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May 23, 2018, 02:01:34 PM

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Author Topic: Let there be light on the Shadow (Urban Arcana game for 4 persons)  (Read 365 times)

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Offline SovelissTopic starter

Hello all!

This is a thread for a non adult Urban Arcana play by post game I plan on GMing, since I never got any occasion to try this game. For those not in the know, Urban Arcana is a D20 Modern universe. D20 Modern is the D20 system for the modern world. In Urban Arcana, creatures from the D&D world drop in our modern day Earth, and magic follows. The creatures are anything from elves to giant spiders to demon, including some humans. When these creatures drop from the Shadow, they forget everything that wasn't closely held belief or life experience.The common language from Shadow is erased from their memories, replaced by the local language of the area they are dropped in. Most humans don't notice what happens, thanks to th fact that they aren't usually paying attention, and when something come crashing into their world, they tend to explain it away (a werewolf becomes either a hairy drunk or a large feral dog, depending on whether he was in hybrid or wolf form), a kobold gangster becomes a violent midget in a lizard costume... Anything else than a creature he was taught and knows doesn't exists. these people are the "mundane", in contrast to the "aware", who don't try to find an easy answer. That was a werewolf, a small lizard man... They know it.

You are either mostly normal (though gifted) people from the mundane world, or especially gifted adventurers from Shadow whom were dropped in the modern world (you can play a group with a mix of normal humans and shadowkinds).

Campaign informations:

When there's something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS Your party. You have to play characters willing to involve themselves with the shadow to make a better world.
32 points build.
Superior synergy is used, you can gain synergy bonuses to skills if you have ranks in related skills, and other goodies.

House rules:

Massive damage DC scales with damages that exceeds the threshold.
Save DC for ranged explosives and auto fire scales with how much the attack rolls defeats the square's Defense.
Flamethrower DC scales with the Dex mod of the user.
Vehicle explosion variant rules from the D20 Modern database.
Armor is used as DR. Enhancement bonuses are added to the DR provided by the armor, and to DR/-
Shields and armors can be damaged when they block an attack or absorb damage.
Attacks can go through cover if they roll enough damage. Some powerful attacks can destroy cover.
Only damage dealt to critical components can wreck a vehicle. Car doors, windshields, and tires are not critical components (though destroying them still gives the usual penalties).
Less lethal weapons are less lethal: they inflict half non-lethal damage, half ballistic damage, full damaged value is used for nonlethal massive damage.
Non-lethal damage works as in D&D.
Diplomacy works with a DC of 15 + highest level in the group you try to influence + highest wisdom in the group you try to influence + circumstances modifiers to get the group to accept a deal.
To aid another with a check, you need to get a roll if half the needed DC.
The Wealth loss for buying a purchase DC 15 item is removed. When buying an item worth more than your wealth, you lose 1 wealth if the item was worth 1-4 points more, 2 if it was worth 5-9 points more, 3 if it was worth 10-14 points more, and so on.

Skill list adjustments:
Forgery skill removed. To make a forgery, you must make a check depending on what you try to do (computer use for official looking documents, craft: writing for a signature...) opposed by a knowledge check (Knowledge: civics for your fake papers...)
Repair and disable device merged into tinkering.
Spot and listen merged into Perception, perception covering the 5 senses. Search skill kept, as searching is a methodical examination.
Hide and Move silently merged int stealth.
Read/write language, speak language and decipher script merged into Linguistics. for every permanent point of Linguistic modifier (Int, ranks...) you gain an additional language to speak and write (exception: sign languages, they usually aren't written, so you can't write it, but you speak it, they are just used by deaf people to communicate, braille is used to convey written information to blind people, so you don't speak it, you read/write it...)
Gather Information and Diplomacy merged into Diplomacy.
Tumble and Balance merged into Acrobatics.

Equipment adjustments:


Tactical armors provide DR equal to their bonuses against ballistic damage.
Archaic armors provide DR equal to their armor bonuses against physical damage other than ballistic.
Light armors provide DR 1/-
Medium armors provide DR 2/-
Heavy armors provide DR 3/-

Only the best DR from armor is used.

Natural armor provides DR /-

AP rounds deal damage reduced by 1 dice type, but halve the DR given by natural armor or worn armor.
Hollow points rounds deal damage increased by 1 dice type, but increase the DR given by armor by one half it's value.

So, is anyone interested? First comes, first served, you should post in the topic to claim your spot, and you can post your character in the topic or send it by PM if you want to keep the surprise. If you want any information, just drop me a post or a PM. See you!