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May 21, 2018, 05:47:31 PM

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Author Topic: Small Game ....[Bondage]  (Read 284 times)

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Small Game ....[Bondage]
« on: February 12, 2013, 06:05:28 PM »

Would like the play the following Scenerio out ....if possble .  I built this character though changes can be made to the bio as needed . Orginally ...her husband , was sending her to a party to meet up with a man that might become her trainer ...though it actually the woman in the other relationship that loves to dominate . We could change this up ... the husband arrives later ....maybe the start of the game , both couples are together the morning before type thing. Or one could dive in at the send off to the party to find just the other couple there . 

Am open to other ideas ....would like to review and go over things with each of the players . Will entertain the idea of one person playing more than one role . Though I rather only have to play the wife .

Please feel free to indicate an interest here . PM discussion welcomed this is rather an interesting reach out for me . As I would like to push my own self into a new area .

Looking for :

Husband :

Business Partner :
Wife :

Subject to changes :

 Character Name : Natalia "Cassandra" Velez Conrad

Character Age :  21

 Status : Newly Married to Jack Conrad

Sexual Orientation : Bi-Curious , Submissive

Personality :

Cassandra has a quiet demeanor about her and an elegant grace that is seemingly natural as she moves in a fluid pattern . The woman seems to have the patience of a saint and adores the man she is married to without question. In public they seem like the couple of the year . She walks a few paces behind him ..stopping as he does . One can catch little nods , a wave of jack's hand and his wife seemingly understands and moves away or stands where indicated. She is social to a degree , speaking when spoken to with a happy disposition . Those eyes of hers seem to hint at a naughtier side that seems to be dying to get out .

Background :

 Cassandra grew up in a well to do family in Brazil as her father was a well known photographer that had a playboy image to him . Since her mother had passed away shortly after her birth Cassandra had never known too much about the woman other than she was beautiful , glamorous and exquisite . She had been compared to her ever since a young age . Photo shoots were always a must her father loved to show her off . Though young ladies had a proper etiquette they had to follow or punishment would be given . Randolph Velez had a theory about punishment it was not so much the physical as the embarrassment and humiliation of being punished that matter . She could remember on more than one occasion the servants being assembled as she took that walk of shame , having to lift her undergarment up to receive a spanking in front of them all. Till her ass was welted red .

When she was a teenager ...she had to endure her hands being bound behind her back and stood in a corner lifted up on her tip toes a spot picked out for her nose . Every time she lowered ...a had crack with the paddle was the result . Problem was really every time something like this happened the girl's panties would be wet . Seemed spankings had a little different effect on the woman. She was not allowed to date and spent some time at a private boarding school for girls , she had a roommate and they practiced kissing. One night it went a little beyond that though the head mistress caught the girls and she was sent packing . Home school became her new prison after that .

After a few years of minding her P's and Q's ...she managed to once again become that diamond in the rough her father adored. Several photo shoots took her to the top of the high fashion list and opened up doors for parties , though she was only allowed to stay a couple hours before needing to get home . One night she meet Jack Conrad older man some twenty years her senior . They seemed to hit it off marvelously and she was soon no longer under her father's control . though Jack Conrad had the same philosophy when it came to the proper etiquette of a lady and in public the rules did not change too much for Cassandra.

Her modeling career had ended though wife of his was going to flaunt her body to the world , that was for his discretion to determine. Part of Cassandra wondered what it matter as the outfits her husband picked out for her to wear were quite revealing . Yet she never argued and did exactly as she was told . At home behind closed doors most of the time she wore no clothes at all . Jack had an odd enjoyment ...having her bend over objects and lift up onto her tip toes leaving her that way for hours he would toy with her sex every so often . Rope was introduced , pearls ...and sometimes toys to see how long she could stay in place as directed. All the games seemed to come with great rewards though failure was severely punished and naturally Jack also enjoyed a bit of humiliation to go along with it . Slip up were indeed rare but sometimes could not be helped .

Here of late ..Jack has been away on business so their time together a little shorter than she liked . A discussion had taken place on how he would like to see her open up a little more to the touch maybe a woman . Talk of maybe another man sharing her as well . At first she was taken aback by the idea but the look on her husbands face , well it was obvious that sooner or later the talk would cease and it would become a reality. Cassandra had mixed emotions about the whole thing really in part it turned her on though she tried to hide much of that not wanting Jack to think he was not satisfying . Though here of late it seemed his games involved masturbation techniques and the woman was left craving a hard cock to pound up into her without mercy .


The invitation had been sent to attend a cocktail party one of the men that worked under Jack at the office . Exactly what they did she had no idea but she had meet the wife , Eva a few times and the woman was gorgeous with a sensuality that made Cassandra a tad jealous about . So as usual a dress arrived to be worn to the event ...Jack was going to meet her there as he still was out of town . She was to proceed without him , that had never happened in all the time they had been together . When he spoke to her on the phone ...he rather emphasized that she was to be on her best behavior and appease the hosts in any way they seen fit . Jack had this thing for Eva , whispered several times that he would love to see them both naked together . So it was apparent he wanted them to become closer , much closer .

Swallowing the woman ...left the estate and climbed into the car as she had no idea when Jack's plane was landing or what time he might actually make it to this cocktail party . The woman was extremely nervous though.