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Author Topic: Moniker's Requests  (Read 317 times)

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Moniker's Requests
« on: February 26, 2013, 05:24:15 PM »
Currently available for new stories[/size/

A little about me

I enjoy writing and the freedom that comes with it. If you like a story but don't like particular parts, that's fine - just message me with your alternatives. I write best from a straight male point of view, but I would never turn down a story if you wanted to swap out a gender here or there. The gender of my partner makes no difference to me at all.

I will try to match your posts for length, and would never be offended if you asked me to lengthen/shorten/spice up my posts.

I greatly enjoy conflict in stories and/or goals to strive towards. This doesn't mean every story needs to be a Michael Bay trailer, or that our characters need to be on opposite sides of said conflict, but I much prefer it when there is an obstacle to overcome. This could be a dragon slain by strength of arms, or a courtly intrigue, duels with words or artillery pieces are just as exciting for me - and the further removed from the modern world, the better.

Please PM me if you are interested, or if you have any suggestions!

Current Ideas

Space to breathe
Any kind of story in space. Not just any old space opera, but one that primarily takes place in the great void aboard massive capital ships, shuttles, space stations. You can play any gender, but if you want to play an alien, let me know what kind of alien before we start. The plot can follow typical sci-fi lines (being stalked by a killer alien on an empty ship, fighting a war on a galactic scale, smuggling under the nose of a vast empire) just so long as we rarely (if ever) make planetfall.

A novice mage accidentally summons a small host of demons while trying to cast a fairly simple spell. Now (s)he has to find and banish all of the demons before they cause any more havok - or before anyone figures out (s)he is to blame. This could be played as a pair of summoners/the summoner and a demon that was bound in to service before it could escape/the summoner with someone not particularly magical to accompany them. The demons will all be different from one another and take inspiration from various sources.

A fairly straightforward apocalypse story, with our survivors making their way across a wasteland infested with who-knows-what to reach a storied land of plenty that survived the plague/zombies/fallout that ravaged the rest of the world.

The living Force
A Star Wars story, set in the Old Republic (between KotOR 1 and 2). A master and padawan journey across a galaxy hostile to both Jedi and Sith after suffering through a war that weakened the entire Republic, with most people not knowing or caring about the difference between the two. Ideally these characters would be Jedi, but whether or not they remained Jedi is entirely a different question - and if one fell without the other, another interesting dimension could come in to play.

More to come!


I do have a lot of commitments offline, but I will make an effort to get all of my replies made within a week at the most (I'll be here daily, but if I don't think I have time to get you a decent reply in the time I have, I'll get it done the day after). 

I will only roleplay on E by forum post or PM.

Other Storylines/Worlds

I prefer playing in original worlds, or as original characters in an existing mythos. I find it distracting to try and act out the part of an existing character when I could have a great deal more freedom as a character of my own creation.

The existing worlds I would enjoy playing in:

Star Wars (especially the Old Republic)
Metro 2033
The Elder Scrolls/Tamriel
Game of Thrones (specifically Westeros)
Marvel/DC worlds
The Kingkiller Chronicle/Name of the Wind
Mass Effect

Pretty much any period in history but especially:
Feudal East Asia (Japan, China)
The Crusades
Renaissance Europe
The Wild West

Sci-Fi, Steampunk, Dieselpunk, Cyberpunk, Sword and sorcery, High Fantasy, Low Fantasy, Alternate History - anything fantastical, historical or possible and the further removed from the present day, the better!
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