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Author Topic: Will of Fire (Children){Sweet and Tenshinhan}  (Read 1194 times)

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Will of Fire (Children){Sweet and Tenshinhan}
« on: February 17, 2013, 03:50:47 PM »
It was almost night time, Chika was anxious. Her genin teammates had skipped out on training, and their Jounin teacher didn't even care enough to force it. But it was the odd building sensation, that pulsed through her. There was something strange happening, and she wasn't even sure what. There was suddenly an odd sound in the distance. One of her blood threads twanged, as she felt the song of blood increase. She reached out, with her kekkei genkai, feeling that blood thread. It was Kushina's. She narrowed her eyes a moment, knowing her mentor was near delivery.

But it was when her father picked her up, screaming something about an attack, that Chika snapped into action. She squirmed against him, unable to fight against him. Even biting his arm. "No, I do not want to be put away somewhere like a brat!" She called out to her father as he pushed her behind the barrier that the adult shinobi had set up.

"Your Mother and I must fight, we must defend Konoha, there is an attack... and it's... just we love you Chika, please stay here be safe." he said

No one could leave the barrier, once they were in, and the small female released a scream of outrage. Feeling the twang of something, and the flaring of a fiery life force and chakra. She had felt that fiery depths, buried deep inside of her mentor. The girl released another rage filled scream, as she launched herself towards the barrier.

She was a tiny thing, not even a full four feet tall at this time. An easily broken look, icy green eyes and deep red hair that just barely flowed passed her shoulders. Dressed in a tiny fighters kimono, of a dark blue coloration, and black stretch shorts. Her sandals, and all of her shinobi tools. Because she had been training before this, unlike her teammates.

She screamed again and kicked at the barrier. "KUSHINA-SAMA! KUSHINA-SAMA!"

She heard her teammates in the background. "Stupid cursed Kururugi" - "Now we know why they never let female children live" - "Yeah, they're nuts."

An affirmation from a male voice, her cousin Kusano "There hasn't been a Kururugi female since before Konoha was created, and she was to be married to the brother of Uchiha Madara... we see how well that went. She's cursed, and even her own clan can't stand to have her."
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Re: Will of Fire {Sweet and Tenshinhan}
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2013, 05:51:54 PM »
Kakashi looked past the barrier with Gai about 5 feet away from him to the right. Both of them wanted to be out there to make a different, both wanted to do something productive in this moment of crisis. He was going to take a day of this day, train some and have dinner with his sensei, when this all broke out. He knew something serious was happening, and he knew that if it was serious it would involve the Hokage, most likely both of them. Yet this chakra was so strong, he knew that it could only be one thing, and that worried him more then anything.

He knew that Kushina was going to have a child, and he found out the issues dealing with that. He had a bad feeling about the whole situation as a whole, nothing good was going to happen. While Gai was being loud, he wasn't, he remained perfectly quiet, nothing one could do in such a situation like being loud would help one solve the situation like he was in.

Though he didn't show it, he was worried, he had come to know what it meant to lose friend during the war, like Obito, The fact he could do anything bugged him, and made him, no matter the outcome want to grow stronger then he happened to be in that moment in time.

He could hear Chika, loudly, no issue with that, she was Kushina's prodigy, he wondered as she screamed if she knew just how bad things were for Kushina, if his feelings happened to be correct. He hoped they weren't but then again, if they were right, well, he knew the child wouldn't have the mentor she had anymore.

"The barrier, isn't going to break, best we can do now, is just to hope and pray that everything works out as best as possible," he said looking over towards the child idly as he stood there his focus mostly on what was happening far away, trying to use his sharingan to some how figure out what it was, and maybe just maybe make the slightest difference as well, despite the odds of it actually working.

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Re: Will of Fire {Sweet and Tenshinhan}
« Reply #2 on: February 17, 2013, 06:27:26 PM »
Chika went still when she heard his voice. The prodigy of her mentor's husband, Hatake Kakashi, a voice she always recognized. Not only the voice, but the bloodsong. Her head turned, ice green eyes watching him, as she pulled away from the barrier. She bit her lip, her eyes cast towards the distance. Slowly they closed, as her hands braced before her. There was a small rush of chakra, from the young woman. She spread her chakra and her ability out. Feeling the Blood Songs around her, the Uta no Chi, to try to keep track of the people.

