Hell for a housewife (f for M intricate Dom)

Started by Jessica, February 25, 2013, 04:11:16 PM

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So, this is an idea that I'd picked up a while back but my partner never ended up going very far with. I liked it a lot, so I'd very much like to try and set up a new game. My character is a woman in her early thirties, a housewife  who lives in the comfortable suburbs with her husband. Her neighbour, a single man, has his sights on her, and has spent a good few years gaining her and her husband's trust, all the while building up a small, personalised 'storage space' for her in his own home. Finally, he decides to strike and make her his. The cruel fact that she's but feet away from her own makes her suffering all the more worse...

The premise is simple, but I am looking for a partner who is prepared to go into the fine details of training and discipline. Since I only have time enough to have one game thread open (I'm a working gal!) I'd really like a partner who'd very much enjoy the much smaller nuances of training, instilling proper 'respect' and discipline. If you are interested in finding out a little bit more about what I mean please do PM me x

Addendum: I'm happy for a female player to play the role of a man!



Another story I'd like to take another shot at!