Superhero RP (F NEED M)

Started by Aethian, February 17, 2013, 08:49:33 AM

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Ever seen skyhigh? The movie where new superheros and their sidekicks are trained? This is going to follow two of the non cannon characters.


Name: Dana
Age: 17

She has wings, wings of the softest color of grey. They extend out over 20 ft and to keep them in check she usually has them wrapped about her body like a cloak or held behind her in a netted contraption. But that's not her only power with them, while in flight and standing still she can swing her wing out a use special feathers like throwing knives, those special feathers standing out in their edges of a purplish color.

Her Mother having been a sidekick to a hero that was framed and is living in a max security prison. He is one of the only other hero's with wings but yet still doesn't know about his only daughter.


A character that had been put into sidekick area but should be a superhero. Your powers are up to you but I'm hoping something complimentary. This could get into the NC realm.


Lots of views and no nibbles...I don't bite that hard. I'm open to slight changes if they need to be made...I'm also open to playing over IM.


I'd be interested in this. Did you have a specific plot in mind?


Read the first sentence and felt the sudden urge to say, sign me up! Going back to read the rest of the post now.