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Now that I am here, I think it is time to create a new request thread for my rp ideas, so that you may see them and see if you are interested in any of them. I will not do any pairings other then M/F. My rps tend to have more plot in them then smut most all of the time, just a note. I am working to modify my ideas within reason, if they need to be modified and listen to other ideas people might have. On with the ideas

1. Lost Neko rp: Your character arrives at home to find a strange creature on your doorstep. He looks really beaten up and worn out. He also looks very human like though not quite human as it were. What will you do, take him in and help him or send him backing, the choice is up to you.

2.The Widow King:A young king is a widow, he is a good man and a good king, he lost his wife to illness a year prior, and has been in morning ever since. Everyone in town wants the king to improve but don't know how to help him. So they send for a mage who agrees to help the King but can she help him move on, will she be able to connect his former love beyond death to convince him to move on, will she too have feelings for him.[

3.Misplaced in time: A young knight, one of the best in the whole history of his land has been lost to time, and now has woken up in the back ally of a street in the modern world. He walks into a local store looking for help and bumps into your character. Will you think this young man silly, or will you help him adjust to the new world around him. If you help will romance happen, or our your ways of thinking just to different.

4. Ninja/Samurai RP: You are a scout, a ninja, working for a top level warrior, skilled in the most amazing ways. You are paid by a important samurai, this Samurai has known you since forever, and you two have been friends the whole time working together for the benefit of the land, and the people of the land. Both of you have feelings for the other, but your old friends and you refuse to show them. Now, you have been given an dangerous assignment to travel in search of a mystic city, that has appeared, and find out what dangers it may pose and stop it if possible. This is a action/romance rp with an opening for other paths as well.

5.People write books all the time, and toss them aside, thinking nothing of them or what happens inside the book. One of these writers, is sent a blank book, this book is suppose to be special, the writer as ever starts to write his new story, finding himself the next morning unknowingly in the world of the book he has written, and still can write, what will happen in the the writer, will they figure out they have control of the story, or just go along, and let it happen at random, will they keep hold of the book or will it be stolen from them, a lot of ways this rp could end up going.

6.enemies together: During a great battle at sea (period of time can be changed mattering on rp) two enemies end up getting shipwrecked and both end up floating ashore onto the island. One of them is a woman whom had dressed up to pretend to be a man, so she could get revenge on a lost love. The other is a professional officer of the other side. Now the two of them are stuck on the desolate island, and will have to work together to be able to get out alive, but will the be able to, or will the situation end up at the end of both of them.

7. enemies together: During a great battle at sea (period of time can be changed mattering on rp) two enemies end up getting shipwrecked and both end up floating ashore onto the island. One of them is a woman whom had dressed up to pretend to be a man, so she could get revenge on a lost love. The other is a professional officer of the other side. Now the two of them are stuck on the desolate island, and will have to work together to be able to get out alive, but will the be able to, or will the situation end up at the end of both of them.

8. In the Game: you are playing your favorite game when a lighting storm hits, all the power goes out in the whole house and you are transported inside of the game. You are suddenly standing in front of the hero of the game. How ill you handle meeting him, and this world, which you know a good bit about. Things sure are going to be different from now on out.

9.A Curious Treasure: A young man guards a great treasure for many years, after being asked to by a old wizard. He guards it and then passes down the assignment to his son, who passes it down to his son and so forth. Till one day, one son gets curious and opens the box, figuring that it is modern day and it is nothing but legend, only to find a strange female inside.

10.Sekirei Rp: You are one of the special Sekirei, there are 110 of you, each with your own special power that you can uses. Sadly, the power doesn't become active till you find your Ashikabi, a special male who is destined to bond with you. When you find him and kiss him your powers become active, and the stronger your connect the stronger your powers. You will need them cause you will be in a fight as all 110 of you fight it out to be the last one and have a prize said to of been directly from the gods. Could combine this idea with other fighting series if you want.

