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Author Topic: Story and smut and all those things (M looking for F)  (Read 323 times)

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Story and smut and all those things (M looking for F)
« on: February 25, 2013, 09:16:28 PM »
I'm interested in some of the following scenes.  I'm also open to other ideas in almost any genre (as long as it fits with my O/O).  All of these scenes are Male/Female, and I'm looking for a female to play them with.  I know that writing is just writing, but I feel much more comfortable with a female partner.

Modern Non-Canon:

Vampire and Thrall:

She's a vampire, and he's the unfortunate thrall being groomed to be the first she'll ever turn.  He's quite successful in life, a bit of a playboy, and she's unfortunately fallen for him.  She'll never tell though, will she?  She's made sure he feels a bit devalued, makes sure he knows that she owns him, and has been putting off his turn for some time because of it.  But time is running short, she's either going to have to produce a well-groomed thrall for turning or get rid of him.  Either way her fantasy will end.  Will she make him her vampire prince, or will she hide him from her superiors just to be sure his will remains hers?

The sex here will probably be switch with her having the power to take the dominant role at any time.  This could be a long-term story.


She's a stripper, not a whore, but when her mob boss keepers tell her tonight she has to give it all up she doesn't' really have a choice.  She never thought she'd enjoy it this much though.

Would be semi-NC, switch.


Harley Quinn and ...

I don't have a specific story here, but I know some women out there like to play as Harley, and I'm a big fan.  I could insert any number of characters here from Batman to Mr. J himself or something else.  We can come up with this one together.


Adventurers (Possibly Forgotten Realms):

Separated from their party, he's a burly fighter whose morality is questionable and she's a goody two-shoes Paladin.  He makes flirtatious comments but she mostly doesn't respond, despite her hidden attraction for him.  As they try to find their way back to the surface, she comes across a scroll which she reads that has the unfortunate effect of charming her companion.  Suddenly he's coming onto her hard and she's finding it hard to resist.

Could be long-term.  Mainly he will be the dominant one, but some switching possible.

Game of Thrones:

Jaime and Margaery Tyrell.  Returning to a different world in King's Landing from when he's left, Jaime and Cersei have grown distant.  Once he finds she's been fucking Lancel, he goes and finds the prettiest noblewoman he can.  She's still a maiden, they say, and he itnends to find out if it's true.

Would be semi-non-con with a very dominant Jaime.  Probably somewhat short term.


Custom characters.  She's a Senators daughter curious to see what the pleasures of House Batiatus has to offer.  When she sees them gladiators fighting out in the Ludus, her inquiries lead her to learn for the right price she can have her pick of the litter.  he didn't count on the sex being that fucking good though, and now she's practically addicted and is having a hard time leaving.  Maybe she'll just buy the gladiator so she can have him whenever she wants... unfortunately he's very valuable and wins quite often, so might be difficult to purchase.

Sex would be somewhat rough with the gladiator dominant.


Switched On (BSG):

They've started a life together on one of the last civilian ships in the fleet as recently-married bar owners.  Unfortunately, she's been a sleeper agent all along.  She wakes up one night knowing what she's meant to do, but can't shake her love for this man whom she's married.

Other Stories:

Here's some characters that get me going.  If you have any ideas involving them, we can work something out.

Danaerys Targaryean (GoT)
Emma Frost (Marvel)
Harley Quinn (DC)
Psylocke (Marvel)
Padme (Star Wars)
Athena (BSG)
Jennifer (Jennifer's Body)
Kara (Supergirl from Smallville)
Miranda (Mass Effect 2)
Selene (Underworld)

Or, of course if you'd like to use me for one of your own ideas, you can PM me that as well.  I am not particularly craving anything above more than anything else, so a really good idea is definitely welcome.
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