Anyone know a good program to copy all my music from my iPhone?

Started by Galactic Druid, February 24, 2013, 12:29:28 PM

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Galactic Druid

A while back everyone here helped me figure out my HDD had died. I've replaced it since then, and got everything put back together, except my iTunes library.

Those of you with apple devices already know where this is going; if I plug my phone into iTunes right now, it might transfer over the handful of songs I purchased from their service and their service only, but other than that, my entire library would be wiped when I sync. All of those songs I've taken from CDs I used to own and have lost, original tracks I've downloaded off aspiring artists links, the soundtracks I've got from Steam, etc. everything will be lost.

I've looked around for a third party program to copy everything over manually, but everything I've found is like $20 and often has a demo that doesn't actually work. Can anyone recomend something that will get me up and running again? I'd be very grateful.
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Galactic Druid

Sadly, I'm having trouble with this. Namely, I can't figure out, if they even still let you, how to enable disc use on my phone...
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When you plug your phone in, open it as a file folder. It should show up on your drive lists if you don't get an autorun window with choices open. When you access the file folders, just navigate to your music and copy all your files to your computer manually.
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