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May 26, 2018, 05:24:09 AM

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Author Topic: A little fantasy, a little chaos. I dunno.. just read me please?  (Read 351 times)

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Offline sansaTopic starter

Once long ago, three powerful wizards vanquished the demons of the world just as the sweet fairies had hoped they would. You see, young boys discovering magic would never have happened if it were not for fairies introducing it to them. Only few boys were selected, only some were great, but all were talented. However, the three of the most successful who had killed off the demons had grown prideful. The wizards became known as the Wizard of Sun, the Wizard of the Moon, and the Wizard of the Roots. These three wizards grew greedy and fearful of others conquering them, so they took the powers from other wizards and killed them until it was only these three as the most talented and feared. Humans heard of these great wizards and instantly wanted them gone. The fairies too were even feared the men who were once boys but would never have wished poor things upon them. Time grew on and the wizards collected fairies to steal their power and remain hidden from the humans.

However, the three most powerful fairies, The Fairy of Light, The Fairy of Dark, and the Fairy of Life were the only ones who could truly give them full power. But the fairies were in danger and so now, these beautiful creatures had to find the human girls worthy for their gifts and powers.
Finding these girls, they gave each girl their power, turning these girls into what is known as a Witch. The fairies became human and eventually died. But now the Wizards were still in search for the ultimate power to bind them in becoming the great ones. But life only lasts so long... and as years went on, the wizards had no choice but to have sons and pass on their power generation after generation. The witches did just the same. They only had girls, never sons, and when the girl was born, her mother lost her power and it was passed on.

The wizards will never give up to find these three girls.
The girls know who they are, they know that they are in danger, and in the modern world, they are on the run now as they collect their spells to be protected and hidden. However the more magic they use, the more likely the wizards can find them. They can sense magic, they can feel it and eventually, they will find it.

Finally the wizards figure out if they can separate the girls, they will find them easier. They do not know who the girls are, but alone, they can be taken down easier. So the wizards do a spell, they witches have been marked with magic and though the witches have done all they could to keep them together, the girls become separated in a natural disaster.


I'm really trying to peice this idea all together but I am so tired and hungry.. I had a dream though I really want to see come to life.
The three wizards and the three witches, dominate men and their opposite woman to complete them magically and spiritually.
The wizards won't kill them for ultimate power but use them to help. In a modern world, fantasy world, or whatever. If someone wants pitch out ideas that'd be great but I really hope someones catching my drift... xo.