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May 23, 2018, 12:17:10 PM

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Author Topic: A Stalk in the Park (Semi-con Furry/Exotic, Short-form, seeking F characters)  (Read 395 times)

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"Breaking news! Rumors are spreading around the Gladed Heights neighborhood - women who go into Grasslands Park at night are being molested! Strangely, even the few who have talked with the police about it have declined to press charges. We go now to our reporter, Roberta Stanz, who is live on the scene."

"Thanks for that, Ted. The news around this quiet neighborhood is that there is some mystery man who is stalking and having his way with women who come into the park after dark. While only a few women have spoken openly about it, several have confirmed to this reporter, upon condition of anonymity, that they were, indeed, molested. Who is this mystery stalker? When will he be brought to justice? These questions remain unanswered. Back to you, Ted."

Roberta snarled. "Pompous windbag. I bet he got Management to send me out here in hopes that I'd get raped." She looked at her cameraman. "That's enough, Van. Wipe that last part, and get packed up. I'll see you back at the station." She sat down on a bench to touch up her makeup, blissfully unaware of the eyes watching her from the bushes.

* * * * *

Please note that this thread involves non-con themes (what I refer to as "Surprise Sex" - please read my O/O thread for more information), and is intended for brief, one-off sex scenes. It also has very light mind control elements`. If these themes disturb you, or you're looking for a more long-term story, please look elsewhere.

About the molester: Parsifal Winters, AKA Neko, is a tall, lanky Orange Tabby cat-person. He comes from a Furry world where magic exists, unbeknownst to the common person. Every person in Neko's world has some special trait or ability outside the norm, although most are subtle and inobvious*. Neko actually has two - first, he creates strange and unusual devices via a skill known as Weird Science. Weird Science is not quite science, and not quite magic, although it has some elements of both. Techically, this isn't a special trait - people with the right mindset can learn it. Neko's second trait is that he is able to tell whether a given person would be receptive to his attentions - he would never rape a happily-married and faithful wife, for example. Every woman he molests is, on some level, ultimately willing to engage him, even if they're not aware of it at first. Perhaps they're secretly thrilled by the idea of being pawed by a total stranger. Perhaps they just had a bad break-up with their boyfriend, and need some mindless sex to take their mind off it, but don't know where to look or don't like the sort of men they'd meet at a club. Or perhaps they're just repressed, and need a good fucking to break their shell. Let me repeat: He will not fuck women who would be traumatized by it, so please don't bring such characters.

About your character: You should think about what sort of special ability your character has*, and whether it would come into play during a molestation session. You should think about why your character is in the park - are they deliberately (or subconsciously) looking to be jumped? Or have they not even heard the rumors? Is she even from this area? Since this world does have magic, it's possible for someone to have "slipped" over from some other world.

* Special abilities: As stated before, most special abilities are subtle and inobvious. One character can do a time-stop when stressed, allowing her time to think things through fully. She is equally unable to move as everyone else while in this temporal fugue state, but she has a nearly-unlimited time to calm down and think through her problem, whatever it is. Another character can restore his stamina at will, at the cost of eating ravenously afterwards. Another has a superior ability to learn all forms of unarmed combat, and can use chi to enhance her speed, strength, and endurance. While there are some rare individuals with flashy, showy abilities such as being able to manipulate fire, those individuals tend to be "collected" by a secret government agency known as Section 13, whose job is to protect these people from themselves, and protect everyone else from them.

About the location: Grasslands Park is a large public park, nearly 20 square miles in size. It has a small petting zoo, basketball and tennis courts on the North side, picnic and cook-out areas on the East side, a moderate lake (nearly 3 square miles in size) in the middle, and moderately dense forest across most of the South and West sides. It has numerous jogging paths, with many benches, and over 30 different "Fitness Zones" with simple, durable equipment for the fitness-minded individuals to use.

* * * * *

Chapter 1 is here. Forum story was suspended, to be resumed via IM chat.
Chapter 2 is here, and finished.

Post here or PM if you want to participate in future chapters. Please feel free to ask questions. 
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Actual RP thread has been launched; OP updated.

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Chapter 2 finished.