11.Japanese RP You are a courtesan to the emperor of Japan, who wants to use you to keep track of potential enemies. As such he has sent you to a far flung land to the south, to keep on eye on one warlord. Will you be able to diligently work for the emperor or will you fall under the sway of the young strong daimyo. Will you even betray your emperor for this Lord.

12.Lost goddess: you are a goddess, a minor one but still a goddess who was sent to earth by Zeus to see how human's lived for a single year. A conduction to the deal was that you lost all memories of who you were, that way you would think yourself truly human. You have been sent a small town, with little more then the clothes on your back. Now can you last a year on your own. [

13 .Machine?: You are a scientist working on a new machine, this one is suppose to be ready to sneak into enemy lands and assistant who ever it is told to kill. Yet as you finish the proto-type, you find out that the funding is canceled and that your serves are no longer needed. The proto-type is perfect, a perfect biomedical robot, that is almost human. It is alive now, what will you do with this machine?

14. Deadly city: You are in the capital of Japan, things on the streets are getting crazy, they are fighting everyday and dying everyday. You are worried, yet when a young samurai offers you his help and protection, do you accept, or are you worried that this man is just as dangerous and maybe wants more from you, what do you do and what will happen cause of your choices.

15.Wow! their are demons: You are a normal human who has lived their life rather normal as a schoolgirl, yet one day you start to hear and feel odd things. You see demons soon after. You are then meet a young man, who seems odd, he tell you what you see is true, and that you are gifted specially to help the world with keeping an eye on the demons, do you go with him and find out what he is talking about or just run away as fast as possible.

16.A new start: a young man has been kicked out of his home, and has to start all over again, he has to figure out what he will do with his life. He travels the country side where he meets strange creatures and has amazing adventures. Along the way, he meets someone who decides to help him, and needs him as much as he need her (could be pokegirl/monster girl type rp)

17.Barbarian Lord: In a world that is chaotic, a young leader of one of the huge number of various groups fighting almost constantly, wants to change things. He has had success fighting and claiming a good size area of land for himself, and now he needs to add some security with the marriage to a the daughter of a nearby group. The marriage is quickly arrange between himself and his future wife, neither having even seen each other to this point. Is there a chance for this marriage to be anything but a political marriage, how will the marriage effect the Lord aims to unifying the area under his control.

18. The dark battle against Demons: It has been a year since the rise of King Piccolo, and the world has fallen into darkness, it is sadly up to a handful of people to stop him. You are from one of the villages destroyed by the demons and you have ran into this school of warriors. There is a chance they will attack this place soon. Will you help or run more?

19. The low birth Empress: The Emperor is traveling the land, looking over his great far flung lands, making sure to meet with the people who are important in every area of his kingdom. He would enjoy the customs of each and every area, and make sure to get to know the people. When he comes to the area, a beautiful get the honor of entertaining the emperor, and she make a impression upon him, he wants her to come with him back home, will she take the chance, and where will such a opportunity lead. Will she be able live with the dangerous and fast live of being possibly the Empress of the land or will it be to much for her.

20.  The time machine: a man from the present day, a scientist has lost it all, nothing left in his world. he has decided to go back in time. He has trained himself, and set himself up so that he can made a large impact on the time period he is going to go to. What will happen now, when he actually does time travel.

21. Demon King: You are a princess, of a elf race, things were going well, but now a powerful demon king has come, and crushed your people, and plans to use you as the example of how he controls them. Will you be able to hold out and stand against his desire, or will you fall to his desire and become his completely

22. Agent: a man has been searching for new and unique talent promising to make them into the new stars of the nation and new idols but of course with such a deal there is a price. He meets your character and offers her the deal, will she agree to it or walk away from fame and fortune.

23. A man walks up to you in the middle of the day and tells you that you are the only one whom can save the world. You think he is crazy but he leaves you his number and after he leaves very strange things start to happen. Do you avoid you fate or do you call the an and learn about the secret fate and world others no nothing about as we'll as who you truly are.


