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Author Topic: New Ideas (M looking for F, Planescape, VtM, Historical, and more)  (Read 4981 times)

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Offline SaharielTopic starter

The Prize. FxM, Planescape, Dark, Non-Con, Short Term, Possibly Long Term.

Wanted: a Valkyrie, Angel, Succubus, Erinyes, Yochlol or similar breathtakingly, or terrifyingly, beautiful outsider.

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Marduk struck him down for rebelling against the Gods of Mechanus and Mount Celestia; for biting the hand that feeds. For decades, he brooding in the Cathedral of Lies, then Tzadkiel tired of scheming and traveled to The Gray Wastes wherein Demons and Devils fight an unending war. Amidst the deluge of blood and brimstone, he saw her, a General in one of the [Fallen Celestial, Abysmal, or Infernal hosts], something within him—something carnal, and perhaps something else, entirely, stirred. He had to have her.

(I envision this scene beginning as either a freeform or system battle, leading to the victor ravaging the defeated party; alternately it could begin after the defeat of one of the respective characters—or even turn into a chase between the lust-mad Fallen Celestial and his prey. If the other player has experience with D&D and/or Planescape, this could turn into a long-term plot involving planar adventures).

The Ninth Circle FxM or FxFxM, Planescape, Dark, Non-Con, Corruption, Short Term, Possibly Long Term.

I am looking for a player to play one succubus, two succubi, or similar demon(s), e.g. Erinyes, or Brachina.

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For fifteen years, he was a champion of a god of light. With a single syllable he could call down fire from the heavens, his sword arm has dispatched half-a-thousand demons and wyrm-spawn to the hottest pits of the Ninth Hell. At the height of his power, the High Priest of Paladine bit him seek a powerful artifact wrought by the god of smiths.

His quest ended in disaster. Grave Knights struck him down, tore the espelled armor from his flesh—but they did not kill him. Rather, they tore the prime material plane asunder and had demons carry him and his sword to the domain of Malcanthet, Demon Queen of Succubi.

(Alternately, he could be carried away to the realm of another Succubi, perhaps one of Malcanthet’s daughters, or the realm of Glasya, or a similar Devil in the Nine Hells. I am looking for a player to play one or more Succubi in a switch role—I am open to moral corruption, light bondage, some transformation, almost anything except the things listed n red on my Ons and Offs. Depending upon how well the first scene goes I might be open to turning this into a longterm roleplay, e.g. something involving infernal adventures with him and one or both of his playmates/tormenters).

Season of the Witch. FxM or FxFxM, Fantasy, Setting TBD, Dark, Corruption, Short Term. 

I am looking for one, or perhaps two, witches to play across from an Incubus or, alternately, a Demon more akin to a Baelor.

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It has been a century since the last Sabbath, when the coven mistress and her daughters summoned him—100 years ago, the church of the Morninglord lay in wait with their clerics and paladins. They struck before the ritual was complete, yet it was sufficient to destroy his form on the prime material plane and banish him for a century.

When the Mother’s knife falls, her daughters begin to writhe in the light of the fire—the pale fire is consumed by a corona Abyssal balefire and slowly, inexorably he rises from a bed of ashes, his wings cast a shadow about the coven—a creature of terrible and unearthly beauty; the mother genuflects before him, the dread lord who gifts her, and her daughters, with abyssal power—the Incubus.

(This has the potential to be as dark as The Ninth Circle, or it could be more of a roman orgy scene. I am looking for a player to play the matron/MILFy headmistress of the coven, two of her daughters, or the mother’s most promising pupil. I have used Daughter as a title within the order rather a means of indicating familiar relation—although that’s negotiable).

Dream Chipper Redux MxF, MxFxF, or MxFxFxF, Shadowrun, Intermediate or Possibly Long Term.

One, two, or three three characters, episodically, across from one or two of my characters.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

It was supposed to be a data snatch—but it turned into a complete Cluster Drek—which is to say half the team was fragged and the Johnson who sponsored the run couldn’t cough up the creds. She left one of them for dead and split the stash with the other two.

