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Author Topic: A few ideas to throw around (M seeking F for M/F pairings)  (Read 509 times)

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Offline Daemon SolTopic starter

A few ideas to throw around (M seeking F for M/F pairings)
« on: February 12, 2013, 04:39:47 pm »
Here's a couple ideas for Roleplays I'd like to do.  PM me to discuss details.

DC Universe:

OC Ghost (Me)/OC (yours) (Taken)

Ghost has applied to join the JLA and has been accepted.  As a rookie hero he has been put into a team of rookies to learn from a Senior Member, Martian Manhunter.  Ghost has been assigned to Martian Manhunter because his powers fall under the paranormal type (Ghost is essentially the same as Danny Phantom).  Likewise his teammates also have paranormal type powers such as telepathy, telekinesis, second sight, intangibility, etc.  Ghost quickly hits it off with one of his female teammates.  Your character can be as original as you want, though try to have paranormal type powers.  Details are able to change if you'd like to discuss.

Long-term, Romantic, mid-flight sex (open to ideas)

Green Lantern:

Kyle Rayner (Me)/Alien chick (You)

While on a mission to an alien world Kyle meets an attractive alien woman who's likewise attracted to him.  Kyle decides to have a fling with the alien, get to live every star trek nerd's wet dream.
Kyle is asked to help a fellow Lantern in a mission in a different sector.  Turns out the Lantern asked for Kyle's help mostly because she has a crush on him.

Short, fling, kinky alien sex, hero worship.  many options available for what happens

Teen Titans:

OC Metahuman "T.K." (Vincent Valor) / Raven (You)

I've had a fanboy crush on Raven for ages.  Vincent, or T.K. is a metahuman created during the Big Bang.  This means he's from Static's area, but due to certain circumstances, he didn't stick around.  TK got involved in the gang war in a manner similar to Virgil, a friend of his was an idiot wannabee gang-banger who got in over his head, and called Vincent for help.  He of course ran to his friends aid, primarily to pull his butt out of the fire and away from the fighting.  Unfortunately as they were escaping the scene, the cops arrived, some tear gas canister hit some unstable chemicals, and suddenly a couple dozen teenagers had superpowers.  Most being legitimate gang-bangers, this meant a lot of punk villains.  Static and later Gear quickly took to hero work and had the city well protected.  Thanks to his parents being rather horrible and judgmental about Vincent being a "Freak", Vincent was quick to run away from home.  He would hear about the Teen titans in the news and decide to join them.  So here he is, on their doorstep, applying for a job and a place to crash.

I need a partner to play Raven, a senior member of the Teen Titans as she evaluates the new recruit.  His powers are Tactile Telekinesis and standard Telekinesis, meaning he can simulate super strength, speed, and durability to a degree with his powers as well as move objects at a distance.  At this point TK is 14 while Raven is 18, so in this case Raven is in a position of authority over TK.  I'd prefer it if Raven at first dislikes TK and is rude to him, but warms up to him over time, eventually trying to seduce him.  Drama about their age and the ethics of her abusing her authority is optional.

Medium to long term, romance, more focus on story and character development than sex.

Marvel Universe:


OC student (me)/OC student (you)

Two new students to Xavier's school meet and hook up.  Lots of possibilities, so PM me to discuss plot.

OC Conduit/Rogue  (Taken)

A new mutant calling himself Conduit has arrived at the institute.  His power is the broad manipulation of energy, roughly meaning he can drain and release any form of energy.  Though he quickly becomes friends with fellow student Rogue, it's not until they accidentally touch, with nothing happening, that they start a passionate relationship.  Apparently, by simply restricting any energy from leaving his body, Conduit can make himself immune to Rogue's power, giving her her first chance at a physical relationship.  But simply jumping at her first opportunity for sex is no basis for a relationship...

Mid to long-term RP, rough, passionate sex, romance and love may come later.


Rather than specific story ideas, I'll just put up a bunch of pairings, hit me up if you're interested.

Link/Zelda (naturally.  OoT and Skyward Sword pairing most preferred)
Link/Malon (adults)
Link/Cremia (yes, a shota pairing)
Goron/Human (for the exotic factor)

more options may be added later
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Offline Daemon SolTopic starter

Re: A few ideas to throw around (M seeking F for M/F pairings)
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2013, 08:58:23 pm »
Bumping, and updated selection.