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Started by Brittany, February 19, 2013, 10:44:02 AM

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I am leaving this site.  But I suggest, if you truly wish to protect women as you claim to in the lady's only forum, then you implement a gender verification system and restrict such forums to those who can verfiy.  A simple photo or speaking to the moderator does the trick on many of my other websites.

All around this site there are examples of people who stated their gender as female, yet don't even know where the vagina is situated on the body or imply that breasts are some kind of weightless objects.  The female forums here in the main, hold completely different views and interests from any that you will see in almost all female literature and verified sites.  And this goes right to the top.

What is the point of gender only forums, when men are known for posing as women and are obviously doing it all over the site?  You want to check me, come chat *snip*.  No qualms.  I think you'd be surprised how many "ladies" would disappear if this were the case.

No contact information in public areas of the site, please.  ~Staff

Avis habilis

Since it was started for the express purpose of violating site rules, this thread has been locked.


If you actually want to chat with the men and women of Elliquiy, we do have a dedicated voice server. Many staff and mentors, past and present, are around from time to time - including all of G-level.