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Author Topic: Phantasy Star Online - Starfleet Academy |Interest Check|  (Read 451 times)

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Phantasy Star Online - Starfleet Academy |Interest Check|
« on: February 19, 2013, 04:05:54 pm »

Starfleet Academy

SC = Space Century (Algo's calendar)
EY = Earth Year (Earth's calendar)
AW = After W-- (Earth's post-disaster calendar)


Billions of years ago

A spiritual entity splits into two separate beings, the Great Light and the Profound Darkness. The two beings battle for many, many years before the Great Light finally traps the Profound Darkness in another dimension, using the three planets of the Algo star system as a seal on the dimensional portal.

100,000 Years Before Phantasy Star I (Earth year 97,628 BC)

The Profound Darkness, no longer weakened by his battle with the Great Light, begins to send Dark Forces into our dimension once every 1000 years. Meanwhile, to combat this threat, the Great Light uses representatives from each of Algo's peoples -- the Palmans, the Motavians, and the Dezorians -- and creates the Desans, a secret society of Protectors whose sole purpose is to travel to Rykros every 1000 years and stop the Dark Forces as they emerge from the interdimensional gateway. To aid in their mission, the Great Light entrusts Elysdeon.

SC 339.14 / EY 2013 / AW 0

A massive disaster involving the planet Earth's climate control systems begins to gradually tear the planet apart. The disaster is so severe and life-altering -- dooming the planet to a slow death -- that the standard Gregorian calendar is replaced in some circles by a new post-disaster calendar abbreviated as "AW."

AW 327    Alis Landale is born.

AW  845 Earthmen establish contact with intelligent lifeforms from other planetary systems. Humans from Earth (the “Earthmen”) arrive in the Algol System aboard the maiden vesselship Noah.

AW 850 Earthmen are accepted into the Galaxy Federation and recognized as an endangered species.

AW 910 The first Newman is artificially created in a lab, she is named Eve.

AW 1284/EY 3284: Events of “Phantasy Star II.”

AW 2284/EY 4284: The events of the First Generation of “Phantasy Star III” (on the Alisa-III). Events of “Phantasy Star IV” (in the Algol System).  One of the Dark Forces is sealed aboard one of the old Palman Worldships and then sent to an inhabitable world outside the Algol System, later called Ragol. 

AW 3060: Alliance of Nations on Coral sends out probes to find a new home after realizing that Coral will soon no longer be a suitable home for the humans.

AW 3065: An asteroid travels near Coral bringing with it a powerful force known as Photon Energy.  Scientists begin to study this energy and create new and powerful weapons and other technology.  Also around this time work begins on a new A.I. program by Dr. Calus.

AW 3068: Ragol is discovered by probes.  The discovery of Ragol is not accidental, however.  Not only were the probes sent out in AW 3060 searching for a world suitable to sustain human life, but they were looking for the source of Photon Energy, hoping that perhaps harnessing its energy could help them save their dying world.

AW 3084-3105: Events of the “Phantasy Star Online” games.  The government of Pioneer 2 declares independence from Coral after all attempts to contact their home world end in failure.  The Pioneer Government assumes that Coral’s fate has been sealed.

AW 3153 : Present storyline.

Races & Classes

There are three classes in Phantasy Star Online. These three are Hunters, Rangers, and Forces. Each one has it's own abilities and strengths; Hunters have good attack power (ATP), while Rangers specialize in accuracy (ATA), and Forces get magic power (MST).You can customize your character in many ways imaginable; Their hair color, skin color, outfit color, height, weight, eyes, and more can be changed. Some weapons are created for one class, but can be worn by anyone, and some are class-specific, and some even gender-specific.

This is the most prosperous and important race in the Gurhal system. Humans are well-balanced and possess all-purpose skills. Since they are not weak to any one thing, humans can handle almost any job. On the other hand, they do not excel in any one particular area. Humans mainly live on Parum.

Even though Humans are the most prosperous race, their social status is not that high. At the end of the 500 Year War, each planet had a race that won the right to rule the planet. At that point, Humans simply chose to coexist with the other races. The other races did not praise humans as being the original race, but thought of them as being the "general race with poor abilities."

Ideal Weapon: Any
Ideal Class: Any

Newmen are the product of an effort to create a Human-based super race. They are stronger with mental abilities, but have inferior physical strength. Since Newmen are superior psychologically, they are skilled with techniques. Due to their physical weakness, Newmen lack close-combat skills. This race mainly lives on Neudaiz.

Newmen were created after Humans tried to make a super race based on themselves. Eventually the Humans succeeded in making Newmen's reaction time, thoughts, and memory process superior. To keep things balanced, their strength was reduced to be lower than the average human. Newmen have been oppressed because of the mental inferiority/physical superiority complex that Humans hold. Eventually, Humans made Neudaiz the home for both planets and both sides agreed to a nonagression treaty.

