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Author Topic: Looking for a DM for some 1x1 D&D swashbuckling goodness! [UN][VAN-E]  (Read 976 times)

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The look that the bar-keep had veritably hurled in Tristin’s direction upon his ordering of a glass of wine was almost enough to get the lad diving for cover behind the bar. Already a sense of shivering, creeping distain for the slender creature within this establishment was beginning to take a hold on his slight frame, twisting the wires that made up his silhouette into vastly unpleasant shapes.

Still, neither the dreadful wine nor the explosions of sporadic violence that had blossomed around him could successfully wetten his desire to become something other than himself. All his life he had seen himself as so dreadfully ordinary, despite the unusual and bohemian life-style he lived in the red-light district. Tristin Isdie was an artist; a musician, a lover, a son and yet he wished to be more than the sum of each of these put together. He wanted adventure, he wanted to be read about, he wanted to fear and fight and love…

It was a saddening experience to see how far removed he was from these hardened, scarred veterans in their leathers and mail. Even with the addition of a fine looking but secretly blunt rapier to Tristin’s mobile arsenal, he did not seem to fit into this jigsaw puzzle of adventurers’ society.

Slipping off the stool that seemed even to tell him he did not belong, Tristin had begun to shuffle dejectedly towards that ever open door, reinforced violin case in hand until…CRASH! The sound of breaking glass next to his head heralded something new.

Right, while I am not quite sure whether that little bit of IC drivel actually shows my writing in as good a light as, I hope, it could, I felt like adding it in, just to give whoever might read this a little taste of things to come. I do however, think that what would be to come from my end of the bargain would be a little better. If you’d like a little more evidence of my writing style don't hesitate to check out any of my threads or ask me for Tristin's profile :)

While this is not quite as 'high-brow' and respectable as my usual requests, what I’m looking for is a DM to control a young and rather shakey bard’s adventures from the very beginning – a very good place to start. I’d be playing Mr Tristin Isdie and, well, you’d play the countless characters he’d meet on his adventures to run away from, hit with a blunt rapier and get taken advantage of by…you may also be able to create a few characters of your own to travel with Tristin in whatever role you like :P You’d pretty much have nigh on total creative freedom here!

Still, first, before I elaborate, here is the mandatory Barding-mark elimination process. In other words, I’ll say what I’m looking for, and you’ll stop reading if you aren’t it *beams* Sorry to be a little elitist and all but, well, can you blame me?

Right, this is what I want in my prospective DM/fellow player:
- A talented roleplayer with a good grasp of narrative and literary English, preferably full of effective metaphors and lovely literary devices. Spelling is a MUST and grammar is lovely too but the actual content, quality and (to some extent) quantity of your posts are the main thing. A multi-paragraph, narrative writing style would be a definite bonus. As a result of this I will, probably, be wanting examples of your writing style at some point before I may any manner of final decision.
- A creative DM with enough of a grasp of the D&D world and enough of a liking for it to commit to some extent. I am okay absences for a little while if called for but, well, I would like some degree of actual playing to go on :P. Creativity, however, is the important thing in this context – you need to be able to handle an entire world and make it gorgeous, believable and enjoyable. DMing experience isn’t too important and nor is knowledge of the rules and systems (this would be a very rules-lite campaign, concentrating on roleplay and character development)…enthusiasm and actual roleplaying skill is more of a factor here. In other words, come and have a go!
- A female player/DM would be a bonus although it’s not completely necessary. I’m open minded. I’m not too bothered about who’s behind the key-board so long as you fulfil my other terms…Although, I am afraid, a female would be preferable.
- An American player/DM who happens to play during their mornings and/or afternoons a fair amount or a European player/DM with a good grasp of English and who tends to be around most of the time during the day, in a similar way to me.

Now that I’ve got my Nazi-ing out of the way, I can talk a little about the actual nature of what I’m hoping to do.

I’d be playing Tristin Isdie, a rather girlish and pretty young bard who hopes to enter into the world of adventuring in a classic attempt to escape from an otherwise banal life-style in the red-light district of (insert city name here). He’d be somewhat tragically bohemian with a look towards fame, truth, beauty, love and, above all, freedom.
   I’d imagine that, on his adventures, conducted and thrust upon him courtesy of you, he’d find all of these things repeatedly, most likely only to lose them again and again! There’d be ineffectual, Captain Jack Sparrow-esque buckling of as much swash as you can handle, badly executed magic (taught to him by the prostitutes that he grew up amongst, geared towards physically rejecting overly enthusiastic clients), various characters taking advantage of him (from wolf-girls that happen to be in heat to drow matriarchs to waif-like girls he rescues by mistake and who insist on travelling with him to cute goblin girls…you know…the works!) and, most likely, falling tragically in love numerous times, only to be bereaved by circumstance.

Setting-wise, I’d love to go with either classic D&D or a steampunk D&D setting – I like both!

In terms of how this would be conducted, I’d prefer it to be done over AIM but, well, forum-play is also very much welcome!

Aside from all that, all I can really say now is that I simply hope I might get some bites on the end of this ad. In order to contact me if you’re at all interested then PMs are required, adds on AIM are welcome and so are bumps….in fact they’re encouraged! In other words, just show whatever appreciation and interest you can.

All in all, I just hope the dreadful sample at the start of this ad didn’t put y’all off and, well, I hope to see some interest. Don’t let me down!
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