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Started by MiladyGenevieve20, February 14, 2013, 07:40:47 PM

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Apologies to those who have contacted me before and my absence thereafter. Things have been hectic for me but now I am more able to RP. If we had a role play going and I failed to reply, know that I was not intentionally not replying, life got in the way. If you would like to rehash a former idea with me or start anew, don't be afraid to contact me. Sorry for any inconvenience to my partners.

Before we go further, my O/Os are found here.

To give you a brief overview I enjoy plot-centric role plays. Sexual aspects are fine but plot centric-role plays are what I am looking for. Not really on here to get some kinky rocks off. I wish to develop stories and characters. Forums , PMs, Emails, and AIM are all perfectly fine by me. My AIM is made public and located under my profile picture. If I am online on here, then I am almost certainly online there. Now I have a lot of ideas and all that. If you are open to looking at them, I’ve categorized plots and pairings all in a single post. I enjoy certain fandoms but I’m more of an original sort and I adore exploring dark themes. The dark and gritty side of the human psyche is an interesting place to explore.

My plots range from light and romantic to dark and foreboding. I enjoy either side of the spectrum and I also look forward to your ideas. I’ve categorized everything.  I don’t mind mild fantasy but really I am looking for realism. It’s more my style. That being said, my plots and pairings are listed below. 

NOTICE: I will hear your ideas. I don’t mind. Really I don’t. The worst I can say is no right? And if you are female, I will certainly love to double with you if you do that? Doubling is twice the fun :)

Pictures I use for Characters can be found in the following three galleries. Pictures or Descriptions are fine by me:
Female Digital Art Gallery
Male Digital Art Gallery
Couples Digital Art Gallery that can be used for plot inspiration

Fantasy Plots

The Vampire's Mate
He has lived in this world since the times of Charlemagne. She is a human girl. A princess in her father's realm. When he comes under the ruse of a foreign diplomat, she is swept away by his charms. Seduced by him, she soon starts feeling ill and having strange dreams of such erotic nature. Things a young virginal beauty never had thought before. Then one night, she stays awake and finds that the man she is so enamored with and having dreams about is the diplomat. He is swept away with her and wants to fully have her but her blood is the sweetest he's ever tasted. Basically a plot of eroticism without much in the way of sex because taking her virginity would get rid of the taste of her blood. For this it is all about the seduction and his dilemma because her blood tastes so good. Other stuff can be added later but I though this would be interesting.

The Lost Princess
Long ago war destroyed her home. She had been nine years old and had fled into the woods making her place in the forests for fear of being killed if she ever returned back home. nine years after the revolution, the prince of the neighboring kingdom and his friend were come upon a man-made structure in the middle of the forest that lay close to the border of the kingdom overrun by rebels. They discover a beautiful young woman with sun-kissed skin, dark hair and bright green eyes. Her clothing made of flower and leaving little to the imagination. The Prince decides he will take her to the palace because he recognizes those bright green eyes. She is his betrothed, the lost princess and she is perhaps more beautiful than any creature he's ever seen. But she has been living in the woods for half her life. She is not the lady and queen that she had been born to be. And then there is also the Prince's new betrothed, who would see her killed in jealousy. I think this can be a little humorous and romantic and have a nice thrill factor if the other kingdom finds out that the heir to the throne they have overtaken is still alive.

The Stone of Illyria
She was born with a particular gift. A gift to see things and hear things. Abilities that were deep in her blood. All of these things were connected to a stone. It looked like any other gem or stone and was fashioned as a piece of jewelry far more priceless than any diamond. Knowing that whoever possesses her for the first time, will learn of her gifts, she has kept herself away from men. She could trust no one. Especially since their are blood runners looking for girls like her. Girls with gifts and magic in their blood so they might possess it themselves. So she is a healer in a small village in the kingdom of Illyria, the last of her kind in the kingdom. She lives on the outskirts of town and keeps to herself but one day comes across a man in the wood who is hurt. As she brings him back to health, she finds herself falling for him. He is sweet and kind and charming. Not to mention handsome. He asks her to marry him and she consents and tells him her secrets. He has his own secrets of course. And it is not until after she is married to him that she learns he is the Crown Prince. Hurt, she tries to deny him but he has stolen her heart and though he has lied, he only did it to protect her. Now as they journey back to the palace, both of them must confront their enemies while having to deal with the mistrust between them. When they arrive at court, will she be able to handle it? Or will someone who also knows her secret, destroy her before their marriage is given a chance. Fairy-tale esque storyline with the handsome prince but with the taint of her magic causing a strain between them as well as his own secrets. He could very well be magic himself. This one is definitely tweakable so don't be afraid to give me some ideas on this account.

Fantasy Pairings
Vampire Male x Human
Vampire Female x Human
Vampire x Newly Turned Vampire
Shifter Male x Human
Shifter Female x Human
Shifter x Shifter from opposing clan
God x Human
Goddess x Human
Demigod x Human
Demigoddess x Human
Demigod x Demigoddess

Twisted Tales
Sleeping Beauty
Swan Lake (Swan Princess)
Beauty and the Beast (Vampire/Lycan twist perhaps?)
Romeo and Juliet (Opposing Vampire Clans? Opposing Shifter/Lycan Clans maybe?)


Updated with apologies to former partner as well as links to art galleries for characters and plot inspiration