25. The lost Saiyan: A great warrior from the past, he was lost off world during the destruction of his home world. He traveled to earth, but isn't interested in finding the prince, he just wants a simple life knowing that the world would be protected by strong beings, but is it possible for this monkey boy to even be able to do such a thing?

26.A Queen's choice: You are the queen of a small but important kingdom, the thing is, queen's are not allowed to have such power. The has been a declaration that you have 3 weeks to find a husband, or they will select the man you marry. That isn't something you want, so you have your advisers bring in the three princes from the neighboring countries, will you be able to pick the one you want as your king?

27.The workplace romance: You have had the same job since you got out of high school, the main reason is cause of your boss. you have had a crush on him since you started. He has been respectful and kind towards you, but has been married. Yet recently he has lost his wife. Will you be able to help him, and maybe even make your dreams of romance with him come true?

28.The Musician: A great amount of composers live within the town, they work to make themselves the best in their fields of music. In fact, the great city, has become known as the City of Music. In its town, one of the most impressive writers has been unable to make any music, he has just lost his desire to write. Yet, one day when he meets a woman, on the street, he feels a new energy to write. He loses the woman in the crowd. He goes in search of her, not knowing, that she is a musician as well. Will he be able to find her, and what will happen when he finds out she is as good as him, will he be able to get her to help, or will his muse be lost for good. As she can eliminate her competition by avoiding the man.

29.The Princess and the Adventurer: You are a princess a noble, there is somethings that you have to do in life, and a standard to all things you must keep. Yet, recently you have meet a man whom, goes against all of your standards, a man whom doesn't fit into the royal society, an explorer, a sailor and a solider, he lives his life in ways you wish you could, you decide to escape with him to see a new life, but will you be able to live without the comforts and ease of the high life?

30. In dreams: two people who have very different lives in various parts of the world, meet somehow when they dream, every dream they have is shared. What is the cause of the connect, will they ever meet in real life, and what about the types of dreams these two are having.

31. A man is born with a great mental ability to put mental suggestions into the minds of people he can see. He can do this to influence people, some weak enough mind for it to work easy some people it being less effective on. He works as he grows up improving his unique skill as he grew up. Now an adult he wants to test his luck using his skills on women he comes across at random during the course of a day.

32. A man wakes up on a small island in the middle of nowhere, the man have no memories of whom he is and the people of this island have no knowledge of the going ons outside the island. What if this man was a true villain having done many bad things before ending up on the island. Will he change with this new chance or will he revert to whom he was before losing to his memories.

33. A man whom is renown for his magical skills has been traveling around for unknown lengths of time, he is more a myth then he is fact, there are people whom think he is some kind of holy person, some whom thinking he was given skills by a darker power, what it is, and what he is unknown. He is just known to be a force of nature, which no one ever seems quiet prepared for, given the stories that are told. Yet, these are just stories, and you have heard reports that this man is coming to your village, what is going to happen when he get there. This rp could go a lot of directions.

34. He was a great knight and a great warrior, but the type had come along for him to take a student to learn his ways, and for him to pass on his studies. It was custom, that each great knight pass down his learning, so that if anything happened to him, that his studies would live on. Yet, as this great knight learned of his student, he was shocked to find out that he was going to have to train a woman of all things. He didn't even know that women were allowed to be knights in the first place, yet, he was going to have to share his knowledge with her. He felt very disrespected by this, but he had no choice and would have to take on the female knight as his squire.

35. You are a young woman who lives in the middle of nowhere you have nothing, and you find life extremely boring. You in short just want to get away and have an adventure. One day, a young knight comes threw your town, he is hurt, badly, and you help him till he wakes up. He is from a very famous family, and wants to take you on with him as his servant and personal medic, but your family is against it. Will you go or will you stay, and what type of adventures will you have if you go.

36. Tournament Special Edition: A tournament is being held between all the great clubs of fighting, meaning all the fighting games. Who will win the tournament, who will come out on top, and who will fall. The winner gets all the money they want, and the loser well the losers may have to serve the winner.