"There is a great swirling fire... a Blood Song of rage and anger." She said finally, and that was when there was a crashing sound in the distance, and the sound of a roar filled the air. "Kushina-sama's... Blood Song... is fading, nearly out, stretched to it's limit. The Hokage's is swirling strongly, fighting hard." She whispered as she held her hands before her, eyes closed and body focused on the blood songs.

"The Kyuubi is free, and the child is born." She said as she shook, the tears slowly leaking from the corners of her eyes.

Rin stepped forward slowly, resting her hand on the young girls shoulder. "It'll be ok, you shouldn't stretch yourself out this thin. Kushina-sama... wouldn't want you to risk yourself." She said softly as she gave a faint smile.

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Re: Will of Fire {Sweet and Tenshinhan}
« Reply #3 on: February 17, 2013, 07:05:20 PM »
Kakashi knew it was true, that the fight was one that most likely even Minato would live to tell him about, maybe even Sarutobi might fall as well in this fight. His eyes glanced towards Chika again, and let out a sigh, for her, Kushina was like a mother, one who's lose would have a large impact on the young girl and her future. Losing what would practically be her defacto mother would be very hard losing a parent was always hard, as it had even been for himself, years earlier.

"I wish I knew who the heck this was doing this," he mused out loud as he stood there, he had no clue that the person whom was pulling this all off was in fact, someone whom he considered so extremely close. He couldn't do anything, but he wish he knew whom this attacker was, so that he could find him someday.

"The child, how is the child?" he asked Chika as he continued to look, "you should calm down, knowing what is happening might just make this much more difficult to deal with then anything else, and you don't want to hurt yourself in such a situation either," he mused out, knowing that he to, if he could would of like to been out there right then to go after this villain whom was after his teacher's family.

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Re: Will of Fire {Sweet and Tenshinhan}
« Reply #4 on: February 17, 2013, 08:26:23 PM »
"How is he doing that? How does she know what is happening?" A female voice asked from the back. A tiny child, with dark hair. Probably only five or six years old.

"Uta no Chi" Said Kusano in a tone that spoke of disgust. "She's the freak of our clan." He said as he watched Chika where she was. "She's a freak of nature, knowing those songs so well. It's disgusting, and she's likely to go insane before she's ever an adult."

The young girl had a strange look on her face for a moment, her eyes hardened and then closed again as she held her hands before her. She adjusted to being in an almost meditative position, as she ignored the words of her cousin. "I will do this Hatake, because I made a vow to Kushina-sama." She said as she released a long breath, testing the life threads. "The child is sure and strong. Though a dark force threatens that life." She said as she released a long breath.

"The blood song... is familiar, but not. Cloaked and twisted, disgusting and vile." She said as she kept her position and delved deeper. Her face slowly draining of color. She recognized a song of death when she heard it. "The Hokage is doing something... a Blood Song of Death is filling the air. Kushina-sama has stretched out her song into chains, and using the last of her life for something." She said as her eyes opened, she looked up at Kakashi in confusion.

Kurenai watched on with red eyes, as the young girl listened to the songs of blood, she didn't understand the Kururugi's very well, but she understood that this girl was talented. She turned her head to glare at the girls cousin. "Shut up, Kusano Kururugi, she's our best hope for understanding what is happening out there."

"It's obvious, the Hokage's freak of a wife lost control of the Kyuubi while she was birthing her brat." He said in a snide tone.

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Re: Will of Fire {Sweet and Tenshinhan}
« Reply #5 on: February 17, 2013, 08:38:15 PM »
Kakashi looked at the young girl as she made he response, he knew that the child had to be extreme danger given the location of where he was born, and the threat that happened to be out and about at the moment. Something to this mess, something big, but what the heck was it. He knew that Kushina wouldn't just lose it, so easily, she was well trained, heck the wife of the "god of shinobi," the first hokage trained her when she was young. Plus she was Uzumaki, which had to count for something given their endurance in dealing with pain and harm.

He also knew that both Kushina and Minato were extremely well trained in sealing jutsu, something he knew from his experience as Minato's student. He watched, as he heard the term blood song of death. He blinked as he picked up on just what the heck Minato was doing at that moment, and blinked as he looked at the young Kururugi girl.

"What is happening is simple," he said loud enough for the one whom challenged Kushina to hear, "Kushina and Minato are scarificing themselves to save the village," he said pausing, "I remember Minato telling me about this summon, he is sacrificing himself to use a seal to seal away the danger of the demon fox."

