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Author Topic: MxM Search Thread. Cravings~ Submissive Inside  (Read 549 times)

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Offline Kira DeantaTopic starter

MxM Search Thread. Cravings~ Submissive Inside
« on: February 10, 2013, 09:00:15 pm »
Hello~ I’m looking for fun M/M role plays! I mostly play submissive characters but if you have a nice idea that I like where I’m the dominate character then I’ll play. >3 Below are my own personal rules, along with pair ideas and some small plotlines. If you have an idea that I think I'll like, just message me with that too!

Bonus points for bestiality and mpreg. :3


 -Alright so I wanted at least 2 paragraphs with 4-5 sentences in each one. One liners drive me insane.
 -Please use punctuation and correct spelling. Sure, I make a few mistakes, that can't be helped but when you misspell every other word its gets kind of annoying guys.
 -Most of the time whatever you want, I’ll do.
 -Now remember that I have the right to say no to an rp.
 -Drawn/Anime pictures or written descriptions for characters. >.< Real pictures creep me out and feel like a stalker.
 -PM me with the request please, I tend not to look back at my forum posts.

 Pairings and Plot Ideas:

 Mage x Human

 In a time when mages were thought to be extinct because of the hunt for that had taken place years before, a mage had been working undercover for years. Living in the same house away from the general public. Nothing giving himself away. His powers were kept under wraps and only used when he tried something new or just felt like it. He was the mysterious, handsome man to the locals that lived by himself and didn’t socialize with others. Kind a heart throb for the women. It wasn’t until a boy/man stumbled upon him one day that started his life in a spiral. He had caught him using his powers outside of his house and now the mage had to work to keep his secret safe. And what way did he choose? Woo the man. And if that didn’t work, threaten him.

 Magician x Apprentice

 Its time for the magician to introduce someone new to his craft. He has gotten tired of the parlor tricks that he uses at shows and wants to expand his world, but his current employment doesn’t allow him to do as such so he has to train someone new. Well that someone new that the owner picked, catches the magician’s interest. The boy has real talent but can he keep up with what the magician is pushing to teach him just to see how far he could go?

 Magician x Criminal Investigator/Police Officer

 Murders have been taking place at the circus that the magician works at. He’s been in almost constant contact with the police force in this particular town since it started happening. One person in particular. Then one night he is almost the victim of the brutal murders and its up to the police officer to save him and keep him safe while they try to find the killer. (Could work with the magician helping the police officer in his investigations)

 Modern Day Slave:

 In a world set in the slight future, the cities have been divided into two sections. The slums and the mansions of the rich and powerful. In this new world slavery has once again taken over and the people in the slums worry about themselves and their children. They live in fear of the men that carry guns and chains, taking people that might catch the eye of an upper class citizen. Character A has been kept in the shadows by his parents, his mother even going as far as to make him wear make-up out of the house to keep the slaver’s interest away from him. Though when he turns 18, he throws it all out of the window. What happens? He’s captured within a week of his 18th birthday. Character B is open for negotiation.

 Medieval Romance:

 It’s kind of a forbidden love story that I have in mind between a 16 year old boy and an older man. The boy is valued in the society for his looks as he was plucked from the streets to be brought into one of the aristocrats’ homes to serve them. (I realize this would never really happen but it’s an rp~) He works for the family as a servant but soon becomes more to the head of household and to the oldest son. Its then at the older man comes into town to story with the family that houses the boy. They start a secret affair that if anyone would find out would lead to the death of the boy.
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