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Author Topic: Shattered Innocence (Adv. Lit. Modern drama with a dark theme) [F seeking M]  (Read 445 times)

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Offline EvaleighTopic starter

A story of a woman who has gone through unfathomable horror and is rescued by the police as the sole survivor of a serial homicidal rapist.  Having survived years of captivity and sexual torture the young woman’s mind is torn and fractured.  No one truly knows what happened during her seven years of captivity but the general public, the police and even academia is curious.  It is the job of one man, a government doctor to whom her care has been entrusted, to find out or else the criminal behind these murders may go free.  He is under significant pressure to find answers from her and behind the closed doors of a private ward he eventually sinks into very questionable practices in order to extract her story by any means necessary.

This is intended to be a dark and emotional journey.  This is not a simple story of saving a damsel in distress but rather piecing together a fractured mind for answers.  Her emotional well-being is not the top priority, the answers are.  After all if she does not deliver answers the culprit may go free and all the dead women will get no justice.

What I am looking for in a partner
This is a very specific idea and I am looking for a specific kind of roleplay partner.  I am looking for someone who is descriptive, creative, can take charge and contribute to the scene, and can provide a level of detail on par with my own.  My posts may vary in length anywhere from 400 - 2000 words depending on how much description seems appropriate.  If you are not someone who appreciates walls of text and cannot occasionally provide your own please look elsewhere.  This is not a romantic story built upon a layer of sensitive mush.  If romance develops it will not be all sunshine and kittens and I make no promises for it to happen or even be reciprocated.

I am looking for an ambitious, controlling and even manipulative man who is not afraid of darker themes.  I would love to do 'flash backs' during this tale to some of the more brutal and dark moments of her captivity.  The only limits to this roleplay are snuff and obvious mutilation since these are flash backs any scars she obtains in the present will be reflected by a past event.  I would love a partner who might even suggest potential scenes/scars/etc to re-live.  Bonus points if you're willing to play multiple characters within the story though it is not required.

I also want a partner who will post at least semi-regularly.  At least 2-3 times a week would be preferred.  If you're going to vanish for weeks at a time please let me know.

All the teenagers referenced in this roleplay are a minimum of 16 years old.  All scenes involving adult content will be among characters that are at least 18 years of age.

Story Preface

June 17, 2005.

Margaret Ann Stout or Maggie as she called by her friends had left Prom with friends on their way to the Senior Class Party.  On the way to the party the old sedan broke down and outside of cell phone range it forced the teenagers to walk for help.  According to one of the friends, Nicole Rice, Maggie insisted on staying with the car on account of not wishing to walk in heels or damage her stockings by going without them.  Patrice Donalds stayed behind to keep Maggie company while Nicole and Annie walked back along the desolate road.

That was the last time that eighteen year old Margaret Stout and nineteen year old Patrice Donalds were seen alive.

Fourteen months later the body of Patrice Donalds was found by hikers in the nearby state park in a state of decomposition.  Evidence revealed several broken bones, sexual trauma, burn marks and other tortures though the final cause of death had been asphyxiation.  Margaret’s body was never recovered and the case was never closed; most friends and family presumed Margaret was dead.

That is until Detective Henry Brown managed to connect several cold case files of missing prom girls from several different counties and state lines.  He drew up a profile and managed to point the finger at a middle-aged park ranger and survival enthusiast and while he did not have enough evidence to bring the ranger up on charges he did obtain a warrant for a few of the cabins that the suspect lived in.  The first three were completely clean yet while inspecting the last one he came upon a strange metal pole sticking out of the ground.

The police had never expected to find the distraught woman in the pit and with her unwillingness to leave on her own the paramedics were forced to sedate her and bring her out.  Thanks to the media coverage of the miraculous rescue the entire world was watching Maggie as she was delivered into the care of the state.  However, as the District Attorney and the police forces began to compile the evidence against the suspect, Gregory Maine, it was growing very apparent that there was a lack of sufficient evidence to be positive they could convict him.  Without the testimony of Maggie or her cooperation in collaborating additional evidence, it was an unspoken worry that the suspect would get away with murder.