He blinked as he thought about it, what was he sealing the demon fox into, his dying wife, no that wouldn't make sense. He blinked as it hit him, he was sealing him into the baby. If so, that baby was going to have a hell of a hard life, that much was easy to tell, just from how things were going for him or her at the moment.

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Re: Will of Fire {Sweet and Tenshinhan}
« Reply #6 on: February 17, 2013, 08:44:30 PM »
"The Will of Fire must be kept burning bright." Chika intoned in a voice that didn't belong to a child. It sounded tired and old, for one so young. "If what Hatake says is true, and I believe it is... We are about to lose two people this village loves dearly." She said as her eyes remained closed. She could feel it the pulsing swirl, the changes in the air. She could feel the flaming Blood Song, of the Kyuubi, being stretched out and cut into half. She could feel the sudden change of the blood song of the infant Naruto. She had sung to him, had helped his mother regulate her temper and blood pressure. She knew his song.

She held back her tears, because a true Kunoichi did not allow her weakness to show. She bit her lip, and continued to feel the blood songs. "The Song of Sealing, the blood and chakra twisting into pushing the Song of the Kyuubi... into the infant. Hatake is right, The Kyuubi is being sealed into the child." She said in a soft low voice, the pain filling her at that thought. She could feel it, stretching out and then there was the snap. As two more Blood Song's completely fell away from her 'vision'. "They are... gone." She said as she sagged. Her shoulders beginning to shake.

"Who's gone?" -"WHat's happening" - "Are they telling the truth" - "Where's my mama, I want my mama" - "Is it over"

The voices inside of the barrier, of the youth locked inside began to rise and fall. Infants stirring and squalling. The adults of the village wouldn't be returning till they had started to gather the dead, the children would be kept in the barrier till they were absolutely sure the coast was clear.

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Re: Will of Fire {Sweet and Tenshinhan}
« Reply #7 on: February 17, 2013, 09:10:46 PM »

That was a most interesting way of looking at it, scarifice leafs to keep the flame of the village going on. They had done what they had to have done to keep things strong, just as Obito, and just as his father had done both before this moment. He remained quiet as he stood there somber as normal for the great shinobi, and quiet, thinking back on past days mostly, days with himself, Rin, Obito and Minato working on some random easy mission, Obito asking a million and one questions of him as they did it.

"Well, I guess it is all over, for now, something tells me, that this day, is going to have a large impact on how things work from here on out," he mused out loud as he remained stoically looking out. "I figure they will explain everything that happened in the morning, and we best be ready for that, I am a sure, there will be a need of a large time for grieving tomorrow, and the next few for the heroes whom died to protect the fire of Konoha," he said not so loud, but loud enough to be heard.

He took a seat and waited, pulling out a book, that he had, and starting to read it, it was the book, that Jiraya wrote first, the one who the kid was to be named afters main character. The one failure of all the books that the great Jiraya had ever wrote in his whole entire life. A fitting book, that he happened to have on him, when Minato let him borrow it to read. Not as good as the others, but still a good read. Something to do while passing the time, till they got out.

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Re: Will of Fire {Sweet and Tenshinhan}
« Reply #8 on: February 18, 2013, 04:01:50 PM »
Chika slowly got up, from her place on the ground. Her cousin roughly grabbing her arm. "You're going to be in big trouble. You were told not to use the Uta no Chi... outside of the clan compound." He said as he started to pull her towards the edge of the barrier. Gaining control of his little cousin, for when the barrier was dropped and the parents appeared. Chika though, was not one to be held against her will and ripped her arm free while twisting her body and kicking her cousin as high as she could.

Whatever she hit, it was vital. Since he seemed to hit a high pitch and collapse. Chika rushed over to the edge of the barrier, not daring to touch it. She just stared into the distance. "They are gathering the dead. Tallying them up, the blood songs lost equal a few thousand." The young girl said as she stared into the darkness. Tears silently trekking down her face, as the pain squeezed her heart. She had to be strong, she was a Genin, she was a kunoichi, she had to be strong. She was not some weakling.

Even as they stood waiting for their release, everyone within was going to be changed in some way. The Kururugoi clan for instance, in that one night they lost over two thirds of their clan. A once powerful and respected clan, wiped out in an instant. Though Chika wasn't going to speak about how many Kururugi's were dead. That would only make Kusano freak out. Then she said something, that was oddly disturbing to hear from such a small child. "When I die, I do not want them to mourn me. I want them to celebrate that I lived. I want them to laugh and cry, and dance and sing. I want them to remember, not mourn."