Weeks later, reports begin to swill throughout the sprawl, the onetime gang member has taken to calling herself Boudicea and she’s beating all of the gangs in the Barrens into a god damn army! The Johnson has taken to calling herself Helen and she’s woed the executive officers of two of the most powerful Mega corps in the sprawl—no one has seen the Lady Samurai, and there’s reports of joy girls and debutants disappearing all across the Sprawl.

(The idea is derived from a first edition Shadowrun Module. The Lady Johnson and her runners snatch three BTLs, Better Than Life Chips, that are actually military grade software. Each chip replicates the skill set and persona of a historical figure. In the above example I used Boudica—Strategy/Leadership/Tactics, Helen of Troy Espionage/Seduction, and Elizabeth Bathory—Assassination/Counterinsurgency. Although I would be open to other ideas; I would like to play the runner who’s left for dead and goes looking for the Johnson and other runners who participated in the botched operation; I would also be open to playing one of the other runners who plugs in a BTL, albeit a male runner with a male persona).

Amaranthine Hearts MxF, Vampire the Masquerade, or other vampire mythos, Short-Long Term, Non-Con, Dark, light bondage, with the possibility of darker elements.

Wanted: A strikingly beautiful, damaged, possibly dangerous young woman to become the blood doll, or childe of an ancient and sinister Cainite.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Such a beautiful girl, dancer, courtesan, purveyor of dark pleasures—beautiful: or she would be if she wasn’t carrying so much emotional and psychological shit. After she kissed the Congressman, she soon broke the second cardinal rule—she fell in love. When he spurned her advances she developed a deep and disquieting fixation with him—the Congressman intervened. After Lauren’s manager fired her from the Gentleman’s Club where she had worked since dropping out of college, at the beginning of her senior year, her clients began to perceive her as damaged goods. She was still beautiful, still so skilled in carnal arts that she could “make a grown man cry . . . [or] a dead man cum.” But her life had reached a nadir, on weekends; she danced at a dive she had scarce looked at since she was eighteen, and worked swing at an adult bookstore.

With an excess of time on her hands and dearth of cash, Lauren began to delve into the underbelly or erotic roleplaying, online—to placate an excess of desire engendered in large part by the lost of all but a handful of her clients. She met him in the darkest corner of the an online roleplaying site—he was urbane, well read, and . . . Dangerous; more so than even the most depraved man in Lauren’s Rolodex. Ultimately, she confides in him—the crushing despair, the self-destructive thoughts; he offers her a way out.

(Based upon Lucy Taylor’s VtM erotic novel Eternal Hearts. I would also be open to playing a story evocative of another of the subplots within Taylor’s novel. I think the aforementioned idea will be quite dark but perhaps not -quite- as dark as the subplot between Jean and Sascha Vykos in the novel.

Ideally, I would like to play a Lasombra elder in this storyline, although I am open to other possibilities).

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Offline SaharielTopic starter

I know I just posted, but I had another idea--added Amaranthine Hearts. Pictures forthcoming.

Past Plot Ideas/Plot Archive.


I am an experienced roleplayer, GM, and geek.

I have a few ideas for roleplays. All of these ideas are works in progress, I will happily accept suggestions or constructive criticism from potential roleplaying partners. Please PM me if you are interested. Also, please take a look at my ons and offs thread. I am a bit of a stickler for writing in the third person, grammar, and posts with substance.

1.    The Corruption: Dark Epic Fantasy. [MxF] Fantasy Exotic, Non-Con.  Possibly Long term.

Wanted: Female geek/roleplayer who has experience with D&D or fantasy settings to play heroine or villain across from an angel or fallen angel.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I am imagining that the heroine will be corrupted--or corrupt the angel in question.

Possible Pairings

Angel x Goddess, Angel x Fallen Angel, Angel x Demoness, Angel x She-devil, Angel x adventuress or villainess, to name a few.

A few pictures that approximate Tzadkiel, the Angel, albeit roughly.