Generally, Newmen are very good at working with other people. However, they tend to be a very exclusive race. As a result of their heightened mental abilities, Newmans are able to read other people's feelings better than Humans. As such, they have a tendency to avoid contact with strangers whenever it is possible.

Ideal Weapon: Any weapon with a high Force rating.
Ideal Class: Hunter, Force. Hybrid

This race has had its genes altered to adapt to the harsh environmental conditions seen in resource mining. Their excellent strength makes them great at close-combat. On the other hand, they do not have the concentration required to properly use guns and techniques. Beasts also possess a special ability called "Nanoblast" which allows them to transform into a form with even greather strength. Beasts mainly live on Moatoob.

Beasts were originally made by Humans to mine natural resources in harsh conditions. As such, they were treated as slaves by Humans for a long time. However, Beasts were able to use their physical strength to escape from clutches of the Governing Committee. After that, Beasts began to deal in resource trade and attained equality with the other races.

Even though Beasts are well known for their warm affection towards one another, they can be very moody. As a result of their violent temperament, many Beasts are involved in illegal trading and pirating. Also, Beasts have strong bonds with family and other members of their race. Accordingly, there is a tendency for Beasts to be very open with each other. On the other hand, they have ill-feelings towards Casts after being discriminated against and placed at the bottom of the social ladder for such a long period of time.

Since Beasts are a proud, hot-blooded race, there are always fights going within the cities. Therefore, there is a law which forbids any transformation within the cities. This law has very strict punishments associated with it.

Ideal Weapon: Claws, Axes, Swords.
Ideal Class: Hunter


Casts are the machine race, but since their bodies are artificial, their handling of the photon is weak, to compensate for this, they have an exquisitely firm body

"Casts were originally created to serve humans, but the emergence of self-aware casts with free will led to a long and heated struggle over human and cast rights. Years of strife led to the current system, in which casts dominate the administration of human society on Parum.
The rational, logical approach favored by casts is a large advantage in managing a planetary government, but they have a tendency to be relatively strict and inflexible.

Casts can summon and use SUV weapons."


Casts were initially created to be used exclusively by Humans. That plan had to be altered after human rights issues arose when thought-possessing Casts were created. At the end of the Casts battle for independence, an organization was created to control the Cast race.

After this organization was established, a period of peace was soon arose. Such a period had not been seen since the Humans divided the land into several nations. However, at the height of the battle of independence, Humans statesmen talked about "the dangers of being controlled by the machines". Ironically, the opposite happened and Governing Committee (who is Human-based) was welcomed by the large majority of the people who desired peace.

Ideal Weapon: Launcher, Rifle, Swords.
Ideal Class: Ranger, Hunter.



Sabers are a class of weapon that can be used by all character classes. Sabers are known as one of the more "balanced" weapon.  They consist of medium-sized sabre-like weapons that are swung one-handed.


Double saber

Double saber's are very cool looking though extremely difficult to wield weapon. Only Hunters can use Double Sabers. Double sabers are reasonably accurate and powerful.



Swords are Hunter-only weapons that, when swung, can hit multiple enemies per swing. This makes the sword-class (as well as its cousin, the partisan) invaluable when facing groups of enemies.



A weapon cobbled together from a giant sword and gun with no thought for balance.
This weapon can be used by hunters or rangers of any race.



Katanas are hunter weapons that are very similar to sabers.

Though they are similar to sabers, katanas tend to be altogether different weapons; they have different attack animations, varying special attacks and stats, and their own sound when swung.


Partisans are halberd-like weapons that can hit multiple enemies per swing. When compared to swords, they are somewhat faster and more accurate, but less powerful.


Claws are a weapon designed for close quarters combat based on beast physiology. In the hands of a member of the beast-race they can be especially lethal.  Claws can be dual wielded for maximum effect.

Increases the duration of beast transformation.


Daggers are melee weapons that can only be used by all classes. Daggers always come in pairs and one is always held in each hand.


 Long Ranged


Slicers are one-handed throwing weapons that can be used by every class. Each attack of a slicer will send a spinning blade flying, which will individually hit up to four targets. Slicers are unique in that they are the only bladed weapon that can attack from afar



Handguns are the most basic Ranger weapon, although they can be used by any class with enough ATA to equip one. They have a moderate attack range and fire photon bullets relatively quickly, enabling a hunter to strike at a distance; an invaluable tactic.


Rifles are Ranger-only guns that fire photon bullets extremely far, making the rifle the weapon with the longest range in the game. Compared to handguns, they are slightly slower yet stronger and have a longer range.


Mechguns are ranged weapons that can be equipped by all classes, provided the character has the ATA requirement to equip them. Mechguns resemble twin submachine guns, one held in each hand



Launchers are ranged weapons that resembles A BFG. It has the highest Power and Technique of any gun, but it is also the slowest. This weapon can be used by human rangers and CASTS of all classes.


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