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Re: Will of Fire {Sweet and Tenshinhan}
« Reply #9 on: February 18, 2013, 07:00:36 PM »
From his sitted position, he could hear the reaction of the others whom were in the bubble as he thought of it around himself. He knew that people had various reactions to tragedy, the whole 3rd war had opened his eyes to such thing. He glance over as he noticed the young girl kick the older boy in an area which most likely hurt a whole lot. He said nothing, cause he could tell that the young male most likely earned the kick though his actions prior to that moment.

"A thousand," he said idly as he processed the information about the number. There was a dehumanizing effect of such a large number to outsiders to people from areas no Konoha. Yet, he knew that to this village each number represented a father,mother, cousin, son, and daughter. He knew that some would be from his clan as well. He also knew the effects of this on the village, it would cause people to have to advance in rank prematurely to fill vacant spots which were left open, in some cases. He was sure the genius Uchiha, would be one such case, not that he wasn't going to advance, but his advance would be faster then other wise.

"That is a interesting way of thinking of it, youngster," he said in a muse, "to think of the good, and the fun, a good way to look at it, something, I doubt many will look at this event like, mostly due to the fact they passed on so early, some of them, but a interesting outlook. People try to hold on to the pass, and I think that is there way to not let go, where as your way tends to do the opposite and help let a person go," he mused.

Of course for him, himself, he knew he couldn't let go of the lose, mostly dealing with Obito and his death, and to a degree his father as well. Maybe someday he would get to the point where he could let go of their memories, but that day wasn't coming any time soon. He would live his life as a tribute to the things Obito had said and lived his life by.

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Re: Will of Fire {Sweet and Tenshinhan}
« Reply #10 on: February 18, 2013, 09:38:44 PM »
Chika had a smile on her face now, a soft one. "They made our life possible, we should honor that passing." She said as she sat on the ground near the edge of the barrier. She could hear all the clamoring around her, the yelling and crying. The sounds of infants crying, the children crying for their parents. Her eyes closed, as she tilted her head back. Singing softly, and trying to keep her voice strong, even as the tears trekked down her face in silent testament. A silent testament of what was exactly happening inside of the young woman.

A few other voices picked up the song, it was a common lullaby in the village. The voices trying to latch on to something, anything. The singing was not anything very organized, and some people fell behind, but it organized them a bit and helped settle down the littlest ones. This tiny red haired girl, was something else. She could be something amazing, if the time and order called for it. The singing helped calm the youths in the barrier. The young girl finally stopped singing, and let the people carry on themselves.

She just stared, with those odd ice green eyes, into the darkness. The fires being put out, the lanterns being put on. The bodies would be gathered, the dead would have their names memorialized. But the tiny red haired girl seemed to be changing. "Kushina-sama promised... I'd help take care of the baby." She said loud enough that Kakashi could hear. "I'll talk to my parents... and I'll raise him for her. Show him the love and compassion needed, to control the demon." She said with a sad smile.

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Re: Will of Fire {Sweet and Tenshinhan}
« Reply #11 on: February 19, 2013, 05:44:54 PM »

He was surprised at least by the fact that Chika was now smiling, it had been the first time in a while he had noticed that, and a good sign as well. It would show that perhaps the young girl would be able to deal with her lose much better then most of the rest of the  villagers had done so, at least that he knew of. He knew that her words were more then just words, which was impressive of someone her age.

He heard the comment next about her watching out for the young baby, and blinked a good bit surprised as he looked at her, "Well you may try that, and good luck in that, but I am sure that you will find more resistance then you think, I am not sure that anyone in the whole village is going to want anything to do with that youngster. They will see him and remember the ones that they lost to the demon and have a hard time separating the baby and the demon," he said calmly with no real emotion detectable in his tone as he made the statement.

"Soon they will let us out, so that they may tell us, the truth they want us to know," he said using his words carefully, knowing the whole story, which maybe no one knew completely would not be shared, even if it was known. He knew that this was going to be a challenge to explain and handle for the elders, especially which ever ones survived like possibly the new hokage.

