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May 21, 2018, 02:28:59 AM

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Author Topic: [Online Gaming RP]Teach Me, Nerd Boy/Girl (M looking for F) - TAKEN  (Read 281 times)

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Offline WheresmycowTopic starter

Edit: TAKEN!

Weird little idea popped into my head.  Figured I'd throw it out there before I headed off to bed for the evening.

Before I start, I want to go over what I think is always the most important part of any RP:

Things I'm looking for in a partner:

Spelling and Grammar - I'm not expecting a college degree on 'Writing'.  However, poor spelling and grammar is rough on the eyes for me, and it does impact my enjoyment.  In terms of what I'm looking for, I think this request thread is a pretty good indicator of where I'm at in terms of the technical side of writing, and where I'd like my partner to be.  Feel free to take a look at my post history and get more of an idea if you'd like.  I'm far from perfect, so I won't expect you to be, but at the same level would be perfect.

Communication - Things like letting each other know when we're busy and so on.  I try not to prod if the posting is slow, and my automatic reaction when my partner doesn't post for awhile is usually "Oh my god, I hope they didn't get hurt or sick" rather than "That lazy bitch!".  If I can get a sense of how often you post, then you won't hear a peep from me about how long it takes.

Equal Contribution - I don't want to do the lion share of running NPCs, and coming up with new plot ideas.  I don't expect you to do it either.  Cooperating together to write a good story is the key here, so I'll do my best to keep it interesting if you'll do the same.

Easy Going - We should be doing this for fun, so getting worked up about posting to a strict schedule and hitting specific plots points at certain intervals doesn't seem to be such a great idea.  I post anywhere from same day to two days later, and will usually warn you if it's going to be later than that.

Honesty - If you're not having fun, tell me.  If you don't like an idea I propose, tell me.  If you want to call it quits, let me know.  There won't be hard feelings over it: your time is precious and I don't want to waste it.

As for my O&O, just click my roleplay preferences and it'll give you an idea of what I'm into.  However, while I'm into them, they aren't mandatory by any means.  So if you see something you're not into, let me know and it won't come up.  And if something is a major turn on for you but isn't mentioned at all, ask me and I will let you know right after updating my O&O.

Now that all of that is out of the way, onto...

The Story Idea:
Character A is the captain of the school's kendo/karate/judo club.  Character A is cocky and self-assured as they have never lost a competition.  While not a bully, A is convinced that there isn't anyone who they can't beat.  A group of nerds challenge Character A to a match, but in an online game called "Aegis Online", a fully immersive virtual reality MMO.  Certain of their victory, since Character A doesn't believe any gamer could possibly beat them at actual combat, Character A agrees.  However, unaware of the game world and mechanics, Character A soundly loses to the nerds and is mocked.  Righteous and proud, Character A doesn't fight them in real life, but is determined to beat the nerds at their own game.

Character B is a shy, nerdy kind of person.  Could be because of bad health, small body, or a variety of things.  However, Character B is well-versed in various games, and plays Aegis Online quite a bit, and has won some local PvP competitions.  Character A, hearing this, goes to Character B and asks them for training, in exchange for one favour.  Character B of course agrees.

So a simple premise, but with a lot of different ways to expand on.  I went with 'Character A' and 'Character B' instead of mentioning gender because in this particular RP, it doesn't matter which one is the boy and which one is the girl.  I can also just as easily play either the jock or the nerd.  Personal preference, I'd rather be the nerd in this case, but I'd be just as capable taking on the role of Character A.

In terms of tone, I'd think something like 'Light' or 'Bondage' would be kind of where I'm aiming at.  I can go all the way to 'Extreme', but my first impression of this RP idea is that it'd be more on the lighter side of things.  There's a variety of themes that could be explored in this RP.  'Expanding One's Horizons' could be one, as Character A is trying something they wouldn't normally do.  'Self-Improvement' can be another, as this might be Character B's opportunity to work past their real life limitations.  Both tone and themes are something that can be discussed and hashed out, I'm not going to have it set in stone right here and now.

As for the characters I would be playing, my version of Character A would be someone confident, a tad arrogant, but doesn't look down on others.  There's a slight difference between "I'm the best" and "I'm better than you", and he'd be more of the former than the latter.  He wouldn't be a bully either, and is probably a good enough person to stop bullying if he saw it.  However, he's a bit narrow-minded, and doesn't understand why someone would play "Aegis Online".  After all, if they wanted to fight, they should learn how to do it in real life.  Definitely a lot of pride, and maybe a bit head strong too.

On the flip side, my version of Character B would be a bit short and geeky looking.  Scrawny, but not uber frail.  It probably started when he was younger, around elementary, all the other boys were growing faster than he was, so they picked on him for being smaller than them, until it was built into his self-image that he was short and scrawny and would always be that way.  I wouldn't call him a coward, but just a tad too passive and mild-mannered, so he ended up being pushed towards being a nerd and found a happy spot there.  His wish will vary on the tone of the game, but if it's set at 'Light', then it'll be "Help me get a girlfriend".

Of course, all details are negotiable.  I don't RP in isolation after all, so it'd be silly to expect someone else to fit my mold exactly and not have ideas of their own.  If you have questions or are interested, reply to this thread or toss me a PM.

Anyways, night!
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