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June 26, 2022, 05:57:51 pm

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Author Topic: A Transformation RP (F Seeking M or Futa, Con/NonCon/Anthro/TF)  (Read 998 times)

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Offline ErshinTopic starter

A Transformation RP (F Seeking M or Futa, Con/NonCon/Anthro/TF)
« on: February 08, 2013, 05:01:36 pm »
A little idea based on something I participated in that has long been abandonned by my partner (who deleted the RP thread. :P)

Hope to hear from any interested parties, either in the thread or through messages.


Twenty years ago, a long war between the tribal cat folk, a people steeped in shamanistic ritual and the more civilised humans came to an end. With their magic and steel ripped from the earth the humans had eventually driven the beastial race further and further back into the wilds, slaying so many that only a single tribe was left. Those not put to the sword had been enslaved, but finally a treaty was signed that agreed no more of the sentient catfolk would be taken into captivity, only their feral kin, who had been used as front line soldiers and had no more minds than a common dog, able to only be animals or be trained as one would be permitted.

However, it wasn't long after the ink on the parchment had dried that the mages of the Templar order had discovered a way to addle the minds of many of their conscious captives, so that ven the most sensitive shaman were unable to tell if they had once been of their people or merely feral beasts. Some of those who went to inspect them though, never came back. Human ambassadors stated they must simply have gotten lost in the wilds between the two people, or devoured by beasts. Some males stayed on as studs on farms where ferals were bred on the off chance they would be able to breed intelligent catfolk from them. Of course, the chances were slim to none.


One month ago a ceremony was performed on you. All around you a fuzzy orgy occurred as the last shaman of your people , her pussy filled to bursting with the fat cock of the village chief, breasts swaying as he pumped into her, cast a ritual (breathless and gasping as she did). As the chief's seed splashed into her, filling her womb with new life, so you became more.
Able to turn human females into others of your kind, either full catfolk or tained ferals at your will. It was to be her last ritual, however. As the last of her power left her, so did her mind, as with any of your kind, if you went to cast beyond your means and stole from the earth, you paid a terrible price. She had lost herself to bliss and become feral, her ceremonial garb was stripped from her almost instantly, though her markings could not. Around her neck a heavy leather collar was bound, a leash placed in your hand.

She would be yours now, either to fetch a good price due to her assets in a human village so you could buy all the supplies you would need there, or to be used as any female would be on those lonely nights on the road, a descision that would have to be made soon, for even now you begin to feel your loins stirring, waiting to sew the seeds of the next generation, and the vengeance of your people.

This was the price she had gladly agreed to to give you your newfound power... your lifespan increased, your muscles aloowing you to be stronger and faster without changing your frame, and your seed, your seed would be able to turn any human woman into a member of your own kind, their smoothe skin replaced with fur and their face with the features of the true people. It would be up to you, however, if they were allowed to retain their intelligence and forced to join your clan and bare its children, or turned feral to punish those that did the same to your own kind.


Due to the peace treaty, you'll be permitted to wander around human cities as you see fit, slaves of your feral kin are a common sight, as are the studs who work for traders. How and where you go about hunting your prey, be it in the cities of man or border towns, through stalking or seduction will be up to you. I'd love to talk to anyone who's interested to discuss where you'd like to start and tailor this more to your interests and not just my own.