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Re: Will of Fire {Sweet and Tenshinhan}
« Reply #12 on: February 19, 2013, 10:17:14 PM »
Chika stood up, watching as the adults all started to show up. The barrier was taken down, and parents began to collect their children. But the Sandaime approached, handling something now... instead of tomorrow. Chika raced forward, and bowed respectfully, to their old hokage. There was a bundle in his arms, and she could hear the faint mewling sound of an infant. Her face lit up as she looked up at Sarutobi-sama. "Sir, I would like to inquire what will be done about Namikaze Naruto? I would wish to know who will be caring for him? If you have not chosen someone, I wish to put myself forward." She said as she stepped up, her hand pressed over her heart.

"Uzumaki Naruto. We have made a decision. All of you are bound by this decision. Naruto will not be informed of his parentage. He will not be spoken to of it, under threat of seriously punishment. We will also not tell him about what is inside of him. You are not to interact with him, unless told otherwise." He said, almost as if he was ignoring the child. But he was speaking to everyone there. That was the answer, and he had to stick with that answer. It was the decision of those that watched over the village.

"But Kushina-sama wouldn't want that! She said that the Kyuubi needs love and compassion, to be kept in control. If we can't interact with him, how can we show him love? Minata-sama and Kushina-sama didn't sacrifice themselves... so their child could be treated with unkindness by the village!" The child said as she stepped forward, her eyes flaming with anger and pain. Her father stepped up, a tall man with a braid of red hair that fell down to his knees. She yanked away from her father.

"That is the decision, Kururugi Chika, if you continue to go against it... your mission pay will be cut in half. Do you understand me? Not a single shinobi in this village can directly interact with this child." The old man said before he turned around, and started to walk away.

The young girl stood there, her mind almost shattering inside her little head. The tears pouring down her cheeks, as the anger built inside of her. The smile usually on her face, was gone. There was a chilly air around her, as if she was wrapping herself in ice.

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Re: Will of Fire {Sweet and Tenshinhan}
« Reply #13 on: February 19, 2013, 10:32:17 PM »
Kakashi watched as parents saw their children, and the joy of the living to see their relatives and the sadness for those whom had to realize they didn't have parents to come and find them, like Iruka, whom has lost his parents during the fighting. They were such sad movements to go along with that of the happy moments that were going around. He knew that the old man would be there if he were alive, after all his son was among their ranks if nothing else.

He listened to the words about Naruto, and blinked, he knew that this decision has most likely came form the council, a bunch of old timers whom were most of the time very much stuck in their old ways, and the demon was nothing but a tool to them, as it was for the other villages, as well. He looked over and saw that this was very much upsetting the young Kururugi girl, to whom it was so important to. He wasn't surprised by her reaction now, either, but he had a plan to keep an eye on the little one, without interacting with him as the rule suggested, he was a ninja after all getting around things was the way of his kind.

He walked up after old man Sarutobi left, and looked over at Chika, "A friend one told me, those whom fail a mission are trash," he said pausing, "but those whom abandon their teammates are worse then trash," Kakashi commented to Chika, as he patted her on the shoulder, "I guess you just need to help without helping, as it were."

(grats on the approval)

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Re: Will of Fire {Sweet and Tenshinhan}
« Reply #14 on: February 19, 2013, 10:50:47 PM »
( Thanks :D )

Chika stood there in shock, as she stared at the man walking away. Already, in that small heart, she was becoming coated in ice. Her father turned to look at the young man that had approached his daughter. While his daughter was distracted, by whatever was in her head, he stepped towards the young man. Hatake Kakashi, was one that the elder Kururugi had heard of. He had even seen him in action, during the war.

"Hatake... Thank you for showing care for my daughter. We have a lot of burials to handle. We lost all but a third of our clan this night. Just the children in the barrier, and a handful of adults survived." The man said in a low voice. "So thank you, for showing kindness to her. If you need of anything, ask of it. The Kururugi's will do our best." he said as he turned to look at Chika. "Come on, Chika, we need to get preparations going. We will need you for the ceremony. You remember their blood songs, you will be needed to properly sing them over." he said in a terse tone.

"She's just a child, love. The ceremony of sending, is much too much for such a small girl." A woman said off to the side. She was a woman with eyes made of green ice, and hair the color of snow. She smiled softly at Kakashi and bowed her head lightly. There was injuries covering her body, it was obvious she had not been in combat for awhile... and her lack of training had been the cause. But many did not know, that she had been forbidden from actively being a shinobi, as part of her contract with joining Konoha.

"Yes Mother, Yes Father." The girl said, her voice a little flat. "I will meet you in the field, in the morning, Hatake." The small girl said as she turned away from him, walking away with her parents. The world of weight on her tiny shoulders.