37. Tabla Rosa: A young man is born with great potential for both good or evil, his talents are amazing, he can do great things, and is extremely naturally gifted. Yet, in a way he is nothing more then a pawn. Both the forces of heaven and hell send a person to recruit and try to bring the supremely talented young man into the fold, what will he do.

38. Machine?: You are a scientist working on a new machine, this one is suppose to be ready to sneak into enemy lands and assistant who ever it is told to kill. Yet as you finish the proto-type, you find out that the funding is canceled and that your serves are no longer needed. The proto-type is perfect, a perfect biomedical robot, that is almost human. It is alive now, what will you do with this machine?

39. Quest for the Hope: A isolated tribe, has been alone for hundreds of years, yet now, they have had been attacked by a new unknown foe, for which they had no hope of being able to defeat. Yet, there is one chance, there is a rumor of a great sword of legend that is suppose to give them the power to defeat any of their enemies. In their desperation, a young woman volunteers to go in search of the sword, but she must go with a guide who happens to be an outsider who left the enemy in the opening days of the invasion. Will they be able to work together to save their home?

40. Barbarian Princess: You are the princess of a great tribe, your people have been around for a long time. Yet, you have no clue that the power that is rome is coming for you. They are there to take your lands and make you part of the Roman Empire. How will you deal with this threat, will you fall to it or rally your people and fight off the Roman army, or will some kind of peace and understanding happen between the two sides.

41. A new type of game: my oc is a student a college, and he hears about a new and strange game, the game is determined by points, each sexual action is set at a number of points, and the rating of the person it is with is also set a number of points. the young man gets talked into joining the campus wide contest, to see if he can win. This plot can go a whole lot of different ways, just a basic idea, so if you are interested we can very much work out this idea farther, as well as setting etc.

42. A new change in history? : A 26 year old scientist secretly discovers a way to travel back into time, but the catch is that he can only do so one time, and he will be stuck in this new time, with whatever he brings with himself. The young man sets the machine, tired of the world he is from wanting to find something in the past where he can make much more of his life then he has in the present. He sets the machine and goes to the past. The time he goes to as well as the plot, I will work out with whomever is interested in this idea.

43: a interesting trip: there was a huge contest, that went up around the country, the win would win a one year trip around the world, going to pretty much everywhere around the world in the most luxurious way possible for free. Millions of people entered into the contest, for the prize, but in the end something odd happened, and two names came out at the same time. Two random names, one a young man, and one a young woman, whom didn't know each other at all. Know they both have won this trip, but they will have to deal with each other's company if they wish to go on the trip.

44.A pleasant trip, not: a trip to the new world, a trip to set up a  new life away from the country you are from. A place where you don't have to worry about the issues that trouble the masses of europe, no over population, and land, and fresh air, you have even heard that life expediencies are longer in the new world then the old. Well that sounds all good, but you never make it to the new world. A pirate ship or a enemy ship intercepts your own, and is on the search for goods, the men of the ship take everything, as they do the captain of the ship decides to take you as well.

45. A odd tale of the new world: starts of like plot 44 but you make it to the new world, in this plot though, you were sent to the new world to be married off to a former royal whom went into exile with the rise of Cromwell. You are used the the easy life as a royal yourself, so how will you adapt when you find that life isn't so privileged as it had been back home. When you don't have the servants, or poshness to life that you had, and when you might actually have to do work.

46. A new life on a new island: You were a farmer's daughter, whom lived in the north of Europe, this was the case until, vikings came and took everything in the village, and kidnapped you with the purpose of making your their own, when they got back to their homeland. As you travel though, the viking ship is attacked in turn, but a different group, whom was at war with the vikings, you now are on their ship to their lands, what will they do with you, is unknown, they don't know whom you are and think you might just be a viking. Now how will you adapt to all the crazy changes, and deal with them.

