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May 23, 2018, 02:02:15 PM

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Author Topic: Talyn's open RP thread  (Read 429 times)

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Offline TalynTopic starter

Talyn's open RP thread
« on: February 18, 2013, 05:39:35 AM »
Alright, a bit new here, but here I go.

Firstly, I do play furry characters if given a choice, but I am adaptable between human and nekomimi and full anthro form at the person's request. My characters, in some settings, are known to dimension-hop through technology or magic, and will change appropriately to match the environment around them.

Secondly, I predominantly look for kink roleplay, with a large focus on abduction, bondage, and D/S without pain or violence. I usually prefer to be the bottom in these situations. This does not rule out nonsexual RP ideas, but it does tend to remain my focus. My full kink list is available on request as well.

Settings-wise, though, I am open to LOTS of ideas, and plenty adaptable within that focus. If you want a modern-day kidnapping, a futuristic brothel, an underground medieval sex cult, whatever, I am VERY much willing to adapt and go along with creative ideas, and I encourage 'sky's the limit' style thinking in those I play with.

My schedule is fairly open, and I should be able to keep up a steady thread, but I may have to take hiatuses now and then as work demands it. Obviously particularly engaging RP partners will encourage less hiatus time, but understand that I play both genders and various forms of play as moods, and I may find myself wanting to play a male for a while we're in the middle of a female-based roleplay. Generally, I find that the ticker WILL swing back eventually to the right direction.

Long-term RP is enjoyable, and I will usually attempt to build a narrative on multiple encounters, but I am also willing to do 'sandbox' roleplays which have no bearing on other matters, or willing to 'reset' our RP as it becomes necessary. Not a canon Nazi at all, we're here to have fun, so silly little things like continuity can be bent around as needed. :)

For my available characters, there are four in particular that I use:

Talyn Prismshade: Well-to-do, early-retired mogul of a multiplanetary jewelery conglomerate. A dark past buried behind a chivalrous smile and warm flattery. Rumor has it that the black-furred panther seeks out amusements not quite suited to one of his station, and remains incognito where he can manage to do so. He's quick to find trouble, and slow to lay a hand on a woman for any reason... and rumor has it the right males, too. [Bisexual anthropomorphic panther. Can appear human when needed.]

Victoria Prismshade: Half-sister of the enigmatic panther, she's a stark opposite to him. An open book to many, the hedonistic half-Silvite [spacefaring elves] has a well-known bisexual nature, much more playful than her reserved brother, and open to her own desires. Except when one makes the mistake of encountering her behind the helm of her ship Stratodagger, where she's Silverpelt, the ruthless Space Pirate queen. Thankfully, business is usually good enough that the space warship spends more time in dock, seeking its mistress's latest pleasure rather than out pillaging merchant convoys. [Bisexual elven woman, can appear panthress if desired.]

Fara Felis: Fara's past is something of a mystery, but her current activities are simple enough. She works as a fairly successful investment councilor, and if one digs a little deeper, one finds that her own investments are built stronger still than any of her clients, and backed up by a virtually unlimited credit line. She's a little more reserved about her desires than Victoria, but not shy about opening up to a person in order to get what she wants. A vixen who lives for the day, and spends the night in tight rubber and leather more often than not. [Female anthropomorphic vixen. Can appear Kemonomimi or human.]

Catherine Tarabi: A mysterious lapine with no past, she wears a cursed rubber outfit that she can never remove, clinging tightly to her GORGEOUS body. She meets the standards of so many internet fantasies, from the busty chest to the slim waist that begs for the corset so obviously used in its shaping, down to the generous hips and rounded bottom capped with a spade-shaped bunnytail, in shimmering white fur, black headfur almost to her ass, and smooth toned body shape. No doubt that's no accident, for poor Catherine is a magically-created bondage slave, a Tarabi, ingrained with instincts, skills, and the body to please any male or female who knows how to approach her and demand what they want. [Female anthropomorphic rabbit. Can appear Kemonomimi.]

Well, that should do it for now. Also feel free to PM with questions, suggestions, or anything else needed. Hope to catch someone's eye soon!