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Author Topic: The Devils Carnival Character Thread  (Read 378 times)

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The Devils Carnival Character Thread
« on: March 02, 2013, 04:28:55 PM »
The Talent
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Incroyable Parc
 The Candy Coroner
Name: IsaBella
Act:Candy chef at large
Physical Appearance:
Personal Traits: Sweet mannered, exciteable, old fashioned, talkative and a paranoid schizophrenic. A talent aside from making the best treats this side of the carnival? She can whistle the entire tune to End Of The World, by Skeeter Davis.
Life Before: IsaBella grew up in a quiet suburb with her swedish parents. They owned a very successful chocolate company, made millions upon millions of dollars. IsaBella never wanted for anything, but her mental condition caused her parents to become over protective. When the business fell, they urged her to go with them back to sweden, but IsaBella refused. She stayed in New Orleans, and hitch hiked to The Devils Carnival. Since then, she has been under Garricks rule and is a constant staple in The Incoryable Parc.

Bend me Break me
Name: Says her name is Harley, but the ring master knows her real name is Alice Lyndel
Age: 20
Act:clown and contortionist
Physical Appearance:Without her makeup on!
more pictures of Harley without being done up.

A few of Harley's preforming looks, of course covered up a bit more to keep herself decent.

Personal Traits:
adventurous always willing to try anything once.
playful trickster, Her playful nature as always been around. One moment she can be rigging a prank maybe another she will be playing twister.
bipolar she has her ups and downs but most everyone at the park has adapted to her ways. Some help her keep balanced, though some try and use it for their own entertainment.
Creative She is always making something, from her own costumes, to her planning out her acts, to knew interesting ways to have fun.
Submissive, Though it isn't always clear to those that don't know her. Harley is actually submissive in nature, which has gotten her in some very interesting situations once...or three times. 
Painting She loves to painting and her pieces can be found all over the Carnival.
Life Before:
Alice was born to what most would think was the perfect family home. The white picket fence, a stay at home mom, an older brother, and a father that worked as a doctor. He was of course well respected and one would never suspect the horror that lived under the mask he wore. At home her world was her hell. Her father an abusive and sick man, coming into her room at night since she was little. Her father teaching her older brother that it was not only ok, but expected to be this way. So when her father deemed him ready he share Alice with him. The girl now past on to her brother as a his new toy. Her mother letting it all happen for what ever reason she could come up with. It was officially something she could live with as it happened right in front of her. Her father always careful not to leave marks that would draw attention. And to keep Alice in a state of fear that kept her compliant to his and her brothers will.

When she 13 Alice's mind started to truly break, it was than that she started to have her ups and downs. Fighting against her family, which only ended in her being punish of course. But one night they had pushed to far, and she slipped from her bed. Hammer in hand she smashed her fathers head in. All the while her mother was screaming. Her brother running in and pulling her away from the blood red scene. He yelled and struck her but all she could do was laugh...and cry. She had finally fought back and won. When the police came they had already cleaned up enough to claim it was a break in gone bad. The poor family was seen as the victims of a horrible crime. And Alice was never suspected of the crime, but her mother new and so did her brother. And Alice knew once the public eye was off of them she would pay dearly for what she had done. So instead of hanging around Alice ran, only a a simple bag on her back. No idea where to head she ran and left Alice behind. Taking on the name Harley and living on the streets. There was sex, there was drugs, there were cold nights and starving days. It wasn't an easy life but it was a life or so she thought.

But than one day when she was 17 the Carnival came to town. Harley snuck to see what it was they had to offer. Only Harley got more than she bargained for when she was found. The sneak thief was dragged to Garrick. What happened while he had her alone only he and she knew. But from that onward Harley was part of their world and loves every minute of it.

The Juggler
Name: Jamie Vanderstamp
Age: 19
Act: Juggler
Physical Appearance:] [url][/url]
Personal Traits: Gentle, Caring, Average Intelligence, Emotional, Perfectionist. And for something different: Jamie can cook quite well from personal experience and cooking shows.
Life Before: Jamie came from a regular family, went to a normal high school and spent most of his free time trying out circus tricks he saw on the tv. One of the earliest things he had learned was juggling with lemons. He quickly stopped trying other things and focused on juggling. Oranges, soccer balls, you name it. He had graduated with average grades, didn't get into any good colleges and decided to make his living by juggling. Jamie quickly found out that just giving juggling courses wasn't enough to survive. He got recruited easily by Garrick who was wandering about and noticed Jamie juggling with kitchen knives during one of his street performances for extra cash. Jamie took the job, and has been ever with Garrick ever since.

