Anyone know of a good grammar checker?

Started by Love And Submission, February 21, 2013, 02:47:39 AM

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Love And Submission

I know of a few solid spell checkers (and the one here on 'E is pretty solid.) but I can't seem to find a truly great and easy to use grammar checker. Does anyone know of one?

I  seem to have  this tendency to type to fast and always end up missing a word yet the grammar checkers never point this out to me forcing me to read my post multiple times to fix them. Sometimes I don't even catch it until weeks later.

I really wish I could find a grammar checker that would point out simple mistakes like that.

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Microsoft Word tends to work okay for me, or Works, though I prefer the former.

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midnight diamond

Yeah, that's the problem with spellcheckers and grammar checkers. Often if you miss a word, or substitute one word for another (such as you're/your and the like), the program still sees it as a valid word choice and doesn't mark it incorrect. That would require something far more cognitive than an algorithm or program or whatever it is. Not to mention that the grammar checker in Word is often incorrect in what it wants to change. Or at least it has been in my experience.

The best grammar checker is your own brain. And if you still miss a word or a letter, there is always that nifty little "modify" button to use. ;D