2.   Ex astrum ut abyssus: Science Fiction/Horror/Survival[MxF, also open to doing a group roleplay] Exotic, possibly Non-Com or Extreme.  Possibly Long term.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

I am a big fan of the Alien franchise and Event Horizon. I am looking for a female player to play an officer, NCO, or civilian contractor across from a character akin to Captain Miller from Event Horizon or Hicks from Aliens. I am open to the possibility of xenomorphs or supernatural horror. Below is an idea I have come with just recently.

Plot Information: Spoiler Warning

The story occurs in a setting akin to the Alien Franchise that blends some elements of Robert Heinlein's Starship Troopers, Alfred Bester's The Demolished Man, and Babylon 5--notably, the existence of Telepaths and their presence in the military.

The Colonial Marine vessel Astrea is dispatched to investigate the disappearance of the mining vessel Persephone[i/]. The ship's company are irate--they were due to come off deployment in two weeks. They find the Persephone derelict, its mating assembly connected to an old mausoleum ship: a vessel constructed to serve as a permanent repository for the remains of the ultra-rich in the event of a nuclear war or similar apocalyptic event. When the crew of the Astrea board the Persephone[/i] they find the crew dead. Five of the seven crew members ingested poison in in a manner similar to a ritualistic group suicide. The second officer and navigator are arranged in ritual fashion although there are clear signs of struggle. When they enter the mausoleum vessel they discover that the interior contains cubic acres of rare marble and gold filigree ceilings. The mausoleum ship also contains unsettling secrets and a maelstrom of dark psychic impressions. Unlike many such vessels this ship is a monument to one man--who entombed himself with his family and household--demanding they follow him to the grave in the same way a Pharaoh's household followed him in death.

3.    Hyborian Legends: Hyborean Age or other Swords and Sorcery Setting. [MxF] Content TBD Intermediate Length.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

I love Conan the Barbarian, the original Dino De Laurentiis version, and Conan the Destroyer. I also, recently, began reading Robert E. Howard's short stories--and I love them! For this roleplay I am looking for a partner who will be willing to help move the plot forward. I am not picky about pairings although I would like to play a Conan or Kullesque character or a Necromancer/Sorceror across from a Strong female character like Sonya, Taramis, or Valeria. Although, I'd also consider playing across from a Princess like Jenna or 'the Princess' from Conan the Barbarian.

4.   Castle Echo/All the Time in the World: Earth, contemporary of historical. [MxF] Content TBD Intermediate Length. Taken

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

So this is also an idea in progress. By intermediate length I mean a few weeks, or months. Long enough to complete the story arc. I am looking for a roleplaying partner to play a villain, sidekick, or love interest of a British MI6 agent in a roleplay inspired by the James Bond films. The roleplay will be contemporary or historical, set during the early sixties, when Dr. No. and From Russia with Love are set. I will play a double-0 agent based on Sean Connery and Daniel Craig’s portrayal of Bond.  As with the Realms roleplay, I am looking for a knowledgeable partner who can help me advance the plot. Additionally, I would prefer a confident and capable heroine like Jinx or Wai Linn, or a wicked villain like Xenia Onatopp or Elektra, although I am open to other possibilities.

As with the films the roleplay will likely contain double entendre, puns, chases, action scenes, and cool gadgets. 

Plot Information: Potential Spoilers

Intro: The story begins with the protagonist, agent 00-, visiting the grave of his deceased wife, in much the way Roger Moore’s Bond visits the grave of his wife in For Your Eyes Only. After receiving a message from a bogus M he steps into his Aston Martin and is accosted by the other character, the ideas I am working with is an impromptu car-chase/race or a car-chase/shootout, f the other player is a villain or a character of uncertain allegiance. At some point the first scene will end in a shootout, knife fight, intimate scene, explosion, or maybe some combination of the four. Or perhaps the first scene will defy the genre and end in a way that's entirely new way.

I have two ideas for the main plot. Neither of these are complete plot summaries and both are works in progress.