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Re: Will of Fire {Sweet and Tenshinhan}
« Reply #15 on: February 20, 2013, 06:35:48 PM »
Kakashi looked over at the elder of the clan Kururugi and blinked as he nodded his head. He listened to the outcome for this clan, and wasn't so surprised in a number of ways, given that, the death rate of those whom battled the demopn were so high, and they were such a unique clan with a powerful ability naturally. "It was what needed in the moment," he commented idly as he looked and listened to the next comment.

He know knew just how bad things were for the clan given that bit of information, and he figured, it would take some time for things to recover at all. Times would be most challenging for the young girl, and he was sure that they would take far to much of her time for her to deal with, and wondered if her desire to help out Naruto would remain or if it would fade with the new tasks she was forced to achieve herself. He nodded his head to the comment, about meeting the young girl the next day.

He slipped off, and went to bed for a bit, taking a bit of a nap, before heading to the funeral that next day. They would be going on all day, and it was important to show up, but in normal fashion, he was, running late. He did though slip to the field he was sure that the girl was talking about when she told him to meet him the next day. He was curious, as to what was on the girls mind and what she was thinking when she asked him that.

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Re: Will of Fire {Sweet and Tenshinhan}
« Reply #16 on: February 20, 2013, 11:25:08 PM »
Chika had not gotten much sleep that night. The Kururugi's had sent on their passed on loved ones. Children were sent to their secondary families, so that they could be raised properly. But Chika had been used to send on the souls of those passed. She got up that morning, dressing in the black that was customary of the occasion. A black over kimono, and a white underkimono. She looked like she was going to a funeral, which she was.

She had brushed out her hair, braided it, and then left her family home. She had gone and waited in the meadow, which later would be known as the Cenotaph, covered in the names of all the fallen shinobi. She sat in the field, playing with a blade of grass. She didn't know about Kakashi's 'late' issue, that he tended to be late. Her eyes closed as she twisted her hand a little. Memorizing, and keeping a hold of the blood song of her teacher.

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Re: Will of Fire {Sweet and Tenshinhan}
« Reply #17 on: February 21, 2013, 06:00:04 PM »
Kakashi walked over towards where he had noticed Chika, he could tell the young girl hadn't gotten much sleep the night before, she look very tired at the moment, and he figured that it was due to clan business for her clan. He walked over quietly, his hands in his pockets as his one eye that was showing focused on her as he did so. He knew what the area was for, the area, for the memory of those whom had died in the service of the village, a place he knew very, very well.

"Well, good morning young, Kururugi, you wanted to see me this morning, correct," he said calmly as he stood there looking at the young girl, "How did the sending cermony go for you, you look pretty tired at the moment, I am sure it was different, I have only heard reports of the process, nothing more really," he said with a calm tone as he was most curious why she had asked to meet him in this spot.

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Re: Will of Fire {Sweet and Tenshinhan}
« Reply #18 on: February 22, 2013, 07:25:48 AM »
The tiny red head looked up, she had senses his approach. She had been lost in the grass blade in her hand. She remembered when Kushina-sama had taught her how to play a grass blade like a whistle. There was a soft and sad smile on her face. People were getting ready for the funeral ceremony that early afternoon. The announcement had been made, and Sarutobi-sama had been reinstated as the Hokage. The village needed a good leader, and he could easily lead to his death.

Chika's icy green eyes locked on to the single Onyx eye that she could see. She slowly stood up, dusting off her kimono's skirts. "If you want to listen, I'll tell you?" She whispered softly as she stepped towards him. There seemed to be a change in the young woman. A cold distance to her, the ceremony had taken a lot from her. It had also been the sending on of the souls of their relatives. Part of it had seriously damaged her, and brought on a new level of cold to the young girl.

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Re: Will of Fire {Sweet and Tenshinhan}
« Reply #19 on: February 22, 2013, 06:25:09 PM »
Kakashi looked at the youngster for a moment, as his eyes saw in her eyes, the change pretty quickly. It wasn't hard to notice, there was a true chill to her that was unknown just a bit before. He blinked as he wondered just what the true effects of what the sending were, it had to really something different, that much he was sure of at this point. It would have a lasting impact to send a last message of someone whom was dead. Something that would without a doubt he figured stay with a person for a long while after the fact.