47. A strange plague has come forth to the land, this plague is unlike anything anyone has ever seen. All medicine has been proven ineffective against it, nothing has worked to stop the spread of the plague. The plague is thought of as a punishment against the sins of the world, for turning towards science and away from god. The reason this is the cause, is, the plague doesn't kill people, but turns them into demons, corrupting them, and creating a chaos which levels whole cities despite the attempts to stop the demons or the plague. You are one of the humans whom is left, you are wondering the world, searching for this nation, that is suppose to be out there somewhere, where the demon plague never goto, the last human nation on earth, A place where all the human's whom survived immune to the plague has retreated too. Will you make it to the island, will you find help on the way, and what will happen when you do make it there?

48: Life is boring, nothing good ever happens, and it seems nothing good will ever happen. each day you go to work, get your work done, eat and then go to bed, maybe some reading or tv watching or whatever thrown in the the mix. Yet overall, you are not enjoying life all that much. You figure that things will remain this way till your last days, that the world is just a boring no good place. Yet, one day as you daydream, you wish that something you are watching was real. As you wish this, the figure on the screen comes into your living room, and is real. How do you deal with this. What if there was a cost to the wish, where not only what you wished for came into your life, but a dark evil came too. How you would you deal with this, make a lot of wishes, or just one, and try to stop the evil that you created with it? One thing is for sure, life won't be so boring anymore.

49.  Mystery of the Treasure: You have always wanted to make it big, to find wealth, and fortune, you have always wanted to be the great woman whom has ever been alive, and to do so, you have to have some big break. After the death of your grandfather, you are left with his books, while in morning you look though them, and find a odd book, which you open to find it to be written mostly in a language that is unreadable, the parts that you can read were written in by your grandfather, as he talks about his adventure to this land years before, and he talks about a great treasure he had looked for but never found. Now, that you know of this, you want to go in search too, will you be able to do what he couldn't or just give up the search as he had for some unknown reason.

50. You are traveling for an assignment, you are a reporter for a big time paper. You travel across the sea when you find that you get into a heck of a storm, this storm is unlike anything you have ever seen or felt, or even noticed before.  You know the ship is going to be in trouble, and you manage to make it to a lifeboat as the craft sinks into the sea. As you escape however, you are knocked out, waking up on a strange land, one with all sorts of mystic and fantasy characters with all sorts of powers and abilities, the only thing is, in this world, you are the only human, and none one you have meet have heard of humans outside of legends.

51. Character development idea: This idea could be many things, it would actually start off in the non-adult section when the main characters are younger, and would work there for a while till the characters got old enough and they had adult relations. The idea could something to deal with a fandom as well, say like Naruto, two teammates start off in the non-adult section and as time passes they get old enough and have relations and the rp moves to the adult section.

52(new). A man winds up wakes up on a different world without knowing it. He has no memory of his past or that he is a prince of a galactic empire. He is on a decently technological advanced planet but not as much as that of the amnesia induced prince. He winds up wondering the land with a nack of helping people which could draw him into the affairs of the world maybe more directly over his time there. This could go multiple ways mattering on what is decided upon.


Some of my OCs
Male OCs
Name:Justin I
Age: 30
Appearance: http://static.zerochan.net/Tristan.%28Fire.Emblem%29.full.998689.jpg
HIstory: A Young King, of a decent size land, he was born as the only child of the King and Queen, and brought up in their home. He was trained in all areas that he would need as the ruler, and recently as taken over that spot, as King of the nation. He as resolved himself to increase the security of his land, and improve the kingdom as king.
Setting: Fantasy/Middle Ages.
Personality: Focus, Intelegent, kind

Name: Angelo
Age: 22
Appearance:  http://charactersrplenty.webs.com/gunslinger.jpg
History: A gunmen whom has been trained by his own family to take up the clains role as protector to whom ever wanted to pay the most or hired killer as well. He has served in various missions since he was a young teen, and has become very good at his skills. He normally works for one government, but from time to time as his family's tradition does freelance.
Setting: Modern or Futuristic
Personality: Calm, somewhat anti-social, proud