Castle Echo: The first involves the theft of Castle Echo a nuclear Warhead, with a yield in excess of 100 Megatons, from a nuclear weapons disassembly facility in Texas (contemporary) or a Strategic Air Command Base in Nebraska (historical). The U.S. State Department and DOD are unwilling to acknowledge the existence Castle Echo but MI6 discovers that an American SAC IFF transponder will be auctioned at an upcoming Arms Bazaar.

All the Time in the World: I know, the title is a total ripoff from In Her Majesty's Secret Service but the idea is solid. The second possible plot involves an investigation into a German (contemporary) or East German (historical) pharmaceutical magnate connected to the death of a 00-agent who was investigating the defection of several a high-level virologists to his company. Days after initiating the investigation, several Anthrax cultures are stolen from a Soviet, or Russian, Chemical Weapons Lab by the Pharmaceutical magnate’s henchmen.

If neither of these plots strike your fancy but you would still like to do a roleplay based on the genre feel free to PM me with other short, intermediate, or longterm ideas.


Other, largely unrealized, plot cravings.

5.   1930’s Indiana Jones or contemporary Tomb Raider play.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

I am a huge fan of the Lara Jones and Clara Ravens Comics I also love the Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones Movies. I think there needs to be a good mix of adventure, exotic locales, lore, and sex for this to work. I will happily play an Indiana Jones inspired character across from a character based on Willie Scott, Elsa Schneider, Irina Spalko, or an original period creation. I would also happily play across from a Lara Croft inspired character.

6.   Shadowrun, Cyberpunk, or Blade Runner.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I love Cyberpunk and Blade Runner. i love William Gibson and Philip K. Dick. My Cyberpunk and Shadowrun characters usually fall into the detective or street samurai archetypes but I have been trying to step outside of the cookie-cutter roles and subvert or complicate the clichés.

Thank you for reading my thread. Game on =)

The Tomb of Bintanath MxF, Historical Adventure, Horror, Supernatural Romance. Short-Long Term, Dark, light bondage, with the possibility of non-con.

Wanted: The daughter and one of the Great Royal Wives of Ramses II.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

After canvassing and the Valley of the Kings for several years Dr. Andrew Witte has exhausted his funding. Then, comes upon an unbroken tomb seal beneath a heap of rubble left by Arab invaders. The tomb is completely undisturbed albeit quite small for. It is also strange that a one of Ramses Great Royal Wives should be excluded from his burial sight. Amid the revelry in the camp, Witte's team drinks heavily and two of the ladies in the company bring an Isis Board (An early Ouija Board) to the edge of the fire. Drunken questions receive unsettling answers--and when the rays of the sun touch the face of sleeping princess--the daughter and wife of the greatest of pharaohs--Bintanath tears rotten cotton from her desiccated limbs. Archaeologists, laborers, a cartographer, pilot, and two spoiled heiresses recoil then draw close. Before their eyes, he desiccated woman screaming like an infant sloughs off 3,100 years of decay. The woman who stands before them is enough to stir the desire of any man and a great many women.

After 3,100 years of slumber her appetites are insatiable.

(Loosely inspired by The Mummy, its remake, and The Mummy or Ramses the Damned. With regard to content, the male involved in this story--Doctor Witte will, in all likelihood, be considerably more repressed than Bintanath, at least in the beginning, although there will be a very dominant personality beneath the Edwardian values. In truth he will be a switch character. I imagine the Princess will be more sexual--she came of age in a culture that was considerably more sexual. Lastly, due to her long slumber I think she would be ravenous for all the pleasures of life food, drink, sex, sensation. As with every other story all the details are negotiable.

Although there are elements of incest in the origins of Bintanath, e.g. her marriage to her father, I don't foresee incest playing a role in Bintanath and Andrew's relationship save dialogue about her past life.)
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Re: New Ideas (M looking for F, Planescape, VtM, Historical, and more)
« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2013, 02:33:32 pm »
I have just added another idea--The Tomb of Bintanath.