lisa took after her father's side of the family with her height and strong build.  It was rumored that his family had wild cat blood in their veins and one could believe it with her wild black hair and lashing tail.  All female, her body took the strength of her heritage and produced a stunning rather than lush female.  She is 5'9" with an athlete's build.  Her fur is a fairly uniform medium brown with a white tip on her tail and lighter cream colored fur on her stomach and sex.

Lisa is aggressive and strong willed as part of her heritage.  She is vivacious, outgoing and brash with a love of activity, parties and high living even in one so young.  From her mother she inherited a mischievous streak as well as a very emotional and even at times needy personality although the latter is well concealed.  Lisa often times jumps before she looks and has been known to make bad decisions in the past.  As well, she can be cruel as only a teen aged cat girl can be and is not afraid to sink her claws into someone verbally or even physically.

Lisa's father is a big brute of a felinoid.  He works as a firefighter and moonlights with his own construction company.  Her mother is a beautiful, thing swept off her feet by her brusque, charismatic and extremely potent father.  Her family has always had a lower class but comfortable living as her father has spent much of their money gambling or on family and personal vacations.  He is especially fond of going hunting with his friends.  Lisa fairly smart smart underneath the jock girl exterior and with her fair grades and surprising support of her father and help from Carl's family went off to college.

She met Carl during one of their classes and found the quiet, slightly nerdy boy cute and even attractive.  He proved to be quite helpful with her homework and his money let them do a lot of fun things.  After all, who wouldn't want to drive around in the newest sports car.  Lisa learned that she had a strong streak of dominance in her as she pushed, tugged and even bullied Carl to give her what she wanted.  She eventually even allowed him to have sex with her after he was particularly good to her.  Continuing to use him in a strange, dependent relationship she bullied him into going to a college with an active night life as well as the sports that she so loved.

This all changed about two months ago when she saw a wolf in the law school.  Lisa was taking some basic business classes in the same building and something hit her.  Perhaps she was tired of her compliant Carl or perhaps he reminded Lisa of her virile and dominant father or maybe she was just in heat, but she wanted him.  It took a few weeks but she finally met him, talked to him and quickly dragged him into a professor's office and fucked him hard.  Now the torrid affair has gone on for a while and she has a special surprise planned for both Carl and her new lover...

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Re: An Anthro Cuckold Story. (Looking for a switch F) M/F & M/M
« Reply #3 on: March 09, 2013, 09:17:32 AM »
Gonna be starting the IC this afternoon US time.

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Re: An Anthro Cuckold Story. M/F & M/M
« Reply #4 on: March 09, 2013, 05:17:16 PM »
Oh nice!

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Re: An Anthro Cuckold Story. M/F & M/M
« Reply #5 on: March 23, 2013, 05:25:05 PM »