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Author Topic: Calista's (mostly romantic/dramatic) ideas for long term roleplay, males wanted  (Read 1513 times)

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Offline Calista JadeTopic starter

Attempting a return after a couple years... I'm slowly getting back in the swing of things, what with university, WoW taking a lot of my free time, legal stuff that seems to be never ending and other fun things... As such, I'm only looking to do one story.

I'm more looking for long, well fleshed out stories rather than one shots, or where sex has all the focus. Sex, very dirty sex is part of the story, not the other way around. Give me an epic with good characters and adventures, and I'm a happy girl. Make sure you read my ons and offs, and I reserve myself the right to refuse people, based on quality of spelling/grammar, of posts, and whether they are reliable or not. I'm also looking for mature writing partners. I will be going through profiles and past posts. Communication will be key, preferably through messenger (Skype). Yes, I'm that bad. Bite me.

I'm not looking to do all of them, in fact one or two at the very most will be about all that I can swing. The last two have my preference. And if incest can be tossed in the mix, then all the better. If the title is in red, then I want it. Badly. If the description is struck out, it means it's already in the works.

FYI, these stories require the dominant type of male. Dominant doesn't automatically mean a dom/sub relationship.

Blackmailed!  (M/F, NC, various, romance)

Catherine Jordan is the perfect trophy wife. She is gorgeous, she is fit, she is educated, she is married to an older man and is bored out of her skull at home... he doesnt want her to work, he wants his martini ready by the time he pulls over in the driveway. He works a lot and when he's not out of town/state, he is too tired to have sex with his wife.

One night of drinking with the friends, while he is out of the city, proves to be disastrous. She has an accident and persuades the cop about to arrest her to let her go by fucking his brains out. While he agrees and she has no memory of the incident due to drinking too much that night, he re-appears in her life a few weeks later.

He has in his possession a recording of the act and what he wants for his silence is very simple. He is not the kind of man you say no to, not above resorting to a certain dose of violence to have his way. How far will she go to keep the secret from her husband (and her possible pregnancy), and how far will he go to keep their affair going?

Beauty and the Beast (M/F, NC, EX, various, likely romance)

Yes, so I fancy a spin at this tale too. Dont we all? Now, what if the spell was never lifted on the Beast? That he remained stuck in this form, secluded in the forest, a pack of wolves to his command. His servants grew old and died, miserable in their beastly shapes. Comes along Beauty, a young woman who's on her way to the nearest city and finds herself lost. He finds her, decides to keep her and... the story will tell us the rest.

For this one, I'm guessing a fantasy setting would work best, though I'm up for suggestions.

Paid Services  (M/F, possible M/M/F, NC, EX, pretty much anything goes)

Harley has been in college two years now and the only thing she's been promised by her friends - losing her virginity - has yet to happen. She's beginning to despair, the boys she's met are either not interested in her or they're plain pigs. It's true that men can seriously be shallow and, while being very pretty, Harley is rather on the plump side. One night, she decides that this is it. It takes a few weeks of planning, most of her savings, but she is dead set on doing this. When she is ready, she takes her car and drives to the next big city, where no one knows her, where there is no risk of being recognized, and she looks for a male prostitute, who will give her the night(s) of her life.

World of Warcraft

So the main reason I fell off of E's face is that I started to play WoW, and do most of my RP there. Non-sexy RP, mind you, but still. So if you give me WoW RP, I'll be the happiest girl ever. This one clearly has my preference. Horde or Alliance, or cross-faction, doesn't matter to me... I'm sure I have a nummy little Blood Elf someone can use... in every aspect.

No Name Warcraft Worgen Story  (M/F, NC, EX, various, likely romance)

What I want here, very simply, is a brother/sister story, where he is afflicted and she isn't. Either twins, because twincest is the best, or older brother/younger sister. I'd rather have the romance than the two of them hating each other's guts, or him deciding she'll be his thing in an abusing, demeaning, controlling way. On the other hand, maybe she needs to be broken and punished? She'll be his pet because he can't live without her, not because he's a narcissistic megalomaniac or a flat out evil prick. Either way, at the end of the day, they will be in love with one another.

Warlock or druid Worgen preferred because hey, imagine all the possibilities. When in the timeline? To be decided. It can be just after the Exile, it can be during the events of Draenor, I'm not too fussy.

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Offline Calista JadeTopic starter

Still looking to do another... Ideally Paid Services... Thank you!

Offline Calista JadeTopic starter

Added the very descriptive Werewolf story idea with no plot whatsoever.


Offline Sintan

Do you not do sexual driven long term RPs? (ofcourse having plot, not 24/7 sex lol)

Offline Calista JadeTopic starter

New story request.
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