Accepting profiles, more to come..

Occult De Meveilles
Love Potion Number Nine
Act: Miracle Remedies, per The Gypsy Doctor
Physical Appearance: Anchal is the typical Hollywood gypsy beauty. She is gifted with hazel eyes and mocha skin, long jet black hair that has never been dyed, primped, curled, sprayed or blow dried. She's of average height, of slim and natural build. She never eats meat, fat, starch.. the woman is a straight vegan through and through, so to say the woman looks good for her age is an understatement. She doesn't wear make up. She does: wax her arm pits and legs. If asked though, she might just lie and say she was never even born with body hair in said areas. Anchal wears a gold tooth cap when she sells her wares, and is always caught in clothes made of vibrant colorful silks, jingling charms, and a boat load of gold.
Personal Traits: Opinionated, protective, cycnical, curious and cool headed. A side talent of hers, she likes to macrame.
Life Before: Anchal was raised by hippie parents, literally. She stayed in a van for most of her life before the carnival, after her parents died. Her mother and father always stressed the importance of homeopathic medicine and 'sticking to nature'. Unfortunately in the city, there isn't much of a market for sticking to nature. She joined Garricks Carnival under the conditions that she would come out with a new, miracle worthy homeopathic remedy every month. They are expensive and unusual, ranging from love potions to psychadelics.

The Truth can cost a fortune..

Name: Runa Cardei
Age: 24
Act:The Fortune Teller
Physical Appearance:

Runa started out life as that strange girl, with legs to long and breasts that did want to come in. But soon as she grew so it seemed did her body. Her figure filling out to a voluptuous and full frame. Her tan skin nearly completely unmarked except for a scar over her heart. Causing a paled half moon scar to remain. And what looks to be a brand on her left hip, both their origins are still unknown to those around her.

Personal Traits:
Bold and brave She isn't shy or weak willed, and never one to be afraid to say what she really thinks or what she really wants.
Intuitive Before she even really understood her gift, Runa was always able to read people and used that to con her way to just about anything she wanted.
Willy Quick to react and come up with unexpected plans of action.
Passionate In most anything she does it is clear Runa has that her heritage is known for. Though beware as hell half no fury like a woman scorned.
Loyal Runa doesn't allow many people to get close, to really get to know her. It takes time to earn her trust, but when you do she will always have your back.
Singing Runa is known for her beautiful voice, and when she does sing there isn't many that can resist listening.

Life Before: Runa's start to life was interesting to say the least. Even at a young age she had a gift for seeing or knowing what others didn't know. Predicting her grandmother's death, to telling her mother her father was seeing another woman without ever seeing it, knowing how certain things would come out. It all freaked out her parents so much that they ended up putting Runa in the hospital. The doctors chalking up her gift as nothing more that a disillusion or some physiological disorder. Staying stuck there till she was 16, the day they took the more well behaved patients on a day trip. It was than she made her move and escaped from the hold of the system.

From there Runa used her gift and her own wits to get what ever she wanted in life. From clothes, to food and even logging. There didn't seem to be anything she couldn't get. It wasn't till she was 19 and she tried to con the wrong man that she ended up on the bad end of a con gone wrong. That night is not something she speaks about. But one can only image what happened to her from the state she was found in. Several days later Runa awoke laying in a bed at the Carnival. Apparently being found and brought to doctors they had. At first she kept wondering what they wanted from her. But slowly she realized that they were just as weird and misplaced as she was. And grew to not only enjoy and love her crazy make shift family, but also worked and developed her gift.

Accepting profiles, more to come..

Diable Afficheur
The Palooka
Act: The Palooka
Physical Appearance:
Personal Traits: Quick tempered, violent, has a touch of napoleon syndrome, and is an incorrigible skirt chaser. When not in the ring, he's a very good baseball player.
Life Before: Louie grew up in the shabbiest area of The Bronx, New York. He grew up with about seven siblings, and was the middle child. This made for an unhappy and bored kid. He had no education worthy of note, didn't have any real future, nothing to write home about in regards to his past either. He grew into violence, constantly having to defend himself being for one.. italian in a high school full of tough and angry black kids, a welfare case, and short. He enrolled himself for boxing, tai bo, and got himself sent to boot camp before he turned eighteen. After this, he had run away from the Bronx. He joined with Garrick, signed his life away and since then has never been happier. Louie's a prized fighter among many, best known for his ability to get the absolute shit kicked out of him and still be the one sprawled out on top of the other fighter at the end of the match.

