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Author Topic: Plots and ideas to burn  (Read 504 times)

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Plots and ideas to burn
« on: February 22, 2013, 01:12:04 pm »
1-This rp deals with an immortal collector who travels around the universe before such travel became possible.  He simply collects and sells one of a kind items to select buyers.  Whether it be the Mona Lisa or in this case a beautiful actress.  Once the buyer chooses the actress he kidnaps her and then trains her according to the specs of the buyer.

2-This rp deals with an 18 year old man who finds out he was adopted when his parents suddenly pass away.  He searches out his biological family to find his biological sister is anything but what he expected.  In fact she is gorgeous.  He loses nerve to introduce himself and instead he follows her finding things out about her so he can eventually approach her and talk about things she likes.  However once he does introduce himself he neglects to say who he is and as time goes by it gets harder and harder to do so.  Meanwhile they are growing more and more intimate

3-The lottery winner- This deals with a woman who is responsible for delivering the check to the winner of the lottery.  Knowing the winner is now rich she goes about seducing him in order to take advantage of him and his money.  When he discovers her plan he decides to teach her a lesson on what it is like to own things.  Mainly her.

4-The harem-This rp involves an ultra rich woman who accrues a collection of men who she drugs in order to control them so they will fill her desires while she heaps abuse upon them.  IF YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH A DOM ROLE NOT A WORRY AS THIS IS JUST THE INTRO.  Eventually she forgets to dose one of her slaves and he sees just what she is doing.  He steals some of the drug from her and doses her when she pushes him too far.  He then makes her his slave while releasing the other male slaves

5-Mail Order Bride- A lonely but wealthy man decides to order his bride through a catalog.  Little does he know she has no plans on being his obedient wife but instead plans on taking his money before disappearing.  Or that is her plan.  Once he finds out her plan he makes sure she pays dearly for her plan and she soon can only wish she was his wife instead of his slave.

6-The Anniversary-This is a rp involving a couple on there first anniversary.  To celebrate the occasion she decides to kidnap a lover for him and he kidnaps one for her.  On the given day they celebrate with a four way.  There celebration soon ends when the kidnapped man and woman hit it off together and decide to devise a plan to make slaves out of their kidnappers.

7-Last Will and Testament- Upon a husband's signing of his will which gives all of his money to his wife the wife finds a man with a wealthy wife.  Each plans to marry the spouse of the other so they can each inherit their money and marry each other.  However the man soon drugs his new wife and keeps her tied in the basement for a year at which point she would be declared dead and he stands to inherit both fortunes.

8-The Directors- A man and woman who are planning on directing a horror movie decide that they will kidnap their actors and taking their money.  Not only that but the grizzly scenes in the movie are not make believe.

9-The Clone- A lonely widow who is also a scientist is using the dna of her deceased husband to create his clone from a test tube.  The subject will grow at an accelerated rate do to the process she uses and she expects the male clone to be exactly like the original right down to his submissive nature.  However, due to a mistake he is just the opposite and instead of being submissive he dominates her like she had never imagined dominating the original.

10-Ghost- A man dies only to wake up as a ghost.  Far from being the nightmare he expected he is now invisible, immortal, and capable of doing or taking anything he wants.