Name: Alfred
Apperance: http://oyster.ignimgs.com/mediawiki/apis.ign.com/fire-emblem/thumb/6/6c/250px-Canas.jpg/228px-250px-Canas.jpg
History: As a young man, he joined the one of the mage orders of the land, and worked in the library researching all the time. He worked on learning everything he could from books. Yet, he has no real world experience to back up his leaerning so far. He is a good learning, but cause of his lack of real work knowledge, he has just been assigned to work on the missions for the Order.
Setting:Fantasy/Middle Ages
Personality: Friendly, Shy, unconfident

Name: Kyo
Apperance: http://www.animecrazy.net/forums/members/u74702/dhaos-albums-anime-i-watched-2-picture91705-samurai-deeper-kyo.jpg
History: A ronin, since he was 18, when his lord was assisnated by a ninja, he has been traveling the world learning as much swordsmenship as he can, to master all that he can. He keeps his eye open for someone whom might be a worthy lord, but so far he has found no one worth his time, and thus continues on his journies
Setting:Far East/Warring States period
Personality: Agressive, proud, arrogant

Name: Alexander
Appearance: Alexander stands around 6'1 and is a extremely strong man, he looks every bit of the warrior that he is. Alexander has short, gold hair that always is messy no matter what, with sea blue eyes, that look like the Aegean near where he is from. He has a taint similar to that of any person whom has been outside for most of his life, and a confidence when he walks that he shows off with every step.
History: A Prince of a small Greek city-state, he is in charge, and he has to work with others in battle often, keeping the security and peace of his homeland, and the alliance that protects it form his enemies.
Setting: Ancient Greece/Rome/Egypt
Personality: Sometimes proud, sometimes humble, brave, determined.

Name: Kobusaka Kobi
Appearance: He is stall and build very much like a tank, standing over 6'5 and with a body similar to a heavy weight boxer. He isn't human, but a Ice Demon, a dark Ice Demon, whose skin is a Dark Blue from his environment where he lives in the Demon Realm. He has crimson red eyes that set apart form his body as he has a serious demeanor, and they turn a bright red when angry, or focused on using his skills.
History: Leader of the Ice Demons, he was not considered all that important, battles to take land and to expand the power of his people, has a natural hatred for those whom live in life, that could be considered out of jealously towards them and maybe even a bit self loathing.
Setting: Supernatural
Personality: Cold, indifferent to things outside his tribe, dark

Female OCs (mostly to be used for side characters maybe side pairing just straight pairing though)

Age: 18
Looks: http://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=1125375
A young woman who has train she youth in the arts of healing. She sets out to try to make her way in the world and help out the people whom she meets.

Zenulacia (Zen)
Looks: http://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=924765
History: this elf has no knowledge of her own past. She just remembers waking up 3 years prior with her knifes and belongings. She has worked for others as a spy sometimes. Sometimes a thief as well, she searches for whom she is and why she has never seen another of her kind.

Looks http://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=1351265
History: born into a powerful demon clan she turned traitor for unknown reasons, much of her life for the most part remains unknown, she works with the Ice Clan of Demons as an advisor.

Name: Misha
Age: ageless
looks: http://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=1330912
History: A demon, whom has been cast off to earth, and has been trying to find a way into hiding. Demons are searched for and hunted after when found, thus has lived a life in complete isolation.
Personality: anti-social, findependent, worker, confident, proud


Male cc I will play
Various others
Maybe Gai, Jiraya, Obito

Final fantasy:
Maybe Vincent, and FF 7CC characters

Street fighter

Trunks (older or Mirai)
Goten (older)
Maybe Vegeta, Nappa, Jiece,

Dynasty warriors

Zhou Yuan
Ma Chao
Liu Bei
Lu Xun
many other characters

Kenshin- Samurai X
Various others possible


Updated, I added 5 new rp ideas, and a couple of new OCs for the list








Update 8: added 8 new plots, I think they are really good, I hope you enjoy ^_^


I added one interesting I think RP idea, as well as updated the Cannon Characters I would play as.




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