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June 20, 2018, 10:18:36 PM

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Author Topic: Want to start building worlds: Adult Version  (Read 643 times)

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Want to start building worlds: Adult Version
« on: February 20, 2013, 12:27:16 AM »
I want to start building up worlds with my fellow roleplayers. I have no qualms about settings or themes aside from something like Tragedy. Basically, if you want to RP something you can't find someone else to RP it with, I will most likely be the one to do it with.

I love just about all settings and themes, but here are a few ideas I had:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Based on the Anime of the same name, this will take point a year after the events of the show however will not include the 'Extra Stage' novel that goes along with it because it just feels like extra fluff to me. The setting will require this be a M/F roleplay to function to it's fullest potential. After the events of the show, the Nirvana becomes the flagship of the combined man and woman fleets and also the focal point of a series of experiments.

First: To see how well men and women can coexist. All though the three men managed to integrate into the culture of the ship after a time, nether planet is convinced that it wasn't just due to them being a necessity and that their numbers were so low. A fresh collection of men are being sent to the ship to test if an increased and more diverse population of men can have such a success.

Second: New Vanguards are being shipped along with the men. The drastic differences in combat styles of the men and women as well as their tactics will be tested to see if they can be combined to anything beneficial.

Third: An experimental weapon is going to be added to the fleet, a combined effort by scientists and engineers from both sides to replicate the success of the Vandreads without the effect of the Paksis in the Nirvana's Core. The weapon has transforming properties, able to change from the slick, high speed and versatile Dread that women used to the powerful, maneuverable and melee focused Vangard that the men use. However the weapon has a potentially deadly secret.

My Wife, the Amazon! (Sorry, someone claimed this.)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I had this idea in the mist of a discussion on traditional marriages and feminism. Someone challenged that if the roles were reversed, would I be able to comply with it. The idea of it though left an impression and I had been wanting to do a roleplay of it. The idea is simple, as apposed to the way humans are now with men being typicality stronger than females and they the head of the traditional family, we reverse it so that women are the stronger ones and take on many of the traits attached to males while the reverse is true of men. The details will be worked out between the one who applies for this, but there is a few conditions:

1) Both of the roleplayers have to follow the roles as defined in the thread I started, and I will explain it in detail before the RP.

2) there is a 'fail' condition. Should ether party fail in their roles three times or does something drastic to call for it, then the roleplay ends with a divorce.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Because....... why not? Ether humanized, pony-anthro, or in full pony. Because again, why not?

Aside from those, the rest are freely defined and changed as the roleplayers see fit.

A teaching role of somesort

I know, this isn't as.. detailed as my other two, but I have always enjoyed a role that had me as a teacher, a guide, a leader, ect. (Possibly because it feeds my ego) I've done detailed roleplays that had me actually serving as an actual American History teacher in Second Life. Had a class schedule and everything, wrote up lesson plans and such. Was great until the limitations got to me. Anyway, I might as well leave a few examples.

A personal instructor of some sort: Think along the lines of what the Hero from Fable 3 had. Someone older and wiser who could tap into the potential of the pupil. A few ideas I just had include turning a tomboyish lady into a knight or taking in an orphan outcasted by villagers and sought by a wizard to carry on his name. That's all I had thus far, but I'm open to anything along those lines.

Casual Sex/Friends-With-Benefits: Something about this setting/fetish always appealed to me. The casual way of approaching sexual gratification ether between two people or in the world in general is just exciting for me.

Hard Vore: Speaks to the beast in me. Ether the same way a wild animal tears apart it's prey or the more civilized methods like spit roasting, I enjoy all the processes. When I do bestial hard vore, I prefer to do it with an anthromorphic character such as a wolf on a prey character like a deer.  I prefer willing prey, but unwilling is not on my no list. This connects to..

Snuff: The act of killing another during sex, usually at the peek of orgasm, is something I also enjoy. I am not sure why and no, I don't torture animals in my basement. This is just an interesting one possibly due to how rare it is.

How about a challenge? Recently, I got punished for my 'lack of tact' in the PROC thread by being put on prohibition. Suppose I deserved it, but I want to try and resolve that flaw. I had a feeling it stems from my lack of social interaction so I wanted to try to make an RP where we would resolve that. I want my roleplayer partner to be someone who is skilled and experienced in social interactions in real life to use the roleplay to show me how to interact properly with others.

In exchange, whatever you want. PM if you are interested.


I've been bounding around on Omegle and I got a few ideas I wanted to share.

Alpha and Omega: Werewolf Edition

I haven't seen the movie myself, but the concept is interesting to me. The way it would work is a Shaman would show that there is a connection between the Alpha and the Omega. The Alpha comes from a long and traceable line of powerful leaders and the Omega would be one who just showed up and is basically the pack slave in exchange for their protection and assistance.

What I want the most out of this is to see some imagination from the other player to making some inter-pack politics clear. This is a situation where someone who was basically the bitch for the rest of the pack suddenly finds herself in a place of power and control. By pack law, her orders would be unbreakable without sever punishment. So how will this effect what the others will do? How will it effect her?

Monsters need love, too.

Centaur, Naga, Minator, dragons, and anything else I can't think of. What is the fun in playing a monster that has been done and over done and play one that need love as well. If you want to play one or play with one, just let me know.

Personal Requests:

I hate to sound... picky? but I have a few requests when it comes to roleplayers, things that I really need to fully connect with the roleplay.

1) Detail. Getting as much into the post that I can use in my reply to help insure that you have the best from me in return. I've had tried to do roleplays with people who try and get away with posting a sentence, but even I'm not that good.

2) Spontaneous events: Any roleplayer who can add new and unusual twists in each scene is always welcome with me. I don't mind things like running gags, but I prefer things be as fresh as possible.

3) Flexibility: A roleplayer who can bend with the wind, roll with the punches and come out swinging.

I will update this as I get new ideas and lose interest in others. Please don't be afraid to drop me a PM if you are interested in any of these or you have an idea of your own.
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Re: Want to start building worlds: Adult Version
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2013, 02:03:41 AM »
I updated the page. Just look for the big 'Update' to find it.

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Re: Want to start building worlds: Adult Version
« Reply #2 on: March 24, 2013, 07:17:35 PM »
Updated with Alpha and Omega and Monsters Need Love, Too.