The Cannibal
Name: Johnny
Act: The Cannibals Kitchen
Physical Appearance:
Personal Traits: Brutal, a little twisted, a real man's man. The Cannibal has half an education, he is fearless and exceptionally good at cooking, if you're into human flesh.
Life Before: Johnny has managed to cram a lot in his near thirty years of life. The first twelve years of his life, he grew up in New Orleans with his foster father and little sister.. alone. For those twelve years he was a recluse with only the two family members. His surrogate parent was a pervert, a man who preyed on Johnny's little sister as she grew older. He filed the childrens teeth to fine points throughout their early lives (a ritual not forgotten) and kept them that way feeding them meat and meat alone. Sometimes, animal. Most times, not. Johnny was very well more farm hand than son, knowing what hard work was from the day he turned seven.. One hot august day his sister was murdered by the foster father. Johnny ate both sister and foster father. Unable to be convicted or sentenced, he was in and out of family homes, making many meals out of many men for about four years. He was then enrolled to work in the militiary. He's stayed in the country side working as a labourer, in non descript slaughter houses once his time for service came to an end, as he doesn't like the city. Once his modest little murder ranch was discovered, he used his wiles to flee and join the Carnival Du Diable, a place protected almost like magic, it seemed. Now he eats four times a week, the same diet he's been living off since he was just a boy.

The Burlesque
Act: Her nick name is Cherry Red Camaro
Physical Appearance:
Personal Traits: Quick witted, Brutally honest, Cocky, and territorial. Promiscuous. She's a hell of a masseuse, to boot.
Life Before:
Sandra's life is nothing too far from the rest of the girls. She was raised in a multi generational home, with many siblings and an uncapable single mother, who brought different men home most every week. The red head has drawn quite an unrealistic expectation of what men should be like, and in turn tends to eat them alive. She became a stripper as soon as she turned eighteen, a very good one at that. She's made a lot of money, made a lot of bad choices. Garrick found her on a business trip, made her an offer she couldn't refuse. Since then she has been a fixture in The Afficheur.

 Accepting profiles, more to come.

Carnie Personnel
The Ring Master
Act:The Ring Master
Physical Appearance:
Personal Traits: Calculating, physically abusive and Manipulative. Straight to business attitude punctuates his out there and cruel sense of humor.
Life Before: Garrick is the Bogey Man of ancient lore. There are many versions of his origin told by scores of different culture and people. To the Talent, he is assumed to be from an extremely wealthy family of trillionaires, owning carnivals for the duration of his entire life. He feeds off the suffering and sadness of his talent, the spectators, any person under his watchful eye. Best know he's watching, as well. Cameras reside throughout the entire grounds.

This might sting a little..
Name: Charles Bomban
Age: 24
Act: The Medic
Physical Appearance:
1m97, 150 pounds. He's a very tall man, short black hair. The left side of his face is hidden with a mask akin to that of the Phantom of the Opera due to someone throwing an acid in his face because of a botched operation, as payback. He has 5 piercings through his right ear and two through his right eye brow. He wears regular scrubs and a white apron that always seemed to be stained with blood. He has some other scars related to bar brawls but nothing major.
Personal Traits: Arrogant, a wise-ass, highly gifted, unable to feel emotions, cool headed. Besides his actual medical profession, he has additional PhDs in physics, chemistry and psychology. He also dabbles in alchemy.
Life Before: Charles was a wonderboy. He skipped high school and was allowed to attend his pre-med university at only 14. He attained his MD when he was only 18. He then completed a surgery education. He worked in a prestigious hospital. Nothing suited his urge for knowledge, not even his work. This led to him researching and experimenting in other science branches. This quickly led to him attaining honorary PhD's in Physics, Chemistry and Psychology due to certain doctoral dissertations. However, his additional researched took a toll on him and he barely slept at all. When assigned a routine surgery after staying awake for over 50 hours, researching the effects of a new drug, led to him killing his patient. His license was stripped for his actions and he stuck to research. And one day, during research in a lab, a young girl came to him. She screamed at him for killing her little brother and threw the first thing she could grasp at him. A beaker of acid. Being rushed to the hospital saved his face but he had immense disfiguring scars on the left side of his face. Everywhere Charles went people yelled at him, cursed him out because of how he killed the small boy in the operation room. The people staring at his face was a constant reminder. He was picked up by Garrick to take care of his personnel in exchange for taking Charles away from the common world ... and the materials to keep experimenting.
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