He nodded his head as he looked at her, "yes, do tell," he said calmly with a reserved tone to himself. He remained there still, noticing that she was in fact moving towards him as she was going to tell him whatever it was she wanted too. He figured that if she wanted to still tell him after the doubtlessly long night before that it had to be something rather important, or at least in the mind of this young one, something very very important at least, and thus very much worth his time and attention to listen.

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Re: Will of Fire {Sweet and Tenshinhan}
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"The sending... is a complicated ceremony." She said as she folded her hands before her, her hands vanishing into her sleeves. Chika stopped for a moment, to look off into the distance. The exhaustion was in her eyes, it seemed to radiate from her. "The sending involves the bloodsongs, of those that have passed. The Kururugi to do the sending, must know the bloodsongs to a level that they can easily bring that bloodsong back. We gather the souls of the departed, using their song... and send them on." She said as she shifted just a small bit.

"We give them a chance to say their parting words." Chika said, her tone suddenly going deadpanned. "Give them a chance to say what they want to say, before sending them on." She whispered as she clenched her hands inside of the sleeves. The things that had been said to her, the way she had been accused. She had survived, they had not. Why was it fair? They had all been accusatory in some way.

"Then the bloodsongs are gathered and the departed sent on... Sung over to the other side." She murmured, that would definitely explain why she sounded so hoarse and tired.

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Kakashi looked at the young girl and nodded as he listened to her, words, he had no clue about what the sending ceremony happened to be, he figured that it was something complex for sure, but other then that he pretty much had no idea what so ever as to what it happened to be. Normall clans which had unique abilities kept their abilities in the dark from the rest of the village, as to keep it themselves, and keep the mysteries from coming out about the unique thing. If he hadn't had a Sharingan put in by someone else, he knowledge of just how it worked would of been a good bit less then it was then for example.

It was a different ceremony, he wondered what words, Obito would of said, he could of talked to him once more beyond the grave, or the words of his father, or other close friends he had lost during the war. As he thought about that line of thinking, he blinked as he had a feeling what was on the young girls mind, and blinked for a second.

"Hmm, I am curious, have you done the sending for Minato, and Kushina yet," he asked looking at her, a curious look on his face noticable even with most of his face hidden still.

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Chika stared at him, almost in shock for a moment. Her cheeks flaring with color, as she turned her head away. "No... I was forbidden..." She said finally as she shuffled her feet back and forth. She looked up, her icy eyes seemed a bit distant. "They wouldn't let me. I was told not to do so." She said finally as the anger flared in her eyes. She seemed to be changing a little, as he spoke to her. There was a flame of hatred inside of her, but it wasn't exactly a flame.

There was a coldness, that was spreading through her. Slowly growing, slowly spreading. Becoming more and more ingrained in what she was. She took a deep breath, her eyes closing a little as she let her head tilt back. Her hair was tightly braided, but that didn't stop her from feeling the breeze blowing through it. She couldn't help but miss the woman... who had done so much for her.

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He looked at her, he could tell from the look in her eyes, that this absence was hard on her. It would play a important role in her life, and everything that would happen to her, from that point onwards. He knew what the death of Obito, his father, and his teacher all meant to him. He couldn't think what they would be like for her, someone whom Kushina was basically the mother of. He could tell, the damage from that was most likely greater then anything else.

"I am ordering you to do so, do the sending for Kushina Uzumaki, I am demanding this as a shinobi of the leaf, and if your clan has issue with it, well, don't tell, and if you can't avoid that, tell them, I made you do it, against your will," he said calmly, with a chilly tone to his own tone. He hoped she would agree to do so, if she could, she very much needed it, she needed to have that last conversation, or he worried the young girl wouldn't be able to move on.

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The young woman was shocked at his order, she chewed on her lower lip and closed her eyes. "Alright... I'll do a sending for them. But I will not pull up what is left of their souls on this place, I believe it is needed for something further in the future." She said as she turned away from Kakashi, she pulled up her sleeves as she did this. He could watch as the bloody bindings fell to the ground, a tang of copper filling the air. The young girl released a breath, as she allowed her chakra and bloodline to work together. She sighed softly and twisted around as she pulled on her energy. She started to sing, there wasn't even any words to it. It was notes, and the notes wove together in odd patterns.

She stepped forward, and started to dance with the energy and the music, following the pattern of the Blood Songs. Now he would see, why she was so exhausted, she had spent all night doing this. Using her Kekkei Genkai, and using her voice, and her body. She danced as she started to work on the sending, giving herself a personal release from the pain of losing her mentor and her mentors husband.